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Missouri Department of Transportation Uses LRAD Sound Cannons Against Speeding Drivers

The Missouri Department of Transportation revealed two newly acquired LRAD sound cannons this week, which will reportedly be used to target vehicles that speed in work zones.

Coming in at $25,000 a piece, the Long-Range Acoustic Device, a sonic weapon best know for its use against protesters and insurgents in Afghanistan, will alert drivers to road conditions by shooting a loud verbal message through their windshields.

“The LRAD puts out up to 153 decibels of sound through an emitter, not a loud speaker,” said MoDOT employee Michele Compton. “The sound easily penetrates the windshield and well-insulated cab of a car, even overriding the vehicle’s engine sounds and a radio turned up loud enough to jam to tunes at highway speeds.”

Along with being placed at highway work sites, the LRADs will also be mounted to the back of MoDOT work vehicles. During a 2013 field test, an integrated radar unit was used to automatically activate the LRAD when an “at-risk vehicle” approached to closely.

“Slow vehicles ahead,” a voice repeats between loud alarm sounds.

At a similar test with LRAD Corporation representatives, State Maintenance Engineer Beth Wright referred to the system as a valuable safety tool.

“When you hear that, you do pay attention,” Wright said. “The intent is for a driver to hear it, to capture their attention, not startle.”

While MoDOT says the LRAD will be used at safe levels, the system is more than capable of causing irreversible damage if used past 130d.

Residents of Kansas City were less than thrilled to learn that their state’s transportation department had become the first in the country to purchase such a system.

“What about the workers and those that live near the construction zone?” Laurie Merrill noted on Facebook. “Who wants to have that constantly blaring in their ears.”

While MoDOT will undoubtedly work to convince residents of the device’s usefulness, its continued roll-out in the United States has few excited.

The U.S. Air National Guard purchased half a million dollars worth of portable LRAD systems to be deployed throughout the country in 2012.

“The Air National Guard will be deploying the LRAD 100X systems throughout the country to support and assist civil authorities in the event of severe natural or man-made disasters,” President and CEO of LRAD Tom Brown said.

During the 2009 G20 summit in Pittsburgh, militarized police for the first time used several LRAD units mounted to armored vehicles against peaceful protesters.


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  1. Much of this stuff anymore is bordering on the insane..

    • You got that right, and we sit here and allow it happen

      • Hello Wee. Have you looked at Drudge this morning? There are a half dozen stories there about what is going on with the Bundy's in Nevada. They are under attack by the Federal Government. Every few years, the Feds insist on having a Ruby Ridge, or a Waco, to flex their muscles and show the people who is in charge. I fear this will not end well.

        As I read it, there are about 200 Feds who have the Bundy's surrounded. Consequently, we need about 400 concerned citizens to go out there to surround the Feds, and tell them to disarm and leave in peace, or suffer the consequences………..

        • Why not have 400 citizens there to act as shields and not theater?

          To stand with picket signs and video cameras at each sniper post?

        • Good morning.
          Completely unaccepatable what the feds are doing. You are right we need about 400 people to go there. It is time we take back our country

          • There needs to be a balance, between civil disobedience and people appealing to the police to remember they have a responsibility to the citizens to serve and protect. Perhaps to remind them they shouldn't attack their friends and relatives.

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          • He harassed jebbie again yesterday on the navy site and lost.

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            If you crave that kind of control open your own site and pull a Zebrano.

          • I don't want to control it. It is an open forum and I am asking you to quit harrassing me and wrecking these open forums. I want to discuss the issues facing this country, that is something you don't want to do. You want to argue over the smell of chit like the rest of them. Not going to do it anymore. You talk about ego you spent hours replying to the person posting gibberish. You think youhave to repy to everything that is an ego maniac if I ever seen one. Go ahead and reply I am done reading anything you post so continue to waste your time and life on me, you are no longer worth my time and you do not deserve access to this forum like the rest of the people you are having back and forth withs bringing the site down

          • Still derailing the threads.

            Wee, you forget that this is debate.
            You don't get to control things. You have a chance to post your opinion and the chance to explain and defend it.

            That's what it's here for. You just can't stand that.

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        • I am very nervous too. But what a BA cowboy Bundy is!

          Could this be the reason for the "tortoise protection"?

      • It only makes sense if you agree with the statist agenda.

  2. And the police state continues to expand………………………….

    • And crush all opposition.
      Fascists do that.

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          • Roger I am on your side it is frustrating when people post gibberish or comments designed to cause havoc. and make open debate difficult. I would like to suggest though Guest is right you don’t have to reply to them every time they post something. you are only feeding the beast just ignore them don’t get worked up over them that is what they want. Dont give then the satisfaction.

          • You don't know a lot then.

            The only thing that keeps them distracted from saying worse is being called on it immediately.

            And yes, I've been around long enough to know.

          • "You don't know a lot then," is a rude response to someone who is trying to be helpful.

          • It was an honest reply to someone I didn't think really deserved much more effort.

            How many times have trolls hidden themselves behind a new name and pretended to give advice so that good people will do nothing?

            It's an old story. And it never ends well.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            It's good that he replies to every comment. He losses credibility. It makes the person he is replying to have a stronger argument. And it wreaks conservative websites.

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        • MrGuest joker.
          I read that exchange. It was brilliant and on point. Esp HPD….
          Attacking ideas and style, not personality, at least on Roger's part..

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          • Roger
            Do you know how to adjust the auto correct on an ipad?
            Mine changes a lot of important words…like I write 'is' it becomes 'us' … just one example…
            Thanks, Ann

          • put one thumb in your A$$, the other in your other cavity.

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            You are predictable.

          • I don't have a clue and I fight my auto correct on my macs constantly. I have to proof read my comments and try to fix any it slips in before the posse pounces on them for it.

          • You're still a Rick Star…
            Even a Rock Star…

            I proof read but apparently too quickly…

          • I wasn't sure what all was involved in being a "Rick Star" but was hoping it involved lots of great food. Oh well, either way the trolls will be irritated by it.

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          • Still have nothing to add and are just too stupid not to say it?

    • Because that's what people have purchased by their disobedience to prevailing law (assuming prevailing law is just and realistic).

  3. While this is the least offensive use of these devices I've seen, it still comes off a tremendous waste of resources. I have questions on a technical level I wish were addressed here, for example, what happens to your eardrums if somebody's window is open and this thing fires? The article assumes that windows are closed. That somebody can use it in a non-startling way seems a stretch.

    • Can you imagine if someone panics at the noise and is involved in an accident?

      The liability issues are going to be horrendous.

      • I panic every time I see you make a post.

        • You could to post at the Growl, tell Zebrano I sent you.

          • Do it yourself.

          • I post on the Growl daily.

            How about you?

            I won't tell Zebrano anything, or carry your messages. You want to tell him something, do it yourself.

            Oh. thats right, I forgot, you can't post there, you were banned because you are an imbecile.

