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Obama Claims Gun Violence ‘Off the Charts’

During a live discussion on student loan debt Tuesday President Barack Obama claimed that American gun violence was “off the charts.”

Answering questions with Tumblr founder David Karp, Obama pointed to several recent high profile shootings as proof of epidemic gun crime.

“Levels of gun violence are off the charts,” Obama said. ” There is no advanced developed country on Earth that would put up with this.”

Obama argued that Americans should be “ashamed,” using the opportunity to bemoan his inability to pass gun control legislation.

“We’re the only country in the world where this happens and it happens once a week,” Obama said.

Obama went on to refute any link between mass shootings and mental health as well, instead blaming the ability of Americans to collect ammunition.

“It’s not the only country that has psychosis, and yet we kill each other in these mass shootings at rates that are exponentially higher than anyplace else,” Obama said. ” What’s the difference? The difference is these guys can stack up a bunch of ammunition in their houses.”

Invoking his role as parent, Obama also pushed the notion that American gun owners are collectively responsible for mass shootings.

“This country has to do a lot of soul searching,” Obama said. “This is becoming the norm. And we take it for granted in ways that, as a parent, are terrifying to me.”

The President even went as far as praising Australia’s gun confiscation program, claiming that “very severe” gun laws have helped the country.

“Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown,” Obama said. “And Australia just said, well, that’s it, we’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since.”

Earlier that day, White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters that the President is “always” looking for ways to “unilaterally” act on gun control.

“The president’s goal is to look for opportunities to act administratively, unilaterally using his executive authority to try to make our communities safer,” Earnest said.

In reality, the President’s comments and actions once again conflict with actual statistics regarding gun crimes.

Obama’s claim of “off the chart” gun violence is in complete opposition to countless studies that have found a 49 percent drop in gun homicide since 1993.

A similar study by the Bureau of Justice Statistics found that non-fatal gun crimes have dropped nearly 70 percent over the same time period.

Ironically, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study on gun violence ordered by the President last year reached similar conclusions.

“Firearm-related death rates for youth ages 15 to 19 declined from 1994 to 2009,” the report states. “The number of public mass shootings of the type that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School accounted for a very small fraction of all firearm-related deaths.”

The study even pointed to the benefits of concealed firearm carry for protection against criminals, yet another point that interferes with the Obama Administration’s gun control agenda.

“Almost all national survey estimates indicate that defensive gun uses by victims are at least as common as offensive uses by criminals, with estimates of annual uses ranging from about 500,000 to more than 3 million per year” the report reads.

“Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies.”

Reports from the Bureau of Justice Statistics also reveal that school shootings are not becoming the “norm” as the President suggested.

Despite the massive plunge in gun crime, a recent survey found that 56 percent of American’s believe it has actually increased, a point unsurprising given the media’s reporting on the issue.

The President also alluded to a recent report from “Everytown for Gun safety,” a gun control group founded by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, which claims an average of 1.37 school shootings have occurred every week since the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting.

Shortly after its release Tuesday, a journalist began listing all of the report’s inaccuracies on Twitter, documenting how it even included drug related shootings off of school property.

Obama’s refusal to acknowledge the role of mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs in mass shootings is reprehensible given the fact that nearly every mass shooter in the last 20-years has been on psychotropic drugs, a point almost always ignored by media. Prescriptions for antidepressants have risen by 400 percent since 1988 according to the CDC, making America the largest consumer of psychotropic drugs in the world.

The President’s public comments regarding children, who are just as likely to be struck by lightning as they are to be in a mass shooting, are a far cry from his private conversations.

Just last year, reports indicated that Obama was overheard bragging to administration aides about how well he killed people with drone strikes. According to several US officials, more than 4,700 people, many of whom were woman and children, have died from such strikes. Researchers estimate that the President’s drone attacks kill anywhere from 36 to 50 innocent people per 1 suspected terrorist. Obama’s decision to assassinate 16-year-old American citizen Abdulrahman al-Awlaki also discredits his alleged concern.

The President’s credibility also comes into question given his involvement in the Fast and Furious gun running scandal. Documents obtained by CBS News in 2011 revealed that American guns shipped into Mexico would be covertly used to blame the Second Amendment, allowing the administration to push tougher gun laws.

