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Middle School Assignment: Second Amendment Requires Gun Registration

A workbook handed out to seventh grade students in Springfield, Ill., states that all Americans must register their firearms in order to have a Second Amendment right.


Provided to the Illinois Gun Owners Rights Facebook page by a local parent, the required reading makes several blatantly false statements regarding the right to gun ownership.

“This amendment states that people have the right to certain weapons, providing that they register them and they have not been in prison,” the workbook states.

Along with an open ended statement regarding the right to “certain weapons,” the assignment also excludes mention that Americans have the right to “keep” and bear arms.

The parent, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the assignment to Storyleak and detailed their child’s initial reaction.

“My son was given a workbook at school that is a compilation of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. When they covered the 2nd Amendment, he saw that they were stating that only ‘certain guns’ could be owned and that they had to be ‘registered,’ which he knew was false,” the parent said. “He bought this to my attention as he felt it was wrong to teach these things that aren’t true. I’m extremely proud of my son for his actions.”

“Me and my children are active gun enthusiasts and supporters of the 2nd amendment. I have discussed the 2nd amendment with them several times and explained what it meant and its importance to our country.”

While the parent confronted several school administrators, the workbook is likely to stay in circulation for young students across the state.

“I even told the school officials I talked to that you can’t reword the Constitution to what you think it should be and you should only teach what it is,” the parent said. “We live in a society where children are being taught to fear firearms instead of embracing them and our shooting sports. Heck 50-60 years ago you had police officers coming into schools teaching firearm safety and now we have schools teaching false information and fear. It’s a sad time.”

Unfortunately for young minds across the country, false information regarding the Bill of Rights and Constitution is rampant throughout the public school system.

Just last year, a Common Core backed textbook known as the most “widely adopted history textbook” was revealed to state that Americans only have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

Also last year, sixth grade students in Arkansas were given an assignment to “revise” the “outdated” Bill of Rights, suggesting that the government can grant and remove inalienable rights.

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  1. So they have noticed the problem with gun owners is their knowledge of the constitution. Im surprised they teach any of it in schools these days

  2. Gun control and freedom of speech are the first two rights our government wants to take away. If they are able to get those they will try for more. Ill fight.any way i can too stop the cancer before it kill our nation

    • They have been trying to 'educate' the youth against guns all along, this isn't new. But it's more obvious and I hope it gets challenged in every school board meeting around the country.

      • You know what really ‘educates’ a middle schooler against guns? Getting fatally shot by one of his dipshit classmates.

        As a gun owner, I’m not opposed to guns. As a father, their well being means more to me than anything.

        Let’s find a way to respect the Second Amendment without whoring ourselves to gun makers, rednecks and NRA carpetbaggers.

        • As a parent knowing there are dips hits out there why not suggest that teachers have the option to defend themselves?

          Oregon does.

          That dipshit classmate educated them on crazy people needing to be locked up, not about the gun he stole for his mother that had it locked up.

          Dipshit liberal crazies always go for the easy targets.

          • Yeah! The answer has to be more visible firepower!

            Uhh, no. My kids know that firearms are primarily for sport and meat-getting. In our peaceful community, defense comes in a distant third and it's rarely top of mind. I like it that way.

          • You might want to read the comments before you respond to them.

            Where in my link does it say anything about visible firepower?

          • Oh, yeah. "Concealed" weapons. Kind of like my middle school music teacher with the glass eye, which we all knew he kept in the middle drawer of his desk. Boy did we have fun with that.

            You might "want" to think before you comment but I doubt you're capable of it.

          • It doesn't require them, but lets the dipshits know there is that possibility.

            The Colorado theatre shooter drove by another theater that allowed firearms in going to the one that didn't. It was for a reason.

            You might want to read the links and understand them before commenting on them, but I doubt you want to actually encourage the discussion here.

          • "You might want to read the links and understand them before commenting on them, but I doubt you want to actually encourage the discussion here."

            I thought we were having a discussion. I guess our definitions of the term differ. Perhaps you'd be more satisfied conversing with that computer program.

          • You ignored my link, replied without reading it.
            Then replied but misrepresented it.

            That doesn't really indicate a discussion. It indicates a troll trying to pretend one.

  3. I'm going to contact my representative about this!

  4. Central Planners

  5. I swear this State is accursed as it walks in opposition to The Constitution.

  6. Know more from 'THE' woman at the very top!

    Mar 10, 2014 In this video Luke Rudkowski speaks with Department of Education whistleblower Charlette Iserbyt about the deliberate dumbing down of America.

  7. This illegal movement MUST be stopped. I worked in a medical office years ago for a Jewish doctor and wife from Germany and Austria. Many patients with numbers tattooed on their forearms. First thing done in their countries? Firearms confiscated, then businesses, then homes, then people carted off to concentration camps by a government “protecting” the nation. WAKE UP, AMERICA. ~~ Amendment II – Right to Bear Arms ~ A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to bear arms, shall not be infringed. ~~ “Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretense, raised in the United States.” ~ Noah Webster, An Examination into the Leading Principles of the Federal Constitution, 1787 —– “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms… disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes… Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” ~ Cesare Beccaria, On Crimes and Punishment, quoted by Thomas Jefferson in Commonplace Book, 1774-1776

  8. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that to have a Second Amendment Right, that one must register their Arms.

