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Michigan Township To Put Cameras ‘In Every Neighborhood’

Officials in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan are working with police to put surveillance cameras in every single neighborhood.

After placing multiple cameras throughout the city’s West Willow neighborhood several years ago, township officials claim the programs vast success, which is reportedly centered around one single case, warrants an expansive rollout to every last neighborhood.

When attempting to find public support for the program, WDIV used quick editing to create the desired answer from a surveillance weary resident.

“When they put the security cameras up I kind of thought crime would decrease and it kind of has in a way…” Tony Slaughter hesitantly said before being cut off mid-sentence.

Mike Radzik, the director of the Office of Community Standards, justified the program by claiming that the cameras were no different than police officers constantly standing in the neighborhood.

“We are recording images that a police officer would see if he or she were standing in the same place,” Radzik said. “They are only in public places.”

Not only has the township seemingly decided to go forward with the program without public input, residents will be required to pay a fee for the township’s venture.

“The township will invest in the infrastructure, actually put the cameras out and deploy them and there will be a special assessment on the homes in the neighborhood for the operating expense going forward, which will be a very nominal fee for this measure of public safety,” Radzik said.

Despite a clear attempt by WDIV to portray massive public support for the incoming cameras, a quick glance at comments from residents shows quite the opposite.

“What’s next ? In our homes? Our showers? “Our minds?” Alissa Fortin said.

Although the township claims the program will cause a major dent in criminal activity, countless studies have proven that surveillance cameras do little to deter crime.

While revelations of illegal spying by local and federal governments alike continue to surface, questionable surveillance practices in public, where there is no expectation of privacy, have many wondering how far is too far.

Police in Austin, Texas are now demanding live access to surveillance cameras inside public schools, using the remote possibility of school shootings as justification.

In Modesto, California, an armored police surveillance truck was unveiled this week, which video and audio records local residents while traveling throughout the city.

The Seattle Police Department recently announced its plan to begin using a new facial recognition software program, which will analyze surveillance footage of alleged criminal activity.

While the government continues to expand its surveillance grid against the public, daily reports of citizens being violently attacked for legally filming police and elected officials fill the news feed.

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Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. The police state is failing fast.
    They just don't know it yet.

    Good and decent folk are getting tired of the intrusive, heavy hand of government.

  2. I bet I know what Patrick Henry would have done.

    • shut up already

      Why? Was he a troll too?

      • Alinsky Hero USA


        • And once more you not only hide behind someone else's face but fake guest comments.

          • You sure got a good spanking by zeb on the growl.
            The comment got 8 thumbs up. Are you proud?

          • Apparently he has credibility and you don't.

          • Apparently you didn't pay attention on the growl.

            He mocked and I let him since it made him look immature and perhaps even bordering on senility in some ways.

            And at his advanced age, I suppose he deserves so leeway on being able to reply in a way that makes sense.

          • shut up already


          • Yes, he's a big sigh. The last time he posted on the navy site it was talk about an exercise machine he liked. Not so much the hot topic for a site based on political and current events.

            But he is what he is.

          • Now you really are an idiot.
            I guess you did not bother why he proposed an exercise machine. It was a reply to a guy that had back pain.
            You could not see a pile of shit even if you sat on it.
            There are a lot of non political comments on that site. But of course you can't read.

          • Jerk, I was there and I saw why he did it.
            And I also saw the silence that it met.

            Nobody seemed to care.
            There are a lot of non political comments, and while I'm glad Zebrano has had a machine for 3 years, nobody else seemed to.

            But of course, as an anonymous person just here to throw mud, you don't see it.

          • Liar, liar, pants on fire.
            Grow up little man, learn English, write another book people can read and understand. And don't forget to ask Suzie for help

          • Still just throwing mud?
            And yes, this fake name at least suits you.

          • and I let him………. what could you about it you imbecile?
            Are you setting the agenda over there?
            Did he need your permission to crawl all over you?
            What happened to Suzie? No help from her? I don't see you there anymore.

          • Jerk, if you knew me you would know.

            And I go there to post quality comments on the topic I reply to.

            It's what mature thinking people do.

          • Does that spanking still hurt?

          • He made himself look like an idiot, I posted good comments.

            If you think that's a spanking then you don't look long term at things.

          • That spanking is for long term. Man that hurts!

          • It diminishes the site when he acts badly.

  3. It’s that what they thought would work for delray and river rogue because if I do recall they did this in those areas as well and they are all broken. So what makes you think it’s going to work in Ypsi?

