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Journalist on Family Vacation Assaulted by Northern Border Agent for Recording Checkpoint

A journalist returning to the United States from Canada was assaulted by a Border Patrol agent this week after attempting to record his encounter.

The journalist, Rogier van Bakel of, was preparing to enter Maine after a short family vacation in Quebec when he was stopped at the Jackman Border Patrol Station.

Traveling with his two daughters, Bakel says an agent began asking questions after viewing their passports.

“They do have their mother’s last name, and they do look somewhat Asian,” Bakel wrote. “I’m white. Maybe he’s curious.”

After informing the agent of his relation to the girls, Bakel says he was asked if he had “permission” to travel with his own daughters.

“Do you have a letter with her permission for you to travel with them?” the agent asked.

Stunned by the question, Bakel asked if he was required to carry such an item, prompting the agent to call for a vehicle search.

“He clearly doesn’t appreciate even that tiny bit of pushback,” Bakel noted.

After being ordered to follow the agent to a nearby building, Bakel says he grabbed his phone and began recording.

“For my protection, officer, I’m now recording what’s happening,” Bakel said.

According to Bakel, the agent almost immediately responded with violence.

“I step out of the car, and without warning, he physically attacks—that is, he wrestles the phone from my hand, twisting my arm in the process. I’m stunned,” Bakel wrote.

Despite Bakel’s actions being protected by the First Amendment, agents on scene claim the opposite.

Agents even went as far as defending the assault, telling Bakel that his recording could show people the type of question they ask.

“As a journalist, I can tell the world, in writing, what questions you ask,” Bakel responded. “In the U.S., anyone has that right. That’s certainly not against the law. What’s the difference between that and recording the conversation?”

After several moment of silence, agents claimed that the issue was a matter of “officer safety and security.”

Adding insult to injury, agents went on to tell Bakel that he could not leave until his footage was deleted. Not wanting to stay any longer, Bakel says he opted to comply.

“My daughters and I roll away, in our unsearched car—having ultimately posed no greater threat to the United States than the unthinking importation of three clementines, contraband that the border patrol professionals have bravely confiscated and discarded,” Bakel wrote in closing. “I’m sure they’ll rest easy tonight, and so can you.”

Incredibly, as illegal aliens enter the country en mass without issue, Americans receive the opposite treatment.

Earlier this week, a border agent in Alaska pointed his gun at a boy scout’s head after a seperate scout began looking through his luggage. Agents proceeded to detain the entire troop for more than four hours, threatening one scout with prison time for taking a photograph.

A journalist taking pictures at the New Mexico border was detained for more than five hours and threatened with a cavity search just last month. According the journalist, federal agents demanded he delete his photographs as well.

Unfortunately, anyone entering the country in a lawful manner now faces more scrutiny than those arriving illegally. As revealed by National Border Patrol Council Vice President Shawn Moran last October, agents attempting to do their job are being ordered to ignore illegals crossing the border.

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  1. The reason that these Federal Jack Booted thugs demand that the recorded footage always be deleted, is they want to destroy the evidence of their bad behavior. All their threats of cavity searches and jail time, are just that, empty threats. It amounts to nothing more than Carnival Cops out of control, being protected by their Union.

  2. It sure was nice to post on a new virginal thread, before the crazy guy shows up to defile it.

    • Half an hour into a thread you already changed it from the story to the trolling insults.

      • That comment was relevant.
        History predicts the future.
        You have real bad history here.

        Curiously, how did you happen to figure out precisely which crazy guy I was referring to? Landing you into the boat is like landing a big ol' catfish (notice I spelled it right?) When you bite, you swallow hook, line, sinker and the bobber……

  3. Is this how Border Patrol agents are trained? I don't care which border it is, northern or southern, this incident seems just wrong to me….very bad thing for children to witness.

    • Hello there.
      I am glad you are here.

      We can have a serious debate and discuss the story, in a fashion and manner that this forum was designed for.

      I think it is just Federal agents, with their entitlement mentality, behaving badly.

      • Hello right back, good to 'see' you. I have a problem with them making him delete his little clip of the incident. Seems like that violates some basic rights, IMO. I'm all for securing our borders, but not this way.
        And I have total confidence no one will come along to try to suck up attention by crashing these comments. *fingers crossed*

        • Courts have ruled that we have a right to record things.

        • Well, uncross your fingers. Too late.

          Yes, it seems they always want to destroy the evidence of their bad behavior. Twenty years ago, I had a similar experience on the southern border. This was long before cell hone recorders and cameras. I just gladly smiled and told them "Fine, but it is going to be much more unpleasant for you than it is for me". They changed their minds.

          With Feds, it is always 75% about the bluff. They are blowhards.

          • I can accept them acting all tough, the blowhard thing. IMO they shouldn't have done it at all, but definitely not in front of children. That'll do nothing to instill in them much confidence in law enforcement.

          • When the dictator seized power he needs to have the children trained to accept it.
            This is just the vanguard.

          • Yes.
            Now they have traumatized the poor chil'rens. Probably will qualify them in future years for a Government check.

          • I'm not one of those "..for the children!!" people, but I AM in favor of teaching children to have a modicum of respect for authority. Our prison system is filled with adults who never learned the value of self-control or respect for others.

          • So many times if you stomp on the adults in the name of the children, the children are the smallest part of what's going on.

          • I'm not either. Children should be nurtured and respected, but by the time they are twelve, or fourteen, they should be working. At least at Pendleton Mills. Nothing too hard, just bobbin boys, or something easy.

            On the other hand, I think those Aqua-'Murican children need sent back. They are taking good paying jobs away from our kids here.

            Hey, they all can't work at Microsoft.

          • aarrggghhhh! OK, I'll ignore part of your comment. But I have an off-topic question. Is there some trick to IntenseDebate that I'm unaware of? In order for me to see any new comments, I have to refresh constantly, they don't just automatically show up in place as they're made. On long threads, it's just not worth the effort to refresh that often. Am I missing something?

          • The screen stays the same until you hit refresh.

          • No, Intense Debate's system is rather primitive compared to other systems.

          • Great, are you as a posse going to migrate?

          • I notice the only sites anymore who use IntenseDebate are basically right-winger sites — surprised Roger hasn't sucked up to that Michael guy and suggested improvements. I naturally assume the reason they're still using IntenseDebate is because they enjoy wallowing in the dark ages. But after Roger destroyed that radio station site and they switched to Disqus, it even got worse (the place is dead now). So it's clear as day the conservative/neanderthal sites aren't too interested in making commenting easy for their 'fans'.

          • Roger may secretly be a liberal who is assigned to destroy conservative sites. If so, he seems to be good at it.

          • The posse following me around to destroy sites would like to pretend it.

            But you, the rest on the posse and I know the truth of it.

          • What are you doing? Following all the xxx's meet xxx's.
            Glad to have you trapped…………….

          • You're just as lame as the person running you profile.

          • "But you, the rest on the posse and I know the truth of it."

            The truth that you butcher English?

          • The truth that the posse is desperate to stop conservative discussion and debate.

            Liberalism can't face the harsh light of the truth.

          • OMFG — that hadn't occurred to me! Think this through with me — a liberal who's paid to trash conservative web sites. At 152,771 comments (at this precise moment, could jump by at least 10 by the time I finish typing this and I'm a fast typist!), we'll say $1/comment, the guy has made a killing. No wonder he can "afford" to sue people for no valid reason. Another clue, conservatives are all in favor of tort reform — why would a conservative file a frivolous lawsuit that only a cheap-suited attorney would take? I think you're on to something here, trustfunded.

          • Or how about a centrist atheist as part of other centrists that just happen to show up and spam every site that actually discusses the fascist regime and it's abuses?

  4. Nations have borders.
    Nations that survive control them.

    Nations with dictators don't let citizens have a say in the matter.

  5. Be sure and dive into this article for the map of the police states Constitution free zones as mapped out!

    July 24th, 2014 Border Patrol Agent Forces Man to Delete Recording for “Officer Safety and Security” By Carlos Miller

  6. The guy sounds a bit whiny to me. He's probably the type that got his little feelings hurt and will rush out and hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit. Pathetic behavior….

    • Why don't you invite the brownshirts in to take your computer against your will and see how you think 'whiney' works.

      Either our rights mean something or they don't.

    • I'd get whiny if someone, ANYONE, snagged my phone, no doubt about it. But in this case it sounds like he deleted the vid himself — I'll give him credit for not forcing that issue. He said his children have something of a mixed-Asian appearance — I'd be curious if the Border Patrol agents thought he might be involved in sex trafficking of children?

      • Tyranny is just as bad if we voluntarily delete a video or if we get arrested for refusing.

        He is a father and didn't forget his kids were there watching.
        But that doesn't mean he can't pick his fights and take up the issue at a time and place of his choosing.

        • What about if we intentionally ban people from commenting on sites, and eliminate free speech? The way you have maneuvered at LRC and ConsVic and Iza-hoes and Suzies sites?

          You are quite the hypocritical mustachioed little tyrannical phuckwad, aren't you, Adolph?

