MIT Professor Exposes Climate Change Hysteria

January 17th, 2014
Updated 01/17/2014 at 4:58 pm

A leading climate change figure has come out against the government’s continued and ridiculous climate change hysteria.

Speaking in regards to Massachusetts’ new $50 million climate change proposal, MIT Professor Richard Lindzen, a leading figure in the climate change movement, pointed out the absurdity of blaming every weather event on global warming and climate change.

“The changes that have occurred due to global warning are too small to account for,” Lindzen told WBZ-TV. “It has nothing to do with global warming, it has to do with where we live.”

Although supporting the theory of man-made global warming, Lindzen admitted that rhetoric from the political class and green movement has been nothing more than over-the-top “catastrophism.”

“Even many of the people who are supportive of sounding the global warning alarm, back off from catastrophism,” Lindzen said. “It’s the politicians and the green movement that like to portray catastrophe.”

Even more surprising, Lindzen goes on to point out the government’s obvious use of climate change alarmism to push greater state control, even warning over politicians’ use of “crony capitalism.”

“Global warming, climate change, all these things are just a dream come true for politicians. The opportunities for taxation, for policies, for control, for crony capitalism are just immense, you can see their eyes bulge,” Lindzen said.

Lindzen has frequently been attacked by climate alarmists for refusing to give into political pressures regarding climate sThe growing number of failed predictions from the global warming crowd has only cooled the public’s belief in recent years.

From 2007 to 2009, Al Gore hysterically warned that the North Pole would be completely “ice-free” by 2013. Instead, 2013 experienced record breaking cold and major growth in Arctic ice.

Similarly, Gore made desperate warnings over the danger of increased hurricanes during the same time period. Soon after, climate scientists had trouble explaining the record low hurricanes that soon followed.

In his 1992 book “Earth in the Balance,” Gore went on to claim that global warming would soon wipe coastal areas of Florida off the map in as little as a few decades. Sea level statistics taken 18 years later revealed Gore’s predictions to be completely inaccurate.

White House Science Adviser John P. Holdren, who made failed predictions of global cooling in his 1977 book Ecoscience, attempted to blame the recent “polar vortex” on global warming. Researchers soon uncovered a 1974 Time Magazine article that blamed a cold polar vortex on global cooling instead.

Climate change alarmists have become so crazed in their beliefs that some have attempted to equate skepticism with racism, claiming any denial of global warming is a “sickness” in need of “treatment.”

Unsurprisingly, major environmental issues such as the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster seem to be completely ignored by Gore and company. Given the massive amount of money Al Gore has continued to make from generating climate fear, it seems unlikely that any real disaster unable to generate cash will receive proper attention.

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  1. Roger says:

    I wonder if that ship full of global warming activists was ever freed from all that summer ice

  2. Roger says:

    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?

  3. Iremember says:

    Did they ever rescue Rogers ship?

    • <?> says:

      It sunk in the steaming, boiling Arctic ocean. The people swam to an iceberg but it melted.

    • PoofAgain says:

      Amazing. You're amazing. You have that same magnetism I have that Roger can't seem to ignore. Me thinks you're on to his every move. =)

      • Roger says:

        Did you rub tuna on your face or something?

        I just can't imagine why the flies are buzzing around you so much….?

        • Iremember says:

          You are vile.

          • Roger says:

            And of course you overlook everything any troll from your posse says.

          • Iremember says:

            First, she isn't a troll.
            Second, she isn't in my posse.

            I remember the original "pose".
            It was the original Rogers Rangers.

            Roger, HPDuuuh, ForConstipation, Looking4HisSanity, Falcon, and a few other misguided miscreants.

          • Roger says:

            Yes she is a troll. Second those trolls that work together are the loose and you are still not remembering anything.

        • trustfunded says:

          Have you ever had tuna rubbed on your face?

        • PoofAgain says:

          Isn't it a bit fool-hardy to be the person initiating a lawsuit based on what you consider an offensive comment made to you, all the while you do the exact same thing, especially to me? Seems pretty obvious every single word you've posted since filing your lawsuit on January 14, 2014, will be used to prove you're not exactly the one who takes the high road, and yet you continue to spew your filth at me comment after comment, day after day. Short of deleting your IntenseDebate account, how are you going to cover your ass on this and try to play the victim card? And if your attorney hasn't told you to keep your 'stashioed pie hole shut, you need a new attorney — and fast.

          • Roger says:

            Nope, the comments are on totally different levels.

            Ask wee.

            And I return your insults in kind, if you knew how to behave and act civilly you would find that in my comments to you too.

          • trustfunded says:

            It seems you hate women. Why?

          • Roger says:

            I have no use for angry bitter cranky people, she happens to be a woman.

          • trustfunded says:

            Why didn't you answer my question?

          • trustfunded says:

            You answered why it seems you hate women? Can you send me a link to that?

          • Roger says:

            I have no use for angry bitter cranky people. Poof just happens to be a woman.

            She certainly is no lady.

          • trustfunded says:

            So no link? Okay, I'll write it off as another one of your lies.

          • Roger says:

            So, I'm still not impressed with your reason for needing one.

          • trustfunded says:

            As a man, why do you think I am trying to impress you? This isn't one of "those" sites.

          • Roger says:

            Still looking for more spam to meet your quota?

          • trustfunded says:

            If I was looking for spam, I sure came to the right person.

          • Roger says:

            Yes the posse of trolls lurk everyplace i post, until they all get banned from the site that is.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Hmmm…aren't YOU banned from a few sites, Rogie?

          • Roger says:

            Aren't you just behaving like scum at a lot of sites?

          • joe says:

            46 more trash comments to go

          • Roger says:

            Good, then you might get the rest of the afternoon off.

          • joe says:

            30 to go spammer boy

          • Roger says:

            And here you are struggling to keep up.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Are you afraid or embarrassed to answer my simple question? Aren't YOU banned from a few sites?

          • Roger says:

            Are you afraid or embarrassed to answer my simple question? Aren't YOU acting badly on a few sites?

          • PoofAgain says:

            It's very clear that I asked first, the ball's in your court. Aren't YOU banned from a few sites?

          • Roger says:

            And I tossed it back at you.

            Aren't you acting badly on a few sites?

          • PoofAgain says:

            Aren't YOU banned from a few sites? Or are you too BRAWK BRAWK to answer me?

          • Roger says:

            Aren't you acting badly on a few sites? Or are you so lacking in manners that you won't slow the broom down enough to answer me?

          • Iremember says:

            Obsessed with her, aren't you, you mealy-mouthed dhlt-muffin?

          • PoofAgain says:

            Nailed it.

          • Roger says:

            Isn't that a shocker the two posse trolls are pulling together.

            Too bad you have nothing to actually push and advocate for….

          • PoofAgain says:

            You should take some time and go back and read the comments you've made to me the past 10+ weeks and my responses — you really should (did you want the permalinks I've saved? haha!). Just a hunch, but I suspect every single one of them will come back to haunt you. I've read your lawsuit — in order to have suffered the damages you're claiming, you'd have to prove that you're a good writer…your 155,000+ comments will prove that you're not. Paying a 'publisher' to print your book will prove that no 'real' publisher will touch your stuff. Pehh — my only interest in the whole thing is to watch in amusement. BUT It's really hard to claim you've been damaged in some way when your actions — your written words — will be your downfall.

            You seem to think that you're mentally superior to everyone who comments here, but a word of caution/advice: Take copies of your last 1,000 pages of comments to your attorney, have him read them, then ask him if perhaps those comments represent a very real threat to your hoped-for victory in court. Your attorney knows that should Wee prevail, all costs will be coming out of your pocket, and those costs can't be dismissed by filing bankruptcy. I think you've cooked your own goose.

          • Roger says:

            You need to read the court decision on this case.

            Vigorous debate is protected, it seems you think you're just more stubborn and bitter than everyone else here.

          • Roger says:

            On the facts of my case, it will be laid out in court, not here with some ill mannered shrew who really doesn't have any skin in the game.

          • PoofAgain says:

            You're gonna prevail in this, Rog — I can feel it in my bones.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Oh, and keep on keepin' on — you KNOW my caution/advice is spot-on, but you just keep digging your hole a little deeper….I've noticed you're using a backhoe now instead of a shovel. To quote myself, "…your actions — your written words — will be your downfall."