    • Oddly enough, I caught part of a report the other day that “Communities are Removing RedLight Cams”, simply because they are not the crime deterrent that they were initially sold as. Whether it be redlight cams, or live action cams, it is all nonsense. Another “trinket” sold by a contractor. It doesn’t matter if it is civilian contractors selling goods and services, or military contractors selling drone, it all boils down to money. Want to have the “warm and fuzzies”? Want that “feel good” feeling of security? Pay Us……..

  4. Oddly enough, I caught part of a report the other day that “Communities are Removing RedLight Cams”, simply because they are not the crime deterrent that they were initially sold as. Whether it be redlight cams, or live action cams, it is all nonsense. Another “trinket” sold by a contractor. It doesn’t matter if it is civilian contractors selling goods and services, or military contractors selling drone, it all boils down to money. Want to have the “warm and fuzzies”? Want that “feel good” feeling of security? Pay Us……..

  5. I would be very interested in seeing the ballot measure put before the people that justified this kind of expense. If they are going to be paying for it shouldn’t they at least get a chance to vote on it. Seems like taxation without representation was the cause of a war not all that long ago.

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  7. Smile! Big Brother is always watching you!! 🙂

  8. Alinsky Hero USA

    This is good. It helps stop crime and catch killers.

    Nobody is looking through all those videos, so calm down all you government haters.

    What you need to really worry about is being on the brink of a nuclear war, all because Putin got to see all kinds of classified information from an American traitor named Edward Snowden.

    He needs to be brought back to America and executed.

    • Or Barry can drone him! He loves droneing American citizens, that way you can avoid the messy and time consuming trail part.

      Obama: “I am really good at killing people”

      • Trial*

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        He should drone him.

        The self righteous idiot may have just caused World War 3.

        Michael Moore had a great documentary all about how this NSA was going to be abusing all of it's power because of the Patriot Act.

        Nobody listened until a black man took office.

        • Innocent until proven guilty was the standard until we had a fascist dictator in office.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Innocent? Snowden ADMITS what he did, you idiot.

          • And had the constitution been followed and the limits on government been in place he never would have had a reason to do it.

            You marxists, you can't see the big picture she the talking points are focused to a fine point.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The constitution WAS followed you idiot.

          • No, the constitution would have had Obama behaving like any other president, waiting for a bill to come from the legislature then implementing, or 'executing' it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            A bill WAS PASSED you sorry excuse for a virgin.

            How is it you are so uneducated?

          • No, Obama does as he wants.
            Like ignoring immigration law, and the agents suing for it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Their lawsuit has a worse chance in court than yours.

          • If you wish to discuss it, talk to my legal representation.
            That's not why I'm here.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


            Who gives a damn what you want to discuss?

            Your lawsuit has absolutely no chance in hell in court. And you wasted 1500 dollars.

            Your lawyer is laughing at you.

          • You still don't know how to add to any thread or debate do you?

            And your'e still hiding behind someone else's face. Why?

            My lawyer can discuss this with you, I'm not.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Then don't. STFU and let me go on. I don't want you to reply or discuss.

            Your lawyer can't stop me from talking. He can't even stop himself from laughing as he spends all the money from your disability checks on Vagas strippers.

          • That is hilarious.
            Maybe Mr. Lawyer Man should ring up old Warren/HPD at "Red Rock Escorts" and ask for a reduced rate.

            Rumor has it the Warren has a bumper sticker on his old Ford Pinto. Pimpin' ain't easy….

          • Still can't add to the debate or thread?

            I'm not entirely surprised by that.
            So, the posse landed here, it survived and you're reduced to this.

          • Hahahaha Michael Moore…talk about self rightous!

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Don't laugh at Micheal Moore. He is one of the best Americans in history.

          • Shouldn't you say not to laugh at him until after he's done feeding?

            And he is rather one sided in his approach to issues.
            Does he go to Cuba for medical treatment himself?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your comments are too stupid to take seriously. I am here for serious debate.

          • I laughed so hard yesterday, Roger got spanking from Zeb and the comment was thumbed up 7 times. He still does not get it, everybody ignores him.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I saw that. So funny.

          • Zeb looked like the immature old fart that he is.

            He didn't spank me, he simply ignored thoughtful comments and mocked them. That's exactly why that site has so few people.

          • That site has grownups, they discuss the latest events, they ignore you.
            Zeb may be an old fart but sure has life experiences that are no match with your keyboard holed up in a basement

          • A few, then they have Zebrano and serf too.

            And while he has contacts for information in Europe , he has bizarre ideas about power generation that amaze me from someone that claims to be an engineer.