          • From PoofShesGone

            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … • 116 replies • -1 points
            Oh, I mucked my way through literally hundreds of your comments as well as "Wee"s. I had to stop because of the intense dry heaves your comments bring about. If you were interesting, if you were clever, if you were even remotely funny, there might be a point to 97,000+ comments. Since you're none of those things, your influence is nil, your beliefs are unintelligible, you're basically irrelevant. Pretty simple stuff.
            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … • 170 replies • -1 points
            Barking up the wrong tree, so don't quit your day job to become a super sleuth. I stumbled upon your (all of you, not just you) verbal vomit and the pirate's site quite by accident, but then became fascinated by people like yourself who would post 97,000+ comments and say virtually nothing. If you have beliefs, why don't you just state them and be done with it? It's the badgering/stalking that doesn't look, to the casual observer, like it's either healthy or effective. Has either "side" convinced a living soul of your points of view? Not likely. I just couldn't stand another comment about the Breitbart episode….Andrew Breitbart has been dead for 6 months (and thus his site has changed), and yet you continue to drag it out — how old is that comment, BTW? Good luck to you, because with your mindset you're going to need it. Ever think about collecting ping-pong balls or finding an equally interesting hobby?

            Addressed to ROGER 84 weeks ago…..nothing has changed.

          • What's wrong, actually doing anything, or saying anything just beyond you?

            Trolls, so predictable.

          • Hi Rogie, how are you doing these days, same old crap?

          • Yes you seem to be using exactly that.

            Too bad you're not here for the story topic.

          • For you Roger baby From PoofShesGone

            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … • 116 replies • -1 points
            Oh, I mucked my way through literally hundreds of your comments as well as "Wee"s. I had to stop because of the intense dry heaves your comments bring about. If you were interesting, if you were clever, if you were even remotely funny, there might be a point to 97,000+ comments. Since you're none of those things, your influence is nil, your beliefs are unintelligible, you're basically irrelevant. Pretty simple stuff.
            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … • 170 replies • -1 points
            Barking up the wrong tree, so don't quit your day job to become a super sleuth. I stumbled upon your (all of you, not just you) verbal vomit and the pirate's site quite by accident, but then became fascinated by people like yourself who would post 97,000+ comments and say virtually nothing. If you have beliefs, why don't you just state them and be done with it? It's the badgering/stalking that doesn't look, to the casual observer, like it's either healthy or effective. Has either "side" convinced a living soul of your points of view? Not likely. I just couldn't stand another comment about the Breitbart episode….Andrew Breitbart has been dead for 6 months (and thus his site has changed), and yet you continue to drag it out — how old is that comment, BTW? Good luck to you, because with your mindset you're going to need it. Ever think about collecting ping-pong balls or finding an equally interesting hobby?

            Addressed to ROGER 84 weeks ago…..nothing has changed.


          • bastani,

            Excellent find!

            I read those an hour ago, and never thought to post them.

          • 84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … · 14 replies · -2 points
            I have no dog in this fight, no side to be on, really no interest, but I thought you might enjoy my comment to Roger up there ▲.

            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … · 172 replies · -2 points
            I'm poking my head in here because I just can't stand it any longer. When you go to my ID page, Roger, you'll find I'm a nobody who hasn't even commented in months. But JezusHCrist, don't you ever tire of mouthing your same crap day after day, week after week? I starting seeing your idiocy months and months ago on that Pirates site and watched in disgust as you rambled on and on, constantly throwing out your same tired reference to this Brietbart comment; then you started with the goat garbage. Here's an idea: If you can't find something else to do in Nebraska other than stalking another commenter, go do some volunteer work in an area that goes along with your political beliefs.

          • So many old posts.
            All hiding behind a guest profile and all off topic.

            Trolls, they can't discuss the issues so they hide behind the fog of confusion.

            Just like this fascist regime. They can't do anything, but always blame their issues on anything else possible to distract from their failures.

            Liberalism really is a mental disorder of sorts.
            And yes, they still target this site to stop serious conversation.

            They must fear it. The stories are stores the media does not want people thinking about.

          • Roger, that PoofShesGone poster said the most profound things in those few short posts about you.

            "….verbal vomit and the pirate's site quite by accident, but then became fascinated by people like yourself who would post 97,000+ comments and say virtually nothing."

            She drove that nail home with a five pound sledge.

          • I just came to visit to set the record straight.

          • You haven't. You're just another guest profile troll that's here to spam the site. Nothing more.

          • He was banned for trolling there too

          • You sure are determined to discuss anything but the story at every opportunity.

            Could it be that you and your posse just target sites to stop serious debate perhaps?

          • Not to worry, it's all ONE jackball ( AlinskyZero) doing the spamming, posing as many sad Guests, and ruining the thread…sbj is also involved minimally, as his ADHD seems to flaring lately….

            Shame the mods can't use this sound cannon on them…

          • It would splatter like a water balloon full of chicken manure.

          • We need Zebie to moderate here..BUT….he'd 'prolly leave them and toss us…

          • As a gallant gesture.

            You notice they still won't let him ban me on the growl, he just has a leash long enough to delete comments.

            It's their site and they can do what they want. It was a shame, they used to have enough people to actually discuss things, now it's down to the echo chamber of a dozen posts a day.

          • Hi there sweetee pie? Sweating it out again?

          • Of course not.
            If you're pretending to be lips, you aren't pulling it off. She'd have the courage to just post as herself.

          • I don't care mto talk to you, I'm just laughing at you

          • You are not anyone that matters, unless the filters are down enough to allow spam.

          • where is HPD drizzler to help you?

          • Where is the profile of alinsky to help you?

          • I don't give a hoot about Al, I'm my own woman.

          • Oh look, Alinsky tried to post on the growl and Zeb booted his comment and called him an unwanted pervert.

            That had to hurt.

            And enough of the spammers.

            This story is important. Government can reach right inside your car and say anything it wants.

            That is intrusive government.

          • Quality posts, no trash, no spam, no nonsense, no perverts, no trolls, no idiots, no retards, no perverts.

          • I don't care for the growl, you idiot

          • You don't care for anyplace that allows thinking people. That stops spam, that cares for the country.

            And that boots you from the growl on all counts.

          • I don't comment on the growl you idiot.

          • Speaking of idiot, how come you're here now?

          • I think I saw an ad on CraigsList advertising the site…

            Wanted: confused conservatives, drug dazed liberalterians, and really dumb Ron Paul supporters to post delusional comments on our GROWL website..
            As an added bonus, we have three topless Paulettes , Swimmer, JustFolks, and EndTheFed, thumbing all your comments UP..!
            Ask for Zebrano…Cum on down..!

          • Too bad the Ad wasn't solely limited to "Drunkards Only". You could have applied for the position.

          • Is that you Ellenor?
            Still hiding behind lame Guest names, I see..
            Typical and par for the course…

          • And you know what? That would "prolly" end all of the BS.