    What a crock of crap.

    • they must stop teaching lies and be jailed for such i hate liars they can cause death that is how bad lies are we must teach truth to have a world not up side down like the system all wars are started on lies
      lies started with the evil one and he was a murderers , we only have one truth and he is not evil.
      that is the high road.

    • pointless point. No where does it says criminals can have them either, n or does it say one needs a drivers license and insurance on car to drive it on public streets.

      • You ignorance is showing, this school is claiming that the second amendmant states that guns have to be registered and that is false. Pretty simple concept to understand

  9. Mar 21, 2014 Professor Thomas E Woods Jr. details the many aspects involved in the economics of the American police state.

  10. The indoctrination through public schools continues…

    • Registrations does cut into gun manufacturers volume – thus profits . That is why their NRA pimps are so against it.

  11. See!
    They just give me no respect.

    I post good or excellent comments. They are insightful, based on common sense and firmly rooted in logic. I read my Daily Affirmations each morning. I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

    PatriotEagle1 119p · 2 hours ago
    thanks for watching the site. it is so important to many of us to keep it clean and operating to the max.
    will chat with Dot soon and will say hello.
    Alinsky Hero USA's avatar – Go to profile

    Alinsky Hero USA 95p · 6 minutes ago
    Roger will be back. He is reporting Zebrano to Susie.
    Guest's avatar

    Guest · less than 1 minute ago
    ……….and to TopShot and to Richard.

  12. Alinsky Hero USA

    Guns must be registered in Chicago, and there is a bill going through now that would make gun registration a requirement for all of Illinois.

    That bill must get passed if we want the gun violence in Chicago to ever go down.

    But we will have to wait until Hillary Clinton becomes President and puts a good Judge in the SCOTUS to replace one of the conservative activist Judges, before we can finally challenge the ridiculous notion that the 2nd amendment makes it a right to own a gun.

    The workbook was probably published in Chicago, under Chicago's current laws.

    It's stupid to get angry with this topic. It will be a moot point soon after more gun laws are passed.

    • Yes, we can all see the myriad of successes when gun laws are passed.

      What kinds of leaders were successful at gun laws? Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Amin, Lenin, and obama wants on that list now.

      I don't think it will fly. Not any more than you can show gun laws ever lowered crime rates.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        You were just banned from the growl for making stupid comments like that.

        • Remind me, what did Zebrano say about you just today?

          Oh, don't bother. It's not part of the topic adults are here do discuss.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            She said that she banned you because you keep making stupid comments to me like the one above.

          • Poor little troll, always struggling to be relevant and failing.

            Too bad you don't try to keep up with the adults.
            You got ripped a righteous amount today from the Growl and you deserved it.

            For you to intimate on any level that there is any sort of connection between the two of us for any reason is a lie, and always will be.

            You cling to me like athletes foot to an shower floor.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            They called you garbage on the growl today. And you begged like a litle bitch to be let back on.

            They just turned away.

            Now all ypu cqn do is repeat dumb as s h it comments about gun laws.

          • The mona lisa would smell like garbage if rubbed with a handful of you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I think the reason you sound extra stupid tonight is because you are trying too hard to make yourself sound witty.

            You do better when you repeat that i am a troll or a marxist that still cant talk about the article.

          • I just thought you were struggling because you used medicated smoke for your bad knee.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That's better. You were saving that "I know you are but what am I "for a while tonight.

          • And are you saving that medicated smoke for later, or have you already gone there? (Don't answer it was rhetorical.)

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I have already gone there. I also had sex with my girlfreind and we are enjoying the new Seth Myers show.

            How about you? Still sucking dick?

          • Still pretending this is an adult web site?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Still pretending this is a kid's website?

          • Nope, I understand it's a serious site for government abuses and political events.

            Like this story on trains and cameras and the nanny state pretending video of us the passengers will stop derailments when it's never been the passengers that caused any of them.

      • More talking points from the paid hack troll who lies. His handlers pay him to lie.

    • I'm HOPING that you are a shill, paid for such uneducated nonsense, because, if not, it's frightening – and sad – to realize that someone can still be so dangerously clueless, especially when someone like Hillary has been outed for the murderer she is, the con, the quintessential liar, and a flat-out traitor.

      I see no hope whatsoever for this country, because everyone voicing 'plans' for president is a servant of Zion, a traitor, and the mess were in (created by BOTH parties, as there IS NO DIFFERENCE, and anyone who believes such tripe is a fool) will only get worse.

      The only hope I see left is a revolution, in whatever form that may take, but I think with the unconstitutional idiocy the representatives in Connecticut are showing, things are about to get terminal – in a hurry, and when that happens, all bets are off.

