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Man Who Fled Communism Blasts Oregon Lawmakers For Gun Control Attempt

A man who fled Cuba’s communist regime in the 1960s blasted Oregon lawmakers Thursday during a public hearing on proposed gun control legislation.

Manuel Martinez, who narrowly escaped Cuba in 1962 after being imprisoned for opposing Fidel Castro, passionately defended the Second Amendment in front of Oregon’s Senate Judiciary Committee, comparing the state’s attempts to pass gun control to moves made by his former government.

“Don’t sell me this. A very powerful man tried to sell me this 50-something years ago, I didn’t buy it,” Martinez said. “This is Marxism, plain and clear.”

The legislation, Senate Bill 1551, proposes massively expanding background checks to almost every private sale, somehow expected to force criminals to voluntarily submit to a records check.

“They put this dog and pony show saying hey, we are going to protect you. No, what they did was enslave a country,” Martinez said. “They destroyed a country the same way that this country is going to be destroyed if we continue in this fashion. This is what you’re selling here!” Martinez said, holding up old communist magazines from Cuba.

Martinez was joined by others opposed to the legislation, as well as several supporters including national gun control advocate Capt. Mark Kelly. A vocal critic of “assault rifles,” Kelly was caught purchasing an AR-15 last March in Arizona. After investigators contacted Kelly’s gun control group to question the purchase, Kelly suddenly announced he never intended to keep the firearm, but instead bought the rifle in order to hand it over to police.

Others such as Oregon Firearm Federation Director Kevin Starrett attacked the state’s obvious attempt at gun registration, which has already been used to implement confiscation in several states.

“We all know what this bill is about. This is a gun registration and confiscation bill,” Starrett said. “Let’s not tell the same lies we told in New York and California.”

Despite the obvious move towards registration, the bill’s author, Democratic Sen. Floyd Prozanski, claimed no records would be kept past 10 days, calling Starrett a “conspiracist” for not blindly trusting the government’s claims.

Following the passage of the New York SAFE act in 2013, registered gun owners began receiving letters demanding they hand over their firearms. Recent legislation in California produced similar results, with Justice Department agents confiscating firearms from law-abiding citizens all across the state.

Martinez made national news after confronting lawmakers last year as well, helping end similar attempts by Oregon legislators to restrict gun rights.

Although gun homicide has fallen 49 percent since 1993, a recent poll found that a majority of American’s believe it has risen, a clear indication of the establishment’s attempt to push a false narrative.

Outside of Oregon, President Obama has continued to threaten gun rights through executive action, pushing to chip away at patient privacy laws. Despite reassurances, the medical system continues to be fraudulently used for backdoor gun confiscation.

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  1. You can keep your doctor…

    I won’t raise any taxes….

    We’re not coming for your guns…

    How many lies will we listen to before people realize we’re fools. Our founding fathers would have taken care of this problem already. They’d have already started the revolution that will be here sometime after we’re disarmed and we live without any constitution at all…

    • Dr. Roy Blackburn

      Our founding fathers may have been even jailed now in some states for simply speaking the truth. Notice I said some states. Not all…..thankfully. Just some. Or they would become targets of other means of harassment via regulatory boards, leftist neighbors in homeowner's associations, etc.

    • Please note that a US Supreme Court ruling in 1968 said that Criminals can not incriminate themselves by registering their guns.. This is ONLY for Law abiding citizens so a Marxist orientated state government , like CA, CT & NY can find were they are..Yes it is Marxism as these criminal law makers real goal is the confiscation of your firearm so they can control you and you can’t resist

  2. Scorecard: How Many Rights Have Americans REALLY Lost?

    How Many Constitutional Freedoms Do We Still Have? February 22, 2013

  3. Obama Maintains a State of National Emergency By Stephen Lendman, January 23, 2014

  4. A Simple FACT! All of the recent mass shootings have happened in cities and states with the most restrictive gun control laws. Fact: Disarming law abiding citizens will never protect them from law breaking citizens. No criminal ever registers his or her firearm. I could go on and on but when so many gun control advocates have their heads so far up their anus they can’t hear or see the stupidity of their argument.

    • Why debate the issue?
      Why attempt to justify to idiots, fools, control freaks?
      There is the constitution.
      The constitution is SUPPOSED to be the Supreme Law of the land.
      There is the second amendment garuntee.
      We have the right to keep and bear arms given to us Not by the Constituyion
      but by our Creator.
      This is the American way.
      If you don't like it then go back to China, Cuba, Nazi Germany 1939, Stalin Russia.
      They also like and believed in gun control.
      Criminals don't want armed victims.

      IMPEACH and ARREST the Obamunista regime. Traitors and Criminals controlled
      by the NWO bankers. Arrest them.

      Thank you for your hard work Anthony and Staff.
      Nice job here on web site. Good balance.
      Glad you have the balls to tackle the REAL issues.
      Fight the Good Fight.
      The ONLY way to defeat evil is to meet it head on.

    • A gun free zone sign is not going to stop a sociopath as well. In the West Bank in Israel it is not uncommon to see a school teacher at the black board with chalk in one hand and Uzi in the other. Apparently, terrorist do not yield to signs or reason either.