            Like that he stores energy from his solar panels in the grid to use later after dark. The grid isn't a storage mechanism.

          • shut up already

            Your persistent claims about Z's banking of power on the grid indicate that you are either a liar misrepresenting his comments in a feeble attempt to make him look bad or are you are very stupid. In either case, every time you bring it up it's your credibility that suffers, not his. You frequently create false dichotomies. Here's a binary choice that is not one – you are either a skilled and persistent troll or you are the least intelligent commenter I've ever had the displeasure to run across.

          • Roger is a complete idiot misrepresenting what Zeb said.
            Zeb produces a certain number of kilowatts, Whatever he does not use goes into his reserve, It's not energy, it's numbers. If he uses more energy than he produces, he draws credit from the reserve.
            If after the cycle period of 1 year he has an overage of kilowatts, he gets paid, because he put that energy into the grid.
            Of course he uses energy from the grid at night.
            Roger must have the lowest IQ around.

          • shut up already

            Wind generators in Iowa connect to the grid under the same business model. It's a straightforward concept … for most people.

          • The only way electricity can be stored is with batteries.
            We are not there yet, they are still too expensive and must be replaced sooner or later.
            I manage my system by reading the meter and the inverter every morning around 8. I use a data sheet and manage my usage. The real killer is the electric dryer. I tell my wife when we have a lot of reserve and when we are getting close to zero. It works well.
            As of January 1st Edison is now charging a $1.80 a month for a distribution charge and a franchise fee. It cannot be taken out from my reserve.

          • This is what Zeb wrote on another site. I think his words and explanations are easy to understand.
            Roger needs to go back to grammar school and learn basic English so that he understands what others write.
            He keeps pounding on zeb and serf and then goes over to the growl and plays the innocent. I believe he is going to be banned very soon.

          • Time for Roger to go solar.

          • Time for you to find new talking points.

          • The old ones are good enough for me little man,
            Spanking is the word du jour

          • You just can't rise to the level of the forum, can you?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You better just stay quiet. He totally humiliated you Virgin boy.

          • He only showed he isn't serious about the topics he brought up.

            That doesn't humiliate me, it exposes him if anything.

            And frankly if you want to discuss the growl, why not go there to do so?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He seriously bent you over and went to town.

          • Why do you always try to lower the debate with talk about sex?

            There are adult sites, this isn't one of them.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The way he butt hurt you wasn't about sex. It was about control.

          • And he hasn't controlled, me I still make the comments I want to make.

            You still of course add nothing to any debate. And you still cower behind the face of someone that you don't even know.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How are you sure I don't know him?

          • Time will tell.

            Frankly I would take his word on it way before I'd even consider believing you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You tokk his word for it when you handed over all your money.

            And he propbably won't even take your calls any longer.

          • Ask him yourself, I'm not here to discuss it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I did ask him, and now he has my real name and location. YOU TRICKED ME ROGER!!

          • Why lie about calling?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I just told yout reason you virgin.

          • You lied, you never called him.

          • shut up already

            Yes, but only at night.

          • Still can't pretend you're here for serious discussion?

          • I could "pretend" many things. I'm not interested in playing pretend with you, though.

          • Good, that's a relief!

          • You sure do like the tinfoil points, don't you?

          • It is. Pretty easy for most people to understand

          • What's easy to understand is that any energy sources has possible down sides. Wind? It's fine as long as there is a steady dependable wind to generate from, and of course no raptors are anywhere near them.

          • ROGER is a mole

          • No, you both are idiots. I seldom name call, but in this case I'll make an exception.

            zebrano said what he said. He generated power that went to the grid and then he used it later in the day. He said he stored it in the grid, it's not a mechanism for storage.

            And all the trolling you two just did shows how little you care or understand what's said.

            You both are trolls.

          • Does it still hurt?

          • It never did hurt.

            Zebrano showed he's not up to it any more. We'll, for his age he's doing good to find his computer in the morning.

          • He sure spanked you little man

          • And everybody saw it and thumbed it up little man.
            Where is Wee? Got nobody to tangle with?

          • You sure do focus on sex a lot alinsky.

            Do you really think using a guest profile fools anyone? Really?

          • Give it some time, liitle man, it's a slow process, but then again you would not know.

          • Jerk, at least this time you picked a name that suits you.

            Why is it I use my own profile still an you're not?

            Little children shouldn't presume to lecture.

          • Alinsky is not around you fool, that's how dumb you are little man.