    • I think it's a moot point to keep trying to ban guns from tens of millions of Americans (like me) who will NEVER allow any man, cop or king to render us disarmed.

    • Alinsky…passing gun bills has NEVER had an impact on gun violence. And as far as the 2nd Amendment being a ridiculous notion…if you truly believe that…I would advise you find another country in which to reside…if you value your safety.

    • I don't understand your logic. Chicago/Illinois already has the toughest gun laws in the nation, or at least one of the toughest. Yet, it is still the murder capital of the US. How are more gun laws going to lower crime? The data suggests that more gun laws = more crime.

      Also, you gun law advocates always forget the point that criminals are criminals. They don't care for laws. So even if Hilldog got all guns registered and turned in, criminals will get guns. You cannot deny that fact.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Logic being, it doesn't matter how great the guns laws in Chicago are, they do nothing while these guns laws are not in place around the entire border of Chicago.

        Is that really too hard for you to understand?

        Criminals get the majority of their guns from friends and family that have gotten the guns legally.

        A lot of criminals are called white conservative gun nuts from red states, until they get drunk and finally shoot someone.

        • "A lot of criminals are called white conservative gun nuts from red states, until they get drunk and finally shoot someone."

          Dude c'mon, black on black violent crime far outweighs white on black, well white on any race crime, including white on white.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Why is that?

          • I don't know why. I was just stating the facts.

            I can see your point of people getting guns from family members that acquired the weapons legally. But isn’t there laws against giving a felon a weapon? I know it is illegal for them to have a weapon but what about the people giving them a weapon?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You have put a lot of thought into how the criminal mind works, but you don't know why black on black crime is higher than white on white crime.

            I think you must have some ideas at least. Care to share them?

            I believe it is illegal to let a felon in every state. But probably hard to prove.

          • Sure I will share, but I said I don't know because I have zero training in criminal behavior so this is just based off of my personal research and observations…
            Sure I will share:
            1. Kids don't have father figures.
            2. Gangsta culture which is promoted in music, movies, and social media.
            3. Most blacks live in metropolitan areas, closer quarters probably makes people more agitated IMO
            4. CIA planted drugs, i.e. the crack cocaine epidemic.
            5. Education systems are destroyed in metropolitan areas. Education can be a very useful tool combating crime.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            All of the reasons you gave are based on a racist mind set.

            The only reason black on black crime is larger than white on white crimes, is because black people aren't allowed the same economic opportunities.

            That is why community planning is so important, and why Saul Alinsky is a hero.

          • I knew that was going to be your reply. Nice trap. That was probably a tactic of Saul as well. Get someone to state their opinion, which is based on facts, then call them racist in a a desperate attempt to change the conversation. Please explain how my reasons are racist? I don't wish to be racist. It must be just in my genetics….

            "The only reason black on black crime is larger than white on white crimes, is because black people aren't allowed the same economic opportunities."

            I can list a lot of self made black men that would laugh at that statement. Would you like a list?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I knew that you knew that that was going to be my reply.

            Your statement is not based on any facts, it's a statement made by conditioning.

            Drugs are taken by every race.

            Every race listens to violent music.

            Black and white, etc. all live in metropolitan areas.

            Every race has large divorce numbers.

            Education is destroyed in areas of every race.

            You are relying on racial stereotypes to justify the numbers fro black on black crime.

            And you completely;y ignore (which is quite telling) the real reason…. economic inequality. .

          • Why should you pretend that inequality isn't based on factors that the unequal have determined?

          • Why should you pretend that sentence made any sense?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Huh? Pardon me if I ignore your attempts to have a complete thought.

          • Cut him some slack … when you make 140,000 ID comments, a few are bound to be clunkers.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So far he has made 140, 000 clunkers.

          • Four comments all insults and nothing added.

            Your posse is busy today.

          • Look Alinsky, I agree racism does exist, I have seen it happen countless times to my black friends when dealing with police especially. As far as income inequality, I have no doubt that in certain areas it is harder for a black person to get by. I also know that several black people have not used their skin color or their economic environment as an excuse but as motivation. I just want to see all people become independent from big brother and find prosperity.

            That being said lets go through your list.

            "Drugs are taken by every race." Very true. But the CIA deliberately targeted black communities. The supporting article is a little long but it is quite excellent.

            "Every race listens to violent music" True. Gangsta music is created by primarily black artists targeting black audiences. There is a lot of rap that is not gangsta. I am talking about artists like Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Three6 Mafia, etc. The music encourages a lifestyle of violence drug abuse and sex.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Big Brother is the only way we will ever have economic equality. As long as we buy into this free market propaganda, we will have high crime rates, and gun violence for the gun corporations to profit from.

            Drugs are not the problem. In fact I just listened to a great podcast by Joe Rogan on this. Joe Rogan is good friends with Alex Jones BTW.

            Gansta rap is no more violent than Ted Nugent of Hank Williams Jr. music. Neither turn a race of people into criminals.