          • That would only be a valid point if the posse actually wanted to debate and discuss.

            Private sites do have that freedom to say what they want, even if trolls want to get into the way.

    • Some folks are like that.
      Whiny, pansy assed professional litigants…….

  7. Recovering deleted files is not that difficult, Those idiots would never have the skills and so do not understand, or you could make a set-up as with e-mail and move it to the file named "Deleted".
    Then post it on Youtube and make the D-head look like a complete fool.

  8. The brown shirts are coming!!!! The brown shirts are coming!!!!

  9. Roger is very excited about a new flag. He has mentioned and linked it on all his favorite conservative yes men sites. I think it may have "excited" him.

  10. This really is a nothing story. The agent told him to delete the video and the man willfully complied. The end.

  11. So basically, this guy did as instructed and was allowed to go about his business. The end.

    • An abuse of power for the officer to make those demands. The end.

      • Roger meets trustfunded.

        • And trust fund limps away with a damaged ego.

          • You really don't pay attention to what other commenters say, do you? Trust has told you over and over again that he purposely doesn't have internet at home, so you somehow equate that to him limping away "with a damaged ego"? That isn't limping away, Roger. That's leaving work to live his life. There actually are those of us who work and have a life….we're the ones who haven't commented 152,889 times (95% of which was you calling others a troll). Have a weekend.

          • You don't really pay attention to what you say do you?

            And frankly I don't see that the trolls in the posse have earned any credibility.
            It's not hard in this day and age to go have a cup of coffee and spam under a guest troll profile, or even to go get a book at the library and sit and spam away.

            The way the posse uses disposable guest names I know one thing, when the trust fund idiot comes along and I mop up the floor with him, not in votes but in facts and logic you all swarm and come to his defense.

            That's why I'm surprised even with all your angst and ego you're here by yourself.

            Have a weekend yourself, hope you have fun on the broom.

          • Did you get done posting all those stupid guest troll spam comments?
            And the only reason you're here is because the posse hates conservative sites where important issues can be discussed.

            You're an ill mannered shrew that can't back down because you don't have enough manners to know how vile you sound.

            You don't care, and that's why you're a troll.

          • You never did man up, and fess up that you were wrong Roge, honey. Remember that time, riding around in the Rog-mobile, listening to the ra-did-io?

            You were the only one that heard what you did.

            I'll bet you had a hand rolled aluminum antenna.

            I remember.

          • No, he never 'fessed up. Only a real man would admit when he's wrong, apologize and move on. "You weren't there, you don't know what I heard" — does he realize no one else can hear the voices in his head? I'll give him credit for one thing though — he's a shining example of the Tea Party and it's good he shares that on forums nationwide…nothing like shining a follow-spot on their ridiculous "movement".

          • On, I don't know about that.
            I see that sarah Pray-lin took a page from Glenn The Beck, and has started her own "Online Channel". It will be All Palin, All The Time. She is the Pied Piper of PwaaaHaaaHaaa!

            I'm sure Rogelio will be a Charter Subscriber.

          • I guess if one can't get an actual media outlet to pay you to blather (as if FoxNews is an actual medial outlet), the next best thing is to start your own media outlet. Almost like if you can't get an actual publisher to pay you for a book, the next best thing is to pay out-of-pocket to have your stuffandjunk published.

          • You might with your bad writing.

            Other people have their own reasons.

          • I proved I did hear what the posse of trolls pretended never happened.

            Why would you remember all that, you just stick to the talking points and ignore any reality you find unpleasant.

          • No, you were proven wrong so you changed the debate. That's a desperation tactic that you seem to use a lot.

          • Actually you're still lying about it.

            If I've corrected you trolls every time you've tried that why do you think I won't do so again?

            And hearing the statement given with emotion and the blame for this behavior pointed to an excuse (a medical condition) was what I said in the original comment. And you don't care about it, that's why you're just a troll, a lump in the liberal chess pool.

          • Still continuing your lie? This is what you claimed.

            "I listened to the radio to the father of the dead suspect scream and blame everyone. 
            He was asking how come nobody did anything."

            You did not hear the father scream. You lied.

          • And if you read my link he was.

            And he did. Still defending the lie?

          • Nope, your link shows the attorney spoke, not the father. Why continue to lie? You never heard the father scream.

          • You do know that lawyers speak for their clients? The statement was the fathers.

            You just don't 'get it. You are a troll, you and poof were wrong and you can't beat that dead dog until the facts change.

            How does it feel knowing you both were owned on it?

          • OMG!!!!!!!!! You just admitted what we've been telling you for weeks and weeks. You never heard the father wailing, you heard the attorney reading a statement with someone else wailing in the background. FINALLY!!!

          • OMGoodness, you're just realizing that you're still owned?

            Did the dad accept responsibility for the actions he did or didn't do raising this shooter?

            You make this way to easy.

          • Yes, he did. I think it was right about the same time that Poof wrote a letter to your former pastor. Oh, that's right … she didn't. That was just another of roger's lies.

          • Dont' blame me if you can't keep track of anything that goes on around you.

            Do you have a lot of other issues too?

          • You did not hear the father as you claimed. You lied.

          • I did hear what the father said and it was a loud scream at the world, even from the site, and again you are just not able to say you were in the truck and you don't know what I heard.

            But since you have no manners, no social skills of course you will keep insisting even if you're owned on it.

          • You did not hear the father scream. That is a lie.

          • I heard what I heard, and you're just upset because I have proved every other part of my comment other than recording a interview. I know what I heard, and you don't.

            So, chew on that.

          • You did not hear the father scream. You claimed you did. You lied.

          • Yes, but feel free to provide a link to the radio show to prove I didn't.

            You claim I didn't, prove it.
            I've proven every other aspect of my comment, now it's your turn.

            And, please. Try to to do better when you post your comments, they are so full of errors it bothers me.

          • Debate101 — You make a claim, it isn't up to someone else to disprove it, it's up to YOU to prove it. What you've proven time and time and time again is that you did NOT hear the shooter's father. Period.

          • You made a claim that I heard a radio show and what I claim was in it was wrong.

            So, go prove it Broom Hilda.

            Period. Ah, that's funny. Here's you need another lifestyle tip.

          • Your own link shows you did not hear the father scream as you have claimed. You proved my point for me.

          • My links shows the father did not remain silent.

            And he refused to accept responsibility. That's two of the three things I had in my comment. If you say I didn't hear what I heard, prove it.

            I'm waiting.

          • Your link proves it. Your link shows that the father's attorney read a statement. You did not hear the father scream as you have claimed. You lied.

          • My link proves that the father didn't remain silent.

            I did hear what I heard, and you just go ahead and prove other wise if you want to keep making assertions about it.

          • Your own links prove you heard the attorney read a statement, not the father screaming. You lied.

          • My own links show that the father did inject himself into the issue by having his lawyer make his statement on his behalf. He wasn't silent and he did refuse to accept responsibility.

            If you claim the third part of my comment was wrong, go for it. Prove your point, I did.

            You can't. You're just not up to it.

            Fast drive by insults and mud is all both of you are good for.

            Trolls, so predictable.

          • You didn't hear the father scream. The end.

          • Prove I made that claim. I want you to quote me with permalinks, I think you've twisted the comment, edited it beyond my original quote and until you can show what I actually said, go pound sand.

            I proved enough that unless you can show me what I said, or link to the radio show i heard, you're just not showing why I should bother.

            I owned you on it at the original site and changing the debate now isn't going to work for you.

            Prove i owe you that evidence.

          • You can want whatever you want. I know what you said and so do you.

          • yes, and I know that you're strugglgin to change what I said. So, prove your point, prove your challenge is a good one, either quote me with the premalinks or go pound sand.

          • As I said, you lied when you said you heard the FATHER scream. You didn't.

          • Did you read the comment? Did you sit in the truck and listen to the radio show?

            You're just a sad little troll that has no facts and think that if you just get liberal and abusive enough that the mean spirited conservative will back down.

            Not happening. I was there, provided a link showing the father did have a statement and he did shirk responsibility in what his son's condition was.

            You just pretend you can cherry pick a partial quote and run with it.

            Run, run far away, and don't hurry back.

          • You said you heard the father scream.

            "I listened to the radio to the father of the dead suspect scream and blame everyone.
            He was asking how come nobody did anything."

            You did not hear the father scream.

            You lied.

          • Nailed it. Congrats!!

          • He nailed nothing. I've proven every single part of the comment other than link to a recording of the radio show.

            You want me to be wrong so bad you overlook everything and continue your march towards bad manners because you think it matters.

            The father did all that and you are still owned.Bad manners doesn't mean you win just because you won't shut up.

            And you were owned.
            Unless you trolls can prove what radio station I had on and provide a link to the interview.

          • You haven't proved the part of your comment where you claim you heard the father scream. You didn't. You lied.

          • You haven't proved I didn't.

            I made three parts to my claim and proved two of them.

            You go ahead and prove the third one, the one you dispute, if you can.

            You two lumps in the cesspool of liberalism can't.

          • You claimed you heard the father scream and gave a link to an attorney reading a statement. You lied.