          • It did on the growl.

            I can still go and post, I just have to delete my comments before trash such as yourself pounce on them, the person I reply to gets it in their email notifications.

          • go there and see what happens you idiot

          • Alinsky just did and got his comment pulled and called a pervert by Zebrano.

            It's funny! Trolls have a very slow learning curve.

          • What happening to day? same old Roger?

          • Today government is working on telling you anything it wants even inside your car.

            That is intrusive government. And you being a jerk just want to spam the place calling them on it.

          • go to navy and TCC, they want you to write an English book with no spelling and grammatical errors.

          • And you just want to spam uninterrupted.

          • No errors?


          • No spamming?

            That would be nice, but probably not going to happen.

          • Keep spamming

          • Like yourself?

            No thanks.
            The issues at this site deserve better than that.

            This intrusive regime needs to be called out on these things.

          • Chicken manure?

            Roger, you and HPDuuuuh would know all there is to know about manure. You two are nothing but the feces of the internet. The Shlt Brothers.


          • And I know that BS is good for plants, where chicken manure is too strong and burns them.

            And knowing manure, I smell you need flushing.

          • You are smelling bad this morning

          • I try washing you off my boots, but you are what you are.

          • Boots?
            You fraud. You've never owned a pair of work boots in your life, so don't try to convince folks otherwise. You with your little 'stache, and Warren in his Dago Wife beater tee-shirt, pretending to be manly men, when nothing could be farther from the truth.

            I'd bet the only calluses you've ever had, was on your typing finger, or your palm.

          • That just goes to show you.

            In spite of all the research the posse has done on me, you don't know me at all.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He has long leather fashion boots that he like to wear around the house.

          • Alinsky, why do you always troll intend of discussing the stories?

            Making up fantasies doesn't make it a reality and this isn't the kind of site for that kind of discussion.

          • Tired Roger?
            Hard time today articulating coherent thoughts?

          • It isn't hard for a conservative.

            Tired guest? Is it hard reading coherent thoughts?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Keep talking queer.

          • Oh rats, you're back with your typical insults.

            Too bad you can't apparently do better.

          • Visions of Freddie Mercury come to mind.

            I've got to break free………..

          • It is his breath.

          • Finally.
            You finally admited it after all these years, and hundreds of thousands of posts.

            You are a Bullshltting expert.

            Allah Be Praised!

          • There you go again.
            Why would a fake god want to be praised for a fake conclusion?

            You trolls are consistent.

          • Why not?

            You are a fake.

          • Like you are? Nope.

            What is it that really frightens you. That some patriots really do feel as strongly about freedoms and marxism as they say they do?

          • WoW! That is a very immature guest…must be an AlinskyZero/sbj1897 tag team…

          • Look!

            Poop just showed up, looking for his boy Stink.

          • Yes the posse circling their wagons.

            You don't want to know what they might dip those arrows in before shooting them.

    • Congratulations on making the only reasonable response to this article. We should be open to new technologies to improve highway safety but only when measured against the negatives. I, too, would appreciate an article that accurately describes the monetary costs and potential for damage to health and property.

      Storyleak does an entertaining job documenting governmental and business overreaching, but often the stories include just enough information to inflame the passions of their core audience.

      • There was on following his, just before the trolls such as yourself pounced on this site to stop serious debate on the topic.

        Why does the posse still target this site?

      • SUA, I concur with you.
        I am curious though. Just who is their "Core Audience"?


        • People who are fed up. That could include low info folks like HPD and mindless parrots like Roger, as well as patriotic citizens.

          • I find Roger and HPD funny and entertaining, mildly sarcastic and witty…
            Unlike those that hide behind their mothers skirts, while insulting others, using the cowardly guest button.

          • Thanks for your input.

          • Where can we read three years of your ' high-info' posts ..
            Just to judge for ourselves, who actual 'lo-info' libtard really is.
            Do tell, please.

          • If you want to read three years of high-info posts, go to Rogers archive. You can read 141,000 of them. That should keep you busy for four or five years.

            Roger always makes high quality excellent posts.

            For retards.

          • No, that's 'to retards' if you have to be insulting.

            I consider them the 'incorrect' in need to a 'challenge'.

            And don't pretend nobody noticed that you pretend to have vast experience in posting on this forum yet can't/won't man up and lay your cards out.

          • Vast experience?
            No. I do not have vast experience posting here, or anywhere else. But hey, it really isn't that hard or complicated.

            After all, even you can do it,

          • Yes, but you don't do it right.

            See the top of the page? Try starting with the story. Read it, perhaps google references then when you have something to add try chiming in.

            It's called informed discussion with other adults.
            You may be here, but you're not keeping up.

          • I was asking the brilliant SUA for his archive of really 'hi-info"
            comments so we can ascertain who is a communist guest troll and who is a patriot…

          • I never thought you were a communist. Roger either. You two aren't smart enough to understand communism.

            You are just two turds floating in the same punchbowl.

          • Poop&StinkBeGone



          • Why don't you try educating yourself then talking afterwards.

            There is a communist manifesto, its' not hard to understand. It matches the liberal agenda amazingly well, almost as if they have Karl Marx as a party mascot.

            Or as if you do.
            Either way, it's not hard to be a useful tool. Even you can do it.

          • I don't have three years of posts, an ID or thousands of comments. I don't see how that's relevant.

          • Because it shows you're just a troll that hides his tracks.

          • Hey Retard! I'd hoped you'd be smarter by now. I was wrong.

            32 weeks later I see that you've been abandoned by your one friend. That's okay, HPD/Ann is a white trash racist moron.

          • Hey retard, I see the posse abandoned you and you had to come here alone!

  4. This is government out of control…

  5. The shooting war is about to begin, stay tuned. There are going to be a lot dead cops littering the roadways when this pressure cooker they are putting the country in blows up in their faces. They already think they are above the law, now they are deluding themselves into thinking they are invincible. People regular law abiding, Constitution believing citizens are going to start pulling guns to defend themselves and their families. And it is was past overdue.

    • There is a troll that advocates for revolution.

      I would rather call for restoration or the rule of law, to what we had before liberals corrupted the system.

    • I feel your anger and believe me I am prepared to fight. But we must avoid a shooting war at all costs. That is what the globalists want. Patriots would win the fight but the country and its infrastructure will be wrecked and destroyed in the process. We need to win the information war, put criminals like Obama and Bush behind bars and clean out the US government of its corruption. Also, end the FED.

    • War is coming. There is a troll who advocates for new elections even though we have been doing that and nothing has changed

      • The troll who advocates for revolution doesn't seem to think that voters can be trust and what does that say about his view of freedom if voters can't be trusted?

      • I believe (and hope) that political change will come before full on insurrection. Our populace has become so accustomed to government intrusiveness that it's unlikely that the assault on individual liberties alone will drive violent revolt. Instead, it will take economic meltdown – when people who have reasonable expectations of self-sufficiency can no longer take care of themselves. Before that happens, the government will (I expect) be forced to begin coming to terms with the financial monkey it has placed on our backs.