          • Of course not. Government can't force thinking on anything, and the ones that try are repressive.

            The only way to get past the race issue is to just treat everyone with the same dignity.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            oh, Jesus. you are stupid.

          • And you think being persistent overcomes your always being wrong?

          • Rogan is good. Your right drugs are not the problem. It is because the drugs are illegal that problems arise. It is all about money. Since drugs are illegal, the price is inflated 10 times what it would normally be. As a result (and possibly because economic inequality) a lot of black males go to prison on drug charges or charges related to the drug business i.e. murder because it is a fast way to make cash, it is very lucrative. You know me, I think this is done by design.

            Drug abuse/addiction should not be treated as a criminal issue, but as a health issue.

            I apologize but I will have to watch your video link later, but I will.

          • Well said Mr. Liberty. It is because they are illegal and should be treated as a health issue.

          • And the legal ones are not very cheap either, regulation drives up the prices of the legal drugs.

            And how would meth be a health issue?

          • Addiction is a health issue.

            Back to ignoring you

          • Addiction to illegal substances and placing everyone in danger at their manufacture is more.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Looks like we finally agree on drugs, at least, Liberty. Well said.

            And a lot of it IS done by design, even if they are not aware of it. they go into all that in the video.

            Watch it stoned.

          • I bet we would suprise ourselves on how much we do actually agree on in several issues. One thing that is always consistent….good debate today Alinsky.

            I will watch the video with the mindset you suggested!

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yes, you are always a challenge.

            Good debate.

          • "Education is destroyed in areas of every race." True, our education system is screwed. You can't argue that inner cities are worse off though. That is probably due to economics i.e. school funding.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            It's not school funding. It's because the students come from families that are held down by economic inequality.

          • When government gets involved, it never solves anything.

            Ask the Indians.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I did. They said you were bad medicine.

            They call you Virgin that Stalks Bear Men.

          • Once more, being persistent doesn't overcome your being wrong.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            yes it does.

          • The government's relationship with Native Americans worked out largely to the benefit of the rest of us.

          • Ask the Indians if it worked out so well.

          • Whay economic opportunities are they denied?

          • The race card, it's rather worn out this morning.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            All of them.

          • I don't agree with that.

          • When talking points matter more than facts, the result is what we have here. Alinsky.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Government jobs are good because they will hire black people for the higher paying jobs.

            But in the private sector, absolutely.

            Banks don't have to give a reason to refuse a loan. Discrimination runs rapid during job interviews.

          • Government jobs take resources from the private sector and drain them for positions that often provide nothing.

            The private sector doesn't care about skin color. Do you go into a store and ask about who made the orang juice you buy? It's not an issue.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I assume all orange juice is made buy migrant farm workers that are used as slave labor for corporations run by rich lazy fat white people.

          • There you go acting as if anyone cares.

            I buy orange juice for the flavor and factor in price. Nothing more.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No, you are wrong. I assume most conservative don't care. That's why they believe in all this free market propaganda.

          • I know what I consider when I buy things.

            I'm not wrong, you can tell me lots of things, but you aren't inside my head when I shop.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I know you were lonely for a man when you bought "Cheap Cabernet" off

          • You only knew you hoped so.

            I'm not interested.

          • I know a lot of very well off black people in my community, hispanics as well. Which is why I can't agree with your comment. I think everyone has the same oppurtuniites, for some like those living in poor areas it is just harder to get to the top. But I think many poorer people ( that applies to all races) have to work harder to climb that ladder. Is it fair? Not really buit such is life. I grew up in small poorer community my father drove a cement truck and my mother worked a local grocery store. We barley made it and I know we lived pay chack to paycheck. I never had anything handed to me, I had to work hard to get to where I am (not saying I am rich but I don't live paycheck to paycheck) but I had to bust my a$$ to get to where I am. Busting my a$$ means everything I own, I own, my house and all my vehicles, (except the truck I bought last year), and all my toys are paid for. Point being anyone can succeed but unless it's handed to you, you have to work hard

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I know successful black people too, I can even see some on T.V.

            But that doesn't take away from the fact that black people as a whole, now and through out the history of our nation, have been denied equal economic opportunities.

            A white person working hard gets better opportunists than a black person working twice, three times or four times as hard.

            Poor people are not lazy, they are not given jobs because the wealthy people whom own the jobs will not hire them unless they live in Mexico or China and will work for a dollar a day.

          • Perhaps by southern democrats, like Senator Byrd.

            But that is a thing of the past, why is it you're the only one bringing it up?

            Does it distract from the story at the site you're on?

          • "But that doesn't take away from the fact that black people as a whole, now and through out the history of our nation, have been denied equal economic opportunities."

            I can agree with that and I would suggest it stil happens today, not as much though.

            "A white person working hard gets better opportunists than a black person working twice, three times or four times as hard."

            Can't agree with that. I busted my a$$ and I know minorities through government programs and economic opputunties that did not work as hard as me and they have more money than I do.