  5. Catherine Engelbrecht's Testimony at House of Representatives Hearing on IRS Targeting Feb 6, 2014

  6. Disarming law abiding citizens will never protect them from law breaking citizens. No criminal ever registers his or her firearm

  7. yeah, I remember Cuba before the revolution, what he is not saying is that as a white cuban he had all the advantages and the black cubans were damn near slaves, the revolution changed a lot of that.
    this bull about armed citizens is bull s if everyone was armed then robbers would shoot first and then rob your dead corpse and take your gun too!! and there is no way civilians in a industralized modern country can fight against a modern military, have you seen military equipment???!!! and you think a pistol/ rifle is competition???
    the best protection we can make would be a fair and just society. for all

    • Small arms are no match for modern battle field harware.
      Without Air Superiority you just die. You are correct.
      However, small arms are a deterrent to TYRANTS.
      There are more of us than them.
      If DHS contiues on their path to wage war upon Americans.
      If DHS works with FEMA to round up Americans.
      They will be over run and be destroyed.
      "They will find a Rifle behind, every blade of grass."

      If small arms were meaningless. Then the NWO Banker controlled Obamunista Communist
      would not car to take them away. Right?

      They want you unarmed so they can do even more EVIL to you.
      The Obamunista are TRAITOR criminals.
      IMPEACH and ARREST these traitors.

    • Most of our "Citizen" Military will have big issues about turning on the people they protect. There will however be a remnant of brain washed protectors that we will have to eliminate to establish citizen peace and quell the anarchy that will ensue. How do we establish the protection of a fair and just society without those who are willing and armed to fight for it? God forbid this may ever happen, however, Me thinks that this is an unavoidable future.

      • I agree. It's coming. It's only a matter of time.

      • Dr. Roy Blackburn

        Unfortunately, the U.S. military allows anyone in the world to join. So, some kid from a small village in South America, who joined to get a job and feed his army may have less compulsion to disobey orders to fire upon U.S. citizens. This type of recruitment has been going on for years. It has an obvious danger.

    • I don't think our military would fire on us

    • The ones who run the Cuban Communist government are the descendents of the white Europeans. Slavery is alive and well in Cuba. It has simply morphed to its modern version…..Communism.

    • Black Cubans still are slaves, to government! I know recent Cuban immigrants and poor Cubans are STILL poor Cubans! And I mean REALLY poor. ALL goods and resources are government owned and distributed. People risk their lives daily to provide for their families while the government administration rewards itself with the fruits of their enslaved population! Dont believe American leftist drivel. Its promulgated by those who envy the corupt nature of commie administrators and wish the same powers of life and death!

  8. If anyone understands the dangers of tyranny and oppressive governments it's a survivor of communism.

    And the same kinds of tools are used every time, disarming the citizens is right up front.

    • Dr. Roy Blackburn

      A colleague of mine in Florida came over on a raft to escape Cuba. He now laments that his children in Florida public schools are being taught the same slogans that he was taught in Communist Cuba. Such stories are alarming.

  9. The men and women sworn to uphold the constitution will do just that. Do you really think there's more left-minded commies in the military than right-minded folks? If the revolution ever starts, it would be just a catalyst for a military coup, as there are FAR more people in uniform that would rather slay a wretched politician than a fellow flag waving American.

  10. IMPEACH and ARREST the Obamunista regime. Traitors and Criminals controlled
    by the NWO bankers. Arrest them.

    Syria is NOT a threat.
    Ukraine is NOT a threat.

    Russia has it's own issues and does NOT want war.
    But Russia will fight if provoked. Russia will use NUKES if cornered.
    Leave Russia and thier backyard ALONE. Let the Bear sleep. Live and Let Live.

    The BIGGEST threat to America.
    Is that NWO criminal Obamunista TRAITORS and NWO Bankers are destroying
    our country INTENTIONALLY.
    We have been over run by TRAITORS.
    Obamunista need to be ARRESTED, BEFORE they can start WW3.

  11. This is so timely for me! Thanks for clarifying!

  12. Do these left wing goons really think more gun laws will stop violence?

  13. Traitors and Criminals controlled
    by the NWO bankers. Arrest them.

  14. Dr. Roy Blackburn

    Mr. Manuel Martinez. You are my brother, in arms if need be. When I was a child in southern Florida, my family took in Cuban refugees in the first wave. I heard the stories from Maria and her grandmother. I was not there but I heard first hand as a child. Also, a friend of mine's father was the editor of the Havana times; he was imprisoned and brutalized for many years in Castro's prison. Also, another person I know, Dr. Theresa deRojas, her father was a gentleman, a pathologist and a prisoner in a Cuban hell hole until he finally got out about five years before he died. Mr. Manuel Martinez. I am with you. You are my brother. You know better than I the horrors of communism. I have known other first hand stories from friends and family in Eastern Europe as well. I stand proudly with you. Leave Oregon. It is evil. Go to a Free State such as Idaho, New Hampshire, Texas. Check out… or The lines are being drawn. We must not let freedom slip away. I have never had the misfortune to be subjected to the direct horrors of communism but I know full well the direct negative effect it had on the lives of people. Even though I have been so shielded I am witnessing its presence and stealth growth in the last remnants of a once great free country.

    • Roy, I knew you as a child in North Palm Beach, Fla. I took you when you were six years old to the movies on Clematis St, Your mom and dad were our friends. My husband David Gruner, had the dental lab for your dad's dental practice. Your mother gave me a baby shower when our first son was born. I just lost him Nov 9th to a heart attack. Would enjoy hearing from you. Mildred Gruner

  15. Guns are not the problem. Criminals are the problem. We need criminal control, not gun control. For example, 84% of gun crimes in California are committed by non-whites. 84%!

  16. Nice post and good information

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