        In the meantime, there is enough groundswell opposition to big government, to overreaching, to assault on liberties that credible candidates across the political spectrum will emerge to capitalize on that "market" opportunity. We've already seen it beginning with those who have aligned with Tea. I expect others with broader appeal to emerge with similar messages.

        When candidates with these positions take office, it will be up to us to hold them to a higher standard.

        • They need to be held to a higher standard. The current lies aren't enough.

        • Alinsky Hero USA

          The current standard is enough, they don't need to be held to a higher one.

        • I hope you are right but at this time as far as I am concerned not one politician can be trusted. Like I said the other day this liberal vs. conservative crap has to end. They argue over the dumbest things (like gay marriage) or what a turd smells like. This is what those in power want it keeps us busy and at each others throats while our freedoms are slowly being taken away. Until these people wake and see it's us against them our country will continue to crumble

          • Reid has shown how far he can be trusted.
            And the opposition in the Senate needs to grow and spine and start pushing back in a REAL way.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I love being a liberal, and I don't plan on changing just because some moderates hate when liberals try to stop the tyranny and damage to America from conservatives.

            In fact, I think Libertarian moderates may be the worst of all because they try to argue that Democrats and Republicans are equally to blame.

          • Two or three turns on my Waterboard, and you'd change your tune.

            You'd be admitting to things you'd never done.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Nope, because you'll be on my Judas Cradle before you had the chance to use your little waterboard. And you will be begging to suck off Obama by the time I'm finished with you.

            BTW, do you happen to own some dogs, and like to take them for a walk at a nearby lake? You remind me of someone.

          • Isn't that cute. Alinsky and a guest troll pretend to have a discussion here while clogging the threads.

            The posse still must fear this site if they work so hard to disrupt it.

            Do you think you should like two different people when you discuss something like that?

            The problem is, when you pretend to be a conservative you sound like a parody of one, a conservative as liberals see them. Not as a conservative as conservatives see themselves.

            It just doesn't work.

          • still being an idiot

  6. People are no longer going to stand by and watch 6 cops beat and kick someone to death. We are inches away from from John Q. Public jumping in and defending his brother American. Destroying someone's hearing for life because they may be speeding where the cops don't want them to is absolutely power crazed madness.

    • And some day perhaps the site won't stand by and watch one or two trolls kick everyone around with spam.

      • spammer and stalker

        • Yes, you are.
          And here I am, so the name you are using this time makes no sense.

          • It's not about a name, it's about the content of a comment.
            You are a loser.

          • Content of a comment. Do you get points for each insult, minus any wandering thought that may have slipped in unnoticed?

          • you are the one that adds trash comments to your 141,000

          • You still didn't answer my question.

            Do I need to use smaller words?

          • BwaaaHaaaHa. Ha Ha.

            PoofShesGone sure got your number.

            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … · 14 replies · -2 points
            I have no dog in this fight, no side to be on, really no interest, but I thought you might enjoy my comment to Roger up there ▲.

            84 weeks ago @ Frontpage Magazine – Why an Israeli Strike … · 172 replies · -2 points
            I'm poking my head in here because I just can't stand it any longer. When you go to my ID page, Roger, you'll find I'm a nobody who hasn't even commented in months. But JezusHCrist, don't you ever tire of mouthing your same crap day after day, week after week? I starting seeing your idiocy months and months ago on that Pirates site and watched in disgust as you rambled on and on, constantly throwing out your same tired reference to this Brietbart comment; then you started with the goat garbage. Here's an idea: If you can't find something else to do in Nebraska other than stalking another commenter, go do some volunteer work in an area that goes along with your political beliefs.

          • Another spam by another guest troll.

            That comment only shows I really anger you guys, and have done so for a long, long time.

          • Sweetie, you don't anger me.
            I feel sorry for you.

            Look where you are in life.
            Posting thousands of comments about nothing, on a website that nobody reads. The only reason they put up with this nonsense, is that it is the only traffic they get.

          • The spammer is using bigger words.

            And you have been posting thousands of comments about nothing. It's that agenda, to target and diminish any site that might work against the liberal / marxist regime.

          • Stalker

          • Ah, the guest troll is back with more spam!

          • Just more spam, can't you bother to post as intel and do it in a foreign language that we won't bother to pretend means anything?

          • spammer
            And posting a comment to someone for the first time doesn't meet any definition of the term stalker.

            So, you're just spamming still.

          • Roger, you are the biggest f8cking idiot the internet has ever known. You are insane. You start at the top of the thread, and comment on every single post, the whole way through the thread, saying nothing of significance.

            Shut the f8ck up.

          • Do I bother the trolls?
            How mean of me.

            And you are still nothing but trolls spamming the place because the posse agenda can't stand actual debate or discussion.

          • You follow them you idiot

          • I consider liberal poison to be akin to a forest fire that needs to be dealt with before getting uncontrollable.

            So I explain why the talking points are wrong one comment at a time. That doesn't make me the idiot, so want to explain why you're hiding behind a guest profile again?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Recent Comments

            Alinsky Hero USA on The Growl

          • Your Recent Comments on the Growl are gone.

            You act like you OD'd on Roger Pills today.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No s h it they are gone. That POS doesn't like when people expose his hate speech.

          • You were the one using insults, instead of content.

            It doesn't work there.

          • ……….as you learned the hard way.

          • If you had read Zeb's comments I dragged in trash.
            He never said I posted spam like you guys.

          • Personally, I don't think it was hate speech. I'd have loved to seen contact.

          • Why, can you show I've ever said the things he did to Zebrano?

            I've disagreed. I've returned insults. But I've never said the kinds of things he did. Zebrano and I will never agree on some things, but I never stoop that low.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Stop licking Zeb's balls. He will never let you back on, no matter how much you beg.

          • Hey, one never knows…….

          • There you go again. Using foul language and being vulgar only shows that you deserved to have those comments pulled.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Zeb doesn't give a crap if you agree with his moderation. You aren't getting back on the growl.

          • I didn't say it to get anyone's approval.
            I said it because you deserved the rebuttal after attacking him for doing what the site wants him to do.

            Pull abusive and foul mouthed comments.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He pulled all yours and then had Richard ban you.


            I win again.

          • He asked Richard to?

            If I want to post there again I'll worry about it then.

            And you won't be posting there either, you're more banned and all that spam was probably enough to convince them I've been right all along.

          • "If I want to post there again I'll worry about it then."

            Translation…"Since I begged to be allowed back on and was denied, I'll try to save face by pretending I don't want to comment there."

          • Translation: if I say so now the trolls will foliow me over there and the dung will get tracked in. The Growl doesn't deserve it.

            So frankly how and when I post isn't something I'd say here.

