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Obama Proposes Executive Orders For Backdoor Gun Confiscation

The Obama Administration announced two new executive orders on gun control Friday, after countless other attempts to erode Second Amendment rights failed to gain public support.

gunconfiscationAccording to one of the proposed actions, patient privacy laws would be pushed aside to allow increased government access to mental health records. Currently required to protect that information, states would now be exempt, instead encouraged to submit a patients private records into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).

A second proposal from the Department of Justice would “clarify” who is barred from owning firearms, which would include anyone involuntarily committed to an inpatient or outpatient mental institution. In an attempt to diminish concern, the administration claims that seeking help for mental issues does not prohibit a person from firearm ownership.

“The proposed rule will not change the fact that seeking help for mental health problems or getting treatment does not make someone legally prohibited from having a firearm,” the statement said.

Unfortunately, even without the executive orders currently applied, the government has already deceptively used this exact tactic to revoke legitimate gun ownership without due process, an issue that will undoubtedly increase.

In 2012, Afghanistan and Iraq veteran Brandon Raub had his firearms confiscated after being involuntarily detained for psychiatric questioning due to Facebook comments on government corruption. According to Raub’s lawyer John Whitehead, as many as 20 others had recently been detained and declared mentally defective in the same Virginia county as well, despite no crime initially being committed.

That same year, David Sarti, best known for his appearance on National Geographic’s Doomsday Prepper show, was committed to a psychiatric ward and deemed “mentally defective” after complaining to his doctor about chest pains. Declining to have tubes inserted into his heart by cardiologists, doctors claimed Sarti was suicidal, prompting the FBI to revoke his Second Amendment right.

The targeting of veterans specifically is quite clear. A collaborative study from 2007 between the VA Medical Center and the Archives of Internal Medicine claimed that at least 1/3rd of returning veterans were mentally ill.

An amendment in a 2012 defense bill spearheaded by Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer attempted to collect the names of veterans deemed too mentally incompetent to handle their finances. The list would then admittedly be handed over to the NICS, removing the gun rights of all listed veterans without due process.

Just last year, countless veterans began receiving a letter from the Veterans Administration warning that their mental health was suddenly under review. The letter continued by saying that the right to own weapons would be removed if bureaucrats deemed them “incompetent” outside of law.

Given the Obama Administration’s view toward returning military, the assault on veterans is unsurprising. In fact, a 2009 Homeland Security report labeled returning veterans as likely domestic terrorists. Despite the outrageous claim, former DHS chief Janet Napolitano defended the report. Incredibly, the DHS announced that Boy Scout Explorers were being trained to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans” in a New York Times piece only one month later.

Despite the endless denials of gun confiscation, California residents were greeted by Justice Department agents in California last year as the state expanded its confiscation program. Lynette Phillips, who had been involuntarily held in a mental hospital after her nurse exaggerated the severity of her condition, had her and her husband’s firearms removed by from their home by armed agents.

Following the passage of the NY SAFE Act, New York residents began receiving letters telling them to turn in their firearms and permits as well. One legal gun owner had his firearms taken after a provision in the law allowed his medical records, which detailed his prescriptions, to be shared with authorities.

The media and administration’s failure to mention these countless abuses, justified through accessing mental health records, paints a clear picture of how these executive orders would be carried out. Masquerading as a mental health fix, the same system that has pushed dangerous prescription drugs for decades is now using it against law-abiding Americans.

In an ironic and telling move, a Pennsylvania court recently ruled that a state trooper who was previously hospitalized for depression would not be allowed to own a firearm “off-duty.” Regardless if the officer was an actual danger, the court ruled that due to his likely mental illness, he would only be allowed to carry a firearm “on duty,” showing how government is not subjected to the same rules as citizens.

Despite gun homicide seeing a 49 percent drop since 1993, the establishment has continued to ignore facts with its attempt to push gun control. The same Justice Department involved in gun running through Fast and Furious is now attempting to lecture the public on gun safety, unsurprising given Attorney General Eric Holder’s comments on “brainwashing” the public to be anti-gun.

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    • Obama is definitely out to get Americans. Shits’ gonna fly, all these E.O will be the death of America as it was. stand up and do something before its too late.

  1. Obamacare was designed to do two things: bankrupt the middle class and develop a national gun registry. Looks like it is getting both goals accomished tremendously…we must repeal this legislation!!

  2. Until we eliminate this our Bill of Rights is dead!

    Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency Global Research, February 11, 2010

  3. everyone giving the gov the middle finger, actually voting in people that are not bought off by globalists

  4. Now, the Fascist are going all in Texas style!

    Texas business groups ally to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries By CHRISTY HOPPE Austin Bureau 04 January 2014

  5. Alinsky,

    What is your definition of a free market?

    No monopolies? No regulations? etc?

    • What I find interesting is that some marxist rail on the monopolies.

      When Ford came out with the model T to impose restrictions and call him evil for a monopoly would have been artificially limited keeping people from buying his product. Suppose he had said he would only build 400 a year, as an arbitrary limit. Would the country have been better off?

  6. 225 years ago the Founders and other sovereign Citizens of the US rightfully determined that government is too incompetent to be trusted with any authority to infringe the inalienable rights of Citizens; one of which is right to keep and bear Arms.

    Between the 2nd and the 14th Amendments, no government entity in America has any lawful authority to infringe that right: not for any reason.

    Article VI of the Constitution demands that all laws (and treaties) comply with the Constitution. Therefore there are no valid laws or regulations that can give any authority to any government agency to infringe anyone's right to keep and bear any Arms.

    Any act to the contrary is necessarily an act of tyranny.

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