          • Why don't you quote me with the permalink attached so you can show you haven't edited or deleted part of that comment?

          • Because you destroyed that site and all of the comments are gone. Do you deny saying this?

            "I listened to the radio to the father of the dead suspect scream and blame everyone. 
            He was asking how come nobody did anything."

          • What's wrong? You deleted all the comments and now you want a pass?

            You can't prove I made that comment and why am I here defending something you can't prove I posted?

            You two are a piece of work. Not a good work either.

          • So you don't want to admit to the comment you been defending for weeks? How pathetic. Keep squirming, Roger.

          • What comment, prove there was one.

            What's wrong are you both lying and making up a comment again?

            You prove it, you make me prove everything turnabout is fair play.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He just posted the commet, with quotes, and I also remember when you originally said it.

            You are a pathological liar.

          • Am I? Then why don't you quote me with the original permalink attached and prove it?

          • He is a worm. He knows what he did, that's why he won't deny making the comment.

          • I know what I did, and what you're doing here.

            You want to be a worm and play that game, I'll going to do the same.

            Prove your claims or pound sand.

          • Squirmin' vermin.

          • Yes, you two are.

            You want to cherry pick and ignore most of that entire thread.

            So, you want to play like worms I'll treat you like worms.

            Prove you point, both the original comment with permalinks, and links to the radio show I was listening to. You made assertions, now either prove your point or admit you're just blowing smoke.

          • Yep. Look at roger squirm.

          • Yep, the trolls are pulling out the benchwarmers because they have nothing and they can't let that actually effect anything they have on their agenda for today.

            What is your quota?

          • Again, squirmin' vermin.

          • Yes, and you keep squirming.

            Prove your points or admit you're just two hack trolls with nothing.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Swishing, swish, swishing, watch Roger swish.

          • You continue to act in a way that shows you may be a deviant sexual stalker.

            And I'm still not interested.

          • You are wrong. You're lying and I'm not.

            I gave you links to show that the father accepted no responsibility, that there was a statement when you both said he never spoke out about anything and remained silent.

            You do know lawyers speak for their clients? If the dad had remained silent there would not have been a statement in the link I used to prove you both wrong.

            And as for the voice used, you weren't in the truck so you're both just trolls doing what trolls do, throw mud.

            You're both still owned. And narrowing the statement I did make until it's not the statement I did make only shows you know you're owned.

            Maybe I should give you lifestyle tips too!

          • He DID remain silent, you dumb ass. His attorney read a statement — you claimed "I listened to the radio to the father of the dead suspect scream and blame everyone.
            He was asking how come nobody did anything."
            Those are YOUR words, Roger.

          • He didn't. He had a statement read on his behalf. That is not remaining silent. You are owned on that portion of my three part comment.

            He refused to accept any responsibility, that's the second part of my three part claim. And if you want to prove I was wrong on the third one, go for it.

            But put your broom down and listen for a moment.

            You can't. I know what I heard.

          • I know what you heard as well. You heard the attorney read a statement when you claimed you heard the father scream. You lied.

          • You know what you want me to have heard.

            But if you want to make that assertion then prove it. Provide a link to the radio show I had on.

          • You provided the link. It said the attorney read a statement. You claimed you heard the father scream. You did not. It was a lie.

          • Prove it. Why don't you just go ahead and give the quotes with permalinks.

          • Feel free to go back to my very first few comments as PoofAgain from 8 weeks ago. I quoted you repeatedly. You lucked out in destroying the LCR site because you know as well as anyone else the comments are gone. HOWEVER, beginning 8 weeks ago you never once claimed trustfunded's or my quotes of YOUR WORDS were inaccurate. Now that's what you're claiming. You're a lying fool, adamant to continue exposing that. You truly have no shame/brain.

          • Feel free to quote yourself with permalinks.

          • You lied. You know you did. Your desperation is ugly. Dig through your comments if you need a reminder. You've spent weeks defending your own comment including hours today, now you want to pretend you didn't say it? Very desperate move on your part.

          • I told the truth, but if you want to double check quote me with the permalinks and then link to the radio show.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No one wants to swim around that s h it pool of comment on your comment stream. Why don't you just tell the truth? You made that comment. We all remember you making it.

          • Why don't you hold them to the same standards you insist for me?

            Double standard much?

            And I remember you saying things that were contributing to that cesspool you like to swim in called liberalism.

            No wonder you're stuck back here on this site.

          • Actually I think he admitted his lie a few weeks ago. I can't remember it verbatim, but it was something like, "I was wrong and I apologize for dragging it out so long. I mistook the yelling in the background of the father of one of the victims for the father of the shooter, who'd only given a written statement at that point, read to the press via his attorney."<—-Something like that.

          • Hahaha, that's a good one!!! Thanks for the chuckle.

          • She hasn't written a book for a reason, I can tell.

          • You wrote a coloring book.

          • If I did, then you might be able to read it.

          • Nobody can read coloring books. They don't have words. You are failing miserably today.

          • You never had a coloring book with words?

            Somehow I'm not much surprised.

          • While you've written two for no good reason.

          • The second string is still out of the dugout and trying to warm up I see.

          • Is it Gabrielle or Gabriel? You used both with no explanation. A good proofreader would have caught that. Of course a good proofreader wouldn't want to be associated with that mess.

          • And if you know so much about writing where are your books?

          • One doesn't need to be a carpenter to observe that a wall isn't straight.

            My writing is not available to you.

          • One needs to know what he's talking about, and you never seem to.

          • Actually I think you claim I lie all the time and then make up something to try using, until I come along and beat you back like a rabid dog.

            And I said you were owned and how did it feel to be so completely wrong on a topic you made so visible.

            But I would expect an ill mannered shrew to go down fighting, you simply don't know who to behave properly.

          • "….you simply don't know who to behave properly."

            Brilliantly said.

          • Yes, but you two will never admit it applies to all the trolls.

          • "…..who to behave properly."

            Well said.

          • The correct way to say that would be:

            "You said it very well."

            But of course you know who to mangle my beloved English.

            You're welcome.

          • ""
            But of course you know who to mangle my beloved English"

            "Who" to mangle?

            Well said.

          • Yes I tried to tone it down and avoid large words since I know liberal schools do so badly at education.

            Did your terminal have something to help you figure out the touch stuff?

          • The "touch" stuff? LOL

          • A big word that confused you again?

          • I have no idea what you mean by "touch stuff" in the context you used it. It appears you meant "tough stuff" but I don't want to put words in your mouth. If I did, you might start making sense.

          • Still not up to much?

            No wonder they have you work evenings at McDonalds and you have mornings free to post from the basement.

          • Still think you make sense?

            "Did your terminal have something to help you figure out the touch stuff?"

            Do you need a permalink to that as well?

          • Are you just upset because you realized you can't toy with me and not have me play back?

          • Hahaha! Yousofunny Roger. The reference to working at McD's, the basement thing. Wow — HPD writing your shtick now?

          • And who wrote that for you? You almost tried to sound like you had personality.

          • This is laughable. He probably figures he's being cute by refusing to acknowledge what everyone can plainly see.

            And no, monkey, I'm not addressing you. Yes, we have no bananas.

          • The dugout is short one coward guest troll, will the bench get cold before they get done needing you to do cleanup?

          • Sorry, no bananas. Why don't you go sit in the corner and evolve.

          • Is the relief player called in?

            The normal trolls must be frustrated to bring you out.

          • I am not part of any "chess" pool. You really are making yourself look foolish.

          • You are just another troll that can't stand anyone that defends their values. The posse sure does stick together, I'll give you that much.

          • I defend the English language against butchers like you. I don't even play chess.

          • Good, then I'll defend honesty and logic against butchers like you. And you don't do much of anything but sit at your admitted work terminal and spam all day long.

          • Please don't concern yourself where I rest my backside. I saw how you expressed interest in Alinsky's and now mine?

          • You admitted you post from your work terminal.

            You seem to have all day, so I have to wonder if your job isn't to spam conservative sites.

          • I'm sure you wonder a lot of things about me. I wish you'd stop. It's kind of creepy.

          • Wow, coming from the posse who does all the digging on me, down to the names in my book?

            You're creepy.

          • You're just mad because your book is poorly proofread.

            Surely some of your other millions of readers have pointed out the name change before me. No? Why, it's almost as if nobody else has ever read it.

          • You're just mad because I can do more than you, in spite of all the correct political leanings you have adopted.

          • You know nothing about my political leanings. Knowing nothing doesn't stop your gums from flapping, though.

            Reply, monkey.

          • It's on display for all here.

            Now, go beg for bananas.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Go beg for bananas. Didn't smith come up with that joke? I remember laughing to ":reply for banana"

            Are you stealing material again?

            You plagiarize. Your books must also be plagiarized. And I will make sure the public knows it.

          • The people that read my books know I don't.
            They know they love the plots and the twist that go along with it.

            But of course if you wrote better books, I'd like the chance to read and review them, where are they selling?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I read your reviews. They say you can't write.

          • You wrote some of them, and haven't read the book. That would indicate I can get you to testify that you impaired my ability to earn money due to your defamation.