          • Whatever helps you sleep at night, pal.

          • What ever gives you an excuse to troll.

            The comment wasn't that bad, and Alinsky, you've said much worse to me. So, don't even pretend you can claim the high road.

          • I'm not Alinsky but, again, I refer you to my previous post. Nighty night, Sweetcheeks.

          • Sure you're not. and I refer you to my previous post.

            You're just desperate for a chance to troll, and I'm not your sweet checks, you can't take a hint alinsky.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger doesn't need to worry about it then. Because then, now, and forever his f u ck i ng banned from the growl. Zeb and Richard said he was a troll.

            Just like he was banned from Belfast, and Pissed off pirate.

            Heritage pulls his comments, and nobody replies to his comments on Conservative Defeated.

          • You sure do hate people that make good comments.

            And you aren't posting anyplace but POP so frankly you're not part of the discussion enough to know.

            Heritage? I have all sorts of comments there. You can't pull them any more.

          • Ol' Zebrano is quick on the trigger today, eh Roger? He is deleting your posts quicker than shlt runs through a goose.

          • And three of yours as well.

          • My comments were not pulled. I do not use foul language. My vocabulary is beyond that. I posted several comments on the Growl today as a Guest, and they are still there.

            How about yours?

          • They don't seem to be there now.

            How does that feel, knowing that even when Zebrano is busy he still weeded them out.

          • The only reason mine are gone, was because Alinskys entire comment stream was deleted. Don't play games with me you phallus fondler. You know how the program works. Just like when your comments are deleted, every resonse to you is deleted with it.

          • So you realize you just don't meet their standards either.

            The moderator can delete single comments and yours got nailed.

            Oh, btw, if you ever hope I'll fondle you or any other phallus be prepared to be very disappointed.

          • Untrue.

          • True to form, always insisting on getting the last word in. I'll tell you what the last word is.

            YENTA !

          • You may or may not be one.
            But if you want that as the last word, it's a free country.


          • I got that Yenta line from the website you destroyed last week.

            I thought it much more polite than to call you a c*nt.

          • Yes, you know how that hurts when people label you for what you are.

            In my case, you chose yenta and I don't even agree with that.

          • What would you agree with?

            Christian Disciple?

            You are quite willing to label anyone even after one innocuous response (I'm not talking about what you call the "troll patrol" but in 140K comments, you have responded to strangers). I am interested, how do you see yourself?

          • Well, why don't you do something you should have done a long, long time ago.

            What is this site about?
            You should know since the posse is determined to stop it.

            Those are the things that matter when I am glad to see someone posting logical topical comments supporting those same values that I'm here to comment on.

            Is that so complicated? Perhaps for a guest troll but not for normal average patriotic types.

          • "I have no dog in this fight, no side to be on, really no interest, but I thought you might enjoy my comment to Roger up there ▲."

            All I can add is UP YOURs.

          • Not everyone enjoys spam.
            Especially personal attacks that aren't true.

          • SPAM?
            You do not even know the definition of the word SPAM. Just because you state that every comment that disagrees with you is SPAM, does not make it so.

            As to the personal attack segment of your lame statement, I seem to recall that you and the BOYS had great fun at the way HPDuuuh tormented and attacked Corn at the Yellow Submarine. Emailing and chattering back channel like a bunch of schoolboys.

            ………..and when I say boys, I mean all of you.


            F8cking children.

          • Yes I know spam when I smell it.

            Once you you posted anonymously (not part of the definition, but it does lend to the atmosphere).

            You said nothing to do with the topic of debate.

            You just insult.
            You derail the thread.
            You keep posting constantly so the topic can't revive itself with other folks.

            And you of course blame everything on everyone else.

            You are a troll spamming the site, even if you use multiple guest names.

          • Still just spamming to stop debate?

          • Still the spammer?

          • Serial Stalker.

          • Serial spammer.

            And just what definition of stalker are you using exactly?

            I don't see any that I fit into.
            I do use the system features to post comments on an open forum as it's designed to operate.

  7. When you let your government out of control you cannot be surprised when it turns on you.

    The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women submit to burdens
    unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments. – George Washington

    We are watching this come true before our eyes…NOW

  8. rob the science nerd

    Sounds like modot should really educate people about exactly how LRADs work. Its very interesting technology but Most of the concerns people have with these devices are unfounded. I remember a pretty neat ad campaign in L.A. for a horror movie that when you walked under a billboard a similar device would shoot a recording of someone whispering something at you and it would sound like they were right next to you. Very creepy! But not dangerous. "Sound lazers" are effective at transmitting an audio broadcast to a very specific location without disturbing the surrounding area. Thats all. Whether for good or for evil. Its effective and usefull technology.

    • Who the hell do you think you are with your fact-based observations? It should be obvious to any outsider that this is not the place for that sort of talk. Take it someplace where people want to have "reasonable conversations". This is a place where people scream into their keyboards.

    • How does your mention of "sound lasers" compare to the use of "sound CANONS" ?

      You don't mention how the use of these (or should I say ABUSE?) puts "peaceful protesters" & "protesters and insurgents in Afghanistan" all into the very same category ! ALTHOUGH IT DOES !

      Everyone's status reduced to LESS than insurgents in Afghanistan !!!

      LRAD is TORTURE waiting to happen !

      …………………………….. "but Most of the concerns people have with these devices are unfounded"

      MY guess is that.that's easy to say coming from someone who doesn't MIND that their MIND get's SCRAMBLED ! Because it's "neat" ! A "neat" little TOY …. WoW !

      "irreversible damage if used past 130d." & "MoDOT says the LRAD will be used at safe levels" AKA : MoDOT SAYS .. yeah says ! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !

      a little bit from off their website :

      "LRAD is a breakthrough directed acoustic hailing device (AHD) designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility. LRAD systems are easy to use through a simple, familiar, and standardized interface. Manual or autonomous systems are designed for around the clock operation in the harshest military conditions."

      read more :

      >>>>>>>>>>MoDot ??? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND(S) ???? <<<<<<<<<<

      How is speeding through a Missouri highway work/repair/construction zone IN ANY WAY comparable to "harshest military conditions" ?????

      Because if that's SO, they already OWE ME a Silver Star by GOLLY !

      AND, "153 decibels of sound through an emitter, not a loud speaker"

      Does it matter which ? A loud speaker or an emitter ?

      besides that, anyone who has been to a parade with a marching band has hearing damage at 130dB (Marching band of 200 members) or,maybe a homecoming game – wherever that sized marching band is playing & you're there !

      anyone who has been at an explosion impact (combat zone) has hearing damage WAY beyond that – right ? So a "safe level" wouldn't be effective, huh !?

      SO, a disabled vet in car cruising down I-70 with his wife & his prostheses gets a KINK in it (for example) he can't help it & the car is speeding like NUTS & all of a sudden : ZAP ! (the wife TOO!)

