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Holder to Create ‘Homegrown’ Terrorism Task Force

Attorney General Eric Holder unveiled his plan to create a new Justice Department task force this week that will focus on the threat of “homegrown” terrorism.

In a video posted to the department’s website Monday, which was later removed, Holder argued that the focus on terrorism should “return” to the U.S. as opposed to remaining overseas.

“We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders,” Holder said. “As the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet, it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

The “Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee,” an admittedly revamped version of Janet Reno’s post Oklahoma City bombing task force, will include U.S. Attorneys as well as members from the FBI and Justice Department’s National Security Division.

Holder pointed to a 2013 Congressional Research Service report that claims domestic terrorism has produced more than two dozen incidents since 9/11 as justification for the task force, specifically noting the Boston Marathon bombing and Fort Hood shooting.

“Horrific terror incidents like the tragic shootings at Fort Hood and last year’s Boston Marathon bombing demonstrate the danger we face from these homegrown threats,” Holder said.

Holder’s announcement comes only days after The Washington Times revealed a chilling Department of Defense directive that details instances in which President Obama believes he would be authorized to use lethal military force against American citizens. A U.S. official speaking with the Times also revealed how the Obama administration considered using military force against Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters.

Unsurprisingly, Holder’s announcement fails to mention that the vast majority of domestic terror plots since 9/11 have been created by the FBI, a point noted in the 2012 New York Times piece “Terrorist Plots, Helped Along by the F.B.I.

In reality, Holder’s task force will undoubtedly focus on the Obama administration’s political enemies, mainly returning military veterans, conservatives and those who identify with the Tea Party. Such groups have been increasingly linked to terrorism by multiple federal agencies.

Just last month, a military whistleblower revealed documents to Infowars that showed how a military training center in North Carolina, also used to train police and the DHS, was updated to include a Baptist church and farmhouses. Once modeled after foreign cities, training centers, such as the U.S. Army’s new 300-acre “fake city” in Virginia, are now being modeled after U.S. towns and cities instead.

Last October, Army troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby alerted media after a new training course labeled the American Family Association, a mainstream Christian ministry, as a domestic hate group similar to the Ku Klux Klan. A seperate briefing told officers to keep an eye on troops who supported such groups, insinuating that they were a domestic terror threat.

That same month, soldiers at Fort Hood were told that Christians, Tea Party supporters and anti-abortion activists were a major terror threat as well. Soldiers were told that support for such groups could result in disciplinary action under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

A Department of Defense training manual obtained by conservative watchdog Judicial Watch in August 2013 listed supporters of “individual liberties” as likely “extremists.”  The manual also warned military personnel to avoid  “active participation” in such groups, even banning them from “publicly demonstrating,” “rallying” and “fundraising.”

A 2012 report from the Small Wars Journal featured in Forbes even went as far as explaining “how the U.S. Military would crush a Tea Party rebellion.”

A Department of Homeland Security funded study uncovered in 2012 characterized Americans “suspicious of centralized federal authority” and “reverent of individual liberty” as “extreme right-wing” terrorists. The study also links Americans who believe their “way of life” is under attack to terrorism as well.

In line with President Obama’s DoD directive, a leaked US Army Military Police training manual from 2012 also outlined how the military would be used against U.S. citizens during civil unrest. The manual even detailed how Americans would be “re-educated” under U.S. Army FM 3-19.40 Internment/Resettlement Operations to support all U.S. policies.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano refused to disown a 2009 report that labeled returning military veterans as the main terror threat. Incredibly, a story in New York Times published during the same time period revealed how Boy Scout Explorers were being trained to kill “disgruntled Iraq war veterans.”

Holder’s decision becomes even more apparent in light of the Obama administrations recent decisions regarding foreign terrorism. In 2013, President Obama brazenly waived a federal law designed to stop the US from arming terrorists in order to provide military support to the Al-Qaeda run “Syrian rebels.”

Attempting to stay afloat in a sea of scandals, the Obama administration has become increasingly desperate to regain a positive public image. Given the documented history of the federal government’s involvement in facilitating terrorism, the administration will likely do whatever it can to create the necessary scenario to bolster its executive power.

