NSA Spying Costing US Companies Billions and American Job Loss

August 12th, 2013
Updated 08/12/2013 at 3:08 am

The massive surveillance efforts being conducted by agencies like the NSA are not just illegal, immoral, and unconstitutional; they could be seriously damaging our economy.

NSA spying symbol on money.A report issued by the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation stated that U.S.-based cloud computing computers could lose between $21 and $35 billion because of the NSA’s PRISM surveillance program.

That’s how much U.S. companies could lose if foreign customers stop using U.S. cloud computing services because they don’t want to be subject to federal eavesdropping. The report found that U.S. companies could lose 10% of the global market to European or Asian competitors over the next three years. That would be worth $21.5 billion. The losses could be higher; as much as $35 billion.

American Businesses Will Lose Customers, Americans Will Lose Jobs

Naturally, the loss of revenue will lead to the loss of jobs by average Americans. Some U.S. citizens will not be able to feed their families or pay their mortgages because of their government’s misguided drive for security.

The Foundation’s report noted that 10% of foreign customers admitted that they had decided not to use a U.S. cloud computing company because of the NSA surveillance. It also found that 56% of non-Americans were less likely to use a U.S.-based service because of revelations about PRISM.

Artmotion, a hosting company based in Switzerland, reported that its business has increased by 45% since Edward Snowden exposed PRISM. Switzerland has a long history of keeping financial information and other data secret from foreign governments.

The Elite Won’t Be Affected

In other words, the rich will be able to purchase online privacy the same way they get freedom from income taxes: by simply doing business in countries like Switzerland. The rest of us will have to submit to federal surveillance if we want to use the Internet.

Worse, thousands of Americans could be out of work because of programs like PRISM. Every time a cloud computing company lays off a programmer or an engineer, that person has less income to pay for things like restaurant meals, cars, car repairs, houses, etc. In other words, large numbers of working people will lose their jobs or see less income.

Surveillance Is a Threat to Free Enterprise

Surveillance is not only a violation of our basic rights; it is very bad economic policy that will cost Americans a lot of jobs. Worse, it’ll raise our taxes because those laid off will end up using government services like food stamps and employment insurance because they won’t have jobs.

If we want America to continue to be the center of innovation and the world’s richest nation, we need to make free enterprise free again. Programs like PRISM are an assault upon the free enterprise system as well as individual privacy.

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  1. 999 says:

    no thanks NSA

  2. NSA has all kind of technological equipments while NSA an international organization which has power to analysis the Sky. I am appreciating because has educated stuff.

  3. It is very hard to establish the value of information. The business effect of the disclosures about the N.S.A. is felt most in the daily conversations between tech companies with products to pitch and their wary customers.

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  7. Its true when a business loss its customers, employee loose jobs. American govt. should take care of this issue other wise it will definitely increase the ration of unemployment.

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  9. Emily says:

    So many U.S. companies rely on the NSA dragnet for so many security features…
    Now they will be in denial for who knows how long before they protest the effect of surveillance on their bottom lines.They'll probably ask for a bailout when they realize the erosion process taking effect.assignment help

  10. So many U.S. companies rely on the NSA dragnet for so many security features…
    Now they will be in denial for who knows how long before they protest the effect of surveillance on their bottom lines.

    They'll probably ask for a bailout when they realize the erosion process taking effect.

  11. The Surveillance program is losing jobs of Americans and making a loss of huge amount by just spying NSA.

  12. Jeannie Webb says:

    I don't understand what exactly NSA trying to do.

  13. Eric Philip says:

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  15. I still don't get why the hell NSA is spying every US and other people why who gave them rights to do these things.

  16. favours plus says:

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  17. DarkEyes says:

    Isn't it the idea of this NSA-association to protect the world from evil. After all when you have more than 800 militairy bases as a country around the world necassary to birng freedom and democracy with a free market, in practically every country on this globe you have to protect your properties.
    A pity that nobody in this nobel spy-business management thought about this hiccup for their homeland businesses.
    Well, they might say it is a bit of a bad luck and inconvenient for these businesses. But they have to realize they are fighting the war on terror in the interests of their country, the USA. As their former president Bush proclaimed very seriously. He and Cheney and Rumsfield and Wolfowitz had success with these wars. More than a million "terrorist" died and even some caught. Of course they won't admit their successes.

    One thing left to say. They do not know yet up till now who exactly is or are the enemy. So to be sure they take the whole lot of data to be save.

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