      No. It needs set higher. It needs set (then) actually above 133dB (Gunshot) in FACT, it wouldn't even need to be a VET, it could be ANYone who has their damage level at above that of what a GUNSHOT causes (not to mention MANY GUNSHOTS) !!

      I'm really not clear of there possibly being an actual difference in measurements for load speakers & emissions …

      anyone who can tell me, pre-thanks

      & sorry to soap-box but this upsets me
      causes me some PSYCHOSES about the implications & applications

  9. Can you imagine if someone panics at the noise and is involved in an accident?
    The liability issues are going to be horrendous.

    Read more:

    • Can you imagine what would happen if one nitwit repeated another nitwit's comment? Absolutely nothing.

      • No Corn…I can't imagine…
        Roger's great comment was buried in a thread no one reads except pathetic Guests. So I happily did a dedux for him…
        Problem, Ellenor?

      • That is not a nitwit. That is Mr. NITWIT.
        AKA Poop, or Warren, or HPDuuuuh.

        The Grandest Nitwit of them all.
        King of Nitwittery and Keeper of the Keys to Rogers Kingdom.

        • Maturity seems to gave gone all to hell…
          Not serious 'peoples'..

          • Warren has the ring…………..

          • Holding down the fort Warren so Roger can take his afternoon siesta?

          • Why, I speak for myself.

            I am proud to have another level headed patriot here. There are so many trolls it has shrunk the number of normal posters to the site.

          • Roger, I hate to break this news to you, but for an outsider reading this, you and Warren have probably done more, acting in tandem, to hurt your cause, than any one hundred liberals that I know.

          • I hate to break this to you.
            But you're really not credible. It's not the first time the troll patrol has done anonymous comments with insults and in your case you make all guest trolls look even more closed minded. That's a stretch, but you manage it anyhow.

          • I really like Warren (HPD) and Roger (Roger)
            They are smart, witty, nature, and funny…
            Really, can you cite any example of them ruining a website, acting trollish, or mean? A lot of sarcasm but no below the belt nonsense, as displayed by some on this page…

          • I like you. I never said I liked Roger. I think he is queer.

          • Silly…you should tell him yourself.
            I know he'd appreciate it…
            I don't think Roger's queer, but way too gentlemanly for the likes of the guest trash on this site..

          • Alinsky, are you posting under female names now?

    • Can you imagine if the government came to take your land and exercised tyranny over a sovereign state?
      Oh wait that is already happening!

      • Nevada is not a sovereign state. Nevada is 90% owned by the Federal Government. Harry Reid is their State Senator for phuckssake!

        • All states are sovereign states.

          And it is tyranny at it's most blatant.

        • "Nevada is not a sovereign state." What the hell are you talking about? See the 4th and 10th amendment of the constitution. The government cannot seize public land, it cannot seize personal property, and it cannot trump state grazing laws.

          • In this case corrupted courts have been carrying the water for the feds at every step.

          • I was being sarcastic.

          • Is that the fall back position of the posse when they get nailed on something? Just laugh it off?

            This issue is an important one and you as a guest troll just keep pushing that posse agenda to interrupt and stop serious discussion.

            That is despicable.

  10. Alinsky Hero USA

    Roger @ Storyleak – Missouri Department of… 8 minutes ago • 1 reply • +1 points

    I'll fondle you or any other phallus

    • Youse people is vile and unsolphisticlated. I keep axking youse all, why caint we's all jest git along?

    • I'll give you one chance to pull that faked comment. If it's still there in about 1 minute I will not overlook it.

      • Full Moon a risin', eh?

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Roger @ Storyleak – Missouri Department of… 8 minutes ago • 1 reply • +1 points

        I'll fondle you or any other phallus

        • Hiding behind an attorney's photo makes you either very brave or leaves you very foolish.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Roger @ Storyleak – Missouri Department of… 8 minutes ago • 1 reply • +1 points

            I'll fondle you or any other phallus

          • If you're going to cut and paste insults, you might want to make them actual insults intend of cheap childish lies.

            It ruins what tatters of credibility you might have left.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The front page of the growl is a christmas tree of your deleted comments. Very beautiful.

          • Great, so people can read them and decide if they qualify for the same treatment you get there.

            Justice, it sounds fair to me.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            They are deleted, stupid.

          • So, you lied about that christmas tree.

            I'm shocked, you always pretended to almost try for honesty when it was convenient.

          • I don't know why they would be deleted.

            "I make excellent and thoughful comments>'

          • I dragged in dung, people such as yourself.

          • I do not post there. My comments were not deleted.

            Yours were.

          • Sure sparky. You guest trolls are so easy to keep track of.

            That's why you have no credibility. You want to be able to be taken seriously on that kind of issue, get a profile. Alinsky makes them up in 5 minutes, it isn't hard even for him.

          • SheilaJackson-Wee

            You are an idiot.

          • Alinsky, you haven't that name in ages. Dipping back into the archives are you?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Zeb had to delete around 300 of your comments yesterday. But now all of your past comments are finally gone.

            I laughed so hard.

          • No, he may have wanted to but he didn't have to.

            And I don't see any of yours there. That's why you posted your reply next to any of mine that you could find.

            The fact there were voices of sanity on any intense debate sites drives you bonkers.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Zeb banned your stupid a s s. Actually he had Susie's friend Richard fr FDl do it.

            No more Roger on the growl. Banned forever.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            "He may have WANTED to but he didn't HAVE to."

            Can anyone understand this bisexual virgin?

            Zeb deleted all your comments and then had Richard ban you.

            I posted my replies under ALL your past comments so they would be bumped up for Zeb to delete. HAHHAHAHAAH!!!

          • I noticed Mr Alinsky's comments didn't stay up long on growl..
            Zebrano seems to be mourning the loss of Tids1960.
            Perhaps an ad in the personals at craigslist work…no?

          • Tids1960 left because of Roger.

          • Nope, I post along side him on other forums.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So you stalk him to other sites.

          • That's why some of post without the profile, so he can't do that. Also we don't have to stare at that ugly mug every day. He just showed up n Lips's page. I'm sure she'll be stoked to see that ugly melon staring at her now.

          • Lips is able to take care of herself. I don't think you need to worry about her.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yeah Lips has made some of the best insults to Roger. She always tears him a big new one.

            She called him "haggard" from spewing some much hate and BS for so many years.

          • Nope, so we happen to post on stories due to similar interests.

            That happens when trolls aren't allowed at a site.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So you go on gay website together.

          • You are the worst kind of person.

  11. What if they miss and hit a car that's driving correctly?

    • Let's hope as loving public servants that they are, they are beaming positive thoughts that the state thinks will make us more cooperative.

      If private enterprise was developing something like this you know it would be scrutinized a lot more.
      Say for example projectors for drive in movies for better sound quality… it would still be tied up in red tape.