The Obama Administration’s agenda becomes most clear when one examines not the shootings it mentions, but the shootings it ignores.

While the media gives endless attention to shootings that can be used for political gain, gun control capitols such as Chicago, which recently saw four dead and more than 30 injured in one weekend, are completely ignored.

As gun crime continues to plummet, focusing on the root issues of gun violence will assure that number continues its decline.

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  1. Barack Obama is a disingenuous liar.

    ” There is no advanced developed country on Earth that would put up with this.”

    No advanced country should have had to put up with his shlt, but we have endured.

    • How much longer until he grows that little mustache that Adolf had?

      • Why do you insist on commenting to me? I have repeatedly asked you not to. Please cease and desist from further annoyance.

        • Your ego sure does matter than the topics you discuss.

          You commented on Obama, and my follow up reply is directly towards you point that Obama preens and fluffs himself as if he's a dictator. His opposition has been neutralized and muzzled. How much longer until he drops pretenses and openly models himself even more obviously after hitler is up for anyone's guess.

          If you can't debate and don't want to have an open dialogue you need to adjust your expectations.

          • Wow. Even the commenters who are on your 'side' politically are sick of you hounding them. Take a hint?

          • Wow, why do you think thinking conservatives are marching lockstep like the marxist left?

          • Poofsie!

            So glad you are here.
            Stay awhile.

            I'm sure your boy has a whole new repertoire of misogynistic material today. I posted that link to you at Bitchspot, where knumb-knutz wrecked LRC. He got what he asked for, now he won't post there. Nobody is.

            You were right. "Mothy" only goes where the action is. There must be a flame to excite him………..

          • I'm sure she'll have a new list of ill mannered comments to derail the thread, since that's what you and the posse are pushing.

          • Roger, there is no "Posse".
            It is all a figment of your semi-livid, semi-vivid, flaccid imagination.

          • Guest troll currently using lets move, you're too early in the thread, if you wait until other people post comments then the group working to derail the discussion might not be so obvious.

          • Hi there. Got very tied up in the 'local' school shooting yesterday. Sure wish someone would come up with a plan that might end some of the senseless killing that keeps taking place.

          • Have more guns to defend the innocent.

          • If someone wants to kill they are going to do with or without a gun

          • So many people die, from cars, hammers, knives…

            yet guns seem to the only inanimate objects that can be evil by simply existing.

          • Blaming guns for violence is like blaming computers for your inane commentary. Neither are inherently evil but it would be great if there were some way to get both out of the wrong hands.

          • Good luck with that, it would save lives.

            But the wrong hands isn't the legal honest folks that want to defend themselves. That's who gun controls punish.

          • Smith.
            You made the comment of the year!

            In the future, I am going to blame Bill Gates, for Roger.

          • Such bravery, such trolling.

            To think you don't claim to work together.

          • Poof, I like your style and quick wit. I especially love your humor.

            Even those who might disagree on politics, can agree that we dislike Junior………..

          • How many times must I tell you to cease and desist?
            Some day, I might show up on your doorstep, ring your doorbell, and ring your bell.

            Slap the ever loving slobber out of you.

            Take that to your new attorney……….

          • How many times must I remind you, you don't get to decide who replies to your comments.

            Some day if you try you may be surprised.

            Can't you try to keep pretending you're here for the topic and not your fragile ego?

      • How long did it take you to grow your 'stache?
        You know all about Adolph Hitler. You quote him all the time.

        Being a Neo-con is one thing.
        You are a Neo-Nazi.

        Somebody ought to report you to Morris Dees and the SPLC.

      • The mustache/Adolf comment is hilarious coming from you with your avatar. All you'd have to do is put some black Shinola on yours and you'd win the "are they twins?" contest. There's nothing remotely similar between President Obama and Hitler (funny you seem to be such an expert on him), you know that, everyone reading your comments knows that. Try to be even a smidge relevant if you're going to prattle here, k? You're probably on thin ice. *fingers crossed*

        • Still the ill mannered cranky old sagging kind of person?

          All that prattle, it makes me think you consider just being rude is a measure of success.

          • Just insults from you, completely off-topic. Do that much? Hahaha! Rhetorical question.