          • Jerk, (Yawn…) you're just not able to do it, are you? You can't even pretend that you're here for actual debate or discussion.

            You don't belong here and don't deserve access to this forum.

          • Spanked his hiney until it was red,

          • Alinsky, you're still stuck on things this site isn't for.

            There are adult sites if you want to focus on issues like that.

          • Are you generating some gas?

          • And add to yours? Not a chance.

          • Who cares, nobody believes you little man.

          • Who cares? You do, and you care enough that you cower behind a guest profile.

            It's what trolls do.

          • You got a spanking, and you are pissed off.
            I just enjoy that little screaming child

          • Still hoping someone will want to bring sex into this discussion?

            This isn't the growl and they can go there and read it for themselves.

          • We all know you are waiting for it.
            That spanking did not quite do it for you.

          • In spite of all the games you played to boost thumbs up, guest profiles to drop insults and throw mud, if someone with sense reads those threads they'll see a few people that gave good comments, you weren't among them.

          • You sure didn't

          • Of course I did. In spite of the troll patrol working overtime this weekend.

          • You worked overtime this weekend?

          • Wee, unlike you I don't post from a work terminal during work hours.

            I defend my values and discuss events at my leisure.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How is it you have 18 hours of leisure time spent on ID.

            It's impossible to then share that time with a loved one.

            You have no life.

            Get a job.

          • How is it that you hide behind some one else's face?

            Get a life of your own.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How are you sure that's not my face?

          • Because it's not.

            And once again you add nothing to the thread or debate and just troll to stop any serious discussion.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How could you know?

            You have proof?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What will time say about you being a virgin?

          • You won't change this into an adult web site It isn't going to happen.

          • You got a spanking, that is what counts you little man

          • You would like to think so, but then you don't think so that's not really possible.

          • Roger thinks there's too much sex and overpopulation in the world. It gobbles up all the natural resources that rightfully belong to the globalists. Huh Rog?

          • Hey man take it over from here, I'm done for tonight and had some good laughs
            Spank him, he needs to be aroused.

          • The one of you sure like to switch off guest profile names.

            As if it fools anyone?

          • As you say "it's a public forum" so if the option's available, no rules broken.

          • I notice you didn't actually address what I said.

            Fooling anyone isn't the same as 'no rules are broken'. It's just you showing your mentality level and your comments show your agenda, and it's not what this site is for, it's to keep this site from what it is actually for.

            Serious debate and discussion.

            You as a troll are just not up to it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Hard to sue all those guests. Pretty smart of them

            Sorry virgin, you lose.

          • I don't lose.
            And I don't think it's all that man guests.

          • If you don't want people infesting the earth, you could always lead by example.

          • He is a good film maker, I don't agree with most of his stuff but he does make a lot of money!

            As far as one of the best Americans? That is laughable.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Who is a better American than Michael Moore?

            And what could you possibly disagree with him about?

          • LOL that’s easy: Most of the founding fathers blow him away. Lincoln. JFK. Calvin Coolidge. MLK. Harriet Tubman. Ben Carson. Ron Paul. Paul Harvey. Bob Welch. Countless people. I could write all day. Leaders in civil rights, whistle blowers, ex presidents/senators/congress, media figures.

            Alinsky, you can take that comment back now.

            I disagree with his gun control stance. I disagree with his hypocrisy about caring for the "little" guy. He hijacked OWS.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The founding fathers would call Micheal Moore a hero. So would all civil right leaders and other countless people.

            He has no hypocrisy about caring about the little guy. That is just a bold face lie.

            And it's because of the work of Micheal Moore that the OWS movement even exists. It was spawned by his movie Capitalism: A Love Story.

            Sorry to hear that you are on the wrong side of history regarding gun control.

          • No, they would explain that socialism failed in the colonies and self determination, coupled with responsibility and the drive to succeed are what made a country great.

    • On a serious note Alinsky, if Bush's NSA policies were identical to Obama's would it bother you? I.e. what would you be saying if all of these Snowden leaks came out during Bush's presidency?

      Would you still be singing the same tune? I doubt it. You are on the "winning" team after all and you don’t have to worry, your ideas and beliefs match the big gov's!

      I would hope you realize the danger and seriousness of allowing gov to watch you, listening to everything you say, I am sure you didn't have many nice things to say about Bush. (I didn't either) What if in the not so distant future speech and even thoughts can be read/recorded and censored? The NSA and gov have already been proven to be abusing these powers, and the abuse is just beginning. I applaud Snowden for having the guts to stand up for what is right. Protecting the 1st, 3rd,4th, 5th, pretty much the entire bill of rights if you really think about it.