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Mikael Thalen is an investigative journalist covering foreign policy, information security and digital surveillance. His reports have been cited by sites such as the New York Times, Computerworld, International Business Times and the Drudge Report. How to contact Mikael securely:

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  1. Here we go people. This is going to escalate quickly. Sites and Patriots like us will be targeted and I am willing to bet we will be deemed terrorist. Will you stand up and fight to get our country back or will you become even more of a slave?

    • They know where terror is started.
      They know what people won't tolerate.

      Yet they want to turn the tables and pretend to have the right ground morally.
      Tyrants. They are what they are.

      They need to be fired before they consolidate power.

  2. Is Confronting Federal Power an Act of Domestic Terrorism?

    Apr 23, 2014 Senator Harry Reid calls Bundy protestors domestic terrorists. But what act of terrorism did they commit? Meanwhile, the President's adviser on Homeland Security says that families and communities can recognize homegrown terrorism by looking out for a "confrontational child". Is that the definition of domestic terrorism, confrontation? Turns out, if you look at what happened in Nevada, the answer may be, yes.

    • According to the feds it is. They don't want to be challenged and want complete compliance

      • Tyranny is like that, anything less than complete compliance is never enough.

      • This is how Generals and Military personal rule. They do not understand how to govern. The Sheeple do not understand or grasp this very simple equation! They are so pro military and are unable to view everything through the proper lens!

      • Yep! Jun 3, 2014 Clear Evidence Obama Govt Views Everyday Americans As Potential Terrorists!

        • OF course he does. That is because we are a threat. The American people are tired of this crap

        • In times past, the opposition party would stop and tie up any agenda until the next election.

          The spineless republicans aren't even bothering. It appears they are supporting this march into the marxist sea.

          • Roger, we have a one party system presently. Have you seen anything at all that says differently? I know I have not! Know this as well and view the whole entire thing first before responding.

            Did RNC "Scripted" Rules Change Start A Civil War In The Republican Party?

            Jeremy Scahill: The One Party State, The War Party

            Is the United States of America an Oligarchy? During the 2014 ISFLC, Jeremy Scahill speaks on the fact that in today's world behemoth corporations are able to buy off politicians and pull the strings to impact legislature. Washington, D.C. is a town that operates by campaign contributions and legal bribery in the form of campaign finance. What can the American people do to get their political representatives to represent them as opposed to the mega corporations. When will the people's voice be heard?

          • We have the political establishment with two slightly different shades of fascism.

            The tea party is different and under attack from both establishment branches.

            The IRS from the left, and the Chamber of Commerce on the right.
            I remember my grandfather saying that the NAZI party was good for business.

            But I worry more about liberties and the heritage we see being stolen from us.

          • Here is something you need to understand today since there is 'NO' free press!

            How Many Constitutional Rights Have Americans Lost? January 6th, 2014,

          • Those in the press who want to do stories are punished by the rest of the propaganda machine.

            But the last few journalists that still brave the waters of integrity have outlets however muted, this site is one of them.

            How much longer will they be tolerated? That's what I'm concerned about.

          • Have you never read this? I have posted it 'SEVERAL' times. Any and all information required is in the article!

            Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency Global Research, February 11, 2010

            A reader asked whether the U.S. is still in an official state of emergency, and if so, what that means.

            The answer is yes, we are still in a state of emergency.

            Specifically: On September 11, 2001, the government declared a state of emergency. That declared state of emergency was formally put in writing on 9/14/2001: “A national emergency exists by reason of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New York, New York, and the Pentagon, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

            NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I hereby declare that the national emergency has existed since September 11, 2001 . . . .” That declared state of emergency has continued in full force and effect from 9/11 [throughout the Bush administration] to the present.

            On September 10 2009, President Obama continued the state of emergency: The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2009, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat.

          • Yes I have read it.
            I don't see it practically applied as the author implies.
            I see the reality as something slightly different.

            There may be a day when martial law tries to control the streets, then it will be used as this lays out.

          • Yep, nothing here to see Rog! Really?

            Martial Law & Gun Confiscation – Gun Registration – A reminder from New Orlean

            Allen West gets pissed at NDAA question. WHY?

