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Flashback: NBC Report Confirms Bankers Really Do Fund Drug Cartels, Terror Groups

Still think it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’ that the largest mega banks are profiting off of the drug trade, or even the activity of terror groups? A little-known NBC report from 2012 actually confirms it.

In fact, one 2012 NBC report details how HSBC bank helped to finance everything from Mexican drug cartels to Syrian terror cells. Thanks to a United States Senate report, which centers around the role of Mexican drug cartel funds travelling through HSBC, NBC and a few other outlets actually covered the breaking news — albeit to a small degree.

banks drug cartelsAnd it’s this report that reveals how the United States branch of HSBC directly aided backers of Al-Qaeda and Mexican drug cartels through both finances and overall banking services. From terror-linked groups out of Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh, HSBC was tied up with numerous terror groups and financially empowering them for quite some time.

For around a decade or more, in fact.

Yet HSBC has managed to get away without much of a hitch. Even the 2012 Senate Report we’re discussing was simply a ‘probe’ that documents the events themselves. Even the major United States bank regulatory group the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency was deemed to have improperly looked into the situation — instead turning a blind eye to the entire operation. The investigative group at the Senate even reports on how the very culture of HSBC has been ‘polluted’ during the lengthy time period of terror and drug funding:

“The culture at HSBC was pervasively polluted for a long time,” said Senator Carl Levin.

Multiple Mega Banks Caught Funding Drug Cartels, Terror Groups

But HSBC isn’t the only bank associated with the Mexican drug trade or the financial support of known terror groups. While HSBC was funding Iran and Mexican drug cartels according to the report, Wachovia was also getting in on the Mexican drug trade financial game. It was actually back in 2010 when Wachovia forfeited $160 million (chump change to them) in order to settle a Justice Department probe into their financial support of Mexican drug cartels. This was all broken down by the Guardian in an article entitled “How a big US bank laundered billions from Mexico’s murderous drug gangs.”

ING also decided to get in on the action, however, and ultimately settled a bit higher at $619 million after violating US sanctions against Iran and Cuba in shadowy financial trades.

So what is to be done to these banks at the end of the day? Are executives being jailed, companies being dissolved, and funds being withdrawn from Mexican drug cartels and terror groups? Well, no. Instead, taxpayers are helping to fund the megabanks with $83 billion per year — far more than any minor settlements paid out by the banks.

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  1. Banks caught in the act red handed once again let's get this into the media

  2. Do you really think any of the major news media dont already know about this? Their corporate overlords will never allow this info to be given to the 95% of the American sheeple who watch the prime time news.

  3. What's the surprise? They have to move around their money somehow. Nobody would've thought that the legal thieves (bankers) could collaborate with thieves on the run?

  4. jajaja!!!apoco cren que yo le tengo miedo a ese vato?? nombre si no es mas que un simple mortal!!!saludos.

  5. Greed is the root of all evil.

  6. Daniel K. Hernandez

    It's very shocking incident happened. Such huge bank associated with the drug trade is just such a worse scenario. It's good at least the news has come out ion this way and let every one know about it. This kind of activities shouldn't be supported further and so that it can reduce the crime.

    • But that’s just it, Daniel. The news isn’t getting out. Do you think the average (lazy) American finds out anything about it (thanks to the corporate-run media)?

  7. Yet HSBC has managed to get away without much of a hitch. Even the 2012 Senate Report we’re discussing was simply a ‘probe’ that cheap high quality seeds documents the events themselves.

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  16. What's the surprise? They have to go around their cash somehow. Nobody would've believed that the lawful criminals (bankers) could work together with criminals on the run?
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