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NSA: We’re Too Big to Comply with Court Orders

The National Security Agency refused to comply with a federal judge this week, arguing that they are just too big and complex to do so.

Responding to a court ruling that demanded the agency stop destroying evidence related to domestic surveillance, the NSA claimed that compliance with the court order “would be a massive and uncertain endeavor,” likely resulting in “severe operational difficulties that could jeopardize national security.”

The order stems from a 2008 lawsuit filed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that aims to uncover details of the agency’s domestic phone and internet surveillance programs.

“The public has a fundamental right to know how the federal government is interpreting surveillance and privacy laws,” EFF Senior Counsel David Sobel said. “If the Office of Legal Counsel has interpreted away federal privacy protections in secret, the public absolutely needs access to that analysis. There is no way for the public to intelligently advocate for reforms when we’re intentionally kept in the dark.”

The NSA has claimed that obtaining such information would require multiple databases and systems to be shut down, a process that would allegedly set the agency back several months.

“The impact of a shutdown of the databases and systems that contain [the surveillance program] information cannot be overstated,” the NSA stated.

Incredibly, the NSA even stated that holding onto and providing evidence for the lawsuit would violate several of the agency’s privacy rules.

“Surely, the NSA — with its ability to sift and sort terabytes of information — can devise procedures that allow it to preserve the plaintiffs’ data here without retaining everyone’s data,” Patrick C. Toomey of the ACLU stated. “The crucial question is this: If the NSA does not have to keep evidence of its spying activities, how can a court ever test whether it is in fact complying with the Constitution?”

While the NSA continues to cover up its illegal domestic surveillance, fewer and fewer Americans are believing what they say. Although the Snowden leaks have clearly proven the American people to be the primary target, other whistleblowers such as Russell Tice have revealed the true extent of the agency’s criminal activity.

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  1. It is quite elementary.

    In order for our Republic to survive, the NSA needs de-funded and disbanded.


  2. There are seventeen comments on this thread.
    Roger has made seven of them, and he hasn't said one word worth listening to.

    What a deranged idiot.

    The full moon is coming.

    • And 8 were clearly toll comments.

      You are a bunch of determined trolls to derail the discussion of every story here at this site.
      Four of my comments were on topic.

      Why are you all out and working so hard this morning?

      • Yes, Rog.
        For the first time in a long time, you are correct.

        Counting your comment directly above here, and your other seven, there were eight troll comments. I am glad you get a passing grade in math. Too bad you don't do too well in reading and comprehension.

  3. NSA is looking for a few good hackers By Tabassum Zakaria August 2, 2011

    What is Metadata?

    Aug 23, 2012 William Binney is among a group of N.S.A. whistle-blowers, including Thomas A. Drake, who have each risked everything — their freedom, livelihoods and personal relationships — to warn Americans about the dangers of N.S.A. domestic spying; A top-secret program he says is broadly collecting Americans' personal data.

  4. The Nazi Gestapo & the SS, and the USSR KGB thought they were too big to be stopped too! Guess again.

    • Lugar thought he was too big to be stopped.
      Cantor thought he was too big.

      The question isn't can we take down traitors, the question is can we do it fast enough to preserve our lifestyle and freedoms.

  5. Do you really think the power hungry politicians are going to stop spying on each other and the people, they need to get dirt on the other side for there own elections. As long as there is tax dollars sent to the government there will be the NSA, and they will get stronger as time goes on and technology gets better. So I'm sure they will definitely continue spying on us. Remember transparency by this US Government, so it will never stop. They will tell us that you, the sheep, they will stop watching you, the fact is as long as tax dollars are collected it will continue. I have been using for about a year the non tracking private search engine to protect my privacy.

  6. Thank you so much! Such an honor! Thanks for having this site

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