    • They will call it an accident and be done with it, or blame the driver of the car for being drunk

  12. Friends breaking news out of Nevada. Harry Reid must be impeached immediately. This is grounds for prison as well. We have hung tyrants for less. WAKE UP AMERICA! We need to put all our efforts behind the Bundy family, this is a flash point of LIBERTY situation! Arrest these bas turds! Pisses me off.


      Yes buddy "I DO WANT TO GO THERE" you pig!

    • What kind of scheme is our government up to? Selling out America to China it appears.

      couple that with the latest news of Harry Reid working with a Chinese firm to take Nevada's land. Something STINKS. PIGS!

    • Finally someone on to something important.
      Bundy is on Hannity's show right now..he is a patriot…

      • Is he?

        You are in Las Vegas.
        Why aren't you there, giving support to Bundy?

        You, and Doochebag, and all the other "OathKeepers" who have yammered on for years about your machismo?

        Idle words, from old men.

      • If I was in Vegas I would be there in a heart beat.

        • An Interstate runs right to Vegas.
          What is stopping you? Put your money where your mouth is.

          • Job won't let me leave at this time. Audit. But I am currently in the process of writing my CEO a letter/email, urging support for Bundy. I work for one of the largest meat processors in the world. We should be supporting Bundy, in our mission statement we claim "solidarity with suppliers". I hope that is the case.

            Do you support their stand?

          • I do. Private ownership rewarding hard work is a good thing.

            Marxists of course want it punished, you can tell which sits in the oval office.

          • Roger, STFU.
            They guy hasn't paid his grazing fees.

          • Why would the feds come on and demand grazing fees for state land that his finally has used from the state for over 100 years?

            Tyranny. A marxist in the white house finds any excuse possible to punish success.

          • Boy, I say there boy, you best shut up before you embarrass yourself.

            Roger, you are trying to talk about something that you are totally ignorant about. You really should either research the topic, or just shut the f8ck up.

          • You almost slipped into the foghorn leg horn persona there.

            And why do you think I don't know about this situation?

          • No.
            I do not.

            While support the convoluted premise of it, they are in the wrong. He has not paid his grazing fees for 20 years. Regardless of his reasons why, he has not paid them, That makes him a deadbeat. He might be the nicest man in the world, but he has not paid his bills. Period.

            It is no different than a father never paying cxhild support, throughout the childs entire life. A Judge signed a court order telling the father to pay his support. If he does not pay it, he suffers the consequences.

            It is no different than Bundy. It is time that he paid the piper.

            Now if you ask me about 200 armed government snipers surrounding him, that is a different story.

            This will not end well.

          • The fees thing is tricky. I know he has not paid federal fees. True. But I believe in interviews he has said that he has paid county and state fees. Which in my opinion is all that needs to be paid.

            Correct me if he has not.

            And your right, it probably won't end well. It is a loose loose for liberty. Either he has to give in to the Feds or they kill him and others and start more violence which equals Marshal Law. That is why I am hoping that as many people as possible support his cause and stand with him. We need this as public as possible. The Gandhi approach. You do not have to be there to help either, I wish I could be, but we can still raise awareness at our own communities and call for support across the country.

          • And don't forget that the excuse was also about desert tortoises.

            Cattle don't kill tortoises. It's a ruse.

          • It is so Reid can build solor power plants. Hmm another Solyndra perhaps??

          • On that land? There is plenty of dirt in Nevada to build solar plants on.

            Greed, it's quite often the downfall of the corrupt.

          • Shocked, I'm shocked I tell you!

            It suddenly makes more sense.
            Corrupt elite want to steal what the working class need to survive and thrive.

            Where have I heard that before?

            Ah, yes. King Ahab stealing the vineyard of his neighbor Naboth.
            1 Kings 21.

            It's an old story, only the feds are his brown shirts in this case.

          • Mr. Liberty, I have researched all the propaganda from both sides.

            Again, it will not end well.

            Remember Waco?

            Cooler heads ought prevail, but the government want s to flex its muscle, and show the citizenry that all those BLM snipers recently home from Iraq and Afghanistan have bigger toys, and harder dicks than the rest of us.

            Guaranteed, they are recording Mr. Bundy's every move via attack Drone. They have his communications bugged, and have long range listening posts set up, where they are recording every word spoken.

          • Yes I agree. I am sure Bundy knows this as well. Which makes it all the more encouraging that someone can stand up to Big Brother and say they are not intimidated.

            I was very young during Waco but I have studied it. Very similar set up to what is happening now. A lot of direct parallels, including both groups being a part of a religious "cult", how convenient for the Feds.

          • It didn't have the alternative media shouting as loudly as we all are now.

            Waco had some talk radio, but Clinton pretended to be centrist and Janet Reno pretended to accept responsibility to most people stayed asleep. Now? We know what we're up against.

          • Roger, please STFU and quit inserting yourself into every conversation. This started upthread, with an exchange between Mr. Liberty and me. I'm not interested in your opinion, because you are ignorant, and it is not a valid opinion.

          • Why do you think my comments with content should be excluded so that your whining and spamming can clog the threads unchallenged?

            And if I'm wrong then go ahead and explain why. It is a debate after all. So either debate or go away.

          • It is not a debate, it is a discussion. Christ understood the difference. Do you?

          • You may think it is, others may want to actually debate the issues.

            Ask your cleric and see if it's allowed or if the posse has to keep pushing on it's agenda.

          • Goodbye Roger, I must answer the Call to Prayer. Allah Be Praised!

          • Yes, have a BLT on me.

          • I don't have a cleric. I have a pastor. More importantly, I have a bible … and a conscience.

          • When will you drag them out and use them pray tell?

          • I have, from time to time over the last few months, prayed for you.

          • Great, of course God decides if your requests deserve to be answered, I'll trust Him enough to make the right calls.

          • I will say another prayer for the both of us tonight.

          • Great, and then pull out the Bible and compile a list of Bible hero's and focus on the ones that compromised, that tolerated as part of inclusion, and that worried about the feelings of those advocating for evil.

            You know, examples that follow the pattern you trolls and posse members want me to settle for.

          • Casting stones.

          • So, you can't find that kind of hero in the Bible.

            Telling. And instead of being the humble soul you have pretended to be, you just want to cast stones.


          • I'm thinking a lot about the fees. On the one hand, he is only one of twenty ranchers who were using the land when the federal charge was implemented that did not pay them.

            On the other hand, he is the only rancher left using the land. For as long as they did, he had an "illegal" business advantage in his immediate business community. On the other hand, those that complied are no longer in business.

            Those that complied are out of business. Those that defied are standing alone. Who is right? It is in this rancher's self interest to make this a watershed moment. Does it matter if he is acting in self interest, if the interests are representative of all of us?

          • A million dollar fee?
            What cattle eat a million dollars worth of forage that grows wild and costs nothing?

            This wasn't about the fees, it's about the control.

          • Jesus H. Christ you are retarded.

            A million dollar fee.
            Over twenty years, is 50 grand a year.