          • I understand in between your possible hot flashes you may not realize this. But adults like to come to this site in spite of trolls (possibly such as yourself) to discuss important issues.

            All your bitter prattle may be designed to stop it, but why do you hate this site and those that like issues?

          • Not a single word in your comment that relates to this story. Not one word. Focus, Rog, focus. This isn't the Rog Show, this is a news forum.

          • Other than returning your insults and those of the posse/trolls, every comment of mine here focuses on the threat this fascist dictator is towards our right to gun ownership.

            This is a forum that focuses on the news the media ignores, did you have to fan yourself and miss that?

          • At rough glance, looks like you've posted about 12 comments on this story, 3 were somewhat related to the actual topic, although I don't consider someone invoking Godwin's Law as being on-topic. This story is about gun violence — try to focus, Rog — can't hurt, might help. Oh, and here's a thought (maybe you've heard it before?): When someone makes a comment and you respond and they tell you to take a hike and stop dogging them, how about taking a hike? Or when you make a comment and people just tell you to shoooo, does it register in pea-brain that they don't give a rat's patootie what you have to say? It **should** be obvious even to you that after 147,000+ comments, you haven't convinced anyone to change 'sides', nor have you convinced anyone you have knowledge of….anything. Go pray about it and don't get back to me, k?

          • And how many of yours, at a glance since that's all you seem to manage, have been on topic?

            Did you get called in to help them since they're here with two new stories this morning that need to be derailed?

          • Hey Rog Honey, how is that "posting" thing working out for you with Disqus. Get it figured out yet?

          • Just fine now that cowards like you can't go spam the place and pull comments.

    • He sure is. This is another step in his agenda to remove guns so he can have total control

  2. The last gun violence off the charts was due to his administration providing guns to Mexican drug lords.

    People died and nobody was held accountable.

  3. In other news du-jour, the big news is the upset by David Brat over Eric Cantor. This has never happened before in the history of the Republic. This might be a prediction of events to come.

    On other websites, low-information voters like HPDuuuh and Roger are crowing about a Tea Party Victory. This was not a Tea Party Victory. The Tea Party for the most part ignored David Brat at best, at worst, they totally dissed. You can use that "dissed" either to mean "disrespected" or simply "dismissed", but that is what they did.

    While I support the Tea Party in principle, the Tea Party has been co-opted, which was the goal of people like Mitch McConnell and John Boner. McConnell has made statements that the Tea Party must be crushed, while Boner makes crass jokes about them.

    If one watches MSNBC, their chant is "Tea Party Candidate David Brat". They want to put forth that meme, with all of its negative connotations, in the hopes of turning people against him.

    The bottom line, Eric Cantor was out of touch and out of tune.

    • Have you ever heard of the left driven media that puts down the right?

      The tea party has no centrally controlled organization, it's for the most part driven by local groups, you might want to attend a tea party meeting. Yes, there are national affiliated spokesman but the feet on the ground are local feet.

      The tea party has forced the debate to shift to the right, Cantor stupidly ignored that.

      • Quit harassing me, you mustachioed little amoeba.

        • Quit thinking you can tell people when they're allowed to post.

          • Why?
            That is the game you played at LRC.

            Why don't you go back there and post with Cog?
            The two of you can have an idiot contest.

          • The posse sure is determined to take a great important story and devolve the thread into this kind of garbage.

            Why don't you crawl back under your guest profile bridge and growl with the other trolls hiding there?

            The dictator is on the march and you think your childish rants matter in the big scheme of things?

          • ….crawl back under your guest profile bridge and growl with the other trolls….

            Is that one of your passive-aggressive references about Zebrano and the Growl?

          • Is this post of yours another one of your troll comments to derail from the important topic for the posse?

          • Hello Rog.
            We miss your insight and wisdom over at LRC.

            You always made good and excellent comments.
            Have they found your ship yet?

          • Hello troll pretending to be woofie.
            I'm still posting there.

        • Just ignore him. He only replies to us to derail the thread and be an annoying POS.

          • The problem is you and your buddies are the ones derailing and distracting from the topic.

            The posse isn't done with this site yet it seems.

  4. Yup MK Ultra mind control gun violence is off the charts Barry…Maybe we should address the psycho tropic drug issue before you start pointing fingers at gun owners. Racist.