      • Very good point. Something that seems to be missing from much of the conversation – many of the current administration's policies that are rightfully under fire are simply a continuation from the previous administration and earlier. Executive orders? Obama didn't invent the concept, he's not even the biggest user of them. Do you really think drones were invented after 2008? NSA survelliance? Hell, CALEA was passed in 1994.

        I'm glad that there appears to be a growing resistance to federal intrusion on personal liberties. I'm freaking tired to hearing some pin it on our current "dictator" or "fascist". It took decades for the government to become this bold and brazen with our rights – I'd hate to think the current push back is simply an expedient way to speak out against one man or one political party.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        It bothers me to see an American traitor giving over our secrets to the Russians and bringing us to the brink of nuclear war. Everything else seems silly in comparison.

        And I was just as upset when Dick Cheney committed treason when he outed a CIA undercover agent.

        Snowden is just a kook that doesn't care about what the NSA is doing. HE only cares about hurting Obama and the country in the process.

        • It bothers me that the constitution is no longer taken seriously.
          It would have prevented so many of our current issues.

        • Do you think Bradley (Chelsea) Manning is a traitor too? What about Michael Hastings? Or Aaron Swartz? Snowden is not a traitor he is a whistle blower, problem is, in America, whistle blowers die or are locked away in a hole. Maybe if our government and CIA was not so out of control he could of blown the whistle here and not in our rival's country.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Snowden is not a whistle blower, we already knew the NSA was listening to us after the Patriot act was signed.

            It's just conservatives and Libertarians didn't give a rat 's ass until Obama took over.

          • It was listening to international calls.

            Now it's domestic calls with no reasonable cause. There is a difference.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So what?

            Let them listen.

            You think China and Russia are going to stop listening after you stop the NSA?

            Grow up. You Obama haters don't care about the NSA, you just care about getting at Obama.

            And now we are on the brink of nuclear war because of your dumb ideas.

          • I am an innocent citizen with the rights of privacy.
            Roe vs Wade.

            You want to live in a fascist dictatorship go somewhere else, I don't want it here.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Cool. You support abortion.

          • I support the right to privacy.
            You may want to understand the issues you pretend to discuss.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yet you demand that Wee and I tell your lawyer our identities.

            And we all know you support abstinence, hard core personal abstinence.

          • I'm not here to discuss
            1) my sex life
            2)legal issues

            I am here to discuss
            1)the topic the site provides
            2)current events as the topics apply to them.

            If you want to discuss issues other than those, you're out of luck.

          • Yeah. We all know why you are here.

            Trolling for defendants.

          • Why so many fake guest names alinsky?

          • That would be MR. Alinsky to you, bub.

          • There are many things I may or may not call him.

            But Mr. isn't one of them. A real man yes, I don't consider him a man or any sort. And why do you hide behind so many faces and guest profiles?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Actually, it's Dr. Alinsky.

          • You're not exactly someone I'd believe on the time of day, even if you had the only watch in the room.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yet you believed that lawyer when he told you that you had a great chance in court.

          • Yet you pretend I'll discuss this on this forum.
            If you want to discuss something about that, talk to my legal representation.


          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm not a coward!! Give me his phone number!!!

          • You have it, and if you can find hide behind that face you don't need it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Too scared to give me his phone number.

            You coward.

          • If you want it, and the demand letter and complaint wee forwarded to you aren't enough, then set up a temp email address and you'll get his phone number.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm not giving you anything. I think you are mentally ill I want to talk directly to your lawyer.

            Failure to do so will put you in contempt of court.

          • Then you are a lying troll that wasn't serious, you're the coward and you didn't want his contact information.

            And to think you pretend you have any ability to insult me seriously?

            You're a monkey throwing poo, nothing more.

            You called me a coward, I call you a marxist, part of that means you can't be depended on to ever tell the truth.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are now in contempt of court. That goes on your court record.

            Along with the vile personal attacks on me.

          • Contempt of what court? Hmmmm?

            Your lies really aren't even clever any more.

            You have a way of accessing the information you requested, just the same as I offered and provided it to wee,

            And speaking personal attacks, can't you think of new ones?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You refuse to give me your lawyers contact information. You are in contempt of court and your lawsuit in now null and void.

          • I agreed to, just get a temp email account and I'll provide it.

            Even though you already have it, and even though you keep lying about this issue.

            And even if you lie about some sort of contempt citation.

            What court am I in contempt of exactly?