          • I would imagine if they told the two of us to hunker and hide in place we would have about the same reaction.

            And they would be frustrated that we thought on our own.

          • Glad we have patriots like you exposing this information

          • Thanks' TNM! Rog ain't going to make it when it collapses. Rog is stuck and is far to damaged and is beyond help!

            Apr 28, 2010 Obama sends in riot police to shut up Tea Party in Quincy , Il

          • I am certain many won't make it. It's a shame really. But even we wake one more person up it is well worth effort.

          • This why I do why I do what I do as you already know. Use this to help them see what we know, and maybe the deniers and sleep walkers! Will become aware.

            Push A Button and End Government? (With Ben Stone)

            Ben Stone returns for another discussion about the past, present and future of the philosophy of liberty. Ben is the host of the Bad Quaker podcast.

            -going underground
            -agorism: ignore government, don't protest it
            -specializaton in liberty activism
            -making the moral argument
            -making the practical argument
            -making money
            -assisting government on its path to self-destruction
            -winning hearts and minds
            -deal with individuals
            -government is not the enemy; it's the myth


          • I watched this when you posted it before. Everyone should take a look!!!!

            I am going to watch it again

          • We did, at least the thinking people.

            And I remember the content. I also attended a meeting on how the government is a corporation or something. It was interesting but had little practical value on daily living for now.

            Some day when things go south then that's another story.
            But between now and then working to have as much influence in elections, in primaries and in recalls if necessary is the best we can do.

          • Behave yourself or I'll call Poof to come back here to whop your ass again.

          • You can try, and so can he. It didn't end so well for him last time.

            You of course will do what you want, that's just what immature irresponsible trolls do.

          • I'm pretty sure I informed you I'm a she, not a he. So you have difficulty identifying gender? How come I'm not surprised? And do tell — how is it things "didn't end so well for him [her] last time"? I'm still here riding your hiney, you're still making ludicrous comments humiliating yourself. Win/win for me, Rog.

          • Poor, poor Rogere'.

          • You are no lady.

            You have a problem acting your gender, why am I not surprised? He is still trolling even beneath your level of bad manners and you think he's doing anything effective?

            That's the difference between you as a posse and normal thinking folks I guess. Effective is this site and those worried about the issues they repeatedly try to bring up before you all start spamming the site.

            Your version of win is a big loss for those wanting to avoid fascist dictators and the abuse of power they bring.

            Older sagging women that are growing bitter at life have a tendency to lash out. I understand that, it might even be the hormonal changes and hot flashes. For what ever reason you can't 'be reasoned with so I don't bother.

          • I see Roger is having thoughts about hunkering down with you.

          • That is what we need to get rid of him? He would probably swim in it

          • Oh look, you're back. Real shame, what's wrong were your posse trolls getting frustrated?

  3. Rumple Skilskin


  4. I have a friend who was just raided by the feds 2 weeks ago… they took everything. This is a huge political purge of all enemies or people they think could stop the commie takeover.

    It’s crazy you could never believe what they are capable of or what lengths they will go to until it happens to someone you know.

    We are talking about a guy who donated $10000 to oathkeepers and is now facing life in prison for doing NOTHING.

  5. Piss on Eric Holder.

  6. ,,,,,,,,and PS:

    Wasn't that nappy headed sumbitch Deputy Attorney General under Janet Reno, when the Government barbecued those imbeciles at Waco?

    I think he was.

    • People that earned, built, worked, accomplished….

      People that helped the country become more wealthy, more independent, with employees growing along with the company.

      Who are your heroes? People like this?

    • The Koch brothers are globalist scum who infiltrated the Tea Party and wrecked it.

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        The Tea Party was always a racist organization,. They got power by Koch brothers money.

        • Liar.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Telling the truth.

          • They fund "Americans for Prosperity".
            Do you have sources to show they fund the tea party?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Watch the movie.

            Shouldn't you be giving great reviews to your own book, and then denying you wrote them?

          • Shouldn't you be admitting that you push a failed agenda, that marxism fails every single time it's tried?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What does that question have to do with you writing book reviews for you own book?