  5. Alinsky Hero USA

    How much longer do we have to put up with this 2nd Amendment BS? The Amendment is for Militias, regulated Militias, not these gun nuts bringing machine guns into a Chilies Restaurant.

    These Bundy terrorists are now killing people.

    At least we have Obama.

    • How much longer do you think we should resist marxism and dictatorship?

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        As long as corporations exist and racist conservatives.

        • Then we will cling to the second amendment.

          Corporations are voluptuary private citizens and if you don't like them you can avoid them.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Those innocent police officers in Vegas got involuntary bullets from those gun corporation loving gun nut terrorists.

          • The police officers were shot by people tossed from the bunny ranch.
            Yes, they were rejected by the group you want to blame.

            Can you say the same for the fast and furious guns supplied by obama that murdered a border agent?

          • "The police officers were shot by people tossed from the bunny ranch."

            Freudian slip, eh Roger?

            Having fantasies of the Bunny Ranch?
            Surfing those porn sites again?
            Looking for an Escort?

            You are hilarious!

          • Haha! I think we posted at the exact same time.

          • Yes. We did.

          • The "bunny ranch"?? Freudian slip, perhaps?

          • Nope. just aggressive spell check.

            Don't get your hopes up.

          • Bullshlt.
            I always figured you were a Perv.

            Now you just showed your "tell".

          • Speaking of bull, I always figured you were a coward troll.

            Now you just showed you don't know spell check.

            bundy isn't recognized as a proper word in most programs.

          • Go phuck yourself isn't either.

            But…….whoop dere it iz!

          • No thanks, you aren't my style.

          • You seem a bit irritable today, Roger. Perhaps you're just hungry. Here's a recipe I'm sure you'll enjoy:

          • Rog Honey, here is your Bunny

            You would never make the slip between Bunny and Bundy. Everyone knows what a staunch supporter you were of Cliven Bundy.

          • Still don't know my spell check, do you?

            And there is one letter difference between those two words.

            BTW, why the reaction to the bunny ranch, it's legal.
            I may not ethically support prostitution, but at least they stay within the law. That's better than this dictator, you know the fascist in the white house that was the topic of the story.

          • Apparently, Rog is commenting with his commenting mittens on again, and his finger slipped………..

          • apparently you're out impersonating people again.

          • Are you around?

          • I am now. You?

          • Too bad, I was hoping the adults would have a chance this evening.

          • You don't have a chance with her.

          • That's a huge relief.

          • Hello Poof.
            Sorry I missed you.

            I just responded to your recent comment at Bitchspot. I don't know if it will show up. I enjoyed that site too, but won't be back. I've had enough of Roger.

            You can find me here, or perhaps I'll catch you at "the other place".

            Hope to see you tomorrow……….

          • Sorry I missed you, but I caught your comment to Bitchspot. It's too bad that Rog now owns that site — it won't be long before no one will comment there the way he lurks, waiting to pounce, especially since it sounds like that's not the first site he's basically driven sane people away from. Did you ever get the notifications set up 'elsewhere'?

          • Yes.
            I did get them set up.

            Roger does own that site now.

            It will be Cephus (the owner, who I thought was pretty decent and who had a great website), and Roger, and Wee.

            Maybe you and Trust, but it has just gotten too old.

            Besides, you are a worthy debate opponent, and we never really got around to that. Roger made sure of that, injecting himself into the middle of every topic and conversation. He is like a perpetual cloud of diarrhea, hovering over every thread.

            Yep, he broke Bitchspot. He owns it. Just like he broke LRC, and a host of other innocuous websites that most folks never heard about. I'd hazard a guess that it is well over a dozen who have fallen by the wayside. Hell, even though Alinsky takes the credit for making them change, Roger was the reason that BleatBlart went down the tubes. Look at it now, an Internet Joke.

            Make sure you don't let him know about the other "secret place"…………

            (That'll drive him right off a cliff………)

            See you tomorrow.

            Either here, or there…….