            Your deranged story doesn't stake up alinsky, you're seemingly losing it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I will not give personal contact information to people I don't know. There are spam laws. Your lawsuit is now going to be thrown out of court. A person has the right to know who is suing him.

          • Pretend all you want, I'm not here to discuss it with you.

            I offered you the information you requested within reasonable guidelines. If you refuse to take it again, once from me and once from Wee then don't pretend outrage.

            And according to court records nothing is null and void.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You refuse to give me the lawyers contact info and now your law suit is beyond thye stature of limitations.

          • But I haven't refused anything. Just tell me where to contact you and I'll provide it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Too bad, because I am going to discuss

            1) the fact that you have never had sex.
            2) the 1500 dollars you threw away because I said that you peed while sitting down.

            So I guess you have no reason to reply to this comment.

          • I guess you think so, perhaps.

            You have become the sound of one hand clapping.
            All alone, even with your fake guest profiles.

            And the others have gone on without you.

          • Well now, you'd know all about having only one free hand.

          • The one hand cheers and claps to itself. And nobody cares or notices.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Does you lawyer still take your calls?. Your does he just pick up and start laughing when he hears your voice?

          • If he's so funny, why do you hide behind his face?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Why are you discussing his face?

          • Why do you hide behind it?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            How can you be sure I am?

          • Why do you deny it?

          • What are you doing with the other hand?

          • Signing. Big words, word that alinsky would never understand.

          • Are you left handed?

          • Are you asking for other than discussion on current events or political topics?

          • Making himself bigger.

          • Just another guest troll doing what trolls do.

            Guest trolls should be eliminated, they don't contribute.

          • I think you can do better. Please, try again.

          • And I think that even if you wanted to, which I don't think you do, that you can't do any better.

          • Are you done yet?

          • What do you think?

            Oh, don't bother answering that, we know it's a hypothetical on two accounts.

            The part about your thinking and the part about my caring enough to ask.

          • Did you get your spanking yet this weekend?
            Did you take some English courses yet?
            I think swimm is going to ban you.

          • I'm not here to inform you trolls about my backside.

            Deal with it.

          • Does your zeb spanking still hurt?
            Are you still massaging your butt?
            Is it still red?

          • Does being stupid bother you?

            And don't worry about my backside, it's none of your business anyhow.

          • I hope you realize you are the king of all trolls.

          • I hope you realize you act jealous, and I'm not even trolling when I can discuss current events or political topics.

            You just want to drag everyone down to your level.

          • Then how is he a traitor? If we all already knew the information disclosed by Snowden than the Russians did too. So if anything he is a attention whore.

          • Alinsky Hero USA


            You do realize that the NSA stuff is just 10% of the classified information that terrorist Snowden gave to the Russians don't you?

            HE gave the Russian all kinds of classified information that has nothing to do with the NSA.

          • "HE gave the Russian all kinds of classified information that has nothing to do with the NSA."

            Really? Link? I would like to see that side of the story.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Here you go…

            Among the roughly 1.7 million documents he walked away with — the vast majority of which have not been made public — are highly sensitive, specific intelligence reports, as well as current and historic requirements the White House has given the agency to guide its collection activities, according to a senior government official with knowledge of the situation.

          • Leverage I assume. Don't give away all your bargaining chips.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Snowden gave them everything. They raided his laptops.

          • Do you have links or sources?

          • Ron Paul was a vocal critic of the Patriot Act, NSA etc before Obama. Nice try.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            First of all Rand Paul is a racist.

            And people don't take these Libertarian Capitalists seriously anyway.

            The man can't be against the NSA and then turn around and support segregation.

          • Link? For segregation?


            My guess is it would be something along these lines. Frankly, this is the sort of issue that makes it difficult for me to embrace pure libertarianism. Sure, I understand that empowering the government to do good also empowers them to do evil.

          • Thanks for the link, I figured that was what Alinsky was alluding too.

            "It’s not all about race relations, it’s about controlling property, ultimately."

            I agree with that statement. And I know the globalists and banksters in gov were able to pass the Civil Rights Act to create a new voting bloc. Just like what they are doing with "amnesty" now.

            I live by MLK's code. "…they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." And the globalist character stinks.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            These anti globalists have done everything in their power to stop black people from voting liberal..

            The Civil Rights Acts changed that, so they are of course trying to destroy it.

            Property rights don't trump Civil rights. Every non-racist knows that.

          • I would argue that the globalists are doing everything in their power to make any minority vote liberal by offering bribes through social programs, many of which were designed specifically for minorities i.e. affirmative action.

