Man Arrested For Talking About Guns On Oregon Bus

March 5th, 2014
Updated 03/06/2014 at 3:50 am

An Oregon man riding a public bus was arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Jail Tuesday for allegedly mentioning firearms during a conversation.

Image: TriMet Bus (Yelp).

Image: TriMet Bus (Yelp).

According to reports, a TriMet bus driver claims to have overheard comments made by 41-year-old Patrick O’Brien Nolin, who is accused of telling another passenger that he was carrying a firearm.

TriMet police were immediately called to the scene and began approaching the bus at the intersection of Northeast 82nd Avenue and Sandy Boulevard. Preparing to board, officers suddenly received new reports claiming that Nolin was not only armed, but had his firearm “cocked and loaded.”

Police carefully made their way onto the bus before finally confronting Nolin, who it turned out had no firearm or weapon whatsoever. Despite breaking no law, police decided to arrest Nolin anyway, charging him with “Interfering With Public Transportation,” a Class A Misdemeanor. Nolin was released on his own recognizance several hours later.

According to TriMet regulations, no person, except for law enforcement, can bring or carry any firearm, knife or any other instrument, article, device, material or substance specifically designed for, or attempted to be used to, inflict or cause bodily harm to another.

As Oregon state law preempts any regulation that restricts the possession or transfer of firearms under ORS 166.170, TriMet also goes on to state that a person in possession of a weapon, that cannot be legally banned, may not display or carry the weapon in a manner which is likely to result in fear or alarm by other persons or District employees.

Regardless, Nolin’s arrest clearly illustrates the establishment’s over-the-top reaction to anything Second Amendment related. In countless examples across the country, people, mostly children, have been punished for completely legal activity.

Last April, a highly decorated military veteran was illegally detained and disarmed after an officer accused him of “rudely displaying his rifle while out on a hike with his son.

In 2012, a 5-year-old girl in Pennsylvania was suspended for making a “terroristic threat” after telling fellow students about her “Hello Kitty” toy bubble gun.

The following year, a 5-year-old Maryland boy was interrogated for 2 hours until he wet himself after bringing a toy cap gun to school.

Last September, a 9-year-old boy in Detroit was suspended indefinitely after a teacher accused him of pointing his spinning top machine like a gun.

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  1. NewPerson says:

    I thank the author for the article.
    Clearly, our once civil society, is falling apart; bursting at the seams.

    • TheNewsMadd says:

      Agrred locking people up for not doing anything illegal is a sure sign of collapse

      • Roger says:

        Talking about loaded guns cocked and ready to use in a crowded bus is inviting panic.

        The collapse in society might be a crackpot trying to make all gun owners look bad.

        • TheNewsMadd says:

          It's not illegal. But we all know how much you hate free speech. Maybe you should sue this guy too

        • Guest says:

          "The collapse in society might be a crackpot trying to make all gun owners look bad."

          That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. You made me laugh so hard I just wet myself. Using that logic, one could quite readily say that YOU are some crackpot, trying to make all bloggers look bad………..

          Thank you for the laugh little man.

          • Roger says:

            This person was a crack pot.

            The fact you attacked an obvious comment isn't funny, it's just wee's posse of trolls trying to stop any serious debate or discussion here.

          • Guest says:

            I am not in Wee's posse of trolls.

            You are a crackpot. In my opinion. You can't sue a person, on an opinion. You have ruined this website. You have ruined the Growl once again. You ruined Navy's website. You even tried ruining Breitbart, but they ignored you, because they knew what you were. An agent provocateur, sent to ruin websites.

            Run along now Little Man.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Well first I don't have a posse.
            Second, everything else you said is spot on

          • Roger says:

            Of course you do, you confer off forum and act with a common agenda.

            And that agenda doesn't seem to be actually discussing the topics provided by the site.

          • Guest says:

            …. you confer off forum and act with a common agenda.

            Isn't that what you, and High Plains Drifter, and DeeCase, and Petroglyph, and Leauxandria and Dooche used to do? Word is, those "back channel" email threads were hundreds of emails long.

            Or should I say it is what you still do.

            Hypocritical Little Man.

          • Roger says:

            Nope, I have never spoken to most of them, one only rarely and never for tactics or to compare notes before posting.

            You think all people are on your level, we're not.

          • Roger says:

            You're entitled to your opinion.

            I laid out a classic example of when free speech hits limits.
            And I still think based on your comment you're aligned with wee and his posse of trolls.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            No one cares what you think. Besides cvn and so the rest of the sites you troll everyone is complaining about you. Not me and the rest of the patriots. Does that tell you something? No one wants you around. People don't want to be under threat of law suits by a whiny little troll all the time. Everyone is complaining about you. Can you take a hint?

          • Roger says:

            If that was true, then you wouldn't have responded.