          • Thanks for getting back to me, I'll be around a bit in the morning tomorrow, 'over there' more than anywhere….I'll watch for you. I'm really not a fan of IntenseDebate, though I liked it before. I'll keep my fingers crossed he doesn't find anyone there…although it's kinda fun/funny now to just post a random comment and see how quickly he pounces on it. =))

          • Yep.

            I like Intense Debate.
            I stopped using it, because he tracked me with it.

            I was going to comment to you "there", but too many comments right now.

            I think it's safe though, he isn't smart enough to find us at HuffPo;

          • Are you admitting you're a coward that has to hide in the shadows?

          • Don't let the Lebanese creepos bait you Roger. There is a saying 'Don't answer batking dogs'. Let them bark and ignore their happy insanity. What would you bet they are taking heavy doses of Obama pills

          • PS:

            One would think that he would be churning out the comments on Disqus over at LRC.

            With the two commenter's that remain……..

          • I have a Disqus account for a local site, I rarely use it though. None of this matters, because I just pulled off something so incredible for me! I threw a dog toy, a football-shaped tennis ball, at a rabbit in my yard from about 30' and NAILED the rabbit. I'm one of the world's worst 'throwers' of anything, and I totally scored! If you'll excuse me, I have a little self-congratulatory happy dance to do. Haha!

          • I'm done at Bitchspot too. If Cephus is too naive to see things for what they are, so be it. Told him if he banned all of us, Roger would also be gone. Why would Roger comment there if Wee wasn't there?

          • Trust, obviously poor Cephus doesn't know the definition of "Troll". “

            He will be left sitting there all alone.

          • Or he does and your posse is the one he sees when he looks at the word.

          • He thinks you are an idiot so I do trust his opinion.

          • You go for it, it's probably better than your own.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            They were embraced by the Bundy ranch. And the Bundy terrorists are happy with the killing.

          • Wrong.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            According to whom? The Bundy's?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Bundy's son is "everyone?"

            Of course you POS gun nuts are going to believe him, so you can pretend you don't have blood on your hands.

          • Apparently marxist trolls are pretending that this couple wasn't rejected and tossed from the Bundy ranch.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Calling me a Marxist doesn't wash the blood off your domestic terrorists hands.

          • You label yourself, and you haven't shown that this couple learned their ideology at any right of center or tea party kind of gathering.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I accept the label, but calling me a Marxist doesn't remove the blood from your hands.

            They were anti-government, loved killing people with their pop guns, and were racists.= Tea Party.

          • Your alinsky tactics don't put blood on our hands.

            Marx and his ideas murdered millions, that's where the blood is. Our having guns to defend ourselves as the founding fathers wanted as a last resort is self defense.

            This couple? They had nothing in common with that thinking.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Were the police they killed white? I bet they were black or Mexican.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Still sucking Bundy's ass and telling everyone it tastes great.

          • vo·lup·tu·ar·y
            a person devoted to luxury and sensual pleasure.
            concerned with luxury and sensual pleasure.
            "a voluptuary decade when high living was in style"

            Looking forward to your dimwitted assertion that voluptuary means what intended it to. Reply, monkey!

      • How many more questions do you have? Is that all you got? Questions after questions just to derail thoughts? Are you normal?

        • More than you apparently.

          The posse sure does want to make sure there isn't serious debate on these two new stories, why do you all hate this site so much?

    • Those fake patriots were kicked off Bundy's ranch because they were too radical. Nice try.

      "The man told neighbor Jessica Anderson, 27, that he had been kicked off Cliven Bundy’s ranch 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas while people from throughout the U.S. gathered there in protest of a Bureau of Land Management roundup of Bundy’s cattle."

      "Ammon Bundy, one of Cliven Bundy's sons, said by telephone that the Millers were at his father's ranch for a few days this spring before they were asked to leave by militia members for unspecified "conduct" problems. He called the couple "very radical" and said they "did not align themselves" with the beliefs of other protesters, who thwarted a roundup of Cliven Bundy's cattle by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, which wants to collect more than $1 million in grazing fees and penalties."

      • Alinsky Hero USA


        You terrorists own this tragedy.

        And Alex Jones has blood on his hands. I see, as expected, he is trying to shift blame to the Government.

        The worthless POS. Making money off his twisted hate speech, and then cashing out every time his rhetoric causes death.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your article backs up my comment. Stupid virgin.