          • Roger says:

            Time will tell. It wasn't long that you discounted the entire thing.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Discounted? No, I didn't discount it, I scoffed at it. You don't have a snowball's chance in hell of prevailing (I've read the lawsuit). Right now you have 154,893 bits of evidence that prove you suffered no actual damages because those bits prove you lack the prowess to be taken seriously as an author — just look at your last sentence in your comment, you left out a word.

            Face facts, Roger — you've been burning bridges across the internet forum 'scene' for years, WAY before I ever entered the picture. I've found conservative forums where no one is allowed to even mention your name. From what I can tell, you made a fool of yourself on probably the most famous (infamous?) forum of all, Breitbart — sounds to me like that was a long time ago, but you're remembered…not in a good way. And the more you comment, the deeper you dig your own hole. As I said before, if your attorney is so inept they haven't warned you to shut your pie-hole, you need to hire a different attorney because the one you have is playing you like a cheap fiddle — something you're used to here.

          • Roger says:

            You go ahead, but I think of odds of my prevailing are much better than the odds of you ever becoming well mannered and discovering the joys of civil discourse.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Poof just humiliated you.

            Where can I get a copy of the lawsuit. I need a good laugh.

          • trustfunded says:

            He humiliates himself. Poof just points it out.

          • Roger says:

            Then she gets out the bug spray to deal with the flies buzzing around her.

            You posse of trolls can't help yourselves, the group sure does try to protect each other from the obvious failings in your spa,.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Let's be real here, Roger — do I ever make comments regarding your personal hygiene or the lack thereof? Nope. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

            BTW, it's always so hilarious to watch as you snag other people's shtick — you've glommed onto "Obot" on that birther site where you've resorted to your standard, "you're a troll/part of the posse" crap. You can't even come up with a decent insult on your own.

          • Roger says:

            Let's be real. When do you ever make a comment not insulting me personally? Something about a dog humping your leg comes to mind, do you want me to quote you again?

            And if you want to be an ill mannered shrew that's your business. But don't expect me to treat you with kid gloves when you do.

          • PoofAgain says:

            How are you NOT like a nasty little unneutered chihuahua humping someone's leg? You're a damn stalker/humper. You can figuratively be sprayed with a hose, drop-kicked across the room, swatted on the nose with a newspaper, and you just keep coming back and coming back. When I was in kindergarten I and all of my little classmates learned that when someone doesn't want to play with you, leave them alone. Pretty simple stuff, but obviously you missed that lesson when you were 5 years old.

            On a side note, I'd bet dollars to doughnuts your [ambulance chasing] attorney has said very succinctly to you, 'GET THE F**K OFF THE INTERNET AND STAY OFF'. I'm right about that, you and I both know it.

          • Roger says:

            How are you not like a nasty old hag with a bitter hatred for everyone that thinks on their own?

            You are a harridan and pretend you're credible enough to do the drop kicking and spraying, that means you deserve the comments pointing that out.

            You really don't understand how you appear to anyone who's dealt with a angry troll who can't see past the hate.

          • trustfunded says:

            Spa? This isn't one of those bath houses nor one of "those" sites where that discussion in appropriate.

          • Roger says:

            spa, is one key stroke away from spam.

            You know like when you posted this:

            4 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" rigtht.

          • PoofAgain says:

            I was wondering about 'spa' myself. I'm trying to cut him some slack today, I can tell he's moving toward melt-down again and you KNOW how ugly that gets.

          • Roger says:

            It wasn't spa it was spa,

            You know like when your posse troll said this:

            10 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" rigtht.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Oh, OK, now I get it.

            "It wasn't spa it was spa,"

            Thanks for clearing up THAT mystery. *wink*

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:


          • Roger says:

            Did you do that all on your own?

            Wow, it's like you're almost smarter than the average troll.

          • Roger says:

            Yes, I think the big words still confused you though.

          • joe says:

            29 to go little boy

          • Roger says:

            Don't talk to yourself when you're spamming. It's different out from under the bridge in the real world.

          • Roger says:

            Poof tried and it didn't work for the reasons I explained.

            But of course the posse does stick together.

            And you probably have a copy already, if you can just talk to the right character inside your head to tell you where they hid it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I don't have it. I want to know why your book is part of the lawsuit, because I was planning on suing for the mental damages I have after reading that s h it.

          • PoofAgain says:

            I have a copy in PDF format if you're interested.

          • Roger says:

            Just don't ask him to provide a valid email address, unless they have them behind communist chinese ISP's.

          • PoofAgain says:

            He's as capable as anyone else of opening a burner account long enough to get an email from me with the lawsuit attached. I doubt he's too concerned about it.

          • Roger says:

            I doubt if you can manage his email accounts, but that won't stop you from trying.

            You remind me of a joke about a dyke that had to kick start her vibrator to prove she was in charge of everything.

          • trustfunded says:

            You do know email addresses don't care about ISPs, right?

          • Roger says:

            You do know that someone so cowardly that they hide behind fake ISP's and Chinese servers that they won't want emails tossed around?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Can you upload it to drop box and post the link?

          • Roger says:

            And then can you ask Wee for his demand letter?

          • PoofAgain says:

            I've never even heard of a drop box, but I can sure try as long as it doesn't open me up to more stalking from him.

          • Roger says:

            Oh poof, what's wrong?

            Is the broom in the shop getting some dry rot taken off?

          • PoofAgain says:

            You recognize that makes no sense, right? Is a puddle beginning to form under your melt-down chair? Thought so.

          • Roger says:

            You recognize that if you didn't act like a post menopausal hag then it might make sense?

          • joe says:

            43 more trash comments to go

          • Roger says:

            Then will they let you back under the bridge?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Then the next time Roger is off line, I'll send you my email.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Sounds good. He generally leaves around 2pm for several hours. He's sooo predictable.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Ok, I got it. Thanks. Reading it now.

          • PoofAgain says:

            My pleasure. It's a pretty fast read since a good chunk of it is repetitious….mostly John Doe garbage.

          • Roger says:

            Yes, legal tactics that only make sense to winners in court.

          • joe says:

            42 more trash comments to go

          • Roger says:

            You can do it, just repeat yourself a lot.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Holy s h it.l I have never read anything funnier than this lawsuit.

            You are suing me for saying you pee sitting down?


            Still reading it.

          • Roger says:

            Then why not call the lawyer and ask for the demand letter?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            What for?

          • Roger says:

            You seem to be curious all of a sudden about the litigation.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You are curious about cock.

            Don't worry, I don't really want Wee's demand letter.

          • Roger says:

            Still the deviant sexual stalker?

            I'm not interested.

          • joe says:

            44 more trash comments to go

          • Roger says:

            You still can't count that high?

          • joe says:

            27 to go, got to go and eat.
            Have a happy spamming time.

          • Roger says:

            I was hoping they didn't give you more than you could handle, I guess they did.

          • Roger says:

            So, it's not garbage and you know there is no explaining what your comments have been.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            I not interested in Wee's demand letter.
            I am having too much fun reading this lawsuit. F u ck it's funny.

            You lawyer should be disbarred for stealing your money.

          • Roger says:

            You're a fool then.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You have never peed sitting down?

            You will have to prove that in court. HAHAHHAH!!!

          • Roger says:

            Still trying to figure out if you made any small mistakes when you bounced off of those Chinese servers?

            Dont' blame me for you oops moments.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Will you be demotrating how you pee in front of the judge? HAHAHHAAHAHH!

          • Roger says:

            Still the deviant sexual stalker trying for personal information?

            I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Thye judge will laugh you out of court, if you ever find me, but you won't.

          • Roger says:

            The judge will look to teh facts of the case. Either Wee can prove his comments or not. THat's the test.

          • Roger says:

            You haven't read it.
            And why were your fake reviews posted when you hadn't?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You made your own review pretending it wasn't you.

            That is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            Did I?

            Can you show any reviews of mine aren't things I watched or read and gave an accurate synopsis of?

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You WROTE IT!!!

            And then gave a review of it.

            That is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            I read and watched every book and movie I posted a review for.