            "By the time the real plot is revealed things are moving so fast I didn't want to put it down. "

          • Trying to deflect that Marxism always fails and takes millions of lives with it as it goes down the drain?

            If you feel reviews for my book aren't complete then post your own review. Of course on Amazon you can't hide your identity.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Was it the book or something else you could put down?

            Remember when you lied and said you didn't write that review?

            "By the time the real plot is revealed things are moving so fast I didn't want to put it down. "

          • Still spamming off topic?

            Quote me where I said I never wrote reviews on specific books.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You said there were many R.Russells. Try to cast doubt to your identity.

            The same tactic when I exposed you for not having a girlfriend, being a virgin, not living in Kearney.

            Jesus taught that your yes should be yes, and your no should be no.

            You try to casts doubts about the truth, exactly like Satan.

          • There are many R Russells. So, that's true.
            And as for my personal life this site isn't about your sexual proclivities.

            You try to pry for information, and won't get it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            But you knew that R.Russell was you, and you tried to cast doubt about it.

            Also, it's f u cking pathetic and sad you wrote reviews for your own book.

            "By the time the real plot is revealed things are moving so fast I didn't want to put it down. "

          • You can't show I lied about anything, I can show you're trying to damage my reputation with the continued comments implying I did.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I said that R. Russell was you, and you tried to make me sound like a liar.

            You have damaged my reputation.

            Plus, you write glowing reviews about your own work and don't admit it.

            You are a sad little man.

          • Still trying to insult and harass me?

            Can you show any review I have ever posted was not accurate?

            You are a vindictive kind of man.
            either show I'm wrong or just crawl back under your bridge.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I showed you wrote a review for your own book. How f u ck i ng sick.

          • Still trying to insult and harass me?

            Can you who any review I ever posted as being inaccurate?

            You are a vindictive kind of person. Either show i'm wrong or crawl back under your bridge.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You wrote a review for your own book. And that is a fact.

            And that is sad, and pathetic.

            Tell your lawyer.

          • You haven't shown that any of my reviews are anything but accurate.

            Tell that to your lawyer.

          • I thought the man with the big balls on his picture was making a joke.

            He was serious. I went and looked it up.

            You did write a book review for your own book.

            How lame!

          • And was the review lame?

            Unless it was, you're just trolling, that's not really news. But does deserve to be pointed out.

          • Rogere', you can't even structure a sentence, and you call yourself an "Author"?


            You're a fraud.

          • And you're a troll, I can study.

          • You can study?

            A chimp can study a banana.

            You can't learn.

          • And neither can you it seems.

            Is that a coincidence?
            You should aim lower than a banana and perhaps the monkey won't get upset when you distract them.

        • Your a liar.

    • What is your stance on this Bergdhal situation Alinsky?

      • Alinsky Hero USA

        I think he is a hero. Glad he is home.

        • I disagree. I understand his sentiment against the war. I feel the same. But once you sign up for something and commit to it (at least a commitment to your team) you have to see it through. He is a deserter, and we should not have traded 5 top terrorists for him, even if he was a hero. It sets a dangerous precedent. It also bothers me that Obama circumvented congress…again.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Edward Snowden is a deserter that has done much worse damage to our national defense.

            Reagan negotiated with terrorists.

            F u c k congress.

          • Snowden is a whistle blower, big difference.

            Obama negotiated with terrorists too. I guess they are in the same boat.

            "F u c k congress." Would you rather just have O run everything with out checks and balances?

            I am mad at congress too, but for much different reasons.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Whistle blowers don't hide under the wing of a dictator.

            Obama didn't break the law as Reagan did.

            Obama can't run much as Congress filibusters. Let them cry. They aren't working in good faith.

          • Snowden would be dead if he didn't leave the US. Just like Michael Hastings.

            Hahaha Obama broke the law, an impeachable offense. You better kiss Congress' ass for not impeaching him for this. No 30 day notice. Broken LAW.

            Your probably really nervous right now, trying to defend your boy. Don't worry though, this is all by design. O will fall on his sword, just like Bush, so a new savior can come rescue us. Hilldog. Just what you wanted Alinsky. You should really stop playing the globalist game.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Many others are dead because of Snowden. While he enjoys his borsch.

