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Breaking: IRS Commissioner Resigns Amid Mass Outrage

In a victory against corruption, IRS commissioner Steve Miller has resigned by the request of the treasury secretary after it was found that the agency specifically targeted groups that taught the Constitution or were considered ‘patriots’. 

According to the latest Associated Press feed report, the confirmation comes from Obama just minutes ago today. While this is certainly the beginning of the massive resignations that should (and will likely) come from the massive exposure on the IRS corruption that has been covered by major news outlets for the past few days, it is important to remember that the real action here needs to go beyond a few layoffs and more towards criminal charges. At the same time, it is a victory when it comes to the spread of information and the overall impact that syndicated awareness has on the flow of the nation.

Even so-called ‘left’ wing groups were outraged at the fact that the IRS had openly declared financial warfare on all groups considered to be ‘conservative’ in nature, and the admission by the agency here shows that we are facing corruption seated at the deepest levels of United States government wings. Corruption that can be rooted out if enough outcry is presented through all channels of media and social networking — usually staring with the alternative news media and working its way ‘up the ladder’ in popularity until the mainstream is forced to cover it.

And it’s important to remember, the scandal that has now led to the IRS Commissioner’s resignation was labeled a ‘conspiracy theory’ back in 2012. A label we know is used to dismiss real issues by the media.

It was actually back in June of 2011 that IRS official Lois G. Lerner said that they were not engaged in any type of attacks on conservative-based groups, denying that those speaking out against their unfair treatment had any credibility whatsoever. This, of course, was a complete lie. And one that the news agencies picked up on as the ‘official word’ — something that we have come to know as more than likely bogus these days.

Expect more resignations very soon, but don’t stop calling for justice through criminal trials and the ultimate uproot of all corrupt individuals inside the IRS. After all, the last thing we need is to be taxed into oblivion even more than usual thanks to slimy IRS agents with a vendetta against reality.

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  1. It's odd you refrain from mentioning the criminal by name in complete sentence form! Why wouldn't you NAME the woman? You implicitly mention her in the last paragraph, and not at all associated with the actual act of resignation.

    • I just updated the story to include the individual's name since there were actually 2 news sources reporting different names. The Commissioner's name is Steve Miller. Thanks for the great point.

  2. We need to push for criminal charges, looks like Obama is trying to save face so hopefully this can happen.

  3. Thank you so much! This is an wonderful website.

  4. In a hastily called press conference in the East Room of the White House, Obama told reporters that he had asked Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew to find out who was responsible for a program that targeted tea party groups and other conservative organizations for a special level of intrusive questioning after they applied for tax-exempt charitable statuses.
    Sofie, writer from write my essay fast

  5. What victory, he was due to leave that position in June! No one will really pay for or account for this, because the true criminals are at the top, they not only knew but requested this attack on their perceived enemy.

  6. What victory, he was due to leave that position in June! No one will really pay for or account for this, because the true criminals are at the top, they not only knew but requested this attack on their perceived enemy.
    Julie from Research Paper

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