            I can hardly wait for you to explain that on the stand.

            So what ISP are you hiding behind now like the little squirrelly coward?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Why don't you get a job instead of writing s h itty books.

            I don't have to see you in court, remember, you can't find me.

            You'll just have to take a seat next to the BReitbart gang and Navy, and suck on my ISP's.

          • You're so cranky! Well, you have the phone number now so you can call my lawyer and explain it all to him. I'm sure he would care more than I do.

            Trolls, you just can't beat their brand of stupid.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Cab I call collect?

          • After the beating you and the trolls took today I don't know if your hands are steady enough to manage it.

          • I've never looked at your book. You should pay closer attention.

          • Good, you aren' the target audience for either one.

            I prefer people that can focus, read, understand and then enjoy.

            You lack so many of those things.

          • Me thinks he's getting a bit confuzzelated in his rush to defend his lies — he's lost track of who he's trying to comment to. Maybe a nice pat on his head and nap is in order.

          • Me thinks? You don't think.

            Scream. Yes
            Insult? Yes.

            You lost track of any reality and still think being obnoxious is a substitute.

            It isn't. Now maybe a relaxing spin on your broom is in order.

          • He also seems to think I care who his target audience is.

          • You seem to think everyone here that was driven away by all the posse spam cared what your target was.

          • No, I don't care.

          • Yet, here you are spamming anyhow.


          • You are trolling and just admitted it.


          • Nope, but you did just post more spam, proving my point for me.

            Thank you so very much. You can stop now.

          • Silly, silly boy. Anyone/everyone knows a true troll would have 153,260 comments.

          • And any body stuck with stupid agenda driven trolls know that you switch profiles so often there is no telling how many you've spammed the place with.

            Need another lifestyle tip?

          • Holy crap — you've added almost 100 comments since I wrote that…and you haven't said a gawd-damn thing.

          • Holy crud, you're still the ill mannered foul mouthed shrew.

            And you can't figure out a way to actually say a thing.

            Here, another lifestyle tip.

          • Holy crap?

            Well, it is Sunday………

          • As you can tell, I kept my comment clean for the sabbath.

          • The Sabbath isn't Sunday.

            That's the seventh day of the week, sunday church observance is usually called 'The Lords Day'.

            You're welcome.

          • Ah, the Biblical Scholar speaks with the authority if a Muslim Imam.

          • Ah, the cowardly guest troll pretends I'm wrong without saying why or explaining your flawed position.

          • He probably doesn't care enough to explain it, very few do. Sabbath vs 'The Lords [sic] Day' — doesn't matter one way or the other, it's all just voodoo mumbo-jumbo.

          • It does to people that care.

            I keep forgetting you're not here because you care or know anything, you just want a platform to spew from.

          • So in about 28 hours you've posted 193 comments (you're at 153,083 as I'm typing this) — and on a weekend where almost no one is around,. You don't see that **might** be viewed as odd? How do you fit in a job, studying your bible, going potty/showering, eating, sleeping, hanging out with friends….are you a robot?

          • In about that many hours you have posted how many quality comments?

            And on a weekend when you didn't have anyone around to impress. Don't you see that you coming around simply to insult someone might be viewed as odd? Well, as though you are just a mean hearted ill mannered shrew?

            How do you fit in all the hours on your broom and posting insults like this? Are you a troll?

          • Rabble rabble troll rabble rabble rabble rabble ill mannered rabble rabble rabble broom rabble rabble shrew rabble rabble rabble rabble bridge rabble rabble insult rabble rabble rabble rabble spam rabble.

          • Did the troll/english translator circuit die?

          • Good quality rabbling you got.

          • Thank you.

          • The posse sure does stick together.
            Even through the thick and cumbersome spamming.

          • The only thing cumbersome around here, is trying to decipher your encrypted Rogelio Code. You'd confuse Navajo Code Talkers.

          • Did you get your troll/english translator working again?

          • Please capitalize "English". Show some respect for my language.

          • The correct way of saying that would be:

            "Please capitalize 'English', and show some respect for my language."

            You're welcome.

          • You giving English lessons is like a whale giving a bird flying lessons.

          • Or when poof took lessons for her broom?

          • No it wouldn't. It's good to see you trying, though. Good for you!

          • Oh look the trolls are doing so badly they dragged out the second string from the dugout.

          • Well Poofsie, you're a regular rabble rouser.
            You probably roused Roger to the point of morning wood.

          • I could have gone all day without reading that. Now I'll have to soak my eyes in a boiling lye bath and try to forget your comment, but it's so hard to un-read something.

          • You two pretend you're not repulsive.
            Did you let him fly with you on your broom?

          • Without making a tremendous effort to research through old comments, I don't recall ever knowing whether Iremember is a "him" or not. You sure make some strange assumptions….I think we're back to your inability to identify gender, again.

          • Back to pretending you care?

            Without making any comments or research I'd have to say you're still just an ill mannered shrew still.

            Another lifestyle tip:

    • *sigh* I see Roger's moved on to comment on the 'Birther Report' site. There's some places I refuse to go — I have standards, you know. With any luck he'll get stuck over there, never to return. *fingers crossed*

      • I saw that too. I read a couple comments there but when my puke bucket was full I left.

        • I'm probably pre-banned there — word gets around fast in Roger's circle of brain-dead 'fans'. Have you seen one of the birther bimbos he believes? I don't know if you like blondes, but this chick is just out to lunch.

          • You are probably pre-banned there at any thinking thoughtful site that has standards.

            You really should try better manners.

          • Sites can't think.

          • As I've said, he's got Word Salad101 down to a fine art.

          • Well, perhaps I should be more supportive since it could be a neurological disorder.

          • The posse can't do any better than you two clowns? It sounds like it's one person posting both sides of the discussion.

            You probably have the time since you're just sitting at your work terminal looking for conservative sites to spam.

          • Again, don't worry about where I rest my backside. You are creeping me out.

          • Again don't worry about sites based on conservative values and I won't be.

          • Good job, Roger. That almost made sense. (see poof, I'm being supportive)

          • That's so sweet of you. Kinda like giving him a little pat on the head.

          • That's so typical of you. You really need more lifestyle hints.

          • The correct way of saying that would be:

            "Good job! Roger, that almost made sense."

            You're welcome.

          • As usual, you are incorrect. Keep typing, it's fun to watch you fail.

          • The correct way of saying that would be:

            "As usual, you're incorrect."

            You're welcome.

          • That is not proper English.

          • You are not proper. So, if it's wrong, and I'm not saying it is, you deserve it.

          • Use all the broken English you want, and I'll be here to correct you.

          • With your version of spam.

          • The man has made 153,192 comments as of 7.28.14 @12:10pm PDT. There's definitely some kind of disorder we're all trying to deal with when it comes to Roger. Although I've no complaints since I'm getting paid while I'm commenting.

          • And he mentions I have time on my hand……while spending his evenings blowing up my inbox for attention.

          • And you say you have no bosses and no other job but to spend all this time on the site.

          • Yes, what's your point?

          • Do you ever have a point? Is that something new you are going to try?

          • No, but since you brought up my work and lack of bosses I thought you must have something on your mind. I guess not.

          • You brought it up. The only way I'd have to know you had a work terminal and didn't 'have internet at home is if you made it a part of the debate yourself.

            You're still owned.

          • You brought it into this discussion. I asked if you had a point. Obviously, you don't. You rarely do. Trolls are like that.

          • Did I? What did I bring into the discussion?

            Prove it, present my original quote with the permalinks so it can be verified.

            You demand I prove everything, now it's your turn.

          • This ill mannered shrew can't speak civilly, it must be some sort of mental disorder, oh… liberalism!

          • I suspect it's worse when he goes off his meds.

          • You suspect you can't figure out how to ruin this site and that's why the posse is so determined to finish it off.

          • Nope, not meds. As trustfunded rightly determined, it's a neurological disorder.

          • Nope, not meds, not manners, do you get your hair cut at this place?

          • Something tells me you relate in a spiritual way with Stuart….what an odd reference, even from you.

          • Something tells me that you relate in a spiritual way with Janet Reno… what an odd reference. Even for you.

          • Especially that birther site. : )

          • Some sites have more thought than others. In spite of the posse.

          • Mr. Rogers, there is no posse.

          • Is that why the very same group of trolls works together in a coordinated way over 5 sites to stop debate and discussion?

          • Mr. Rogers, your neighborhood is certainly a neighborhood of fantasy and Make Believe.

            That sounds like you have been well coached by your Lawyer.

          • Yes, coordinated.

            Is this your assigned role for today?

          • Mr. Rogers, I am curious, could you list the five sites? I really don't think you can count that high. I do notice that they have recruited Luis over at ConsVic. He must be getting tired over at Izahoes and Topsnots site.

          • You are never curious.
            You are never actually concerned about the results of your positions.