            Obama broke no law, you jerk off to fantasies of impeachment daily. Do it already, try to impeach him.

            I happen to like and agree with Globalization.

          • LOL!!

            Even your friend Dianne agrees with me. He did not give Congress its 30 notice. Illegal.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Keep jerking it. Obama may bypass congress under such urgency. Also Congress was informed of the possibility.

          • Urgency to get the VA scandal off of headlines right? Read the article. They even admit that Bergdahl's health was not at risk. What we have here is Barry trying to play politics, but he over played his hand. He tipped his bluff, now this scandal will just mount on top of the VA scandal.

          • He needed to pull the VA scandal off the front pages, it cost him a couple of loyal minions and he doesn't like loosing loyalist hacks.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The VA scandal doesn't hurt Obama.

            In fact, they knew saving this hero's life would make Alex Jones zombies circle, but Obama cares more for our troops than the silly political games Alex Jones plays.

          • Vets would disagree. Troops feel like Obama is a bad commander and chief.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Nice poll, now suck on this one…


          • Um that is from 2012, Mr. Liberty's is from 2014

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            The 2012 election trumps his dodgy Washington post poll.

          • That's why the military avoided compliance with election laws to keep troops from voting.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            But a CNN/ORC International survey released Tuesday indicates that the scandal at VA hospitals doesn't seem to be affecting the President's overall approval rating,

          • His political hacks back him regardless.

            That doesn't excuse the dead veterans.

          • Have a link?

          • And it is for Romeny vs. Obama. Different candidates. It does not poll whether they think he is a good commander as well. Suck on that Alinsky.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Those Vets have brain injuries.

          • They have values and loyalties to the constitution they swore to uphold.

          • Uh-oh!

            Moon Unit is back at his keyboard!

          • Yes, and you have a new name this time.

          • In the liberal alternate reality when the average normal person accepts all the talking points of the day, they could tell us what we're allowed to be outraged by.

            It's not working with the military and their supporters.
            From Benghazi on, we keep insisting that the rule of law should matter.

            In spite of the propaganda.

          • Can you provide a link or story that directly shows that Snowden's whistle blowing caused deaths?

            I can provide one that shows how your so called "hero" brought death on his fellow soldiers looking for him after his desertion.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Those fellow soldiers were looking to murder my hero, just like they did Tillman.

            And there are conflicting stories about those who died "looking to save him."

            He exposed CIA operatives. And only congress is allowed to read those classified information.

          • His comments show who his heroes are.

            And it's not our side.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your hero is war criminal Alan West.

          • Yes, he is. He fought to win and saved his men from probably death by acting when he did.

            I proudly stand behind him.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are un-American.

          • Not your kind of American.

            I'm my father's, and my Grandfather's kind of American.
            They loved this country and didn't want it going 'red'.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your whole family are idiots. I saw the Honey Boo Boo pictures of them.

          • There you go again.
            You can't show I'm wrong, so you try to damage my reputation by smears and innuendoes.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Are you writing up a new complaint, or just crying like a b i t ch about your tarnished reputation because you are a 12 year old girl?

          • Ask your attorney.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Will you add your book review to the new complaint. I'm just asking because you never send me any of your complaints.

          • Ask you attorney.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I represent myself.

          • You represent yourself?

            Blame it on Gerrymandering.

            You obviously have a lone asshole for a constituent.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Let shift from my asshole to the topic of your little racist pecker.

          • Dictators don't care much about any laws.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We learn that with Reagan and, Nixon, and Bush.

          • Agreed. Throw in Barry and Billy too!

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No, President Obama and President Clinton have no place on that list.

          • Of course they do.
            You give me examples of Reagan and I'll give you three for Obama.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You tried that and failed already.

          • I blew your three out of the water with 9 examples.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Please don't tell me what you blew. This is not the forum.

          • You can't seem to debate on any kind of forum, and your three examples vs my 9 speak for themselves.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You blew 9? Gross.

          • It's easy to tell when you know you've lost the debate since you change and just start being a vile troll with a foul mouth.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I already won the debate, so it's time to talk about how you blew 9 c o c ks.

