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LAPD Caught In Intense Armed Standoff With Call of Duty Video Game Statue


Los Angeles Police stormed video game company Robotoki headquarters Last Friday night in what turned into an armed standoff with a life-sized Call of Duty statue.

After an unknown employee hit the ‘panic’ button within the office that immediately alerts police, LAPD entered the game developer’s studio around 7 PM and detained the studio head before centering in on the life-sized Call of Duty ‘Ghost’ statue. Based on a special forces character from the game, the statue can be seen above wearing military-grade equipment and wielding an AR-15. Visible from outside the offices, the police spotted the realistic statue from outside and assumed they were facing a hostage/terror situation.

Studio head Robert Bowling told Polygon:

“I was in my office when they arrived and saw them coming up our stairs, guns drawn… They yelled for me to put my hands up and walk towards them slowly, then took me into custody and out of the studio until they cleared the rest of the rooms and floors.”

In turn, they entered the building armed with rifles and in anticipation of a potential fire fight. Less than a half hour into the standoff between the Ghost statue and police, they realized that they were in fact having an armed stand still with an inanimate object — a realization that came before they decided to blast the perceived intruder.

As it turns out, the police really had no idea what they were truly responding to. And while it was originally reported that the panic button had been activated by a third party as a prank, or even an employee who thought that the statue was a terrorist, apparently someone simply hit it without truly knowing its purpose.

“You see on a security camera, them looking at this panic button, looking around, discussing it, then pressing it and looking around to see what happens. And nothing happened right away,” said Bowling.

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  1. Now that is hilarious!

  2. I suggest you change "assault rifle" to AR-15 – assault rifle is a made up term by the left to push the anti-gun agenda. "AR" in "AR-15" stands for Armalite Rifle – the company who first designed the rifle off the m16 design. /knowledge

    • "Assault rifle" is a real term you idiot. AR-15 is the civilian version of the select fire assault rifle M4 that the military uses. Ghost is a fictional character who is a special forces soldier – the model would be holding a fake, model assault rifle. The made up term you're looking for is "assault weapon".
      and stop using that /knowledge thing, it makes you look like a dickbag

      • Wow kamikazemelon you just dick slapped em'

      • There is no such thing as an Assault Rifle. I agree with the above statement. Assault rifle is a term that was conceived by law legislators in order to determine the class of a weapon when making laws. Small arms, Big arms, Hang gun, Sub machine gun, Machine gun, ETC.

        Assault rifle is the only term that has no solid meaning. I mean, usually you would consider a fully automatic weapon that fires a round above a sub caliber round an assault rifle, but that isn’t an accurate depiction because it seems that anything that fires above a sub caliber round is considered an assault rifle as long as it has a pistol grip, even Semi Auto rifles.

        • Encyclopedia brittanica has assult weapons as select fire capable of semi auto and full auto modes of fire. Ghost carries an m4. Standard issue m4’s are select fire

  3. Most people don't know they butt from a hole in the ground.

  4. Im laughing so hard I almost pissed myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh No, Time to BAN all life size cardboard cut outs!!!!!!!!

  6. People have absolutely flipped lately. We’ve become a nation of Chicken Little’s. And there wasn’t a single observant LEO who noticed that the “assault mannequin” had been in that same window for months? I suppose it’s a good thing they didn’t shoot it. (I’ll bet someone shouted on a bullhorn to the mannequin; “Put your weapon down!”)

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  8. I don't know if the author still checks the comments, but if you do, there is a significant error that should be corrected.

    The article mentions that the statue is holding an AR-15. This is false. The AR-15 is a semi-auto civilian clone of the military's M16 and M4 family assault rifles. The Ghost statue holds a suppressed M4 Carbine assault rifle, a mainstay of special forces worldwide.

    Calling this military weapon an AR-15 does a disservice to responsible gun owners everywhere by perpetuating the notion that our firearms are full-auto assault rifles. They are not. We have the lesser, semi-auto version.

  9. Um…that's not an AR15. I don't think any military serviceman is sent into a combat zone with a civilian firearm.

  10. To the author:

    That is not an AR-15.
    Please do some research before writing false information and further trying to demonize the semi-auto civilian version(or look a-like)of the military assault weapon, the combat soldier would be actually carrying.

  11. Cops must have thought this mannequin had balls of steel standing in plain sight like that for so long.

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