            If you can read any of them and show me where the reviews are wrong, then come back and complain, until then?

            You're just a troll.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You wrote the book and then wrote a review of it. That is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            I purchased the book and then read it before I posted a review on it. It applies to every singe one of the book reviews.

            Of course if you can show that review is wrong, just let me know.

          • joe says:

            41 more trash comments to go

          • Roger says:

            Just changing the number and cut and pasting the rest, it must make it almost easy enough to do off your fischer price laptop!

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            You didn't need to buy a copy, you wrote it. And then reviewed it. That is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            I did buy a copy, I did read it and I did review the story as I have for all the reviews I post.

            And if you want to show why my review is wrong, just show me where.

            Oh you haven't read it. So, you're blowing methane.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            But you didn't need to buy a copy, because you wrote the book. And then you wrote your own review. That is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            The review you say is mine, check it, it's a confirmed purchaser.

            And I read the book and I reviewed it like I did every other review of books on Amazon.

            Of course if the review is wrong explain why and I'll consider it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            An author writing his own review and trying to pass it off as an outside buyer, is fraudulent.

          • Roger says:

            Are you still pretending that I can't buy and read and review a book?

            If you can show that review is misleading or wrong, just let me know where and I'll consider it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            Reviewing your OWN book and passing it off as an outside buyer is fraudulent.

            It 's like reviewing that vagina on your face and calling it handsome.

          • Roger says:

            Buying a book, reading it and then giving your opinion of it is what I do to every book, if you can explain why my review isn't accurate, go for it.

          • njmcc says:

            There is a phrase "self praise is no praise" why would you buy a copy of your own book? Very sad thing!

          • Roger says:

            I had a reason, but not something I'd bother to explain to a guy with motivated reasoning.

          • trustfunded says:

            Maybe by buying the book he doubled his sales.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Did you see him trying to justify submitting a review of his own book by saying this:

            "I purchased the book and then read it before I posted a review on it. It applies to every singe one of the book reviews."?

            And no, I don't know what he meant by "singe"…maybe he's a thumper book-burner.

          • trustfunded says:

            He does have his own writing style, that's for sure.

          • Roger says:

            And you both have your trolling.

            But why should I forget to mention your style?
            10 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" rigtht.

          • Roger says:

            Why don't you tell me what part of any review is inaccurate?

            You only have your hate and trolling.

            If I won a gold metal in the olympics you'd say I did it wrong.

            So, you don't exactly have any credibility.

          • trustfunded says:

            "a gold metal"? Don't you mean gold "medal"?

          • Roger says:

            Don't you mean you have no new ideas, nothing to add and y ou have a quota you can't give up on?

          • Iremember says:

            Totally different levels?

            You insane people always rationalize all sorts of crazy shlt, don't you?

          • Roger says:

            You insane trolls like to pretend so.

          • Iremember says:

            Shlt-muffin,did they rescue your boat?

          • Roger says:

            Yo, did the stupid folks going to see the melted ice get caught and trapped in it again?

          • Iremember says:

            If so, you would have led that parade.

          • Roger says:

            Would I? It was a global warming crowd, I'm not foolish enough to believe that man can change our temps, and that even if the temps change that it's a natural variation.

            So, you're still wrong, and you're still a troll.

  4. Iremember says:

    I remember that you are a vile, hypocritical, Un-christian misogynist.

    How is that for starters this morning?

    Reply CoCo:

  5. joe says:

    ROGER is looking for his ship again

  6. joe says:

    Can anybody help ROGER to find his ship?

  7. PoofAgain says:

    We all know Roger's ship sailed long ago. We all also know he was in the throes of another melt-down, couldn't think straight (duh) and was having such a hissy fit he was on Concourse B at the airport instead of at the dock. Poor victim (of his own actions).

    • Roger says:

      We all know you get cramped on that broom and may need a ship to land on if you fly over any large body of water.

      • PoofAgain says:

        Wow — the melt-down seems to be in full-effect. Valium time, bucko.

        • Roger says:

          Wow, the ill mannered shrew lashes out again!

          You go ahead and take your valium.

        • Iremember says:

          Poofsie, of course he is in the throes of a meltdown.

          You don't know his history like I do. You and Trust are late to the party. This nonsense has been going on for five years. Every month, he peaks on the night of the full moon. You should see him during the solstices and the equinoxes, when the earths gravitational pull is most extreme. he goes bonkers. His Lunar Cycles give full credence to the true meaning of the term Lun-a-tic…….

          • PoofAgain says:

            Good afternoon, Iremember. Nice to 'see' you!

            You're just an encyclopedia of RogerKnowledge — some time I'd love to pick your brain.

          • Iremember says:

            I'm a regular Encyclopedic Roger Britanica. What he knows, and what is relevant, is a one page, double spaced, one sentence, one paragraph volume. The rest is footnotes of his gibberish and gobbelty-gook. (No, that isn't Chinese).

            Nice to see you too!
            I like you.

            Going back to when we first met, I thought you to be a worthy debate oponnent, but we have still never gotten to where we could debate anything, because this mealy-mouthed shlt-muffin interjects himself into every conversation, like a bad rash. Or more appropriately, the proverbial turd-in-the-punchbowl.

            See I tried to start a conversation with Wee at the Palestinian thread? He ruined it.

          • PoofAgain says:

            Ahh, shucks. Well, you're pretty likable yourself. =)

            About debating with each other, well ain't it the truth? I have a feeling we'd agree on….almost nothing, but then opposites often tend to get along famously, so hopefully sometime we'll get to have an honest debate, fight it out, kiss and make up. Haha!

            I saw his pathetic splash-down into the middle of your efforts with Wee…there really aren't words to describe his constant, droning attempts to be relevant. I'd like just once to ask him a simple question and get a simple answer. Isn't deflection the #1 red flag for trolling? He's mastered it….thrives on it….lives for it. How many years did you say he's been up to the same game-playing tactics?

          • Iremember says:

            He splashed down, without a parachute.

            Face first…..

          • Roger says:

            Like you trolls do?

            Good luck, but I think you're better off under the bridge.

          • Iremember says:

            Roger, honey,

            There is no bridge.
            There are no Trolls.
            There is no vast conspiracy.

            Not against you, or this site, or any other site.
            People simply do not like you. You have no social skills or grace. You are the perpetual spoiled brat, who comes uninvited to the party, then wonders why everyone gets mad, because you pick your nose, and fart in public.

            You are the only Troll I have ever seen on the Internet. You met all ten of the classic criteria for troll.

            Reply, Monkey:

          • Roger says:

            You don't remember,

            SB not only admitted to it, but said he was the one in charge of thumbing me down.

            I didn't know you all were so job oriented. Too bad you can't put that energy into the private market for adding value to the economy.

          • Iremember says:

            Yeah, right.
            It is a Global Conspiracy.

            Everyone is out to get you.

            Reply, CoCo:

          • Roger says:

            Nope, just the trolls. The posse in particular seem rather determined.

            So, you still come to spam the site in spite of having nothing to actually contribute?

          • Iremember says:

            Roger, how about a nautical update? Have they found your ship?

            Reply, Monkey:

          • Roger says:

            Why don' t you post under patriot or your other guest profiles today?

          • Iremember says:

            Are collecting additional "John Does" for your "lawsuit"?

          • Roger says:

            Why not, are you pretending to be a guest troll with credibility?

          • patriot says:

            Still looking for your ship?

    • Iremember says:

      Just checking in, to review that status on Rogers lost ship.

  8. whoknowsU says:

    Everything is rhetorical with you

  9. whoknowsU says:

    Missing Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  10. whoknowsU says:

    Missing Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  11. whoknowsU says:

    Man, your are fast removing comments.

  12. whoknowsU says:

    Where is Weeeeeeeeeeeeee to tangle with?

  13. whoknowsU says:

    Got no place to go?

  14. whoknowsU says:

    I try to break some ice.

  15. whoknowsU says:

    You are faster than a bullet train
    Looks like this is Roger's chat room

  16. whoknowsU says:

    Still addicted? Came back to try again?
    Is the Internet your cocaine?
    You need to go into rehab.

  17. whoknowsU says:

    I see you are still addicted to ice.