          • Do you have examples? For each of your examples I'll provide 3 under Obama.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Iran Contra



          • Libya arms to Syria and the muslim brother hood
            Fast and Furious
            Benghazi the four dead.
            Benghazi the rescues turned back while in mid air.
            Benghazi the military staff retired to shut them up.
            Benghazi the cover up with Susan Rice
            Torture, to the US citizen droned in Yemen without due process of law.
            IRS harassment for tea parties.
            Vets being denied access to memorials.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Arms to Libya , legal.

            Fast and Furious, Bush/Cheney.
            Benghazi, no scandal, just made up BS by lying conservatives who use four dead to play politics.

            Torture and Droned are not the same, stupid.

            IRS harassed liberal groups more then TEa PArty groups.

            Vets were worse off under conservatives. No scandal for Obama there.

            You have nothing.

          • This Benghazi scandal is the biggest scandal since the fly killing incident. LOL

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • Libya was done without the consent of Congress, not legal.
            The rest? You call stupid because they were imperial acts showing this fascist dictator holds himself above the law.

            I have everything, you have insults, poorly done.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            So Obama should be impeached for Libya any day now. What's the hold up?

            Unless you are just making up more of your BS lies. You have a reputation for that.

          • You may have missed it, but Boehner is sadly lacking in political will and spine.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Oh, that's the reason. Because so far he has been a puppet for the TEa Party. Remember shut it down?

          • The tea party?
            The tea party he mocks and refuses to fund and supports every challenger to weaken them?

            That tea party?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Where is Ted Cruz? Why isn't he pushing for impeachment over Libya?

            Because even he knows you are talking BS.

            You have nothing.

          • Is he? Or is he pushing back with everything he has on every front.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He pushes over a toilet, that's all.

            But he has done nothing to call for impeachment for Libya. So you are full of chit.

          • He has shown up the RINO establishment time after time, Are you aware that another RINO candidate in Texas went down in flames?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You claimed Libya was an impeachable offense, and after I called you out on your lie, you want to talk about Texas.

          • It was dereliction of duty for him to be silent as 4 Americans fought to the death for 8 hours.

            You can ignore that all you want, but it shows how little you care about the things that make this country what it is. Loyalty, patriotism, freedom, respect for life.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            No impeachment, you are full of BS as usual.

          • That only shows that congress is abdicating it's role, not that Obama doesn't deserve it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Because they know they have no case. Only uneducated fools like you lie about it.

          • They have a case, Obama didn't do his job when lives were on the line.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            If they had a case Ted Cruise would be leading the charge.

            Instead he is picking his ass.

          • If they had a case, which they do, then McConnell would still do nothing. It's why the party base is so unhappy with the RINO's.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I said Ted Cruise, stupid.

        • Let me get this straight, Knumb-knutz.

          You think that Benedict Bergdhal is a hero,

          and you think that Edward Snowden is a traitor.

          You obviously have OD'd on Roger's Stupid Pills again.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And you are a racist.

          • Alinsky, for a capon, that sure is one helluva set of nuts.

          • Why, I don't agree with him on it.

          • WTF are you talking about?

            You are a gawddamned imbecile.

          • Coming from you that's a classic.
            I realize you're just a coward hiding behind a guest profile, but that said… (and it deserves to be repeated).

            The taliban deserter deserves court martial and if convicted a firing squad. It would be a powerful statement to the other hidden islamists in the military – perhaps as high as the oval office.

            And Snowdon was brave enough to tell us what they were doing behind our backs. Even if you don't agree with his methods.

            Now, speaking of stupid pills, why not slap your own name on that bottle of stupid you spit up every day?

  7. Alinsky Hero USA

    This guy looks and sounds a lot like Roger.

    • HA!!!

      • I'm shocked that the two of you would disparage me for no particular reason other than to try causing a negative impact on my reputation. Or, not shocked.

        • Disparage you?

          Have a negative impact on your reputation

          Sounds to me like you are trolling for defendants again.

          Give it up Scooter.

        • "….causing a negative impact on my reputation"??? Oh, that's rich, Rog. You don't suppose the prattle you've provided 145,000+ times has negatively impacted your stellar rep, do you?