            I agree poor people are not lazy.

          • And some might think that if effort and hard work were factored in, that perhaps rewards equal what is put into it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Wee, the people you personally know does not make an argument.

            The fact is black people are profiled and are denied jobs which are given to rich lazy white people.

          • There are quotas now for college slots, not based on merit but on skin color.

            That discriminates against all smart people.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Is that why you went to a two year community college?

          • You claimed you hired a PI, ask him.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He said that colleges discriminate against virgins.

          • Great discussion today. Lets keep the troll out of it though

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I thought I was voted top troll?

          • Does that matter?
            Your comments decide who's trolling.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yes, voting is important.

          • And the comments are even more important.

          • The voting is not closed yet. Well I have to get ready for work, kids will be home soon.

          • So, you can have all your kids vote?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Ok, get the vote out.

          • Don't you feel pathetic trying to fight this battle, knowing what ever happens you're still the troll?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Right now I am the troll, but voting is still open.

          • You said he was strung out on drugs, not that he didn't say it.You said he was hung oustrung out on dr

          • Are you also "hung oustrung out on dr?'

          • Are you hiding behind a guest profile because you've made typo's before too?

          • How nice for you to know that there is a form of discrimination you will never be subject to.

          • Are you claiming their are no rich lazy black people?

            Everyone in this country are profiled

          • The creation of wealth can be passed on, so who has it now really doesn't matter much.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yes, they are all profiled. And then they are given jobs or denied jobs based on that profile.

            The black people are denied, a job and the lazy rich white people are hired.

          • They were evaluated, and profiling doesn't always mean skin color.

            Applicants are profiled on demeanor, dress, communication and other skills,

            Why do you keep pretending skin color is that important?

          • I got profiled by a cop the other day. He was black, he assumed because I have tattoos I was a criminal.

            What about the white person who is denied a job for a minority who is not qualified for the job but gets it anyway

          • So, skin color wasn't the only thing profiled.

            Why is it some people are so determined to make skin color matter?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We can listen to your personal stories all day, but that doesn't make an argument. I am white and I have never been profiled, yet all the black people I know have been profiled. Does that prove I am right? No, it's just my personal experience.

            I am Jewish, and can not have tattoos, maybe that is the reason.

            White people being denied jobs because of black quotas is BS. They make the same argument about Mexicans taking our jobs. Not true.

            BTW, I already knew about your Roger tattoo.

          • Why mention your race, it only matters to racists.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            F uc k ijng hell, you are dumb.

          • Does that mean you can't say I'm actually wrong?

            You were.

          • You are profiled on a daily basis, we all are. You just don't notice it.

            How did you know?

          • They can't stop profiling as long as people have first impressions of each other.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I profiled you for a Roger tattoo.

          • You did.

          • I thought you didn't approve of profiling?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How else would I know you are a virgin?

          • This isn't an adult site.

            It's not the topic of debate.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We were talking about how I profiled you as a virgin.

            We can talk about that on this site , no problem.

          • This isn't an adult web site for you to spread fantasies of an adult nature.

          • The plantation mentality. It's an old playbook.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Ha, you stole that from fail republican Alan West.

          • I never pretended to be the origin.
            In fact i said it was an old tactic.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            It's not an old tactic, it was made up by war criminal Alan West.

          • "“I’m here as the modern-day Harriet Tubman to kind of lead people on the underground railroad away from that plantation into a sense of sensibility,”

            No wonder Roger has so much time on his hands. Alan West hasn't needed a speech writer since leaving office.

          • It's been around longer than West, I can remember hearing Rush use it for years and years. He hasn't been the only one either.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Rush was high on opium.

          • Still the term didn't originate with West even according to you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            war criminal Alan West made up that plantation BS.

          • Just because he was the first you heard it from doesn't mean it was the first it was mentioned.

            I just pointed out one other person that used it earlier and you didn't dispute it, you just insulted the person that used it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I dispute Rush said it befor4e Alan War criminal West.

          • You said he was strung out on drugs, you didn't dispute that he said it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I dispute he said it first and when he said it, he was high on opium.

          • It was before that, and you didn't dispute it.

          • Well said.

            Also, just because you bust butt doesn’t mean you will be wealthy or successful. Sometimes life is not fair or your just simply unlucky. Busting butt does mean that you can look in the mirror and know that you gave it your all and its you in control of your life. Not anyone or anything else. That alone has been more gratifying to me than any paycheck I’ve earned.

            When you earn something on your own you appreciate it that much more.

          • Thank you. When you earn something you do appreciate it a lot more. I agree with everything you say. YOu can bust your butt all life and never get anywhere. IMO you have to want it, crave it, and have the desire to get there. I see people who bust their butts and don't get anywhere because they don't have the drive.Not saying anything is wrong with that either. I made a decision that I did not want to live paycheck to paycheck and I did it. I also know I do not want to be rich either.