            The globalists pretended they defeated, or least dealt a giant blow to racism with LBJ's stroke of his pen. In some ways it did, I will give you that, desegregation is a good thing! I am not saying I disagree with it. I admit that the constitution has flaws and we amended them. But there was a more sinister plan behind the legislation…create a new voting bloc.

            But racism is deeper than that, it can only be cured by a fundamental change in one's own heart. Realizing that we are all God's people, we are all human beings, and we all deserve a say. Even if it is disagreeable. IMO if we all saw a human standing in front of us instead of a white man or black man racism would die for real. But what does the media and gov tell us on a day to day basis? White man kills a black man or vise versa. Stirring up racial tensions. Which Paul described in Name's link.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Thanks Name. That was indeed what I was getting at.

            Liberty knew as well. He likes to pretend it all new to him, so he can ask a million disingenuous questions. It's his debate style, I've called him out on it before.

            Really? Hitler hated Jews? Link please.

          • C'mon I'm not that bad lol

          • I certainly don't believe that. I have to admit, it made me laugh though.

            Alinsky makes me laugh pretty regularly – sometimes at him, sometimes with him.

          • Naw he is a good guy at heart. I like debating him because he actually know his stuff and is challenging.

          • He may know some things, but he has a way of ignoring the reality that proves marxism is a failed ideology.

          • Yes, it can be frustrating when one person refuses to acknowledge things that are apparent to everyone else.

          • Marxists always remain loyal to the ideology, but alinsky can't show where it actually created any sort of utopia that hasn't created poverty and limited freedoms.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He didn't mention Marxists.

          • And you haven't mentioned utopias caused by marxism.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And you haven't ever mentioned a girlfriend with over 137,000 comments.

          • That isn't why I'm here.

            You really should find a site that will be focused on the issues you want to cover.

          • Your argument is disingenuous. It's pretty clear that he wouldn't support forced desegregation, which is not the same thing. Being true to his ideology doesn't make him a racist … but it does expose a weakness inherent to libertarianism.

            I'm convinced that those who worship at the altar of the free market to the exclusion of everything else would one day awaken to discover they had traded one overbearing and intrusive force for another. I'd prefer to keep capitalism on a long leash and government on a short one.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Well said.

            But I do honesty think he is a racist who hides behind that ideology for justification.

          • It's too bad so many of the links in the article are broken, it would be good to have context. That said, I'm glad I don't have be be Paul defender or apologist.

          • See my rebuttle to Alinsky above it kinda toches on your here comment as well.

          • The Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were absolutely the right things to do as they delivered on long overdue promises our country made to a large group of citizens. Perhaps those that would deny minority rights might eventually have come around on their own but maybe not. Racism still exists. If black voters favored a certain party or value system as a result of those actions, so be it. That is their constitutional right.

            On the other hand, immigration "reform" is not a constitutional issue. It is a wholly transparent grab for new voters.

          • Well said. Very well said.

            "If black voters favored a certain party or value system as a result of those actions, so be it. That is their constitutional right."

            I agree, but I shouldn't be called a racist for suggesting that some of the social programs are a bribe. (I am not saying you did, I am talking about in general)

          • Thank you. I was in no way suggesting that you are a racist – it didn't even cross my mind.

            I heard a very interesting conversation on NPR about Tammany Hall yesterday. This may be the first instance in American History in which one political party saw a clear advantage in embracing a disenfranchised minority – in this case the Irish.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Latinos are historically conservative.

            They only started voting Democrat after the conservatives started murdering them on the border and using them as slave labor in their homes and fruit farms.

            Liberals have always been open to loose immigration laws for everybody. Whatever race.
            So I don't buy the "wholly transparent grab for new voters. " theory.

            And I never saw any conservatives trying to stop or even complain about all the conservative Cuban voters washing up on Miami's shores every year.

          • That's not entirely accurate. In fact it's completely not accurate.

            And even if it was, why would changing course now make it any better for republicans if they support comprehensive immigration reform?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yes it is.

          • No, it isn't.

            The vote when against Reagan and he gave them amnesty.

          • It must have been hard for Latinos to embrace the Dems, what with their dirty home and Vitamin C deficient diets.

            Both parties have learned to embrace immigrant voters. With no end in sight to the growth in our hispanic population, I expect the Republicans to sort out their internal differences and support some path to citizenship even if they're holding their noses while doing so. There are some who call the Republicans who are further down the path "RINOs". To some extent, I think that group is more accurately characterized as "Republicans who can do math."