  18. whoknowsU says:

    Still addicted to ice, coming for more?

  19. WeeToddEdwards says:

    All depends who you ask:

  20. Roger says:

    Yes, it's supposed to be 'accepted science'..
    Yet not all the ice is melting and the sea levels aren't rising.

  21. Roger says:

    Is this the same side of the political spectrum that thought islands would tip over?

    You can have your own opinion, but not your own facts.

  22. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Too many conflicting stories.

    Sorry. I want undeniable facts

  23. Roger says:

    Facts are what they are. If you refuse to accept them, then you've already decided.

  24. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Neiter side can be shown to be right

  25. Roger says:

    Then you've already decided one is right.

    That ship trapped in the ice proved that summer ice is part of a colder trend.
    You pick and choose, don't pretend otherwise.

  26. WeeToddEdwards says:

    No I have not. For every thing one side publishes it is countered by the other side.

    "That ship trapped in the ice proved that summer ice is part of a colder trend."

    Links or sources that show that?

  27. Roger says:

    But the facts are what they are. The number of stories (propaganda) don't effect the actual facts.

  28. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can you show it's all propaganda?

    I am sure the other side says the same.

  29. WeeToddEdwards says:

    any sources or links to back up your claim

  30. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I don't have a posse. I have friends ( I know that is hard for you to grasp since you don't have any).

    Here is the deal either you or someone else is having comments pulled. I am sure you have mine pulled. Both ours are done on teh DEA story from this morning. I didn't report them.

  31. Roger says:

    It’s a comment based on science and facts.

    Not on the number or stories. Some don’t see the difference.

  32. Mr. Liberty says:

    Agreed Wee. I grow tired of my comments being deleted when I in no way shape or form have attacked anyone personally on this site. How can my comments be offensive? How could it be considered non worthy material? I always provide my opinion in a point counter point fashion, what gives?

    F ing BS

  33. WeeToddEdwards says:

    No one has the facts straight since each side can counter each other:

  34. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Depends on who you ask:

  35. patriothere says:

    Facts require proof. Evidence. Otherwise they're opinion

  36. Mr. Liberty says:

    And it is not just today. I've noticed that it has been happening a lot over the past few weeks.

  37. whoknowsU says:

    Did you try to Google an answer?

  38. whoknowsU says:

    Try to Google the answer.

  39. eeW says:



    You have posted this same question three days in a row.

    People don't care about you, and your inane babbling. Speaking of inane babbling, we saw your post yesterday, about words. We know how many words are in the Lords Prayer, and even the Gettysburg Address.

    They pale in comparison to the words in your 135,XXX posts.

  40. whoknowsU says:

    How many more times are you going to post this stupid question?

  41. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can you show how that one event has anything to do with climate change?

  42. whoknowsU says:

    Your repeated question shows your stupidity.

  43. whoknowsU says:

    I just knew that the ice ship would sail back.
    How much of a moron are you?
    You must have a child's brain or no brain at all.

  44. whoknowsU says:

    Are you proud of your intelligence?

  45. whoknowsU says:

    Are you an internet grasshopper?
    Is hopping your hobby?
    What are you? A debater or a de-baiter or just a hopping grasshopper?
    I'm having so much this evening.

  46. Roger says:

    Oh look, you can do more than just pull comments Alinsky.

    I'm shocked, shocked.

  47. Roger says:

    And you as a troll with no reasonable response keep pulling it.

    Communists love to censor things, don't they?

  48. eeW says:

    135,431 to be exact.

    Someone sent me this today.

    This says it all…….

    Pythagoras' Theorem: ………………………24 words.
    Lord's Prayer: ………………………………………66 words.
    Archimedes' Principle: …………………………….67 words.
    Ten Commandments: …………………………………179 words.
    Gettysburg Address: ……………………………………..286 words.
    US Declaration of Independence : ……………………..1,300 words.
    US Constitution with all 27 Amendments: ……………..7,818 words.
    EU Regulations on the Sale of CABBAGES: …………………26,911 words

    In comparison, you have said nothing!

  49. whoknowsU says:

    Roger is on the run again.

  50. whoknowsU says:

    I was watching you pulling your own comment again.

  51. Roger says:

    Then you know I'm not. So, how many comments have you deleted? About 250?

    You bragged and admitted you were 'keeping me busy' so why deny it now?

  52. Roger says:

    And all of them conflict with your communist agenda.

  53. whoknowsU says:

    I'm having fun for a few minutes.

  54. whoknowsU says:

    Roger, you are a professional liar.

  55. whoknowsU says:

    Roger, what a liar you are.

  56. whoknowsU says:

    What is your agenda? Being a cyber addict? Go to rehab.

  57. eeW says:

    No self respecting rehab would take him.

  58. Derp says:

    No watch the flurry of activity, as Roger starts bombing the Administrator with requests to have everyone's posts deleted. That is a game he learned and played at Breitbart. Mandy and Ezra laughed hysterically about him.

  59. whoknowsU says:

    Ha, Ha,hahahahahahahahah

  60. whoknowsU says:

    And the blabbering goes on.

  61. ByeFelicia says:

    You speak of trolls? You bez the $%^&*(& troll!

    You said this last night:

    1 hour ago @ Conservative Victory News – Evening Open Post – Ja… · 0 replies · +1 points
    How nice. So you're back from your Facebook exile?

    Why here instead of the growl, isn't serf missing you?

    You cloak yourself in, and feign civility, all the while practicing your passive-aggressive behavior and ad hominem attacks.

    You are pathetic Roger.

  62. eeW says:

    Well, just wait, Roger will try to one-up it.

    Although he never does………..

  63. whoknowsU says:

    I'm having fun with this Roger while having a good cup of coffee.

  64. eeWDerp says:

    Roger usually makes 1.5 posts per minute. He has been silent now for the past fourteen minutes. That leads one to conclude that he is going through, and reporting every post that he does not like. Just watch, the posts will start disappearing.

  65. DeeCase says:

    Probably runing back to the Yellow Submarine, to hold dooches nozzle.

  66. TheCoach says:

    I'd love to see Roger run.

    Run Forrest, run!

    I can envision a wobbly, wisping wetard…………

  67. whoknowsU says:

    Hope he stays there and gets cleaned up.

  68. DeeCase says:

    He better take a case of Massengill.

  69. whoknowsU says:

    And that's what he does every time.
    Too bad I have to run and get my chores done.

  70. ByeFelicia says:


  71. whoknowsU says:

    Just amazing!

  72. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I am sure he will try

  73. ByeFelicia says:

    Indubitably !

  74. WeeToddEdwards says:

    People are tired of him and he is to caught in his own ego to see it. He will say something like his comments stand on their own merit (that's a laugh). If he would actually debate instead of using designed comments to derail the thread people might take him seriously. He has lost all creditability with just about everyone. I mean who replies to every comment someone makes for 3 years? He thinks it’s normal, so that shows you how warped his mind is

  75. ByeFelicia says:

    Go back through his comment stream yesterday, where he attacked that "Zebrano" poster at Conservative Victory.

    The guy made one post, and "BAM!", there is Roger, attacking him like a pit-bull. Or I should say, like a coyote. His passive-aggressive personality is truly transparent. He drove many people away from posting online. They just got tired of his blather.

  76. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He always attacks Z. He is another person roger stalks. Z is a good guy.

    He drives people away all the time. All his online friends have quit talking to him except a few communist on RF

  77. DerpityDerpDerp says:

    The old dooche even ignores him.
    Dooche never was one to defend anyone, anytime.

    It's all about the points…………

  78. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Yep, he thinks the points give him some authority or something. Being proud of making a 100,000 plus comments is funny. That is not even a real accomplishment for anything in life. Think he has that on his resume?

  79. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You don't get to decide what is "garbage" I had several comments on this thread yesterday with great links and you had them removed. I did not have any of yours removed

  80. Roger says:

    Wee, that ship was carrying global warming activists.
    They went in the summer so they could show the ice was all melting.

    Not only were they wrong, because the facts don't listen to PC correctness, but even the two ice breakers couldn't free them. and then became stuck themselves.

    This story is about reactionist taxation.
    The story about the ice is about reactionist rhetoric running into facts.

    Both have a common thread, global warming is more about power and taxes than reality.

