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It’s Not About Guns: Gun Control Is People Control

Gun free zones don’t lower crime rates or even prevent mass shootings, so what do they do? Gun control allows megalomaniacal politicians to exercise control over law-abiding citizens through unconstitutional legislation that  paves the way towards eroding the Bill of Rights at large.

gun control people control constitutionThe simple fact of the matter is that the attacks on the Second Amendment should concern you, even if you don’t own a gun. In fact, I am definitely not someone you would consider a ‘gun nut’. Far from it, I actually grew up with the impression that guns were killing weapons that the average person would never truly need. After all, you could simply call a gun-wielding police officer if anything went wrong. So what drove me to become passionate on protecting the Second Amendment, even to the point of producing the new documentary Disarmed: A History of Gun Control?

It comes down to the fact that gun control and the attacks on the Second Amendment amount to much more than guns themselves. In fact, the Second Amendment’s fall will signify the fall of the Constitution at large — the very fabric of the United States. You see if the government can override the Second Amendment, why can’t they override the First Amendment? Or how about the Constitution as a whole? If we can confiscate all modern firearms and override the Constitution through federal or state law, then the Constitution now becomes a secondary piece of paper.

The Political Domino Effect

Now gun control advocates would never want to give up the First Amendment. In fact, virtually everyone who hates the Second Amendment (which is actually an extreme minority blown up by the media) loves the First Amendment. They would tell you that giving up the First Amendment would ruin the country, no one would be granted free speech — our freedom would collapse overnight.

The error here is assuming that we can permit the government, a government full of power-hungry sociopaths, to eradicate one Amendment while assuming we will preserve the others. How could anyone think this? The answer is that they aren’t thinking, they’re responding to events that the media broadcasts to them in a certain light. Mass shootings in schools and movie theaters have pushed the mantra that it’s the guns that are to blame and nothing else.

You’re not supposed to ponder on why Batman shooter James Holmes traveled out of his way to the one movie theater that did not allow attendees to bring in their legal concealed carry weapons. You’re not supposed to ask about the fact that the Sandy Hook shooting occurred in one of the most extreme ‘gun free’ zones in the nation. You’re especially not supposed to investigate into why Columbine shooter  Dylan Klebold was so afraid of the looming concealed carry law in the area. Instead, you’re supposed to emotionally react to the issue of guns. And from that reaction, your response is not supposed to be logical but emotional.

It’s not logically to think that destroying the Second Amendment and eroding our rights to own a weapon will not cause a political domino effect that leads to the dismantling of our Bill of Rights. No, it’s an emotional response that says ‘ban the guns’ without logical thought. Even examining the statistics reveals this to be the case as well.

Former Obama Secret Service: It’s People Control, Not Gun Control

Former Obama Administration Secret Service member Dan Bongino stated it correctly when he explained in a passionate speech that gun control is not about controlling guns. Instead, it’s about ‘people control’. After withdrawing from the Secret Service without retirement pay to inform the public regarding gun control, Dan Bongino reveals that he is also not a ‘gun nut’ as some might think. It simply comes down to protecting our rights.

Watch the former Obama Secret Service member’s speech below:


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  1. Heard you on coast to coast last night book marked your site
    Like your style go get them. I see the attacks on the Monsanto story, wow

  2. Great piece of journalism, Anthony. I also heard you on Coast to Coast last night while at work and jotted your web address down. I think you are right on with the major issues facing the nation today, such as Constitutional rights, gun control, GMOs, and internet privacy. This article hits on one of the main problems facing our nation today: America's vocal minority wants Congress to respond to tragedies with rapid, sweeping, emotional response. An emotional response not provide any reduction in crime but will instead reduce essential Constitutional rights for law abiding citizens. This minority in no way shape or form speaks for the nation, yet in the media they are portrayed to be the norm, and gun owners are regularly portrayed as rednecks and paramilitary maniacs.

    Thank you for providing rational members of society with an honest news outlet and keep fighting the good fight!

    • You said it 100% correctly, Benjamin, and thanks a lot for your kind words and listening in last night (or early this morning if you will). Emotional reactions = impulsive legislation and extreme consequence, that's why right now we can prepare the public for the next event that will trigger emotional response to stop and think.

      And yes, I love how they make it seem like rednecks are responsible for the gun deaths when we have most gun deaths as a result of gang crime and inside gun free zones. States like Texas have extremely low crime rates, particularly in rural areas.

      All the best and keep spreading the word.

      • I agree with you on Texas. Chicago and DC's handgun policy is fairly substantial evidence that banning people from owning and purchasing firearms legally does nothing to keep them out of the hands of criminals. If anything, it emboldens criminals to feel much more secure robbing residences and businesses because the law-abiding citizen isn't armed.

      • Here in New Mexico open carry is legal without permit, as is conceal carry on private property (with permission on property owner) to include vehicles. Maybe I'm giving criminals a little too much credit, but I have to think they take this into account before considering breaking into residences, robbing businesses.

        We certainly don't have a great crime rate in New Mexico (especially Albuquerque) but at least the citizens have the right to defend themselves legally.

  3. I have got a such kind of handy content which will be most important for me because i am thinking to get the content for knowing more about gun law which will be useful to all. Thanks!!!

  4. The thing you might wish to consider though, is that if you have a gun in your home, you are 43 times as likely to injure yourself or one of your loved ones that repel some home invader. Are there home invaders? Of course but very few compared with the number of people children and other innocents that are routinely injured or killed with your "defensive" weapon. All the braggadocio in the world will not bring back your child with a bullet in its head.

    • A lot of people say the same thing , this where the responsibility , education and training part comes in .
      Owning and carrying a firearm is serious business and a great responsibility , if you can’t walk and chew gum
      or manage to keep a hose plant alive you probably shouldn’t own a gun .
      if people are trained properly accidents rerly occur , there is a far greater chance of being injured or killed in an auto accident than a gun related accident but you never hear anyone talk about baning cars even when someone runs over over their own child !
      Additionally more people are beaten to death annually with fists and feet , should hands and feet also be outlawed ?

  5. From my personal observations, most of the time I saw that, in the gun safe zone; the shooters activities can’t be stopped. But why and what’s the solution??

  6. There should be gun control in every country, I think this is the way we can stop daily crimes.

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