            And people that seem to advocate for revolution over working within the system for restoration and reform of abuses isn't exactly what I'd consider a patriot.

            Not when combined with your sense of 'sharia' style justice.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Do you have copies of his medical records to show he was a crack pot?

          • Roger says:

            Do you have any evidence he was being threatened or talking out of a desire for self defense?

            Wee, you just can't help yourself, you just like the idea of revolution and guns and mass caches of ammo.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            What? You tried to make a medical diagnosis on this guy with no evidence to back up your claim

          • Roger says:

            He is a crackpot if he acts out like this.

            Had I wanted to make a medical diagnosis it would have been framed differently.

            Wee, I thought you just got done saying nobody cares what I think. It appears you lied, again.

            And there is evidence, read the story.

          • blahblah says:

            Roger told Suzie that he is ambiguous
            He is more that that, he is an idiot. He never listens to links posted, he just replie with some nonesense.
            '''''''Suzie, sorry to have been ambiguous. It wasn't his petition. It was the open letter from the gun manufacturer from Montana. The petition, this is the first I had heard of it.''''''

          • iBiB says:

            blahblah, that is funny.

            Do you remember last week when someone posted the job offer that Suzie had offered to roger?

          • blahblah says:

            He should take that job, that way Suzie could close her site for good
            That is another one that does not know what to do with her ego trip
            She keeps changing her site and more people leave. What a trip

          • Roger says:

            She had traditional American values, you just don't agree with them.

          • blahblah says:

            She had? You are right.

          • Roger says:

            Once more a guest troll throws insults because he can't discuss issues.

            Why are they allowed here? Some sties pull the report button, the thumbs down button and even insist that a person sign up for a free profile if they want to access and contribute.

          • Roger says:

            Blah blah, why are you so eager to read that site's posting?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Society collapse

  3. Roger says:

    It has always been illegal to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theatre.

    I was alarmed when I read the headlines, but as I got into the details I realized this wasn't just casual mention of guns, but that he had one on him that was cocked and loaded. It would seem he was talking that way with the intent to intimidate and cause panic.

    That would be interfering with transportation.
    As much as we need to defend our right to bear arms, we need to be responsible with that right.

    • jerk says:

      Is it spanking time?

    • guest says:

      It is not illegal to yell "fire" in a crowded theatre. You can be prosecuted if someone gets hurt if you start a panic.

      • Roger says:

        Of course it is, that's one of the most basic tests for limiting freedoms.

        • TheNewsMadd says:

          Talking about guns on a bus is not yelling fire in a theatre

          • Roger says:

            It has the same principals.

            A crackpot trying to make gun owners look mentally unstable and threatening for no apparent reason would be similar to some fool yelling fire in a crowded theatre just to watch people panic.

          • Alinsky Hero USA says:

            What principal talked about guns on the bus Roger?

            You are full of virgin.

          • Roger says:

            And you are full of troll, still desperate to target this site and stop all actual debate – still.

          • Mark says:

            Roger, if you will go back and re-read the article, he did not have a gun. Thus nothing was "cocked and loaded". The reports to the police were by a 3rd party and were incorrect. You are also assuming the second hand accounts by those that contacted the police complaining about what he said were accurate. All we do know is that he did not have a gun, he did not threaten anyone (or he would have been charged with conveying a threat) and yet you believe only what you want to believe to make your point and then say you made a good post. If you want an honest debate, start by getting your facts in order.

          • Steve says:

            Roger are you a CA gun owner by chance? If so, please create a flowchart to let us know what is acceptable to to say in the event one wants to talk about firearms on public transportation.

    • Guest says:

      FIRE IN THE HOLE…………………!


      • Roger says:

        Yes, you seem to be one.

        And we have freedom of speech so long as it doesn't cause physical harm to others, yelling fire in a crowded theatre has been an example for years.

    • Guest says:

      Funny, the only yelling fire was the anti gun wundertard!

  4. Ralph the Oregonian says:

    An unarmed man is a slave. Bow down to your Masters slaves.

  5. Mr.Lincoln says:

    The Canadian Gun Grab (From An American Perspective)

    Mar 7, 2014 The RCMP have re-classified the Swiss Arms Classic Green carbine, as a "prohibited" weapon and approximately 20 other guns are soon to be on the chopping block as they are preparing to collect these guns by turning thousands of law abiding Canadians into criminals overnight. While at CPAC 2014 Dan Dicks of Press For Truth spoke with Jim Van Eerden of about the right to bear arms both in Canada and the United States.

  6. fenwick says:

    The trick is to NEVER find yourself in Multnomah county, where the yuppies reign supreme, where the city of Portland & county of Multnomah will persecute you for just about anything except being a vagrant.

  7. Pollish33 says:

    Honestly, he should not been arrested he did break a law and also he is protected under the 1st and 2nd amendment.

  8. AndersonSmith says:

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