          • There are no promises other than that if you don't try you won't succeed.

          • Exactly, I have no desire to be rich. I have no desire to sell my soul to this BS corporation that I work for. I one day want to own my own business. Unfortunately I need some capital first, so I have to play the corporate game. I am 26 now, hopefully in 8-10 years I will have saved enough to start my business (I am trying to avoid loans). I am not expecting that to happen though, shit may hit the fan before then. But all I can do is work hard, save, and hope for the best.

          • Avoiding loans and credit crads is the key IMO. I have never owned a creidt card nor do I deal with banks (excpet for my truck loan which will be payed off in 3 months) any loans you get pay off ASAP. I am only 35. Check out roth ira's if you want help saving. They worked for for me, but not for everyone.

            I wish you the best of luck in starting your own business. Do you mind telling what you want to do?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I can tell you right now, whoever creates a Roger Blocking app is going to be a millionaire.

          • Boy you got that right

          • The posse really is having a hard time today, isn't it?

          • Not if you have your way, you would follow your marxist inclinations, and punish them for success.

          • Credit is just a tool.
            Even large corporations have lines of credit.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger is just a tool.

          • Coming from you, I don't expect a sensible comment.

          • Yes.
            A tool.

            Granted, a very dull and blunt one, but a tool nevertheless.

          • Dull would be patriot here.

          • Debt = Slavery.

            "Even large corporations have lines of credit"

            True, but when I default on my debt like they do I won't be getting bailed out at the American taxpayers expense.

          • You hit it there. That deserves 100 thumbs up

          • That presumes that all corporations having debt are large enough that they can't be allowed to fail.

          • Roger, STFU.
            The adults are conversing.

          • Yet here you are anyhow.
            And one minute before you posted this Lawrence answered my comment and explained how the supreme court ruling effected the gun control laws in Chicago.

            So, while I don't expect you to admit I'm an adult the results speak for themselves.

          • And once again here is the paid hack troll with handlers ruining another story plugging up debate with his lies and talking points and war propaganda.

          • You just did that, are you afraid that you'll look bad if someone makes you look like a lame hack?

          • Says the paid hack troll with handlers derailing threads.

            You know, you really need better handlers.

          • Nope, it was me.
            You're the one admittedly taking money for these comments.

            6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
            I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who are being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

          • I'm the one that proved you are a paid hack troll

            6 minutes ago @ – Protests to greet Ahma… · 1 reply · 0 points
            I'm like jesus, I'm gonna chase you money changers out of the temple and out of town and of course out of this forum. Me and ohsoquiet and a few other REAL AMERICANS who aren't being PAID to be here like you Israeli PR men. I'm here to chase you filth out.

          • But you are the one that worked with OhSoquiet, ad you were the one that wanted to chase patriots away so you could push your iranian friendly talking points.

          • No you did. He's your butt buddy.

          • Does he know you are now denying the working relationship with him?

            I never agreed with him, supported him or been involved with him like you.

          • He's your butt buddy. Not mine

          • No thanks, maybe you can tempt alinksy, he seems to bring up things like that a lot.

          • Debt is a resource with its own risks. Depending upon what type of business you're in, taking it on may be unavoidable. That's not inherently bad, if debt levels are manageable.

            Even if you can avoid being a borrower as a business owner, you will likely be at least a short term lender.

          • Agreed. I know loans are usually inevitable but I want to be able to mange it and know that my entire business/home is not riding on it as collateral.

          • Thanks brother!

            I have three ideas, all of which have various factors that I will need to see first before I decide on what I want to do. One thing I have going in this area is population is booming because of oil, and it should continue to grow for another 15 years.

            Idea 1: Since population is booming there will undoubtedly be more HS opening. My city is very big on sports. Yet there is not one single private gym dedicated to HS athletes. I would already have the lifting and training requirements because several friends including myself played college athletics. One even played professionally.

            Idea 2: Noxious weed spraying. There is a huge demand for spray applicators in the oil fields. I have had 3 years experience in this business from my college days and know I could basically charge the fields whatever I want.

            Idea 3: There are plenty of bars around my city, but we don’t have a weed bar, or smoking lounge. I think that since I’ve had this habit for a very long time I would be able to relate to my customers wants and needs.

          • You're welcome Mr. Liberty.

            I like idea 3 the best, not just because it's about pot. Basically you could be a pioneer in this country for that. Set the bar and the standards and you can succeed

          • Yes sir "first mover advantage" but laws will have to be passed to allow that type of business.

          • I am sure the laws will be passed. If they are and this is the route you go, hit me up and I will come pay a visit.

          • Then it's just a matter of timing.
            Does he want to wait, or open a business sooner and wait on that line of operations until the laws are passed?

          • Big signs in Chicago that say buying a weapon for someone will get you 10 years

          • And criminals ignore the signs and still the killing continues.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That's good. Burt how do they prove it?

          • Why would anyone have to prove what a sign says?
            Alinsky, you're making even less sense than normal.