            50 grand a year, on approximately 500,000 acres is what? Impress me. Do the math.

          • And once more, even though you pretend it's me that's retarded. I'll try to ask it with shorter words.

            Over twenty years would they have sold that forage to anyone and made a million on it?

            And you conveniently forget the desert tortoise.

          • F8ck you and the tortoise you galloped in on.

          • And you would probably want a video of the entire thing.

            No thanks.

          • I heard on the radio the other day that the fees are (can't remember the exact number – sue me – oh, sorry, thought I was responding to Roger for a moment) about $1.50 per month per head. That would equate to 2778 head grazing constantly over 20 years. Government claims he has about 900 head out there now.

            My guess, they threw that number out there as for publicity. The actual number (absent interest, penalties and perhaps legal fees – he has lost some lawsuits) is probably in the low to mid six figures.

          • He owes them a million in grazing fees and you still haven't answered my question.

            How much would they have made selling that if he had pulled his cattle and it just sat there drying out in the desert sun?

          • Thanks for thumbing me down for participating in the conversation.

          • I thumbed you down for having a comment I didn't agree with. It's how the system is set up.

          • I thumb you down every time you comment.
            That is how the system is set up.

            Don't like it?
            Go somewhere else.

          • Don't hold your breath.

            Or, go ahead and please hold you breath.

          • No, it's how you think it works. From my perspective, it doesn't work very well for you at all.

            You asked someone else today about their "end game". What is your "end game"?

          • Go back to my comments before the posse swung into action.

            My end game is to make reasonable thoughtful comments and to defend my values.

          • If that's your end game I have a simple question.

            How do your comments accomplish that/

          • How would my allowing trolls to go unchallenged ever possibly end there?

          • I don't know. Perhaps that would be a good conversation to have with your pastor, or in men's bible study.

          • Yes, you do know.
            As a guest troll pretending to be less 'troll' then the rest of them you know very well.

            Perhaps it would be the topic of many discussion the posse corral, with lots of laughter of course.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your end game is to get into Wee's back end.

          • I'm not like you.
            Don't even think we're alike.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Another "I know you are, but what am I?" by Roger

            Followed with a repeat what I say, I'm sure.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Well said SUA.

          • it's almost like it was the one of you posting those comments, isn't it?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No it didn't, did it?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The Bundy's are criminals. No better than bums trying to set up shop in a public park.

            And the conservatives and free market propagandists have no right to complain. They have no water because of fracking.

          • Where's Rog tonight, did he escape out the cellar window? His handlers should print up some "Lost Troll" posters. xD
            "He answers to the name of Roger and has thick, blistered calluses in his typing fingers."

          • Went out to get his squirt on, I see…

          • Alinksy, why do you think that this is the kind of adult site here for that kind of comment?

            if you want to focus on sex go someplace else.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You asked my out a a date the other day.

    • Alinsky Hero USA

      I'm glad to see those Bundy family criminals have finally been dealt with. I feel safer knowing those criminals are no longer stealing land.

      • I'm sorry to see the feds have taken state land and usurped the role of the Nevada government. That they feel instead of impounding the fees when the cattle sells they have to show up with thugs and brown shirts.

        If Bush had tried this Cindy Sheehan would have been there with TV camera crews.

  13. A 100 dollar flashing light not good enough?
    Good God these people are stupid!
    But I know these devices will soon be fitted to cause harm in the future to those who don't comply to other commands.

  14. Have a good weekend all! Please keep the BLM and the Bundy family/supporters in your prayers. We do not need bloodshed!

    • As at Lexington and Concord, Waco, and Ruby Ridge, we didn't draw first blood….and will not here. But should it happen, I pity these fools

  15. These can actually kill you if turned up loud enough

  16. To think that so few Z scum bags can control so many…….

  17. Couldn't those also be used say at a college where kids may be protesting??? Assuming they aren't being violent but wait that doesn't matter does it Kent State…

  18. The blast of sound and commands WILL startle some old fart driving to his cancer check-up and, he'll freak out and mow down road-workers. The media will say, "an intoxicated man killed 7 road-workers today"…

  19. Not sure what anyone is talking about in the comments section here exactly but interesting article nonetheless. It’s pretty cool that MoDot is first in line for something given I’ll get to see it firsthand somewhere here in the Metro I’m sure. But won’t the workers in the construction area hear it even worse since they are outside? That would get on my nerves pretty quick.

    • I bet the feds will be handing out LRAD units to agencies all over the nation to use in crowd suppression once they've overstepped their boundaries and go for then gun grabbing efforts on a national level. You can be sure DHS brownshirts and the UN troops won't be close behind. I don't kniw if you are aware if it but there is a coup going on to hand our nation over to foreign interests hat's being orchestrated out of 1600 Pennslvania NW, Washingon, DC but too many are too stupid to see or realize it.

  20. I think this is awesome, so many road workers are killed because of drivers not paying attention in work zones if this device helps one man or one woman go home safely at night to their family then it's money well spent.

  21. this is crazy!! lights are bright enough, now we want to distract and hinder drivers even more?? what next??? save money and use low tech means. just put minimal speed bump every 1/4 mile. so they can't go that fast. easy as putting down and picking up cones. C'mon people, just because we have technology, doesn't mean we have to try and use it every-time. When low tech is most often the best way, cheapest, and most efficient way to go. What morons.

  22. NO!!! NO MORE WEAPONS OF WAR on our own soil!! If for no other reason, think of the innocent babies & children you could harm by using this weapon.

  23. These are going to cause many lawsuits for hearing loss, heart failure etc. And when that happens exactly who is going to take responsibility for using as guinea pigs???

  24. Too bad speed limit and construction alert signs just don't do it. The more people seek to go outside of law when there is a measure of trust that signs will be obeyed, the more it will be necessary to govern them from without with ever-increasingly invasive measures made necessary by their stubbornness and unwillingness to govern themselves. And this is just an example of a larger scenario when it comes to a need to govern a whole society with ever-increasingly severe measures until they are compelled to obey because the consequences of not doing so are so distasteful. So everybody complains about just how restrictive law is becoming in general in our country. What about speed limits, do you obey them? Probably not because otherwise the absurd situation that is that it is actually dangerous to obey the speed limit in many instances Notwithstanding this, we should observe the speed limit unconditionally because this puts the driver within a zone where the law promises safety more than at any other speed. If the driver thinks the speed limit is too restrictive and that it ought to be raised, the time to experiment with this is not empirically but in the sheriff's office. By disobeying reasonable laws, people purchase their own bondage.

  25. Repent you Heathens! He has Risen.

  26. Really it's harmful our chilled and older man who can't tolerate loud horns . they can't annoyed to there when any bus or truck go on behind and clip there loud horns for remove man and other vehicle. but we should take care our environment for sound pollution.however if you want to travel with free and fair loud horns you can take our best service with Austin Black Car Service

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