            But, it started at Navy's site. NJ was the last to be banned there.
            The growl was targeted, and they soaped the place.
            Speak out just banned two of you in the last month.
            This site has been ground zero for months and months.
            There was the foundry, they changed from intense debate in less than a couple of weeks.
            Left, Right & Center changed from Intense debate, and is back to normal again.
            Birther was almost targeted but quick moderating shut you down before it got started very far.
            And not to leave out anyone, Cephus had to toss you guys too, nj is the last one standing there too.

            That's 7, but just out of curiosity did I leave any out?

          • Mr. Rogers, I am impressed. You counted past five. Did you have to take your huaraches off?

            Of all the sites you cite, I only ever posted at one. You forgot FrontPage Magazine and a few others as well.

            Odd, the one common denominator that all of those sites had, was you.

            Did you ever consider that therein might lie the problem?

          • I'm not impressed, you don't remember much for a guest troll pretending to be a guest that can remember.

            And the common denominator was the posse tracking along behind me trying to cause problems.

            Did you ever consider that therein is the problem? Who funds you as a group?

          • According to ROGER's page he was after zeb on rebuilding freedom. He tries to get him banned too over there.

          • I keep wondering why all his 'fans' from those other sites don't step up to have his back. I've poked around a bit, I know there's the one old geezer who tries to sound all macho but resorts to sock puppets…can't think of his moniker, he's the guy who brags about having to utilize escort services in lieu of actually dating. Or where's ImAHoAnnie? She was "pissed" because some people disagreed with Roger….but that's about the last anyone's heard from her. Guess she'll make another appearance in about…oh, another 16 weeks.

          • You just don't get it. Liberal posse groups are something from your side of the political spectrum.

            On the right, the thinking conservative part of the country, we stand on values not on party loyalties.

          • There are several of these macho guys, L4s, HPD, topshit, idahopotatoe

          • Scaredy-cats afraid to leave the safety of some right-wing nut-job web site? Yeah…I'm hoping ImAHoAnnie doesn't come after me — something tells me she's a big 'un and could beat the tar out of me (and that's just with her Army boot).

          • ROGER on the navy site yesterday

            Roger 174p • 18 hours ago
            Someone from the past bragged they could post here.
            Of course Navy banned him. But he still brags he can.

            I am so glad we have this place where we can come and discuss and debate without the childish tantrums.
            Navy, thank you again for all your hard work.
            6 replies •

          • The site is busy with just 5 idiots left.

          • And the posse has how many idiots to kill this site off?

          • So I'm right in my assertion — they're nothing but… afraid to leave their nut-job little site (you know, the dead one).

          • So you're just a bitter shrew that can't stand being rejected.

            That must happen a lot.

          • And that liberal coward never showed up because he can't.

            I was right, and he was just another loser like the rest of the posse.

          • Scardy cats afraid to admit you have no social skills and can't pretend to behave and go to where normal folks discuss things?

            A lifestyle tip:

          • Yeah, ol' Zebrano spanked him again.
            Poor Roger, getting spanked by an Octogenarian who is a Veteran of the french Foreign Legion.

            Vive' le France!

          • Alinsky, why pretend to be different people?

            You blew it yesterday and outed yourself with this fake guest profile.

            And while you enjoy talking about spanking, Im not interested. And the deviant sexual stalking won't get you anywhere.

        • Good, let's hope some day decent, thinking people come back here and you trolls have the same reaction.

        • The only places he gets thumbed up are almost exclusively patronized by nitwitted rednecks.

          • Bet they have some sweet Ted Nugent shirts.

          • They may, but the reason is your trolls aren't allowed and they finally took the thumbs down option away since you all wanted to keep infesting the sites anyhow.

            Spammers, you really do explain why liberalism fails every single time. You don't think, don't care about consequences and just keep pushing even when you've failed. Much like Obama.

          • What exactly does liberalism fail? Certainly not the elections that matter.

          • If that was the case then Franken wouldn't have needed to borrow felon votes.

            And that's another example of the failure of liberalism.
            It has to sneak in, it can't explain that you want marxism and get elected on a fair and honest discussion of the agenda.

          • Like he said, that's the only place you can get a thumbs up……because there is no thumbs down button. Pay attention.

          • Pay attention.

            The correct way to say that would be:
            "You pay attention." I just hate how you attack and misuse my beloved English.

            You're welcome.

          • "You pay attention." – Roger

            Another example of butchering my language.

          • Still can't manage it?
            The correct way of saying that is:

            "That is another example of you butchering my language."

            You're welcome.

            But it's just happening so often today!
            Can you focus a little more, please?

          • My English skills are perfect, that's why you are struggling.

          • Your English skills are only as good as the brain behind them.

            You are sadly lacking. It takes two of you plus the second string of trolls to keep me busy? That's sad.

            Do you get a chance to rest before you head out to work at McDonalds?

          • I am resting, silly. Keep showcasing your creative language skills, it's really quite entertaining.

          • You are just slow silly. Keep showcasing that you have no skills and no personality.

            On second thought, don't. It's painful to watch.

          • They prolly give away a free copy of a publish-it-yourself book with every purchase.

          • If you wrote a book, they couldn't give them away.

            But don't let that stop you from being a bitter shrew.

            Another lifestyle tip:

      • I see that you're still here insulting and behaving badly.

        And knowing you would be soundly tossed on your ear for your bad manners is why that site is still one of the places I go.

        Another lifestyle tip:

  12. It's a sad day indeed. Looks like Roger pretty-much killed off that ImAHoAnnie site single-handedly. Other than one commenter, Luis522, it's just Roger and two site administrators, and those two don't even bother to comment other than sporadically. Sad.

  13. Alinsky Hero USA

    I've just been banned from bitchspot because exposed Cephrus for helping Roger with his lawsuit.

    • Hmmm….I got banned form there for pointing out to Cephus that Roger is his boy toy, his bread-and-butter, and calling Cephus a hypocrite (which he is). So who's left there? Roger, the flaming thumper, and Cephus, the flaming anti-thumper. Good times. *rolls eyes*

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        Yep, I did the exact same thing. I didn't know you were banned too. Good job.

        Cephus is very sensitive to being told he lives up Roger's ass.

        • I didn't give a rat's about getting banned there, I pretty-much got myself banned. I think trustfunded did too, and I believe CitizenSane just walked away from the place — as an atheist, that place offers no actual debate that's of any interest to me. Another site slain by the super hero, Roger 'Stachio.

          • You two had the same lack of manners and respect.

            You both begged to be banned, why not just brag and claim credit for it?

          • I was not banned from there. I posted there for months as "Guest". I simply told Cephus to pack it in his ass. I left and never looked back. Cephus caters to Roger and his nonsense. I never begged to be banned, I told the truth. The truth is, Roger is the biggest joke on Intense Duuubate.

          • Hi there — I was just talkin' 'bout you! Nice to 'see' you.

          • Imagine that, a second string troll from the bench is dragged out to help.

          • And so here you are. And he's not.

            I bet he'll be able to focus on his stories and blogs more without all the drama you as a posse dragged in with you.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Just smith, njmcc, and Wee are left. And Wee isn't posting much there anymore.

            The site will go back to being an empty desert, with just Cephrus and his mustached master.

          • And Nj has been cutting and pasting for over 50 times now. He can't and won't ever try to defend his comments there.

            The site will be just fine without the posse spamming it.

          • Cut and Paste, eh>
            I can do that.

            Regardless of how many times you attempt to engage with me directly or just decide to throw insults at me I will not enter debate with you due to your motivated reasoning.

            Roger, tell me where your comment above, had anything remotely to do with the topic?

          • Can you explain why you deserve an answer to that?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That;s right. I forgot. njmcc has been asking Roger to stop harassing him on the site, but Cephus lets it continue.

          • You forget nothing.

            nj posted a story and has spammed the site more than 50 times with cut and paste that movitated reasoning is bad and he won't debate with it.

            I try to keep a straight face at that one, you as a posse have motivated reasoning. But it's just for the wrong reasons.

          • I read somewhere a while back that you posted the same comment around 100 times one weekend because your comment kept getting deleted. Are you the pot or the kettle?

          • The posse has been known to pull my comments and I replaced it. And it was 800 times, you can check off forum with them and find out the anal retentive troll who decided they could moderate by delete button.

            And it didn't work.


          • Nope. there were a collection of about 10 comments that i reposted that many times.

            And you might ask the troll pulling them what was wrong with them.

            The comments are still there btw.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And he is f u ing proud of it. 800 comments, he must have been a sweaty mess posting them over and over again, screaming at the screen, until he fell from exhaustion.

          • I'm disgusted that some useless troll thought he could control the debate on a site he had no part of and the stupid enough to think after about 25 times I would stop reposting it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You tried to moderate though report button, it didn't work on Brietbart, Navy's site , or the other sites you tried it on.

          • Oh so you were the one I was battling?

            Why did it take you this long to just say so?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            quote me

          • You knew I was battling someone, do you have any other explanation for the comment, or why you finally slipped?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You've mentioned your 800 comments 800 times.

            What slip? The pink slip you have on now?

          • Why didn't you admit you were the one pulling them?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You still won't admit you are a homosexual.

          • You still don't care that you're a deviant sexual stalker.

