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New RFID ‘Smart Gun’ Only Works When Authorized, Requires Retina Scans

A new line of RFID-based ‘smart gun’ firearms that can be rendered useless by law enforcement from anywhere on the globe and require retina scans are set to be deployed within one year. 

Bringing new meaning to an Orwellian society that is not based on facts and reason but fear and propaganda, the new ‘smart gun’ firearms are being pushed as the ‘new’ method of gun control — mainly by the companies that stand to make million through their production.

smart gunThe so-called smart guns not only require biometric identification such as a fingerprint or retina scan before use, but are immediately shut down through wireless connection in ‘certain locations’ where firearms are not permitted. So in the event in which you need to defend against a shooter without a smart gun, your weapon won’t work. What’s more, the built-in RFID smart gun ‘gunfire detection’ system actively reports any shots taken immediately to either the corporation or the government.

But don’t worry, the company responsible for the new ‘smart gun’ says that the product fully ‘respects’ the Second Amendment and gun owners.

Government consulting company Steve Lee & Associates spoke with Investors on the development smart gun and its insane Orwellian characteristics, calling the development ‘good and reliable use-limiting’ technology. In other words, the government and new smart gun companies not only decide when you’re allowed to use your firearm and require you to go through a series of biometric RFID-based scans, but they also record every single shot and send the information to the government.

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Irish-based company TriggerSmart has already started developing the weapons and plan for a release within one year. A German company Aramtix is hoping to sell within the United States.

Smart Gun ‘Authorized Use’, Automated Tracking

In the eyes of TriggerSmart and others, Big Brother knows best. That’s why the gun can be rendered worthless anywhere at any time by Big Brother.

And the company completely fails to consider (or at least fails to mention) the obvious fact that criminals intent on using a weapon would never even consider purchasing such a weapon. Why would they? The last thing criminals want to do is surrender all of their fingerprints, handprints, and retina scans to the United States government. Granted no one wants to do that, or at least they shouldn’t thanks to a little thing called the Fourth Amendment, but criminals will instead opt to steal some other weapon and use it to shoot up an area where smart guns are turned off through their RFID ‘use-limiting’ technology.

In other words, smart guns disarm law-abiding citizens in the same way as not having a gun — and they even track your every move. I guarantee you these guns have an operating GPS-style system as well for law enforcement to track the exact location of gun shots.

But remember, TriggerSmart says that smart guns actually “respect” your Second Amendment rights.  The spokesman from the company said that smart guns “respect the Second Amendment.” He went on to say that “it doesn’t mean you can’t have guns.” Right, it just means you have to use a ‘smart gun’ that is entirely controlled by the company and tracks your every move via RFID. Thanks, TriggerSmart!

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  1. Best way to overload the system? Everybody could target practice every day!

  2. They can't win on gun control so this is their answer.

    • I believe that when this comes out they will pass legislation (or executive orders) requiring it to override traditional guns in certain circumstances, essentially forcing the smart guns on the public so that they can say they aren't confiscating weapons and are instead 'supporting the Second Amendment.'

  3. Some companies will no doubt make a lot of money producing these guns, some (private) companies
    will make a lot of money taking all that crap off of them.

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