          • That they were ejected from the Ranch and too extreme for the group?

            That was your point?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No they weren't.

          • Actually they were, and you've had three links provided.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No they were, the links just quote racist gun nut terrorist Bundy's son.

          • And Mr. Bundy was there and his quotes are evidence of what happened.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He is a racist and a liar. And now a confirmed terrorist.

          • He hasn't been shown to be either.

            He has been called a racist, but not by any people of color.
            You call everyone that sticks to facts a liar, IMO, so frankly you're just trolling at this point.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yes, he has shown to be both, and racists support him.

          • No, you claim he has been shown.
            And when you first made those claims there were people that explained why you are wrong.

          • Not this again. You know hearsay isn't considered credible evidence, right? That's why courts exclude it.

          • Boy, you must not get to say much in courts.

          • You are correct, I don't get to say much hearsay in court……because it isn't admissible as evidence. You make this very easy.

          • As a liberal you probably focus on the feelings of the abused and neglected underclass anyhow.

          • You are correct, I do care about the abused. We don't all think victims are "pathetic".

            Roger 173p

            Self defense is many things, but it's the dead unarmed victims that are pathetic.

          • If someone doesn't care to defend themselves I consider them pathetic.

            Don't you feel self defense is a natural reaction for people being harmed?

          • If someone routinely embarrasses himself while claiming he's acting in self-defense I consider him Roger, and that is worse than pathetic.

          • Coming from a cowardly troll I'm not surprised to see you post that.

          • I don't know if these people had the opportunity to defend themselves or not. For all I know, they had their throats slit in their sleep. What I do know is I would never consider the victims of murder to be "pathetic". I'll save my scorn for criminal and not the victim.

          • If they weren't armed and made no attempt to take measures in self defense then they are, IMO.

            Of course you frame your comment differently since you want to make it appear that once a criminal targets a person there is nothing at all the victim might do to change that.

            Some people that feel self responsibility is a virtue disagree and carrying firearms to protect themselves is one thing that the founding fathers wanted us to have as a tool.

          • You don't know if they were armed or not. You don't know if they tried to fight back or not. You don't know if they were killed in their sleep or not. But that didn't stop you from calling these victims pathetic. Your explanation doesn't hold water and it shows your lack of morals and character.

          • And you don't know anything either other than if you don't take responsibility for your own safety you are much, much more likely to be a victim.

            That is why you have a failed sense of morals and character, IMO.

          • So admit you called them pathetic before even knowing if they met your criteria of what pathetic is. How pathetic of you.

          • I admit that you keep saying that I called them pathetic.

            You don't want to know the criteria I used in that comment, you just want to troll.

            It's all you know.

          • I wonder why I keep saying you called them pathetic. Is it because you did?

            "Self defense is many things, but it's the dead unarmed victims that are pathetic."

          • Calling victims pathetic.
            Wonder what christ that is

          • Calling people that take no steps to avoid being victims…

            You just stick to your agenda, don't you?

          • Ok so you have 3 armed people who overtake an armed person and kill him. Why is the victim pathetic? Please explain how all these victims are pathetic:

          • If someone goes out into a dangerous situation with no intention of defending themselves, why is that not pathetic?

            And if you think it's not wrong to go out and make no effort to stay alive whey do you advocate for weapons and stockpiling ammo?

          • I do take measures to defend myself. But that does not mean a entire gang of thugs could not take me out. You did not explain how all the victims in the link I posted were pathetic

          • Then go back to my original quote and try to explain why what I actually said was wrong.

            You trolls keep trying to force your false spin on things.

          • I did and you claim all victims are pathetic

          • But that wasn't the claim, my claim was that victims who take no responsibility for their safety while putting themselves in danger are pathetic.

          • That was not your orginal comment

          • Then give a complet eoriginal quote with the permalink so I can read the thread it was posted in.

          • Roger likes bitchspot so he can bitch and he then masturabtes on the rest of the internet.

          • Still the troll here spamming the site? It's all you ahve, how predictable.

          • WeBeWatchingYou

            it appears Uncle Pervy is out of sorts today.

            He has lost his commenting gloves, his commenting mittens, and his commenting straight-jacket…………

          • But the trolls are still here trying to derail three excellent stories all the same.