            The only thing it appears we disagree on here is the underlying motivation for immigration reform. Who knows what darkness lurks in the hearts of men.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Alinsky knows.

          • Alinsky, marxism hasn't done much for the different minorities that the liberals have co-opted.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm not hear to discuss Marxism with a virgin.

          • You're just here to stop serious discussion and debate.

            I know, I said that from the beginning when wee and his posse first targeted this site.

          • Nor has Tea done anything for the minorities that the "liberals" have empowered.

          • Liberals? Empowered?

            Like they did during the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearings?

          • You're just pissed about that because you feel it's necessary to have a dirty old man on the bench, to look out for your interests. Get your pubic hair off my coke can.

          • Ted Kennedy was never on the bench.

            Mary Joe is unavailable for comment.

          • I'll bet your boy Larry Craig is sitting on a bully pulpit someplace. It's Saturday night, maybe you're hooking up with him later.

          • Barney Franks is, and he did a lot more than Craig.

            Why don't you explain what Larry Craig did that was so wrong.

          • He solicited sex in a public restroom. It's a crime but perhaps you take a wide stance on such things.

          • Did he? He had a wide stance in the toilet stall. That is clearly better than being caught with a male hooker selling sex out of your living room like Barney Frank.

            And congressmen/senators have immunity while traveling.

          • You seem to assume for some reason that I would feel the need to defend drunk Ted Kennedy or horny Barney Frank. I don't.

          • I seem to correctly assume that you apply one standard to liberals and another to republicans. Craig was fairly conservative too.

            If sexual conduct is off the table for Franks then I don't want to hear about sexual conduct period. Justice is only justice if applied equally.

            Also, as a troll you ignored my link. He had immunity during travel.

          • Then travel was the perfect time for him to engage in illegal activity, wasn't it?

            I ignored your link because it's as irrelevant as your reference to Kennedy, or Thomas for that matter. You confuse knowing trivia with making valid points.

            Fine, if you want to date Franks instead of Craig, I won't judge.

          • Stiting in a toilet stall alone isn't against the law. Sitting in a toilet stall while the next one becomes occupied hasn't been a crime either.

            For the cop to slip a card under the stall wall was the first sign that the cop was looking, and Craig was still immune during travel.

            Barney Franks had a known hooker in his house selling sex from his living room, that's a crime.

            So, either have a level playing field or just find something else to troll about.

            What a moron you are, pretending to actually approach this like it's a real issue.

          • If it's not a real issue, why are you still blathering? I thought you were only here for serious discussion and debate. You are a world class hypocrite.

          • I've been explaining why you're wrong, approaching it from a flawed angle.

            And once more you as a troll just ignore the issue itself and try to make a personal attack out of something that wasn't serious for you from the beginning.

            You don't deserve access to this forum.

          • Missing your report button, little man?

          • My size is none of your concern. And the report button? after reposting comments as much as 700-800 times no, I don't miss it.

          • Please, you tinyness, make the last comment.

          • Once more you demonstrate the necessity for removing guest comments from the trolls.

  9. 5/14/2013 Disarming Realities: As Gun Sales Soar, Gun Crimes Plummet

  10. listening to everything you say, I am sure you didn't have many nice things to say about Bush

  11. While revelations of illegal spying by local and federal governments alike continue to surface, questionable surveillance practices in public, where there is no expectation of privacy, have many wondering how far is too far.

  12. While revelations of illegal spying by local and federal governments alike continue to surface, questionable surveillance practices in public, where there is no expectation of privacy, have many wondering how far is too far.//n

  13. From Mr. Drudge:
    NAIROBI, Kenya (CBSDC/AP) – A local pastor has ordered all women who attend service at Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church to refrain from wearing undergarments while attending so that they can more easily receive the spirit of Jesus Christ.

    In another unrelated story, I see that Facebook wants to build a Drone Air Force with 11,000 drones, to deliver the Internet to Africa.

    Somehow, couldn't they combine both stories and generate an idea.

    I'm sure there is a joke inside there somewhere.

  14. Well, I see the Derailuers have struck again.

  15. Where is this camera. I can't belive it!

  16. Alinsky Hero USA

    This movie came out the same year Roger was graduating high school.

    The irony.

  17. Alinsky Hero USA

    Zach plays off the "dumb conservative" very well with all his dumb conservative questions. Spot on!

    Obama proves once gain that he is the best and funniest President of our lifetime. Classic. So funny.

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  20. I believe that would be taxation without representation, since they are being forced to pay for a service that they had no input about.

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  22. Make everyone feel safer having cameras everywhere, maybe?

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