            And I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are homosexual. You watch teen movies for girls. You stalk men and harass them.

            You have the gayest looking mustache on the internet.

            You ARE interested.

          • You seem to fantasize about my being a homosexual.

            You fail to realize your dreams may not match reality.

            As a deviant sexual stalker you refuse to realize something, I'm not interested.

          • "Battling?"

            That is what your world consists of, and imaginary world, of battling cyber-villians. Jousting with dungeons and dragons.


            Ye ought best hone your craft further. It is obvious you have lost a life-long battle against mental illness.

          • This is a site for debate. Every descriptive word is used in that context.

            You as trolls sure do seem determined to battle anyone here for actual debate and discussion of the stories. Why? Is it mental illness?

          • Every descriptive word?

            I remember reading someones comment to you a month or so ago, that said all your x's and o's looked like binary code.

          • You don't remember, you make things up.

          • And………..ah…..he's retarded.

          • No, no — that's a dirty word. "Neurologically-challenged" works though. So does beyond batshlt crazy.

          • Nah.
            I'm old enough to be "Grandfathered in".

            Politically correct folks might use "neurologically challenged".

            He is just a plain, old fashioned, garden variety retard. A hybrid variety between a zucchini and a cucumber, only not as smart.

          • The two of you seem quite well acquainted with retardation and mentally challenged.

            I'll leave it to the experts, but it does explain a lot of the comments you both post here.

            I bet the fischer price laptop is worn out.

          • I'm old enough to be "Grandmothered in". =)

          • As I suspected. A old bitter sagging woman with more angst than looks.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I bet she looks younger than your haggard face.

            Ever wonder why you have no luck with the young guys?

          • Still the deviant sexual stalker?

            I'm not interested.

          • Hook, line and sinker. How's my bait taste?

          • Probably like three day old fish.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I remember it did work. You kept giving up, and would come back every hour to try again.

            Finally they got rid of the report button and now we can all expose you for watch Stardust alone like a fairy and you can't pull it.

          • You remember nothing then.
            And if it was you moderating by report button they found that so poorly done they deleted the report button.

            Trolls you just can't behave any better than the occupy crowd at Zuccatti park.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Well it looks like you have already given up posting on Cephrus's site.

            Why don't you go over there and pretend it's because you are here for debate and not to stalk for cock.

            I think Wee is posting under a different name on other site now. So you have lost your true love.

          • Well, without you there spamming and my needing to correct you constantly I'll post there but at a time of my choosing.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Cephus gave up everything for you. Go back and show him you care.

          • You just don't get it.

            I'm not interested and frankly as a deviant sexual stalker it's not something that is any of your concern.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He's a young guy. Of course you are interested.

          • Is that why you hung out there so long?

            That does explain a lot, including why you're so cranky now that you faced rejection again.

            And I'm still not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are the only one there now. He's all yours.

          • Still the sexual stalker?
            I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I see that. His site is dead already.

          • His site is doing better now than when you spammed it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Not one comment has been made since yesterday. His site is finished.

            Nice to see you defending an atheist site though.

            Even only if it's because you lust for his young cock.

          • Dogma will be back when he knows it's safe.

            And your deviant fantasies don't match reality.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            His site turned into a wasteland immediately.

            And you never have anything interesting to add, so it;s done.

          • Still pretending you are a moral authority on what I do and can add?

            I'm not interested.

          • Especially his website, and his reputation.

          • Wee isn't posting much anymore, anywhere.

            Remember the history.
            Wee was the first one to go to Cephus (would that be Cephus' or Cephuses?) site. In any event, now that Wee is gone, Roger will be too. He only goes where he can have an audience to perform for. Like a semi-trained monkey, riding a goat.

            He did the same thing at LRC and even at navy's site. When the Rog bot no longer has someone to joust with, he packs his tent, and moves on.

          • The little yappy dog…

            You may want to define and suggest what I should do.
            You're not my source for logic.

          • I remember.

            CowboiLogic was your one and only source for logic. Since he died, you have been drifting aimlessly. he was the only balance you assholes ever had.

          • You don't remember.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Yep, he's a parasite.

            No Wee, no Roger.

            In fact, I think I will take some time off myself, and watch Roger swish around begging for attention. He will post some comments on Navy's site, and no one will care.

          • His comments stopped when he no longer appeared to be posting from his work terminal.

            I'm still here and still defending my values.

            And in spite of your deviant sexual stalking.
            You decide to call my attorney yet so you can tell him to his face the kinds of things you say here?


          • Did that ship of global warming protesters ever get rescued from the summer ice?

          • Did that comment about the ship ever get deleted for good?

          • Did the summer ice ever get rescued from the ship of global warming protesters?

          • Did that comment ever get deleted permanently?

  14. I have now exposed Roger as not only a liar, but also as a spineless coward. Good move, Roger. You win. LOL!!!

    • You have now exposed that you have nothing. You can't show the quote with the permalink, you can't show jack.

      And when I turned the tables and told you to prove things the way you two old trolls have been doing to me you folded like a wet paper bag.

      Good move, trolls, how does it feel to be tossed back under the bridge?

      • The only tossing you've done is salad.

      • 8 weeks ago @ Left, Right & Cent… – VA Scandal, China\'s C… · 35 replies · -6 points
        I know there have been many interviews and the one I heard was the father of the shooter.

        Currently on his page # 762 but it will move as he adds more comments.

        • Now page 763.

          • Yes, and it proves only that the father did give interviews, as the link shows with the lawyer speaking for the father.

            Unless you can link to the radio show you're still out of luck boyo.

          • What's wrong with you? You just said "…it proves only that the father did give interviews, as the link shows with the lawyer speaking for the father". Your own comment debates itself. The father did NOT give interviews, his attorney DID. Seriously, what's wrong with you?

            I'm embarrassed for you. Apparently you lack the intelligence to be embarrassed for yourself so I'll do it on your behalf.

          • What's wrong with you, you said that the father never spoke and it was impossible that I heard the father.

            I proved he wasn't silent.

            Of course why don't you just present my actual quote and permalink so that what I actually said can be shown.

            I'm still mocking you, and you still deserve it.

          • You don't really want to go there, do you Roger? Do you think people are oblivious to what you did? You deleted 12-15 of your own comments before Disqus took over at LRC, so they're nowhere to be found. You played the "oh, poor me, someone is deleting my comments" card, pulled out your "Sean" sock puppet to give some kind of phony credence to your lies. Have you forgotten that someone watched in real time as the comment count kept dropping? I don't know the exact date (8-9 weeks ago), but it was at 12:05am PDT, aka Roger's late-night game-playing time — the time of night you do a Roger dump into everyone's inbox.

            So think about it — there's a reason intelligent commenters like myself, trustfunded, Iremember, c_woof, Wee, Alinsky, etc., include your quotes in their responses to you — you can claim everyone else lies, but that really doesn't fly. You've totally changed your story the past few days (in other words, new lies from you). Best you leave this issue alone, don't you think?

            Here's what I know as fact: You claimed you heard the father wailing about his son being a victim. Lie. Now you claim that what you meant was that you heard the father's attorney read a statement. More lies. Leave it alone.

          • Still the harpy. Still the angry shrew with no manners.

            You want to make those claims prove it! Quote me with the permalinks or just get back on your broom and fly back to your lair.

            I know what I said and I proved 2 of three 3 claims I made.

            Unless you can show what I actually said, you need to realize you're barking up the wrong tree.

            And unless you can prove what I heard on that radio show you're just barking up the wrong tree.

            You're a no good troll spewing spam and you do it because you're ugly inside. Need another lifestyle tip?

          • The father never spoke nor screamed. Quit lying.

          • He can't quit lying. He's an irrelevant pathological liar — it's all he knows.

          • Why are you pretending I'm lying? You can go ahead any time and prove what I said and prove what I heard. I'm waiting…

            You're just two hack trolls with nothing.

            I mock you both, and I (metaphorically) spit on your both for your harassment and lies.

          • Why are you pretending I'm lying? You can go ahead any time and prove what I said and prove what I heard. I'm waiting…

            You're just two hack trolls with nothing.

            I mock you both, and I (metaphorically) spit on your both for your harassment and lies.

          • Yes, and the posse can't prove that I said anything.

            You're still lame.

          • I proved that he did speak out with his attorney and you haven't shown how the attorney spoke when he spoke for the father.

            Quit lying.

          • No, you proved you lied. The father didn't speak so you did not hear him. Your own link proves that. Stop lying.

          • Prove your'e a real person.

            The father did speak with his lawyer being his spokesman. It wasn't the lawyers statement it was the father's.

            Your own statement proves my point. Stop spamming.

          • Irrelevant pathological liar.

          • You didn't prove it.
            So, you have nothing. You are a nothing. And you do that badly too.

            Need another lifestyle tip?

          • Yes you are. Or else you would have provided more than just an empty insult.

            You definitely need another lifestyle tip.

          • Yes you are. Or else you would have provided more than just an empty insult.

            You definitely need another lifestyle tip.….

          • Yes, poof does.

            So, they don't even call in the Alinsky run fake guest profiles? Now it's just 'guest'? How lame is that!

