Marine Veteran Blasts War on Drugs: “There Was About 800 Lbs of Cocaine Inside the Plane”

March 26th, 2013
Updated 03/28/2013 at 9:20 pm

I am a USMC and Texas Army Nation Guard (TXARNG) Veteran with 15.5 years of honorable service. At one time, I was a highly patriotic man who believed in serving God, Corp and country. That was before I studied the writings of USMC MG Smedley Butler. Major General Butler gave the following statement in 1935:

War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.

I am still a “patriotic man” albeit a little wiser than before. I no longer blindly accept second-hand information from any source. After discovering high-level drug smuggling operations in both the USMC and TXARNG, I finally comprehend the words of men such as MG Butler.

veteran drug smuggle

Before I separated from the USMC in 1981, a load-master friend on a C-130 aircraft took me inside his plane and opened a storage compartment loaded with about 400 kg of cocain from South America. Thus begins my story. You will learn of my two discoveries. These include how the Iran/Contra affair began in Corpus Christi, Texas, TXARNG armory; and secondly: the Department of Justice (DOJ) and their purported courtrooms are not setup for our benefit (The People). Everything we think we know about the courts is a lie, based upon fraudulently created fictional entities that only exist in contemplation of law.

Fraudulent War on Drugs

In 1985 I had the opportunity to join the Texas Army National Guard (TXARNG). In 1986 I started work at the 2-141st (M) Infantry in Corpus Christi, Texas. As a heavy vehicle mechanic I was assigned to the OMS #7 Maintenance Shop. This is where my problems began.

As a full time mechanic, our job was to travel to the outlying units to provide support. When we departed from the Corpus armory, we left with a load designated for the units we were to support. We would return with a load of equipment from these units which had been allegedly damaged, and was to be disposed of. I picked-up a lot of weapons, i.e., M-16’s, 45-cal pistols, M-60 and 50-cal machine guns. I also picked-up other equipment such as night vision goggles.

It appeared that for every ten items I would pick-up from the units, only a couple of items would be returned back to the units. At the time, I did not know that I was helping to move these items for the Iran/Contra players. I later discovered that our military trucks were also being used to move drugs through the South Texas Check-Points by unknown soldiers not part of the full-time staff. This information is also covered in Drugging-America-Trojan-Horse 2nd Ed. by Rodney Stich.

It was during this time (1985-1993) that issues regarding the Iran/Contra affair were beginning to surface. Hind-sight being 20/20, I understand why TXARNG units were in such turmoil regarding allegations of high-level theft of property, drug smuggling, discrimination, and the Army Fitness Standards discrepancies etc., ad nauseam. Frankly, the high-level TXARNG officers within the Camp Mabry staff were more focused on smuggling drugs and guns than taking care of their troops! Remember, according to MG Butler, “War [military] is a racket.” I also filed whistle blower complaints with the TXARNG Inspector General regarding official corruption within the Corpus Christi armory in 1993. For me, the results were devastating.

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I highly recommend the following books (with key chapters specified) that expose the Iran/Contra affair as it relates to the TXARNG:

The Ultimate in State Sponsored Terrorism

There was a price to pay for my whistle blower activities in the TXARNG. With 15.5 years honorable of service, and beginning the final six-year extension which would have taken me to 21.5 years and retirement,  retaliation and terrorism is instead what I have endured over the last 20-years.

The following regards injuries I have suffered due to my attempts to expose official corruption and oppression in the TXARNG over the last 20-years:

  • My OMS #7 shop supervisor, Alfred Senteno, began ordering me to remove my hearing protection in a high-noise environment under threat of job loss, thus purposefully injuring my hearing and leading to Profound Tinnitus.
  • The OMS #7 shop supervisor also issued a “work alone” status against me. One day I was performing a 3-man job by installing fuel-pods and a pump-unit on a 5-ton truck. I fell off the side of the truck and twisted my knee. This led to an operation on my left knee to repair internal damage. Interestingly, my surgery happened just a couple of days before the Branch Davidian’s home in Waco, Texas, was burned to the ground.
  • Two weeks prior to my knee surgery, I was ordered by Colonel Ricardo Britto to participate in a two-mile run, within two-weeks of my knee surgery. Although I had a written medical exemption from my doctor, my failure to qualify on the run was used by Colonel Britto and his staff to oust me from the TXARNG. Colonel Britto has been identified as a key Iran/Contra player in the TXARNG.
  • Before Summer Camp 1993, Colonel Britto and his staff voided my legitimate 6-year service extension and converted it into a 6-month extension.
  • During Summer Camp 1993, the Inspector General’s staff referred me for two-psychiatric examinations as a direct result of my protected whistle blower disclosures. I was unlawfully terminated three-weeks later with an “RE-1″ reenlistment code and Orders transferring me to the TXARNG OMS #29 Shop.
  • Six-months after my unlawful termination on July 21, 1993, because I would not shut-up, I was hit with a trumped-up child sex-offense by a Texas District Court and given 10-years of probation. My attorney discovered that a TXARNG JAG officer was working in the prosecutors office and was running the whole show. The TXARNG JAG threatened my attorney so that he would drop me as his client. A few months later in 1995, my attorney died under mysterious circumstances while on a private visit to Guadalajara, Mexico. This is the same area in which the TXARNG and the Abrego drug cartel had set-up operations.
  •  Ten-years later, in 2003, just before my ten-years of probation was over, the Iran/Contra players attacked me again via a purported drug raid. I had been under unlawful surveillance and they discovered that I was growing a small amount of cannabis in my back-yard. I was using cannabis to self-treat my Profound Tinnitus (the result of failure to wear hearing protection), cancer (the result of working on chemically contaminated National Guard Vehicles), and glaucoma. This time, the state and federal courtrooms both became involved. The State of Texas sentenced me to 5-years, and the US Federal Court District 10-more years for possession of about 2-pounds of cannabis stored in my freezer and owning and possessing a lawful gun collection.
  • On or about August 5, 2011, I was told by the federal prison Special Investigative Services Supervisor, Mr. R. Dodson (L.S.C.I. Butner, North Carolina), that the DOJ and FBI had placed me on the so-called “National Terrorist Watch List.” What possible threat could I be to so-called national security while locked-up in prison?

