Leaked Docs: IRS Targeting Conservatives In What Media Called ‘Conspiracy’

May 13th, 2013
Updated 05/13/2013 at 4:11 pm

The IRS has been forced to admit that it specifically targeted conservatives teaching the Constitution and those who criticized the government at large following newly leaked documents obtained from political aides — a fact that was deemed a ‘conspiracy theory’ by the media back in 2012.

Revealed on May 11th in a report by Washington Post that was later picked up by others, senior Internal Revenue Service employees waged financial warfare on groups labeled as ‘patriots’, those questioning government, groups teaching the Constitution to the public, and even conservatives at large. This was originally highlighted as a concern back in 2012, but was quickly dismissed as a conspiracy theory by the major news media outlets who sided with the IRS over the people.

Setting up non-profits who “criticize” the way in which the country is run to lose their tax-exempt status and be run into financial ruin due to the fact they dared to question the government, the IRS is now openly prosecuting citizens for their beliefs through an authoritarian and passive aggressive method of thought crime enforcement. And if you disagree with the government, or even try and teach the Constitution (the very fabric of our entire nation), then you’re going to get hit.

I am quite sure that my name sits upon this list, and that these senior officials are itching to send myself and Storyleak as a whole into financial solitary confinement for questioning official stories and media rhetoric.

Originally Labeled a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

But do you remember when, back in 2012, it was a ‘conspiracy theory’ that the IRS targeted patriot groups?

And perhaps the most concerning part about all of this as well is the fact that in 2012, IRS Commissioner Douglas H. Shulman actually told Congress on record that the IRS had not been targeting conservative/Constitution-based groups. This is now exposed to be little more than a complete fabrication, as the latest details of the inspector general’s audit leaked to Washington Post discusses how top IRS officials like Lois G. Lerner actually knew that this was going on since June 2011 — much earlier than the 2012 Congress date.

What this tells us is that the IRS is really not even against lying on record to Congress, and that we really don’t know the full extent to which they have targeted groups that discuss the Constitution or dare to question the government.

The news ties into the recent declaration by Google that government criticism on the web is under attack at record levels, with over 24,000 pieces of content currently being targeted by government takedown notices. Content that criticizes government officials or their associates are quickly being nailed by governments around the world, and we don’t know how Google will go about addressing the takedown requests. In the company’s own words, the attempts by government to censor negative press is truly hitting levels never before seen.

Meanwhile, Obama tells us to ignore those who warn of government corruption and tyranny, and calls the current United States administration ‘brave’ and ‘unique’. The reality is that when even the IRS is attacking those who spread opposing views or discuss the document in which this nation was founded, there is no longer any denying that the government has declared war on those who question it.

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  3. Adelina says:

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  5. sanda says:

    what more efficient way of hurting them but with the power of money? keep your opinions to yourself, or else the irs might come after you.

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