  81. Roger says:

    That's really all you're here for, is to brag about your photoshop?

    Do you realize some come here to actually debate and discuss important issues?

  82. Roger says:

    Alinsky, you could always learn to debate and discuss issues. That might help the frustration level a bit.

  83. Roger says:

    And Alinksy, your repeated need to hide behind other profile shows yours.

  84. whoknowsU says:

    You don't know the difference between stalking and debating.

  85. whoknowsU says:

    You are an addict and you know it or you are just plain retarded.

  86. Roger says:

    Alinsky, here you are with how many profiles? 20? 30?

    And you say I'm addicted?
    Listen you are a left radical and I understand that. I also understand that the tactics of the left are to ridicule and mock their opponents.

    You? Mock anyone? Coming from where you're at? Yeah… as if.

  87. Roger says:

    As you report all my comments and reply to my every comment.

    Alinsky, you are the last one to have any moral authority on stalking. Are you still hoping to behead me?

  88. whoknowsU says:

    You are the mocker, plain and simple.
    You are the troll, plain and simple.
    You are a stalker, plain and simple.
    Your childish attitude stands out for everyone to see.
    Your antagonistic attitude shows a deep addiction for motor mouthing garbage.
    I'm not Alinsly and you are not able to know who I am. You are plain stupid.

  89. Roger says:

    Alinsky, after all the rules you have to follow on how to push marxism, that is the best you can do?

    Come on now, I'm so disappointed. I thought as a progressive liberal you had the high road on ideas, on ideals, on the 'common purpose' that marx wrote about.

    And you're reduced to this?
    Typical for a liberal.

  90. whoknowsU says:

    Your level of intelligence is down the bottom of a barrel and you can't get out of it.

  91. whoknowsU says:

    Freedom of speech MORON, he can push whatever he wants to.
    What are you waiting for to delete all the comments?

  92. Roger says:

    Is that why my comment was about global warming activists being mocked by the very ice they traveled to protect, and yours are about nothing but insults?

    Who has the lower level of intelligence? I'd guess not the person who discusses nothing that's on topic.

  93. Roger says:

    And I have the freedom to use the features of the system to engage and debate.
    It works both ways. Do you understand that?

    Only marxism has equality that is applied more equally to some than others.

    And you're still trolling since you struggle to keep everything off topic.

  94. whoknowsU says:

    I enjoy to play your stupid mind.
    I would like to debate but you don't let it happen, you derail every thread.
    You also have the freedom to be stupid.

  95. Roger says:

    And I come here to debate and discuss, you just pointed out the differences between us.

    You come here to toy with people since you can't engage on the issues.

  96. whoknowsU says:

    You come here to stalk.
    No use to debate your ignorance on different subjects. You have one set mind, you have tunnel vision and you know it.
    Open up your mind and breathe some fresh air.

  97. whoknowsU says:

    You don't have a welcome mat anywhere you go. Why? Because you are a stalker.

  98. Roger says:

    Oh, look! You're still here insulting without adding a single thing to the story discussion. I'd pretend I'm surprised but here you are, again.

    And again. How exactly do you define troll? Anyone that is smart enough to disagree?

    And that poor ship full of ice bound activists may have spent the time advocating for global warming until the choppers lifted them to safety.

  99. Roger says:

    Strange, I've been posting and debating and discussing on other sites this evening. Sites you are banned from of course….

  100. whoknowsU says:

    Another lie you cannot prove, because I'm not Alinsky.

  101. whoknowsU says:

    Oh,look, another stupid phrase you are using.
    Are you still obsessed with that ship?

  102. Roger says:

    I am here to discuss the topic of 'the hysteria on global warming' that ship is a great example of facts not backing the rhetoric.

    Why wouldn't I use it?

    And why do you get so upset? Can't debate or discuss the topic?

  103. Roger says:

    Another sorry whine when you can't debate the subject or even the facts regarding the topic.

    And deny anything you want. The site administrator knows who you are.

  104. patriothere says:

    And the site administrator can't stand you.

  105. whoknowsU says:

    Roger, I have a question for you:
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?

  106. patriothere says:

    What rhetoric. All scientists have confirmed the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment.

    But no, lets listen to you in all your wisdom. It's all about Taxes and control.

  107. whoknowsU says:


  108. Roger says:

    The paid hack probably isn't the one to depend on for honesty.

  109. Roger says:

    The effects of green house gasses are not in dispute.
    We like green house gasses, they make life possible.

    What is in dispute is the man made global warming hysteria.

  110. Roger says:

    Yes, when you two agree on something that means..

    Oh, that the troll posse is focused on something.
    Why does this site scare your handlers so badly?

  111. Roger says:

    Summer ice? Surely you jest, ask patriot there is no summer ice, it's all melted and we're going to die!

    It's probably the tea party guys that had the blow dryers out to finish of the last of the ice caps.


  112. Roger says:

    Alinsky, is how goes all that video editing?
    You still have nothing to add to the debate or discussion.

  113. Roger says:

    I just knew you would post a reply that had nothing to do with the story or topic.
    How much longer before you report and pull the comment?

  114. Roger says:

    Are you proud of your lack of it?

  115. Roger says:

    You're the one here without any attempt to discuss the story.
    That would make you an internet locust.

  116. whoknowsU says:

    Oh look, the troll is back. Oh look he misses Wee. Oh look comments disappeared again.
    Oh look what's your agenda today? Derailing more threads?
    Your are the grasshopper and the locust. You fit the description for both of them.

  117. whoknowsU says:

    The day you stop stalking any of us, we will leave you alone. Until then you are fair game.

  118. Roger says:

    The problem with that is it simply isn't true.

    This morning you trolls had the site without my interference, and you went nuts destroying any chance of actual debate and discussion.

    Why shouldn't I challenge you and keep you on the defense?
    My values, my positions in debate are just as valid as yours, only I can back mine up.

  119. <?> says:

    Yes and now they're dying of thirst in the California drought. Thanks for asking.

  120. rogre says:

    Oh, that gets better with every telling!

  121. whoknowsU says:

    Roger has a question:
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?
    Roger, are you stupid and retarded?

  122. whoknowsU says:

    Roger has 2 questions:
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?

  123. whoknowsU says:

    Roger is asking again:
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?

  124. ByeFelicia says:

    Your ship?

    Of fools.

  125. whoknowsU says:

    Roger just asked a question:
    Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?
    Anybody bother to answer?

  126. whoknowsU says:

    How many times are you asking? Nobody cares about that stupid question.

  127. JethroBilly says:

    Yes, they're in Cali now staring at their dead grass with their shorts on during a hot winter's night. Thanx for asking.

  128. JethroBillyOthrFrend says:

    Roger keeps re-posting this same question here, day after day, using it for a marker. Roger, you are so transparent.

  129. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Uh oh, he is going to threaten me again…………..sooooooo scared.

    rog, no one wants you on here.

  130. whoknowsU says:

    Looks like your ship sank.
    Nobody is interested to reply.

  131. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yes they were. Try googling it and reading the news for yourself.

  132. OldNews says:

    You need some new material Rog. You're played out.

  133. whoknowsU says:

    ROGER keeps losing his ship, what a travesty.

  134. Props says:

    Is there an echo in here?

  135. whoknowsU says:

    ROGER does not get it. He needs to be banned.

  136. rogre says:

    Seems like they were rescued weeks ago but some idiot keeps asking about them.

  137. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sure did. A simple Google search shows that:

  138. demandThis says:

    Is this what you mean by 'exchanging "new ideas" with' ? False advertising on your part.

  139. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It sure did. We discussed this earlier today and you had the comments removed

  140. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Even though you have asked this question hundreds of times. YES THEY HAVE

  141. RogerDodger says:


  142. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    What ship?

  143. Wrestlemania says:

    You tell us lumphead.

  144. IrateIrishman says:

    We knew you were back a half hour ago, when all the comments began disappearing. You are a coward.

  145. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yes, it was easy because most of the summer ice is melting now because of global warming.

  146. Bonzo says:

    How is that Rubic's Cube working out for you Roger? Get it figure out?

  147. Roger says:

    If you knew about California you would know that El Nino is warming and it brings heavy rain and floods.