          • That would be you, when the rubber meets the road you have nothing and can't even prove you had a point.

            The ill mannered shrew is called out and falls flat, that makes you the irrelevant liar. If it's pathological or not, that remains to be seen.

          • Yes, you are. I still haven't seen you quote me or anything. Why is that?

            You are just that ill mannered troll lashing out because you have nothing.

            Need another lifestyle hint?

          • Yes, you still are. But why brag about it?

            Need another lifestyle hint?

          • Irrelevant pathological liar/spammer.

            Need another lifestyle hint?

          • Irrelevant pathological liar/spammer.

            Need another lifestyle hint?….

          • She is so determined to stay ill mannered, it's wasted on her.

          • Still have nothing? Still just flying around on your broom screaming since you can't fit into any reasonable discussion?

            You need another lifestyle tip!

          • Still have nothing? Still just flying around on your broom screaming since you can't fit into any reasonable discussion?

            You need another lifestyle tip!….

          • Still in remedial cut and paste?

          • Irrelevant pathological liar.

          • Nailed it.

          • The posse sure does stick together.

            You don't sound convincing, but you do all sound loyal. Too bad it's to an agenda that doesn't deserve loyalty.

          • Cut and paste? From your broom? I'm almost impressed.

            I notice you didn't cut and past the quotes to show what I actually said.

            You clearly still need another lifestyle tips:

          • Cut and paste? From your broom? I'm almost impressed.

            I notice you didn't cut and past the quotes to show what I actually said.

            You clearly still need another lifestyle tips:….

          • You almost sounded like a real person, I'm still not impressed.

            And I wonder if poof will read that, she needs to.

          • Is the broom chafing this morning?
            Is that why you're so cranky?

            Here's another lifestyle tip:

          • s the broom chafing this morning?
            Is that why you're so cranky?

            Here's another lifestyle tip:…!

          • Yes, I'd also suggest she learns about vinegar as a hygiene product.

          • You sound so cranky, has aunt flow come to visit?

          • Still the angry shrew?

            Here's a lifestyle tip:

          • Irrelevant pathological spammer.

          • Irrelevant pathological spammer.

          • Yes she is.

            Are you just learning remedial cut and paste?

          • You're still struggling with remedial cut and paste?

          • Yes, you are aspiring to that label apparently.

          • You said you heard the father scream. You did not. That was a lie.

          • Is that a description of you two or what.

            I'm surprised you wanted to define yourselves so openly.

            And I'm still waiting for you to provide any proof for your many and repeated assertions.

          • I did prove it. The proof is above in this thread. You acknowledged saying you heard the father, but you didn't. You heard the attorney. You lied.

          • No, you haven't. I'm still waiting for my comment with a permalink, and a link to the radio show I was listening to.

            You posse trolls, you're just not the brightest bulbs in the recycling bin.

          • Sure I did.

            8 weeks ago @ Left, Right & Cent… – VA Scandal, China\'s C… · 35 replies · -6 points
            I know there have been many interviews and the one I heard was the father of the shooter.

            Currently on his page # 762 but it will move as he adds more comments.

            Your response was "Yes, and it proves only that the father did give interviews, as the link shows with the lawyer speaking for the father."

            The father gave no interviews. You lied.

          • The father released a statement, he didn't remain silent.

            You lie, and you continue to lie, it's just what posse trolls do.

            And you didn't show a quote with a permalink. They look like this:

            "PoofSheGone replied to your comment on A Good and Bad Economy, Ukraine, the Death Penalty – Left, Right & Center on KCRW 89.9 FM | Internet / Left, Right &amp; Center – KCRW:

            Goodbye asshole.
            Go to comment

            In reply to your comment:

            Smith is inaccurate.

            PoofSheGone replied to your comment on A Good and Bad Economy, Ukraine, the Death Penalty – Left, Right & Center on KCRW 89.9 FM | Internet / Left, Right &amp; Center – KCRW:

            Goodbye a**hole

          • Releasing a statement is not the same as your claim to hearing the father give an interview. It wasn't an interview, it was a prepared statement and you never heard the father. You lied.

          • I like this little 'permalink', the one that proves Roger deleted his own comments:

            "9 weeks ago @ Left, Right & Cent… – VA Scandal, China\'s C… · 2 replies · +2 points
            Well, I can attest to whoever has been wiping out R's comments was doing it @ 12:05am PDT, as I clicked on the site and individual comments, and the numbers, changed as I clicked.
            Hours ago, 96 comments. I refreshed LRC, 92 comments — by the time I got to this week's site, 86 comments. When I refreshed the page, 84 comments.
            I have no idea how many others were taken out, but I assume anyone in a comment stream w/R."

          • So, you can't prove a thing. You have nothing other than your empty and childish insults.

          • I proved you're a phony 'christian' hypocritical, irrelevant pathological liar who tried unsuccessfully to cover your ass when you were proven wrong. I think my work here is done.

          • Then it shouldn't be hard for a pathological spammer such as yourself to post quotes backing that claim up. You are the echo chamber, along with the rest of the posse trolls, the one you replied to has been echoing all morning.

            Just what the posse does, I know.

            And I'm still mocking you, and your bad manners for making claims you know can't be backed up.

          • Sure it is. It's the words of the father, and you haven't proven it wasn't an interview.

            Prove it.

            You're still a lump in the cesspool of liberalism.

          • You didn't hear the father since he didn't speak publicly. I thoroughly proved that and proved you lied. What, no "chess pool" comments today?

          • Still blowing smoke? I still don't see any quote with any permalinks.

            I say that you have a quote admitting you're a useless troll, and in making that claim I'm using your own words against you!

            See, that just doesn't work. Quote me or don't, but don't pretend your method is credible.

          • The quote and link are posted above.

            I'll admit to that quote, in fact I'll say it again.

            You're a useless troll.

          • Nope, if you want to quote it's like this:

            12 seconds ago @ Storyleak – Journalist on Family V… · 0 replies · +1 points
            Or you could simply look at the quote and link I provided. I think even you can handle that.

          • Useless is the troll that can't use cut and paste for a quote with the permalink .

          • So now you want me to use cut and paste? From the guy that said this?

            Roger 173 p  11 hours ago

            I wouldn't know, I don't cut and paste. 

          • That isn't a quote, try one like this:

            10 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" rigtht.

          • Okay, I'll try.
            This from yu? Hereat the propaganda site? Go back under your bridge.This from teh person who said this?

          • Ouch!

          • Is that the quote he didn't use?

          • I still don't see any quote.

            Try again, like this:

            10 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" rigtht.

          • Like this?

            10 hours ago @ Storyleak – Lawsuit: DEA Gave Reco… · 0 replies · 0 points
            I'm interested in allowing you chance to manhandle me.

          • That is a partial quote, if you want to edit quotes then they're not quotes any longer.

            The rest of the quote was very clear I didn't want him to and wasn't interested.

            See, that' why you can't use quotes, they don't back up your talking points.

          • Most quotes are excerpts. I thought you knew something about writing. Oh wait, I read excerpts from your book. My mistake.

          • And I thought you know that a quote that ends before the ending of the original quote has extra '….' to show it.

            Still can't figure out how to spam correctly?

          • No, teach me how to spam correctly. I want to learn from the master. By the way, you meant "knew" not "know".

          • I don't stoop to posse standards.

            Too bad, you are the prime example of why liberalism never succeeds. You're just a bunch of fools that can't bother with content or details.

          • "….it proves only that the father did give interviews…" An interview where the father can't be asked a single question (because he wasn't even there)? How is that an interview?

          • You said that the father stayed silent. I proved he didn't.

            How does it feel to be owned?

          • He was silent. His attorney was not. Quit lying.

          • Quit pretending that the lawyer didn't read the father's statement.

            That is not remaining outside the discussion and keeping silent.

            Quit lying.

          • You said you heard the father interviewed. He didn't give an interview. You lied.

          • Quote me and provide a quote with the permalink.

            You simply don't have the credibility to pretend you can remember what I say with any accuracy.

          • I did quote you and linked to your own comment where you claimed you heard the father. It's just that you didn't hear the father because he didn't give an interview. Stop lying.

          • You can't start to back up anything you claim.

            That would be the posse just doing what it does.
            And doing it badly.

          • No, you didn't. And I didn't see a single permalink to authenticate your 'alleged' quotes.

            Can you also provide a link to the radio show I was listening to?

            Back up your claims or I'll just outright call you both a lump in the cesspool of liberalism.

          • I linked to your page containing your comment. You acknowledged saying it. You lied. You are still lying.

          • I am still waiting for you to post a quote with the permalink.

            They look like this:

            "PoofSheGone replied to your comment on A Good and Bad Economy, Ukraine, the Death Penalty – Left, Right & Center on KCRW 89.9 FM | Internet / Left, Right &amp; Center – KCRW:

            Goodbye asshole.
            Go to comment

            In reply to your comment:

            Smith is inaccurate.

