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Documents Reveal NSA Reads Your Internet Chats: Here’s How to Avoid Being Spied On

Fresh documents reveal that the NSA is spying on your internet chats through a highly secretive operation known as PRISM (much like PRISON). Here’s how you can go about protecting your privacy. 

nsa-prism-spyingThe NSA utilizes the cooperation of major corporations in order to ‘team up’ and gather all of your information — even in real time. They are able to see everything you write through Facebook, Google platform tools like Google Talk, Skype chats, Apple, and other top companies. So what can be done? Well, first of all we need to find alternatives to these top internet juggernauts.

Chances are you may have already figured that this day would come when it’s open knowledge that these massive corporations have been shoveling your information into the government privacy furnace, but perhaps you weren’t sure the best course of action. Let’s get into the very first line of defense against privacy-crushing corporations and the government that feeds upon your intimate conversations online.

Securing Your Personal Chats

As of right now, the leaked documents detail how the NSA is targeting the ‘big guys’. Google and Facebook, for example, hold upwards of 90 percent of the real ‘bulk’ of spying interest. What does this mean for you? Well, they have yet to go and soak up the ‘little guys’ that use much more advanced technology to deliver a message from point A to B. And better yet, encrypted chatting plugins make spying on your personal chats within one of these smaller companies beyond difficult.

The Internet Juggernauts Are Watching

The most important thing to remember is that even if you’re ‘protected’ behind a billion IP masks and encrypted technologies, the moment that your message hits the servers of Skype or Google (through chatting on their platforms through Skype chat or Gmail), they will have access. That’s why we need to discuss protected chat programs, or at least better options.

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Even The Guardian, the publication that released the documents, explains that the NSA appears to have failed at conquering companies like Vine, LINE, Viber, Kik and KakaoTalk. Whether or not that is true does not necessarily matter, as we are going past that. Vine, for example, is large enough that it is certainly on the NSA’s list of domination. That, and we’re talking about an app that doesn’t go the extra mile to encrypt your communications.

Practical Options

Instead, here are some steps to get on a protected chat program for mobile and PC. One that isn’t large enough for the NSA to bother with and protects your chats without use of major servers:

Off the Grid: Abandon Skype, Google Chat, Facebook chat, and all of the top clients like AIM. This is obvious, but you need to at the very least use Pidgin with the encryption plugin if you need to remain active on these chat programs for whatever reason. Even with Pidgin’s encryption, though, you’ll still be going through the servers of internet titans like Google.

For your computer: A free chat client like Cryptocat is light years beyond what you’re experiencing with Google and Facebook. Cryptocat is free, very simple, and uses your browser to chat with others. It’s also encrypted.

For your phone: Get something like Seecrypt for your phone. The idea behind this app is that you can chat with others who use Seecrypt and are also encrypted. This bypasses the use of the mega chat servers, as it’s all through the encrypted Seecrypt channels. This app is $3 which is very cheap for encryption tech, and it is also relatively unknown. These two qualities make it a worthless target for the NSA.

Protect your internet sessions: If you don’t already have the service, try a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The way a VPN works, which you can actively choose to log into on your computer through a program (so it doesn’t have to be on 24/7 if you don’t want it to be), is that it encrypts your internet sessions by using an external server. This protects your sessions from spying of all forms, but it does not protect your actions in regards once again to the mega servers. For example, even if you’re on a VPN but still chatting on Facebook, it doesn’t make a difference (because Facebook’s server is still capturing your chat while you’re logged in). A VPN is ideal to use with something like Crypto.cat, protecting your IP as well as your chats.

Protect your search: Check out an engine like Startpage, which encrypts all of your searches and apparently does not record your IP address.

Following the NSA leak, independent hosting and email providers are already changing the way their services work in order to workaround the spy grid. Database administrator Cameron Fillers of California-based Komputer King hosting services told Storyleak:

“Komputer King has ongoing efforts to secure its end users privacy and security. One of the methods by which they support this feature, is by offering e-mail accounts using their dedicated Zimbra Servers. Zimbra is a professional E-mail Server system that allows you to login and access your e-mail using SSL in order to send e-mail securely, and is not handled by anyone else. Zimbra also has the unique ability to offer private Instant Messaging using XMPP. At $2 dollars per e-mail account (which doubles as your IM account), you are able to send e-mail and chat completely off the grid in a secure environment. You can use a client like Pidgin to connect to the Zimbra server.”