    The cooling brings dry years. Maybe all that ice in the antarctica is cooling the oceans? That would be a stretch but make more sense than you global warming rhetoric in a period of global cooling.

  148. <?> says:

    Did those global warming activists ever get any California rain during the winter drought? <g>

  149. Roger says:

    This is just a guess of course. But I have to wonder (and please correct me if I'm wrong) but do you advocate for recreational drug use?

  150. ByeFelicia says:

    I don't.

    You are living proof that folks should not fornicate while under the influence.

  151. Roger says:

    Alinsky, why do you think you can carry on so many different sides of the debate?

  152. Roger says:

    Yes and you've pulled it, or someone from you posse did I'd guess about a hundred times.

  153. Roger says:

    Alinsky, three different pretend profiles all at the same time, you must be in a rare mood.

  154. Roger says:

    Cut and paste. It shows your limited ability to reason.

  155. Roger says:

    And you have cut and paste when you forget to how report and delete my question.

  156. Roger says:

    Oh look, alinsky still has nothing to offer.

    Boy the posse must really feel scared of this site to focus so much on it.

  157. Roger says:

    Still stuck on cut and paste?

    I've heard that people with nothing to offer resort to that.

  158. Roger says:

    Oh look, alinsky found his copy and paste function!

  159. whoknowsU says:

    How come nobody wants to debate your question? Because it is stupid.

  160. whoknowsU says:

    Oh look, Roger has a question: "I wonder if that ship full of global warming activists was ever freed from all that summer ice?"
    Roger thinks this is a chat room.
    See you tomorrow, moron.

  161. Roger says:

    How come when they did you pulled the comment over and over?

  162. ByeFelicia says:


  163. patriothere says:

    You're a troll

  164. Roger says:

    And like most liberals you ignored trends, averages and facts that confuse you.

  165. Rogre says:

    It's still not funny enough. How about you try again?

  166. whoknowsU says:


  167. whoknowsU says:

    You are up front, moron.

  168. whoknowsU says:

    You are not aiming, you are funny.

  169. whoknowsU says:

    Roger has a question: Did that ship carrying all those global warming activists ever get rescued from summer ice?
    How come nobody responds?

  170. whoknowsU says:

    How is your ship doing?

  171. Roger says:

    It wasn't my ship, but it did have a lot of fools on board. Man made global warming?

    So far the facts don't back it up.

  172. ByeFelicia says:

    What would you know, or care about facts?

    You are just a Freddie Mercury lookalike.

  173. Roger says:

    Poor little alinsky. You just can't hide behind enough fake profiles can you?

  174. whoknowsU says:

    I don't think he is around right now.

  175. Roger says:

    Poor little alinsky. You just can't hide behind enough fake profiles, can you?

  176. whoknowsU says:

    Poor little Roger, are we stopping you for a great debate of nothing?
    What are you waiting for deleting all the comments.
    How is your ship doing this Domesday

  177. Roger says:

    Alinsky, you stop me from nothing, you don't 'have that much power over anyone. I would imagine on the Pee Wee Herman show you wouldn't even make off with his bike.

  178. whoknowsU says:

    What a lame immature comment. Can you think of something better?

  179. Roger says:

    For a lame immature person. Did the short words help?

  180. whoknowsU says:

    Yep, I had a big laugh.

  181. whoknowsU says:

    You can't wear me down, I'm having fun, its SNL.

  182. Roger says:

    Shows how much you know. Warming waters (El Nino) makes more rain.
    If we had warming, they would be watching the LA river actually flow.

  183. whoknowsU says:


  184. whoknowsU says:

    You mouth is flowing alright.

  185. whoknowsU says:

    I'm here to be entertained by trolls like you.

  186. whoknowsU says:

    Roger is getting desperate.

  187. whoknowsU says:

    How are the growlers doing, you belong there, they are desperate for comments.
    How about RF? L4s is waiting to give you some advice.

  188. whoknowsU says:

    Is fun time and it is entertaining to say the least.

  189. whoknowsU says:

    I'm not alone watching you jerk, it is fun time.

  190. whoknowsU says:

    Not my job, it is all yours. How is your ship doing?

  191. whoknowsU says:

    Good one.

  192. whoknowsU says:

    You are the master of fools.

  193. whoknowsU says:

    I have not seen anyone wanting to start a debate with you.

  194. whoknowsU says:

    Alinsky is not here you moron.

  195. Roger says:

    Still can't debate or discuss anything?
    Can't you go get a cup of hot chocolate or something?

  196. whoknowsU says:

    Are you getting desperate?

  197. whoknowsU says:

    Go ahead and go to sleep.

  198. whoknowsU says:

    This is me, not hiding behind any fake profile. Find out who I am.

  199. whoknowsU says:

    Your thoughts are so deep that they cannot be found.

  200. whoknowsU says:

    Is this all what your brains have to say?
    I feel sorry for you.
    Do you have a family to take care off?
    I bet you are single, even divorced.

  201. whoknowsU says:

    You are normal alright, cyber walking day and night. You are addicted, go into rehab.

  202. whoknowsU says:

    Are you a weather scientist too?

  203. whoknowsU says:

    I'm going to do that later on.
    My wife backed a fresh apple pie. Want to join?

  204. Kanye says:

    9 out of 10 global warming activists do.

  205. Roger says:

    I would rather bake my own.
    Conservatism is about being self sufficient and not sucking off everyone else.

    Of course it's the spirit of classic libertarian values as well.

  206. whoknowsU says:

    Nice and warm.

  207. JethroBilly says:

    He's the weather lady too.

  208. whoknowsU says:

    I don't stop anything, anybody can join in this SNL.

  209. JethroBilly says:

    Are you willing to pay those inflated propane prices due to the shortage or you just gonna use all your hot air to stay warm?

  210. whoknowsU says:

    My wood stove is burning, free wood too.

  211. whoknowsU says:

    Steaming hot air by now.

  212. whoknowsU says:

    You are never taken seriously.

  213. whoknowsU says:

    Palin is like you, she blabbers a lot, nobody takes her seriously.

  214. JethroBilly says:

    If wood could be chopped with a keyboard he'd probably take you up on it.

  215. whoknowsU says:

    I just enjoy your dumb replies.

  216. JethroBilly'sFriend says:

    Just think Roger, there are more of us, than there is of you………….

  217. whoknowsU says:

    Ask the people back east if the prices are lower.

  218. whoknowsU says:


  219. whoknowsU says:

    Oh now you are becoming anti American.

  220. whoknowsU says:


  221. JethroBilly says:

    Granted the stories are good but the debate you seek isn't there anymore. If you wanted debate you'd seek it but instead every reply you give is like an octopus shooting ink from being threatened.

  222. UncleAdolph says:

    Roger is one funny guy.

    Go figure, a "man" like that, with that funny little mustache, posting at a Jew website.

  223. Roger says:

    Oh, your too kind Roger. It's nice to finally find someone who appreciates me for being me.

  224. WeeToddEdwards says:

    OMG you're talking to yourself now?

  225. Roger says:

    Indeed, with friends like you, why would I need anyone else?

  226. Roger says:

    Well, I always seek out the smartest person in any room I enter (well, SECOND smartest … heh, heh, knowwhatImean). I find such people more likely than others to be willing to learn the lessons that I am uniquely qualified to teach them.

  227. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You paid $35.00 to have your image copywrited. Let's see the completed application form.

    Anyway your threats don't scare me. Using your imagie on ID leaves your picture open for anyone to use. It's even on Google.

  228. Roger says:

    Wee, you know that photo is off the back cover of my copy writer published work, the rights I have personally, and have not given to anyone for use.

  229. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Until you used that ugly mug online. If I pulled it from your book that would be a different story. However you posted it online moron.

    Do you know anything?

  230. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Only if you copy it from his book. He would have to have his image copywrited online. His threats are empty and any lawyer would laugh at him and take his money

  231. Roger says:

    Wee, I know that this conversation is saved.
    You can't deny later you weren't aware of it's copy write status.

  232. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Glad I know about laws. Please hire an attorney so he can laugh in your face. I dare you coward

  233. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I can. You have a FB page. You stalk me enough online though. I am not playing your game where you will start stalking me offline.