          • Did you see this little jewel of a comment he gave me?

            "Pay attention, treating someone different based on sex is racist."

            He is the gift that keeps on giving.

          • WeBeWatchingYou

            I posted to you over there. The comment might not have gone up yet.

            In Rogers mind, everything is relevant.

            Racist sexist is sexist racist.

          • Either you treat people equally or you don't. Sexist and racists are both rather regressive behavior.

        • One of the fundamental principals of the Liberty/Libertarian/Patriot etc movement is peaceful non-compliance. Jones preaches this all the time. He has never advocated violence. He has said that the globalists would start killing cops and blame him however. Numerous times over the years. Must be doing a good job jacking with their plans, Media Matters, MSM, et all are really reaching on their attacks these days.

          Alinsky, your heros, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and the rest of the Weather Men were labeled domestic terrorists too. So I guess your in the same boat as Jones huh?

      • Got to love facts.

        Thank you Mr. Liberty

    • the people are the militia. tyrants control standing armys

  6. 5/14/2013 Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet

  7. Why Good People Should Be Armed

    Despite all the fear-mongering, emotionalism, and deceptive propaganda surrounding the issue of firearms, the principle that matters most is quite simple.

  8. Public Notice.

    Due to the high cost of ammunition, in the future, please do not expect a Warning Shot.

  9. Obama is right
    The US is the only developed nation with this problem.
    Approx once a week there is another mass murder, mainly liked to legally held guns.
    How many of your kids need die before you sort yourselves out?
    Its pathetic!!!!!

    • Obama wants these mass shootings to happen IMO. What better way to get control

      • Regardless of what he wants it's a fecking disaster
        I would genuinely hate to be sending my child to school every morning if I lived in the US.

        A change to the status quo is needed for the sake of the next child (and there will be one very soon) murdered in a place which is designed to educate them.

        • And if I was a parent in a country like Mexico with strict gun control I'd be even more scared.

          • Irrivelent comment
            The facts are the US is a developed country illedgedly with an abhorrent record on mass murder within its schools.
            Its pathetic and change is needed. But of course it won't happen because too many rich people with influence regard making even more money over the lives of children

          • Not irrelevant since Mexico has gun restrictions and high violence.

          • Utterly irrelevant for 2 reasons
            1 this is about the US
            2 where have I mentioned in my posts above it is down to gun control or lack of

          • We are neighbors, you as a foreigner may not have known that.

            We have a soldier in prison there for getting stuck on the wrong lane with guns and ending up across the border.

            Your statements are the rantings of a liberal troll, how many times will they have to rescue Ireland before you admit communism lite doesn't work?

          • No I can point Mexico out on a globe just fine thank you very much.
            Regardless of the US' gergraphical position your point is still irrelveant as this topic is not about its neighbours.
            The point on the soldier is also irrelevant
            Again your last question once more is irrelevant as this is nothing to do with Ireland, it's not even about murder or even firearms. It's only a pureile attempt to insult me or at the very least goad me into a response (I'm too intelligent to fall for that)
            I can take 2 main points from your ill-conceived paragraphs above
            1) You're attempting to change the focus away from the utterly abhorrent murders in your state schools, probably as you don't have ligitimate counter-arguments to my points.
            2) You are a hypocrite as many times in the past you have demanded others "stay on topic" when in fact you're proven above you cannot when sucessfully out-debated.
            Now I'm happy to listen to some retorts on how the US has a perfectly fine or even just an acceptable level of child murder within its schools.

        • I think IMO it is all being done by design. Did school shootings happen before him? Yes, but for some reason they have increased since he took control

          • That's a hell of a claim and without evidence an example of correlation does not prove causation fallacy.
            Is it not more likely that one disaster feeds others than your president overseeing these horrendous murders to fuel his own political agenda

          • Agreed Wee. Idk for sure if the shootings are done by design, but I do know the shootings are exploited for political gain. Especially when we have our DOJ head say this:

          • Regardless of political gain or not kids are being murdered every week in schools.
            This needs to stop and it sickens me that this fact is not being addressed.
            All most are doing is trying to do here is avoid the elephant in the room
            Obama will be gone in a matter of months and the next president will still have this problem unit you all get your heads out of the sand and stop it. But doing nothing will only cause the problem to grow

          • Arm teachers. Have cops in schools. Volunteer armed parents. Easy.

