Mini Bilderberg? Bill Gates, Bloomberg, and World’s Richest Meeting on Gated SC Island

Anthony Gucciardi
May 12th, 2013
Updated 05/12/2013 at 11:19 pm

Has the Bilderberg meeting become too mainstream for some of the world’s richest elite? From Warren Buffet and Monsanto-linked Bill Gates to Oprah and Jeb Bush, the local media has begun reporting on a closed doors meeting between billionaires and politicians at the gated beach island of Kiawah, South Carolina.

mini-bilderberg-sanctuary-hotelThe Bilderberg group, which consists of a larger group of the world’s top leaders and billionaires, is reportedly set to take place near Watford this year in the United Kingdom. Called ‘The Masters of the Univserse’ by an Asia Times article, and deemed to be a meeting of 130 top military, business, and political figures by WikiLeaks, the Bilderberg group and its attendees have been getting much more press than usual these past years thanks to activists who have been protesting the meetings.

Even Russia Today went and covered the Bilderberg group protests and the meeting itself, reporting that the group could be deciding major events to come in their yearly meetings. From which candidates to run for the next political election, to military action — any number of major decisions are likely being made during the Bilderberg group meetings that are conducted entirely in secret. In fact, heavily armed security ensures that no one even gets close enough to take a peek.

But what’s going on with the latest confab between power and money over on Kiawah Island?

Mini Bilderberg Meeting Called?

As of right now, it seems like this closed doors event is sort of a mini Bilderberg group meeting of sorts. One local CBS affiliate, one of the only news sources to be covering this since it’s a local issue, says that around 20 highly expensive jets were lined up at the Charleston International Airport on Johns Island, and that Bill Gates and others were at the Sanctuary Hotel on Kiawah Island. The attendee list, according to the CBS report, includes Jeb Bush, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, Dan Gilbert (owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers), Warren Buffet, Oprah, and others.

The island is an ideal spot for anyone seeking to avoid the activists that follow the Bilderberg group due to the fact that the island itself is actually a beach slash golf course enclosed with gated security.  The population of the island is only a bit above 1,000, and is primarily a private resort for the rich. According to the local CBS affiliate, security has been high throughout the week and the public is not allowed near the hotel.

As for what they’re doing here on this mini Bilderberg-styled escapade, the mayor offers a hilariously ridiculous statement to the CBS affiliate WBTW:

“We wish them luck with what they’re doing,” Mayor Charles Lipuma said. “If they want to play golf, they couldn’t have picked a better weekend. We are glad we could offer them great weather.”

The mayor is just so thrilled he could offer them up some great weather, who cares about what they’re actually doing. How sweet. CBS says that the meet concerns the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which apparently is hosting the Bilderberg-styled event that violates fundamental laws regarding the creation of policy behind closed doors.

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  1. ashley says:

    Probably so much exposure about what's going on they need a new meeting away from prying eyes.

  2. Christel says:

    Thats our AMAZING Kick Ass DHS,FBI and Government showing up “a day late and a dollar short!” as my grandpa used to say, I read about this gun 6 months ago- plenty enough warning there, it tokd what they were doing THEN. (so when another false flag happens with a plastic gun they have a source to blame!!!)

  3. Dutch says:

    If the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers was there, then the writing is pretty much on the wall for the Bilderbergers. If you can't even be competitive in the NBA or pay the best player in the game to stay, how do you expect to run the entire world.

    Methinks the proceedings are more like this:

    Bill Gates: "So look, all of you have lots of disposable income. Can at least one of you PLEASE buy Windows 8, before it is a total flop. Even the endless barrage of commercials, featuring racially diverse actors acting super-white, is failing miserably. This is bad."

    Oprah, Bloomberg, Bush: "Sorry Bill, not even our income is THAT disposable"

    • Kurt says:

      Dutch; your argument against the Bildeburgers implies the owner of a basketball team cares about winning games more than he cares about power. I argue this is a false presumption.

  4. MrLiberty says:

    A previous meeting of the elites on a secluded island off the southeast coast got us the criminal Federal Reserve which has helped enable the destruction of the US economy and the massive wealth transfer of trillions of dollars into the hands of the banksters, the government, and the corporatist cartel that pulls their strings. No doubt only great things that will benefit all of humanity will come from this gathering of vermin.

  5. Bill Rhett says:

    Charleston International Airport is in North Charleston. Charleston Executive Airport is on Johns Island.

  6. SourDove says:

    A set or group cannot consist of a larger set or group.

  7. @zerses says:

    What should scare you about Bill Gates is myriad but his views on education and children – absolutely horrid.

    Someone who didn't bother to finish college is telling US how to educate?

    Someone who makes money on the backs of contractors and those who don't have health insurance – yeah, I really want this guy to have a voice – he will just make more like himself, not rich, selfish and against any type of reality in business – MS has some of the WORST workers EVER – some don't bathe before going to work – many of them go to work in shuttles provided by MS in their NIGHT CLOTHES.

    TELL me you want this moron who can't even have a child telling all of US how to EDUCATE our CHILDREN when he won't even TRAIN those who NEED IT and ALLOWS those who are VAMPIRES to "teach" his OS and other products, this man will DESTROY all of us.

    This is a person who doesn't CARE enough to help his own state but he wants US to shell out MORE for HIS and his "peers" ideas?


  8. what have they in mind for us now. would like to have been a fly on the wall.

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  11. From which candidates to run for the next political election, to military action — any number of major decisions are likely being made during the Bilderberg group meetings that are conducted entirely in secret. In fact, heavily armed security ensures that no one even gets close enough to take a peek.

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