  234. Roger says:

    Wee, I have that dialogue saved, deleting it and reposing won't change anything.

    And you are the coward, as if that makes any difference.

  235. Roger says:

    Such a brave man, a keyboard commando.
    Hiding, like a coward.

    And wee, I defend my values whether muslim friendly trolls approve or not.

  236. Roger says:

    I know, Roger, but he bugs me so much. Why can't he just go away?

  237. Roger says:

    I know, he frustrates me too. How about we take our meds and a nice hot bath. I'll let you play with the rubber ducky.

  238. Roger says:

    ah…. okay. Will you read me a story? Just not the one about the asteroid. That one is boring.

  239. Roger says:

    Okay, how about the one where all of those horrible environmentalists get trapped on a ship stuck in the summer ice?

  240. Roger says:

    Yay. Wait … how does that one end again?

  241. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He follows me around moron

  242. WeeToddEdwards says:

    No, just not stupid like you. You always beg for my personal info. That would be bad news for you

  243. Roger says:

    Oh wee, time will tell who the moron is.

  244. Roger says:

    Wee, time will tell.
    You are entitled to your opinions of course.
    I could care less about your personal information, you pretend I'm stalking you when you understand that debate is a two sided discussion.

    When you take legal risks with a photo under copywrite and said you wanted to see the proof, that takes a contact point.

  245. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It's posted all over the internet now. All on ehas to do is Google it. You gonna threaten google to?

    You're a moron. Quit stalking me

  246. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Both sides are great at that

  247. whoknowsU says:

    Wee, where is Roger?
    Did he ever find his ship?
    I see a lot of his postings on his page, but they don't seem to stick anywhere.
    May be he finally realized that nobody wants to reply to his crap.

  248. Roger says:

    Yet, here you are and you did reply.

  249. EliTrub says:

    It's on CNN… Roger's handlers won't let him go there. He'd get crushed by the folks there. It's safer for him to hide on ID. Huh Rog?

  250. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    you removed my comment, you coward.

  251. Roger says:

    Nope, my comment was pulled and your comment just got caught in the act of who ever did it.

    I reposted my comment, as I've had to do with many comments. If your posse wasn't such a bunch of cowards it wouldn't be an issue.

  252. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    They were rescued. Google it.

  253. Roger says:

    My question wasn't about them, but about the ship.

  254. Roger says:

    You need new names, your list of combinations is getting played out.

    And the comment was just as good as the first time I posted it. About 150 times back…..

  255. whoknowsU says:

    Roger is retarded and lost

  256. Roger says:

    is that the best guest name you can make up?

  257. RogerDodger says:

    Roger has an odd nickname for his heiney.

    Port of Call……….

  258. RussellRoger says:

    I think the SS Gerbil has run aground.

  259. WeeToddEdwards says:

    They were rescued over a month ago

  260. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That's not even me you idiot. And nobody believes you are friends with the moderator.

  261. Rogre says:

    Did that ship carrying all that GMO information in Germany in 1939 get rescued from the tyrants with big guns?

  262. Roger says:

    Rules for radicals doesn't allow much for originality does it?

  263. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Rules for radicals doesn't allow much for originality does it?

  264. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You should have known what a vagina feels like at your age.

  265. xD xD xD says:

    Yes, Roger saved them with a rowboat , his computer and a 6,000 mile long extension cord because he doesn't believe in solar.

  266. patriothere says:

    stop posting this you stupid troll !

  267. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Wee, you're a moron.
    The google search shows the people were rescued, not if the ship was.

    Can't you read simple questions? Or did alinsky keep pulling it before you had a chance?

  268. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sorry, it was a s simple 3 second google search:

    Yes the ship is free. You just got owned troll boy . Better have the comment pulled since I proved you wrong again

  269. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Thanks, I was wondering about that.

    Case closed.

  270. whoknowsU says:

    ROGER does not know yet. He might still be asking because he misreads comments.

  271. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I figured you were.

    You're welcome

  272. Guest says:

    Perhaps that is why he is not here today? He might be out, community organizing a special Search and Rescue mission…………..

  273. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    What difference does it make to you as long as you are talking to a man?

  274. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Roger is innocent.

  275. Guest says:

    I have watched this little drama play out over the past week or so. I have tried making comments, only to see them vanish in thin air. I do not know the politics between this Alinskey and this Roger, but to tell you the truth, as an outsider looking in, I think Roger is just as much of the problem as anyone. He feigns innocence. That is nothing but clinical passive-aggressive behavior.

  276. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    What did I do? I just told Guest about your innocence.

  277. Guest says:

    Innocent, or incontinent?

  278. Guest says:

    I think you are ill.
    Passive-aggressive, babbling psychotic.

  279. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I said you were innocent.

  280. Rogre says:

    You should pity him. He's clearly miserable, transferring his self-loathing into mistreatment of others. He epitomizes many of the very characteristics he claims to despise.

  281. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Why are you busy here? I just said you were innocent.

  282. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Pretending I am the only one that sees your mental problems is funny, but so sad.

  283. IrememberU says:

    Casually commenting? How is this for a casual comment.

    You are nothing but a counterfeit. A fraud. A psychotic, internet attention seeker, who craves getting bitch-slapped into submission, then squeals when it is done.

    Yo babble about Wee and Alinskey and their "posse", yet you hadyour own, and it was huge. A maudlin collection of psychopaths and sycophants. Missy8, looking4HisSanity, ForConstipation, Deecase, Deusemachinery, Petroglyph, Leuxandria, Falcoon, High Plains Drizzler. An entire flock of frenetic frenzies, all lathered up to do your bidding. You even had Mandy and Ezra bull$hitted for a short time.

    Where are they now?

    They all saw through your crap, even Missy. He took his manparts and left you high and dry.

  284. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    So many see your illness.

  285. DrDr says:


    In the Medical Community, it is called denial.

  286. Guest says:

    ….so your boss/coordinator can come back and push his agenda again.

    Roger, you do realize, that this is not "real world" it is nothing but fantasyland. Nobody in the real world gives two $hits about this internet nonsense. It is only important in your feeble, fried mind.

  287. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    No, they see only your illness.

  288. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He nailed you.

    Butt hurt much?

  289. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That is not your face.

  290. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You self published a book and are now a public figure. Anybody can post your address.

    Not an excuse to stalk someone for three years.

  291. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Hahaha! Not the first time.

  292. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Public figures may have there adresses posted. That part of fame.

    I only work on productions, so I'm not a public figure.

    Your address is fair game by law.

  293. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    That is a picture of Saul Alinsky, not you.

    Get some glasses.

  294. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He was accurate. Perfect comment.

  295. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Nobody will ever be as smart as Saul Alinsky.

  296. Rogre says:

    You should have seen the comments he made on Breitbart a couple of weeks back. Boy, they sure didn't take to our boy Roger.

  297. Rogre says:

    Between the psychoanalysis, the detailed description of his falling out with his former posse and the disclosure that he has recently offended the majority of commenters at Breitbart, it all got to be too much for Mr. Russell's fragile self-image. He had to delete everything.

  298. whoknowsU says:

    and my comments?
    ROGER cannot stand being a loser, nobody wants to reply to him.
    ROGER is not only bipolar but carries several personalities.
    He is an internet addict and needs rehab.
    He is ruining this site with his repetitive old comments that no one wants to answer.
    Does he ever get the message?

  299. AnotherAnotherGuest says:

    Excellent summation. Thank you.

    It would be far easier for us all, if he would just walk in front of a bus.

  300. Missy9 says:

    I think what drove him over the edge today, was mention of the old "Missy8". Most folks didn't stop to think about what the "8" meant. Missy was a he.

  301. Missy9 says:

    Does he ever get the message?

    Honestly, I do not think so. Apparently, he hears good, he just doesn't mind well.

  302. whoknowsU says:

    Is it possible that he is retarded?
    He is gone now for 2 hours. Watch when he comes back, he will erase the comments.

  303. GoodGuest says:


    The moment he returns, this entire comment stream will disappear. The owners of this website best get a handle on this, or their website will be forever ruined by Roger.

    Scourge of the Interwebz.

  304. WealyWetarded says:

    "Is it possible that he is retarded?"