At the end of the day, these steps are effective but only a precursor to privacy activism. And most importantly, it’s essential that you stop putting up with the NSA spying on you and your family. The ultimate goal is to inform the public that the government should not be pushing us into fear, nor have us hiding from the corporations that hand over all of our personal data to the government. Use these practical tips to protect your privacy on the web, but be sure to understand that the ultimate goal is to restore our fundamental freedoms.

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  1. thanks Anthony, can't believe people aren't rioting over this.

  2. PRISM??? reminds me of the whole PROMIS software saga

  3. Good tips, we need to do this at least for now until we can sue or something. I check Storyleak daily and am happy with your newsletter also.

  4. I believe that big VPN services like Astrill, that offer very cheap and very effective VPN are actually sponsored by Obama’s Open and Transparent American Spy Network. I don’t think that such sophisticated VPNs that can punch holes though the Chinese firewall (for example) were written by some rich flunky in his mom’s basement. They have some very sophisticated “help”.

    Indeed, what better way for an ostensibly benign and altruistic company to set up a VPN, keep it really cheap, and tell people all around the world they can safely surf the web by using their VPN … when in fact, all of the transmissions are funneled through the VPN servers entirely controlled by the NSA.

    So, if you want to maintain privacy, I would not recommend using a VPN… that is, unless you are a stupid terrorist.

  5. For all of you trying to organize resistance please consider Bitmessage.

    It’s like bitcoin, but for messages, a P2P (peer-to-peer) encryptred anonymous message system.

    If you’re a tech-head please evaluate the open-source code.

    It needs to be tested and hardened.


  6. Shallow story which still suggests you use some corporate unknowns with an unknown history of protection. Sounds more like hushmail…and we all know where THEY are from.

    Dump Windows and Mac. Linux only.





    • Where is hushmail from??

    • Not that I don’t like Linux, I actually think it’s much better than Windows, but you can still be tracked by programs you use. You could turn of your wireless and disconnect your wired network if you didn’t want to be tracked (in Linux)

  7. So let me ask you. Does an Android phone compromise everything above because it communicates with Google servers?

  8. ok. so u can stop some snooping. post less, use proxies, create anonymous accounts. but your information still isn't safe. if i can legally use a tool like http://bit.ly/16WXNHX to look into your background, just imagine what big businesses and the Fed have at their disposal.

    you can limit your exposure, but u can't hide in the digital age. it's not possible. we all spy.

  9. I think the VPN service Hotspot Shield is untrustworthy too. I observed its downloads come from a site named “mydati.com” and after checking it with services such as Scamadvisor and others I found Hotspot Shield files downloaded from that site are malware.
    The reason I checked on this was because I ha

  10. I think the VPN service Hotspot Shield is untrustworthy too. I observed its downloads come from a site named “mydati.com” and after checking it with services such as Scamadvisor and others I found Hotspot Shield files downloaded from that site are malware.

    The reason I checked on this was because I had noticed bizarre events on my computer after having started using HS Shield.

    • I don't know who you are, Marc Anthony, but you are quoting word-for-word what I myself wrote some time ago on a website named Lunaticoutpost. Why not write your own comments or else make clear you are quoting someone, rather than just plagiarize ?

  11. One of the options suggested in this article is Cryptocat. However I think another one, maybe better yet, might be Freenet.

  12. I go by the rule,i do not say anything on any site that i will not say to you face to face;).
    When i rant on the representatives of Our government . i speak from absolute evidence of the profiling,discriminating,abusing of Civil Rights government representatives do !
    They prefer i DIE and eventually i will,but until then they just ignore me.
    I tried to get into a courtroom and after 2 yrs. of the DOJ and TAG's 9 lawYers.i could nolonger play @their level.I stood on HOW can my government representatives,protect TERRORIST from an American Citizen and We the People pay for iT?
    True story!

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  14. All in all above suggested all instructions are quite beneficial to avoid getting spied on!! I just love the whole planning and looking forward to follow these interesting ways.