          • You might be right this could eliminate all school murders overnight. It could also make the problem so much worse. Could you provide quantifiable research to back this claim.
            Couple of questions
            1 who would pay for the extra policing
            2 would teachers / schools be forced to be armed or would it be up to the individual
            3 would you accept if after these steps were implemented and it didn't resolve the problem that fewer guns in society would be worth trying


            Aside from the stats it is common sense IMO to think that a criminal/psycho would not go to a place where he/she believed that people would be able to defend themselves.

            1. Volunteer, no extra pay. If we choose teachers than training is cheap, buy their own gun. Not all teachers would have to do it, just volunteers.
            2. Up to the individual of course.
            3. Nope, it would be against the constitution to confiscate guns.

          • Have you the links to these stats?
            Equally I could surmise that a "criminal or psyco" would want to prove they can take on armed personnel. Its all just theory
            So your answer to no 3 shows you potentially value an antiquated piece of legislation over the lives of children

          • I did provide you with a link to the stats…the congressional findings can be found in the article.

            "antiquated piece of legislation" That is your opinion.

            I do value the Constitution, 2nd Amendment because it protects children’s lives, not only from criminals but from tyranny.

          • This is a few years old and I can't find anything updated but a good article:

          • Eliminate gun free zones. Simple.

          • That is where shooters target. Did you read the link I posted two comments up?

          • Yes sir, it is obvious that mass shooters target gun free zones. I will even venture to guess that 98% of all mass shootings in the US over the last 20 years occurred in a gun free zone.

          • And the media still refuses to mention the connection.

            The propaganda machine is working against us.

          • I bet they have as well.

          • The shooters may be mentally unstable, but they do like easy targets.

          • I have no eviedence and it is just my opinion

          • He has taken away any pride in American citizenship.
            He has imposed a national central control over schools and he has them working against the kids on so many things like foods just to impose control. Kids rebel. Especially sick kids that have something wrong with them mentally.

          • So are you saying let the kids get even fatter then they'll just die of hear disease, cancer, diabeties so they won't need to be shot?

        • Not a "fecking disaster". Even in the worst year, mast shootings of all kinds (not just schools) have claimed little more than 140 victims out of a population of more than 300 million. It's a very inefficient method of population control.

      • Fast and Furious prove it, but he tried to work behind the scenes and was caught at it.

  10. Well this is what happens when we meddle in business that is not ours, in business where we don't belong, in business that only results in carnage and death. Now Iraq is worse off than it was under Sadaam. Good job globalists, you win again. What do we have to show for Bush’s fake wars and Obama’s endless drone killings? Hatred towards the US? Dead civilians? A shattered morale of our troops? Yes. Yes. Yes. End these wars, end American interventionism, end the military industrial complex.

  11. Does he not mention the millions your military murder with guns all over the world? He does not appear to have much of a problem with them deaths. All them little children in Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan to name a few. Or is it specifically to disarm the people who stand between him and total power? What about the 5000+ American citizens shot dead by the police since 9/11, more Americans than by insurgents. Then I wonder how many his administration have had disappeared too, like Hillary Clinton does, hitman, dirty cops etc? Bengazi don't appear to worry the two of them much either. Plane crashes and the like where witness' and 9/11 wives disappear. So, is it really all that many? A few citizens murdered by mad Democrats with automatic weapons on psychotropic drugs? From what I understand the gun crime has fallen in the last couple of years by 40 something percent? Check it out people before believing this man. He has lied before.

  12. ranks the United States 62nd world wide in death by violence. the 61 countries that ranks higher have strict gun controls. over 100 million gun owners never commit crimes,FBI stats, 75% of aggravated assaults are with weapons other than guns.

  13. There’s a rumor going alll around saying GFY stands for Google, Facebook and Youtube. GFY Store accepts gift cards. Anyway when I do my on-line buying I use

  14. I think he right about there are many gun violence. Whenever I read any news about the gun murder, I always worried about people around me. There are many people was killed by stray bullet.

  15. I learned that people leave. Even if they have promised a thousand times that they won't.

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