          • Prove what? I just thought the sign was funny

          • It wasn't very realistic.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How can they prove you were buying the gun for a friend?

            Seems that all you have to say is that your friend stole it from you.

          • Last year, the state passed a "universal background check" law and a requirement to report "lost or stolen" firearms in order to neuter that defense against the illegal transfer of firearms.

            Now, in order to sell a firearm privately, one must verify that a FOID card is valid via a web site or phone call, and receive a confirmation number to record with the transaction records. Lost or stolen firearms must be reported within some short time period that I forget right now.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That's helpful. Thanks.

          • isn't it nice that someone came here for serious debate and discussion?

      • Chicago no longer has firearm registration, unique limits on transporting firearms, nor any restrictions on where one may carry a firearm on one's own property. Illinois concealed carry does not carve out Chicago — permit holders can (and do) walk down Michigan Avenue with their concealed firearm.

        The only state-wide gun control is the requirement for a FOID (a $10 fee and pass a background check) and a waiting period. Transfer of firearms requires FOID verification, but does *not* require the use of a dealer.

        Illinois and Chicago gun control laws are actually quite relaxed now. And, the murder rate in Chicago continues to fall, since as is well proven, gun control laws have little to do with that.

        • Wasn't that thanks to a supreme court ruling?

          • In response to the Supreme Court's McDonald decision, which Chicago lost, the city instituted firearm registrations with mandatory training, transportation requirements that exceeded state-wide requirements, limits on where in one's home one could carry a firearm, and so forth. The city essentially tried to be as strict as it could possibly be while staying within the letter of the McDonald decision.

            Later, the 7th Circuit Court struck down the state's effective total prohibition on carrying firearms.

            Last year the state legislature passed, with a super-majority, a concealed carry law that permits concealed carry, and also preempts essentially all local restrictions on handguns. The legislature also overrode Quinn's veto and attempt to substantially change the concealed carry law. As a result, the bulk of the post-McDonald ordinances in Chicago were void, and the city formally repealed them last year.

            Today, Chicago "gun control" is relatively minor. The idea that Chicago has strict gun control is out of date. After losing every major court case regarding gun control (and paying millions of taxpayer dollars to the NRA and SAF and others) it appears Chicago is tired of trying to keep playing the game. In the latest loss, the city is going to be forced to permit the opening of gun stores within the city, in addition to being forced to permit gun firing ranges by court order. It is not appealing those rulings.

          • Very informative. Thank you

          • Isn't it nice when real people come here to act as adults to seriously discuss and inform?

    • I was there this weekend. Lots of violence by gang members, guessing they are not following gun laws

    • That is false. Firearm registration is not required in Chicago, since the state prohibited handgun registration as part of the statewide preemption of local gun control laws in the concealed carry law. Last year the city repealed most of the gun control ordinances, and CPD no longer accepts registrations, neither for handguns nor rifles. There is no longer a training requirement, and there are no longer any restrictions on where on one's property one can carry a weapon, among other now defunct restrictions. Chicago's unique definition of legal transport has also been repealed.

      The idea that Chicago has "strict" gun control is outdated.

      Regarding the bill proposing registration state-wide, that is very unlikely to go anywhere. Last year, a super-majority passed the bill that ended registration.

  13. He who controls our understanding of the past and present also controls the future. In addition to being factually wrong, the larger idea being implanted into mushy little brains is that rights, like the right to self defense, do not precede the establishment of government. They are merely privileges, grants, or foolish outdated customs and fashions. In order to “make us safe” they sometimes need to be licensed, regulated, altered, or even revoked. Always remember that our dear leaders only have our best interests at heart.

  14. Reminds of that traitorous coloring book for kids, portraying Bush and Cheney’s preposterous lie of 9/11 as if it were really true.

    Good ol’ brainwashing. Easier now, as each subsequent generation just gets more and more stupid. Room temp’ IQ’s.

    I wonder what Will Rogers would say to the fact that the citizens of the USA do NOT believe facts, science, evidence, the laws of physics – or their own eyes……

    But DO believe politicians.


  15. Hey Alinsky – go back to the borg collective from whence you came and tell them that we're wide awake and that when we finally decided enough is enough then you're all toast. You traitorous scum.

  16. The leftwing statist dooshbags never quit trying to inject their desired version of our rights in the "public skoolz".
    If this is all that they can do, then we've won the war of ideas as it applies to the 2nd amendment.
    Sandy Hoax was their grand gun grab psyop plan, but even that is falling apart due to its lies & huge holes along with its "grieving parents" who never shed tears & smile way too often.
    Hey big government statists, give it up, we shall NEVER allow any man, cop or king to disarm us.

  17. Here goes the mis-direction and mis-information.
    Train the children to believe lies and you will never have truth to deal with again.
    Intentional conspiracy to discredit the US Constitution and it's meaning.
    Treason is at the heart of this act of steering children in the wrong thinking.
    Punishment is need for the perpetrators of this crime.