            PoofSheGone replied to your comment on A Good and Bad Economy, Ukraine, the Death Penalty – Left, Right & Center on KCRW 89.9 FM | Internet / Left, Right &amp; Center – KCRW:

            Goodbye a**hole

          • I linked to your ID page. That shows your original comment. It shows you lied when you claimed to hear the father interviewed. Why keep lying about it?

          • Can't use a quote and permalink?

            Like this:

            1 hour ago @ Storyleak – Journalist on Family V… · 12 replies · +2 points
            "He was silent. His attorney was not. Quit lying."

            And when the father paid the lawyer to read his statement he broke his silence.

          • Can't use a link that shows your comment that I quoted? It's your own ID page.

          • Then quote me with the permalink.

          • I did better than use a permalink, I used your own words against you by linking to your ID page. Permalinks can be manipulated, but I can't manipulate your own ID page. Busted.

          • if it's there then you can post that quote with a permalink easily enough.

          • Or you could simply look at the quote and link I provided. I think even you can handle that.

          • I can. But why don't you try playing like everyone else and actually present a quote with the premalinks?

            You know, like this:

            10 hours ago @ Speak Out America – Speak Out America · 2 replies · +2 points
            Good Lordk, yu can't eve spell "are" right.

            Are you trolls just in meltdown mode or something?

          • You said you don't cut and paste. Yet another lie I have exposed.

          • I do clip quotes, I don't just cut and paste, every comment is individual even if they include quotes. And the quotes always help prove a point. Unlike your spam.

            Yet another spam from the trolls to stop discussion of the story.

          • "Every comment is individual…."

            Says the "growling under the bridge" guy. Yet another lie.

          • Nope. but of course you can quote me, and show that the comment wasn't input using text. One key stroke at a time.

          • Your comments lead me to believe you type with your toes.

          • That's disgusting.

          • That's insulting, true to your form and style.

            It doesn't matter if it's true or just troll spam… as long as the posse pulls together to prove that content and facts don't matter as much as your agenda to diminish this site.

          • Your comments lead me to believe you type with your head inserted anally.

          • Another Roger comment to man with an "anal" theme? I'm not interested.

          • Good, then pull your head out and think before you post.

            Spam gets old.

          • There are anally themed websites. This isn't one of them.

          • Good, does that mean you'e going to try some fresh air before your next comment?

        • That RAWKS!! That had to take some extreme intestinal fortitude to wade through all his crap. Well done, well done!

          • The posse has been going over my comments quite carefully. But I think you celebrate too soon.

            I showed that the father did have interviews with the lawyer acting as spokesman.

            You just can't manage this can you?

        • Yes, and can you prove it was wrong? I've proven that the father gave statements.

          Well, I'm waiting for that proof.

          • Quite easy to prove, using your own words:

            "I know there have been many interviews and the one I heard was the father of the shooter."

          • You said the father remained silent, I proved otherwise.

            How does it feel to be owned?

        • Wow.
          That tells me that in eight weeks, he made 763 pages of comments. Times ten is roughly 7,630 comments.

          That sure isn't a resume' builder.

          • Wow, and in that time 80% were replies to spam like yours.

            The posse must not care about their resumes.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I saw Roger's resume on Linkend

            He is unemployed, has experience in the food industry.

            He's was stock boy in a grocery store. He sued the store because the other stock boys beat him up.

          • Still the deviant stalker?

            Still stalking me off forum?

            You really need to discuss that with my attorney.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Can I tell your attorney that you threaten to have your brother beat me up?

          • That's between you and him.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The judge and jury should also know.

          • You're too much a coward you don't have the guts to call an attorney and you think you can fool anyone into thinking you would show up at a trial?

            Good luck with that.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You don't have the guts to eat a bullet.

          • This is a perfect and relevant example of the unbalanced thinking that you seem to have.

            Saying that you call and attorney from a safe and untraceable phone is equivalent to my eating a bullet is just not a comment from a rational and sane person.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You don't want to see Jesus? Scared you are wrong?

          • If you want a 'Come to Jesus' moment, call my attorney.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You want a cum in Wee moment.

          • Your fantasies don't match reality.

            And once more you behaved like a deviant sexual stalker.

            I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You threaten to have me beat up. No wonder Wee had to move his family.

            Yet you still want to give him gifts.


          • Quote me.

            And then go ahead and quote where I ever advocated for violence outside of self defense.

            And show where using a debate forum for any style of debate, even attacking someone's flawed positions is violent.

            You can't, and you're still acting like a deviant sexual stalker.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You said that your brother would beat me up.

            Why don't you just admit it?

            This is why you will have to pay for Wee's moving expenses.

          • Then you shouldn't have a problem quoting me.

            Why don't you just call the attorney and explain it to him?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What's the matter? Your attorney have a problem calling me?

            I thought he was a real man.

            You still haven't admitted you told me your brother would beat me up.

          • What's a matter.

            Afraid of calling a real man? You're a coward, but as a troll it's expected.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            If anyone wants to call a real man, you can speak to Roger's brother Jimmy at

            (563) 568-4572

          • Had you called him, he would have told you we're not related.

            You still failed.
            What is it like to be so scared of everything, to be so unable to face anything, and to know that everything you think you know is wrong?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Would have he told me about Stacy?

            Does Stacy know that you stalk men online and call women shrews, and tell them that their vagina's smell bad? ?

          • This off forum stalking won't get you any where. As a deviant sexual stalk er there must be a point when you realize I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            But I think Stacy would be very interested. I don't think she wants a gay man near her children anymore.

          • Why don't you call my attorney and discuss it with him.

            I notice that you don't say who this Stacy is or have any documentation towards the defamatory comments you just made.

            Can you show any? Or are you just a deviant sexual stalker trying to pry into my personal affairs in hopes I'll discuss them with you?

            I'm not interested.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I can provide her with your comment stream. I'm sure she would make sure you can't get near her children after that.

          • Is that like you provided on a public forum the phone number to a person I'm not related to?

            You are a deviant sexual stalker and I'm not interested.

            If you have that kind of documentation send it to my attorney.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You know Stacy, and she will know about your creepy comment stream. Then you will be banned from being around her children.

            Tell your lawyer.

          • Tell him what? I don't even know what Stacie you're referring to.

            And you're the deviant sexual stalker, I bet Stacie would be more repulsed by your stalking than anything I might say.

            Tell that to your own lawyer.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You know Stacy Russell, and Jimmy Russell and they will know your comment stream.

            Your lawyer can't do a damn thing about it.

          • Did you call them and ask if we're rleated? We're not and I dn't know them. And you're still a deviant sexual stalker trying to pry into my personal life. I'm not interested.

          • Still the deviant stalker?

            Still stalking me off forum?

            You really need to discuss that with my attorney.

          • Still struggling with remedial cut and paste?

          • That remedial cut and paste is a bit beyond your skill set.

          • That can't be true. Roger is a flag-waving uber-conservative — they vehemently detest frivolous lawsuits and demand tort reform. You're not saying he's now been involved in at least two frivolous lawsuits, are you? So in addition to being an irrelevant pathological liar (, he's also a hypocrite? Well, whodda thunk?

          • And liberal shrews vehemently detest content in comments or discussion of the story. You're not saying you're almost involved in sane speach that isn't filled with mindless insults?

          • And liberal shrews vehemently detest content in comments or discussion of the story. You're not saying you're almost involved in sane speach that isn't filled with mindless insults?

          • Still spamming?

            The posse must be frantic if your'e the only spammer today.

          • Amazing, you can't even spell "speech" correctly.

          • Amazing, you can't come up with anything to say, and still don't let that stop you.

            The posse sure must be desperate to make a quota today.

          • Don't blame me for your lack of English skills.

          • Don't blame me for you lack of having anything to say.

          • You never have a lack of worthless things to say.

          • That would make me a troll, I never lack a comment with content. But sometimes your comments are so lame I do stoop to pointing that out.

            This comment for example what was your point? That when I respond to your worthless comments it's another dose of worthless?

            The posse really needs to get a life.

          • "That would make me a troll…." I agree, you're a troll.

          • Then you don't agree, and you don't even read and comprehend. Trolls, particularly you seem to be paid to sit and spam.

            Why is this fascist regime so scared of this site?

          • He's so out-of-control after having been outed repeatedly as a hypocritical irrelevant pathological liar, he can't even spell basic words. Did you see this hum-dinger? " y9ou". I'm unaware of any language that includes numbers within a word — definitely NOT English. His humiliation and false pride has become the death of him.

          • He's in meltdown mode.

          • Yes he is. This is his time of reckoning, or as my grandmother used to say, "The jig's up".

          • She had better manners than you evidently.

            And the time of reckoning? Why don't you just present quotes with permalinks or realize you've faced your time of reckoning on that entire affair.

            You can't show what I said, you can't show what I heard and I bet your grandmother would have a word for people that make up things too.

    • Wow.

      You exposed him, and just this weekend, he was offering sexual favors.


  15. Roger has finally acknowledged that he's been lying for the past 8 weeks about what he claimed he heard regarding the Santa Barbara shooter's father. Sadly, he's now trying to weasel out of that, too. Squirmin'Vermin has no shame.