It is well documented regarding the history of Iran/Contra, that dozens of military men, both officers and enlisted men and their spouses have been murdered. Allegedly they committed suicide, and other enlisted men from privates through colonels have been charged with trumped-up child sex charges in order to cover-up the activities and officers and elected officials involved in the Iran/Contra affair. This unlawful use of the courtrooms may be reviewed in many books by Mr. Rodney Stich, and any other books and publications written about the Iran/Contra affair.

terrorist watchlistI am familiar with the murder of Marine Corps Colonel Sabow (the full story of which has been posted online). Colonel Sabow was Chief of Operations for Marine Air, Western Area. He was murdered in his back yard at base housing on January 22, 1991. Shortly before his death, he learned of criminal activity by higher officials at El Toro Marine Air Base (and others), involving illegal weapon shipments to Latin America, with drug shipments coming into various military bases on the return flights.

He was intent on exposing these activities. The cover-up involves the DOD, the FBI and others. The DOJ looked the other way. Colones Sabow witnessed the same drug smuggling via military aircraft which I had also discovered at Cherry Point 2nd MAW, North Carolina, in 1981. When Colonel Sabow tried to expose said smuggling, he was murdered with extreme prejudice. This high-level gun and drug corporate governmental smuggling syndicate has been ongoing since the 1839-1860 Opium Wars with no end in sight.

Colonel Sabow’s brother, David Sabow, a prominent neurologist from Rapid City, South Dakota, became suspicious about a possible cover-up due to a number of inconsistencies regarding the death of his brother Colonel Sabow and began his own investigation. In retaliation, USMC General Adams ordered the JAG Department at El Toro to investigate ways to have Dr. Sabow’s medical license revoked. If the USMC will unlawfully use their JAG office against a civilian, logic would suggest the the TXARNG is capable of doing the same to me, which they did. This unlawful use of military assets must suggest that the “War on Drugs” is nothing more than window dressing used to cover-up a monumental corporate/governmental drug syndicate, in favor of an unknown jurisdiction. It’s just business as usual.

This article is a firsthand account written by a USMC and Texas Army Nation Guard veteran and submitted to Storyleak through our submissions system. 

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  1. Doug says:

    Thanks to Mr. John for speaking out about what he saw, it takes guts. We've known about things like this happening but it's just always insane every time I read it.

    • It's extremely stunning to realize that plane conveys just about an enormous measure of cocaine. Furthermore military trucks convey by obscure persons with medications made me puzzled. The way the moves are being made there in the interest of this is simply amazing. Any ways its great to know the overhauled news and i am looking forward for more imparts.

  2. Walt says:

    It is God, Corp (as in Marine Corp) and country. Not God, corp. (as in the abbreviation for corporation) and country.

  3. bohemian grover says:

    thanks storyleak this is nuts

  4. contructiveconservative says:

    Might want to consider one other thing……Check the history of opium production in Afghanistan…..The Taliban had about stamped it out, just in time to be invaded and coincidentally, Afghanistan now produces more than it ever did. I'm no fan of the Taliban..that's for sure…but…just sayin….

  5. samuel says:

    We would return with a load of equipment from these units which had been allegedly damaged, and was to be disposed of. I picked-up a lot of weapons, i.e., M-16′s, 45-cal pistols, M-60 and 50-cal machine guns.

  6. Melissa says:

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  7. Patty J. Corbin says:

    It's very shocking to know that plane carries almost a huge amount of cocaine. And also military trucks carrying by unknown persons with drugs made me speechless. The way the actions are being taken there on behalf of this is just remarkable. Any ways it's good to know the updated news and i am looking forward for more shares.

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