  18. The 1st Amendment also doesn't say "Separation of church and State", but the text books do?

    • It is a Jeffersonian issue, and it was that the state would not establish or pick favorites, not that it should be hostile to and persecute religion as we see today.

  19. They might as well state that the constitution says the United States form of government is a dictatorship. At least get one thing right in the book.
    (Sarcasm of course).

  20. Being from the U.K I can't claim any in depth understanding of the subtleties of the argument here…. However… I did note that while discussing the issue with the child …. the parent… at no time felt the need to discuss whether it was right or wrong to kill another human being or the circumstances that might prevail that may cause such a scenario to be even considered. Something, as a parent myself, I would think would be the first port of call when discussing firearms with a 7 year old. Send this guy to parenting class …… he's lost the plot —— priorities mate !

  21. What a sad excuse for a school. Teaching misdirection about the Consitution is anti-American

  22. There is nothing incorrect in that statement – some states/cities require some sort of registration -paper work , to be done .

  23. Former Supreme Court justice: Change Second Amendment to improve Constitution February 23, 2014

  24. Tax every weapon with yearly registration fees, and 200% tax on
    ammo to fund the deadly consequences of 100m guns used in crime .

    Put the gun pushers out of business.

    • Why don't we tax welfare recipients out of existence?
      Why don't we tax crime until criminals don't bother?

      Taxing something to death only pushes it underground.

    • Please inform us how that will stop guns alreadt made and in the hands of criminals.

      Great idea to flood the black market with guns though

  25. Actually the part about "registering" them is technically true, though not in the same way as today. The states' laws in the 1790s and 1800s – and in some this went all the way to the 1820s – that required all able-bodied men to serve in the militia, and they would turn out at regular times (usually once a month) for training and to make sure that their guns were in sound working order. Part of this was having the local authorities register their names and what types of guns they had. (This was what "well-regulated militia" really meant – men who were trained and had good weapons to bring with them.)

    As for the "if they hadn't been in prison", that was an early law, but not nearly that early, I think.

  26. Seth Engelbrecht

    Below is a summary of an article written by Greg Bishop with WMAY 970 AM in Springfield, IL. Here is a link to the original article:

    There have been new developments in this story. The District 186 (Springfield, IL) superintendent, Bob Hill, did an interview with radio station WMAY today. He admitted the 2nd Amendment information in the workbook. He admitted he has been getting numerous phone calls and emails from citizens in Springfield, IL and around the country urging him to remove or correct the material. He stated he told them that he wouldn’t be taking any action to correct or remove the material.

    Hill said that this interpretation of the 2nd Amendment teaches kids “what happens with the right to bear arms in the context of 2014, is the right to bear arms in reality, not as written in the constitution, but in reality is it in anyway abridged and the answer is ‘yes, in some places by the need to register guns or gun owners’ and so on.”

    Hill stated his job as superintendent isn’t to micromanage the teachers and correcting false information in their education materials would be an insult to the teachers.

    See the link below for audio of the interview.

  27. Seth Engelbrecht

    Below is a summary of an article written by Greg Bishop with WMAY 970 AM in Springfield, IL. Here is a link to the original article:

    There have been new developments in this story. The District 186 (Springfield, IL) superintendent, Bob Hill, did an interview with radio station WMAY today. He admitted the 2nd Amendment information in the workbook. He admitted he has been getting numerous phone calls and emails from citizens in Springfield, IL and around the country urging him to remove or correct the material. He stated he told them that he wouldn’t be taking any action to correct or remove the material.

    Hill said that this interpretation of the 2nd Amendment teaches kids “what happens with the right to bear arms in the context of 2014, is the right to bear arms in reality, not as written in the constitution, but in reality is it in anyway abridged and the answer is ‘yes, in some places by the need to register guns or gun owners’ and so on.”

    Hill stated his job as superintendent isn’t to micromanage the teachers and correcting false information in their education materials would be an insult to the teachers.

    See the link below for audio of the interview.

  28. For future school textbook miseducation on the Constitution, can we please find out who the author and publisher of the blatant lies is? They deserve to be outed and called out.

  29. Apparently the government has decided they dont even NEED to pass more gun control laws. Theyre just gonna go ahead and pretend that guns are already illegal

  30. Are you kidding?! I hope everyone is as OUTRAGED as I am about "common core"! It is a subversive, intentional plan to "dumb down" our children and future generations. Contact your School Board Members. Let the know that you are NOT HAPPY about this and other lies being fed to our children via common core. Send an e-mail to the Board Members with a carbon copy (CC) to your Governor, Congressman and Senators. Let them know this is NOT OKAY. Remember, "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". So posting on these comments is a good start, but do more! Stand up for what you know to be right. Take action. If you don't, who will?

  31. Can the author provide a source back to the original photo? Making a picture that looks like a workbook is really easy. Just checking sources here. Usually they are mentioned or linked to in the article, but I didn’t find a source on this one. I’d like to check whether or not it’s genuine. Thanks!

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