    Possible? Yes.

    Probable? Highly likely.

  305. whoknowsU says:

    Now that's hilarious.

  306. Roger says:

    You aren't bright enough to understand rhetorical devices, are you?

  307. Wrestlemania says:

    What about your rectal device? Is it stuck?!

  308. Roger says:

    Of course not. You just aren't bright enough to get it.

    The ship being stuck in ice that wasn't supposed to be there.
    The ice breakers being stuck in that ice that wasn't supposed to bother them.

    So many things, that like you are just too much for a small liberal mind to grasp.

  309. Rogre says:

    A ship being stuck in the Antarctic ice does not disprove the existence of climate change, yet one man has posted the same lame question over and over again as if it were a brilliant flash of insight. Clearly he is not here for important discussion as he claims.

    Roger is a sad little man.

  310. Rogre says:

    Are they still training for cross country skiing in shorts and t-shirts at the Winter Olympics? Yes!

    That alone doesn't prove anything either, but by your ridiculous logic it's significant.

    Why should you care about my name and face? You really aren't up to the Internet.

  311. Roger says:

    Why do you care about my name and face? You aren't up to the site that wants serious debate and discussion.

    The posse really must be scraping the bottom of the barrel to tolerate you.

  312. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Good point.

  313. Hairless says:


    I think they are using the deck of Rogers stranded Ice-capade ship.

  314. Guest says:

    I do not think he is desperate for answers.

    I think he is desperate for attention.

    Any attention, from anyone, anytime, anywhere.


  315. Roger says:

    He is an egomaniac

  316. Roger says:

    Still the yapping little doggie?

    Why don't 'you go to a marxist site and defend your values where people might want to hear it?

  317. Guest says:

    Still intent on destroying yet another website gnome-nuts?

  318. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I see your orginal comment was pulled.

    Imagine that

  319. Iremember says:

    Pretty crappy, eh?

    I'm beginning to wonder how serious this website is. I liked it, and it had some good information, but if they are going to march to the tune of Roger being the drummer, it isn't worth salted pi$$.

  320. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It is. I agree. If comments keepo getting pulled like this, than this site has lost any crediability.

    I have emaild them several times about roger moderating the comments by the report button and never got a response. I have had several commets pulled already today.
    What a coward

  321. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You got that right.

    Hey that ship got rescued. I figure he would know that by now but he keeps asking. Looks like he is begging for attention and having our comments pulled

  322. BozoForRoger says:


    Yeah. In the time honored tradition of John Wayne Gacy.

  323. WeeToddEdwards says:

    HAHAHA, now that was funny

  324. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The people and ship were rescued.

    THis has nothing to do with climate change and you can't show it does with any links or sources

  325. Ice_Burn says:

    They took the ship there to get a winter's tan.

  326. Roger says:

    You sure do pretend a lot. Just like the activists trapped in the ice. But that Ice just does what it does and that leaves both of you delusional.

  327. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    It's melting because of man made global warming and children like you can't admit they were wrong.

  328. Roger says:

    You just revealed why you keep pulling the comment. The ship was trapped in summer ice, ice that wasn't supposed to be there and it was so bad that two ice breakers got trapped too.

    The facts don't agree with your propaganda. This story proves you're just making it up.

  329. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Why did you pull everybody';s comments?

    Ice is always supposed to be there you idiot.

    You are too uneducated to make a good witty comment about global warming.

  330. Roger says:

    Why do you blame me for pulling comments?
    According to the man made global warming activists there shouldn't have been much ice at all, and they were wrong. You're the idiot because you won't face the unpleasant facts.

  331. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    There isn't much ice left, the scientists were correct.

    Some ice is left but melting fast.

    You need to get educated. You even thought the Nazis came to power in 1939.

    You pulled all the comments.

  332. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Thanks retard

  333. Roger says:

    The stories are great, thanks for making them available.

  334. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The ship was freed as well. Google it. I love how you ask this question hundreds a time a day and get the same answer. Just Google it moron

  335. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Why ask the same stupid question hundreds a time per day?

  336. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It was a guest not an admin retard. Admins have a blue header.

    I don't have a posse

  337. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It was not an admin retard

  338. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Roger, should I pull this comment? You just pulled mine.

  339. Roger says:

    Wee, do you have a posse trying to soften up the site for you when you quit for the day and on weekends?

    Be honest, you might not know what the admin told me in an email reply I got about….

  340. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Looks like you are busted report button boy.

  341. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Nope and I am being honest.

    So will you answer the question I asked?

    You won't because you know you are

  342. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Roger can't answer that question because he can't tell the truth.

    Try asking him if he has ever had a girlfriend and he will use the same tactics, and not answer the question.

  343. WeeToddEdwards says:

    When you ask a stupid question, you should be prepared to get a smart a$$ answer

  344. Roger says:

    Looks like you want to jump to that conclusion.

    And looks like you're still hiding behind a face not your own. Still the coward? If you want to brag about not getting sex, why not use your own?

  345. Roger says:

    No, you're not.

    But I understand, you have to defend your agenda. How many comments on your quota for today?

  346. Roger says:

    I can, but I don't throw pearls to swine either.

  347. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Um yes I am telling the truth

  348. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    See. I told you.

    Truth is, yes, he IS pulling comments

    and YES, he is a virgin.

  349. Roger says:

    Um, you just admitted further down you talk to people off line.
    Um, that would be exactly the kind of thing you just denied.

  350. Roger says:

    See, I told you.
    You both jump to conclusions and say anything you want to say.

    So, being honest with you is wasted. Just a case of 'pearls to swine'.

  351. WeeToddEdwards says:

    So what. I talk to my neighbors off line to.

  352. Roger says:

    Yes, but they don't coordinate with you to work an agenda at the site you're targeting at the moment.

  353. Roger says:

    You know very well that this isn't an adult site and comments discussing sex don't stay up.

    And of course you'll blame it on me, look in a mirror. And it's not my face you should be seeing.

  354. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I don't target sites. I went here to get away from you and your internet stalking. You have an agenda and it is to attack web sites and stalk men online

  355. Roger says:

    Sure you do, and you're banned at most all of them as a result.
    That's where you started calling people communists, knowing it simply wasn't true.

    You go places and then attack everything they hold as values and don't consider that targeting sites? Yeah, right.

  356. whoknowsu says:

    136,000 plus to be exact………..

  357. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He is so lonely. His whole town must hate him. And wonder why he has never been with a woman for so long.

  358. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I think everyone everywhere hates him.

    He brough that upon himself. He thinks he is better and smarter than every perosn on this planet and that fuels his warped ego. When you think your s hit don't stink like he does it shows you are a POS

  359. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He would usually get by tricking some moderator on a site. But I have never seen him so alone on ID as he is now. He has burned every bridge.

    It must be just the same in his real life.

    And now that his 17 nieces and nephews are getting old enough to see how creepy he is, he is so alone.

  360. RogerDodger says:

    Personally, I don't care, but I think Roger does. He is always asking about it.

  361. Scorched_Earth says:

    He re-posted all his comments on various stories in seconds. He has them ready for copy and paste to save him from typing. He's pretty desperate.

  362. RogerDodger says:

    You are as petulant and childish as the First Coon.

  363. RogerDodger says:

    F aggot.

  364. Roger says:

    Is that dipshit still pulling comments?

    Oh yeah, you can't just go to stories you like and post even better comments then the ones you rip on you just keep crawling around in the fecal material of your mind. In my opinion of course…

  365. rogre says:

    It wasn't me that pulled them, dipshit. There are just that many people who dislike you. Crawl back under your rock, loser. (l-o-s-e-r) That's the proper spelling. I see you had some issues with that earlier.

  366. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Weekends are so lonely without you.

  367. Roger says:

    How many times have you removed my comments?

    I'd say you want to make me sound like the bad guy when you pull everything and then replace it with garbage.

    And you aren't wee, why do you always hide behind someone else's name and pics?

  368. RogerDodger says:

    I don't know.

    Maybe you should ask Dooche.

  369. Roger says:

    Are you not aware that there were a dozen comments and that they were all pulled, I'm the only one that just keeps reposting to keep the trolls from having the satisfaction of ruining the site and debate going on here.

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