  15. Thanks Anthony for helpful suggestions. I'll try to follow these suggestions to get rid of NSA's tracking process. I don't think people's in our country have any privacy to government.

  16. Using stuff like this makes you more likely to be targeted"

    Good, I've got nothing to hide besides the fact that I believe the government shouldn't be able to do this. So they can waste their time reading my emails, hopefully

  17. I think NSA is showing too much protective spying on us. Thanks for letting know the getting rid ways of such spying. Although Spying over people's most times they are failing to stop major incidents around the country.

  18. NSA approaches are seems to me too much defensive mode. They are doing a lot of thing to protect various things. It's a good sign but I don't know how long such sneaking process will be positive for everyone.

  19. I am impressed with your article, you did a great job. Your fundamentals on this subject are presenting to learn more and more. Everytime you share knowledge with we visitors, which is indeed helping us and teaching many things.

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    Definitely sticky subject and I hope it might have touched other after reading this post.

  21. Why do I feel like any encryption readily available to the public isn't going to cut it? :)

  22. Thanks for letting know how to avoid NSA spying. These days NSA is acting very over cautious in everything and I just don't wanna lose my personal information and important data because of such spying.

  23. Hey idiot, the feds aren't gonna let chat logs not become logged, that's how they find their predators and killers. Which is a very good idea I think. So any chat program will be found and it will have to give log rights to the feds, because they can get jurisdiction to do anything pretty much in this country, which is fine because you have to be really smart to become an agent. So good luck with your whole hide your chat scheme.

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  25. This I feel is an encroachment on the personal lives on common people. I understand that the NSA is trying do their job, but it should not be by spying on the personal chats of people. This is absolutely outrageous. It is very funny that technological giants like Google and Facebook succumbed to them. Thank you for letting us know. I will try to get some alternatives.

  26. Why am I not shocked? Someone is always watching!

  27. Why, if Google is so bad, do you link to your Google Plus Profile at the end of this article?

  28. Thanks for this but shouldn't you put the last paragraph at the top – the fundamental thing here is that citizens shouldn't have to change their LEGAL behaviours to stop their governments looking at them ILLEGALLY.

    In terms of changing behaviour, the main problem with your suggestions is that even if everyone stopped using google and facebook they and switches to smaller companies, those companies would simply grow bigger, and be targetted. Encryption will not work against IT gurus in governments if they want to access those companies information.

    Personal data is not safe without legal safeguards. legal safeguards mean nothing without accountability in government. Accountability means nothing without consequences for individuals. Therefore, individuals in governments have to be legally accountable for spying to the citizens that they represent and if they ILLEGALLY allow their citizens to be spied upon, they should go to jail.

    Just a thought really

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  38. encrypted chatting plugins make spying on your personal chats within one of these smaller companies beyond difficult.

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  40. We should use separate web hosting servers for our email and a separate web hosting company for our websites. So we can use Zimbra for all of our emails and keep our initial web hosting company. Sounds like a lot of work, but in the end might be worth it if someone is concerned.

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  46. Thanks for letting know how to avoid NSA spying. These days NSA is acting very over cautious in everything and I just don't wanna lose my personal information and important data because of such spying.

  47. Ironic that this webpage uses 2 Facebook and 3 Google trackers.

    Practice what you preach.

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  51. Well this is totally wrong what Nsa is doing it means that we have no privacy over our accounts or email id's too! thank you for sharing such great methods to avoid any privacy issues from Nsa!

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  62. I can not believe even our chats are not secure.

  63. gotta love that the CEO of Google is dating Hilary Clinton's right hand girl at the State Department, so much for arm's reach lol, I think google is the real threat to privacy, and moreso than the government or the other companies mentioned. They only have to drop the "Don't" from their credo to "Be Evil", I think they're already there… just sayin

  64. it means that we have no privacy over our accounts or email id's too!

  65. And better yet, encrypted chatting plugins make spying on your personal chats within one of these smaller companies beyond difficult.

  66. Thanks Anthony for helpful suggestions. I'll try to follow these suggestions to get rid of NSA's tracking process. I don't think people's in our country have any privacy to government…….

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