          • What's wrong? Are you just realizing that had you any actual principles and had any actual loyalties to something substantiative you might have had a longer lasting impact?

          • Huh? Wanna re-phrase that so those of us who aren't English-challenged can understand whatever it is you're muttering?

          • Still can't discuss the actual story or thread about it?

            All insults all the time. It's your sad one pony show.

          • What part of "huh?" didn't you understand? Here, I'll re-phrase my comment, then maybe you can respond appropriately: Please explain what it was you were trying to say in your previous post, this part: "…any actual principles and had any actual loyalties to something substantiative you might have had a longer lasting impact?". Better now?

          • I have. The comment stands on it's own.

            Take some more estrogen.

          • Brawk! Brawk!

          • What's wrong, are you remembering the fake review you might have posted and wondering just how far it went towards defamation perhaps?

            Is that why you are pulling out your acrylic nails and trying to behaving like the 2nd grader you once were?

          • Fake review by me? That's a stretch, even for you. Although when I was linked to that review, I'll readily admit I laughed my ass off. We give joke gifts in our family for holidays/birthdays too — maybe I'll actually buy your book just for s/g…but I know my son and he'll re-gift it to me next year, so I'll pass.

          • Is it? Time will tell.

            So, when you sit around the holiday table is it like this?

          • Pretty sure Rog was referring to this one, which is AWESOME!

          • Pretty sure you're more focused on my book than I am right now.

            Pretty sure you're just more focused than I am on the things that drive you to be an angry 'mature' 'full figured', the kind of lashing out that doesn't need to make sense as long as you do as many angry words as possible.

            It's all you have.

          • ForwardObserver


            Wow. I never saw that before.
            I did remember seeing a photo of Warnie passed around from FaceBook, where he was wearing a dago wife beater tee shirt, saying he worked at "Red Rock Escorts".

          • ForwardObserver

            Poofsie, if you think Roger is bad now, in passive-aggressive misogynist mode, just stick around until the peak of the Full Moon.

            Muy Loco!

          • Just another guest troll, you can't do anything or even pretend to. Your goal is just to push the posse agenda.

          • I've observed him for around 30 months on and off. I'd guess he howls at a full moon, but I really don't care — I don't consider him to be loco, I consider him to be pathetic. 145,000+ times pathetic.

          • I just consider you to be an angry person with no thought or consideration for anything other than your anger. So you lash out, fight as dirty as you can and then get upset when met with the same thing.

            And when I visualize you I still see the same thing I mentioned before.

          • So you do visualize women? I'll be darned.

          • So you troll? I'm not surprised.

          • Do you seriously believe that anything I've said to you constitutes me fighting "as dirty as you can"? You're like a dead fish — out there for all to gut with a dull knife.

          • Do you really think that my returns to your insults are my fighting as dirty as I can?

            There you go, talking about dull knives. Wanting to scrape off some of that old pancake makeup?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He\s not pathetic, he's cool and powerful, he's got a lawyer.

          • And you have your agenda pushing for things that don't fit with patriotic values.

          • Sure he does. *wink* And I'm the Queen of Nigeria and have $42,000,000 in a bank in Moldavia and want to share it with you if you'll just send me all your PayPal info.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I can give you Roger's back account number if that is ok?

          • Oh, golly — whatever would I do with that humongous fortune he's amassed from his book sales?

          • Probably waste it at a beauty parlor.

            Don't blame them, they can only do so much.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Funny, except we really know how ugly you are.

          • You do realize that your version of my face is photoshopped?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You look better in mine.

          • You realize that your opinion is merely that?

          • Alinsky Hero USA


          • 'Beauty parlor'? What are you, 85 years old?

          • You might be, that would explain the slow whits and inability to react very quickly.

          • I see SpellCheck didn't catch the "whits" error. Admit you made up the crap you posted about the shooter's father and I'll just fade into the woodwork. Admit you were wrong if you have any cajones at all.

          • Admit you're cranky old crone that doen't know what you're talking about and just wants to treat me like you've possibly treated all men that were smart enough to avoid you in the past.

            Admit you're barking up a wrong tree, if you have your ex's cajones at all.

          • Your lack of integrity oozes from your every pore. Sad, really.

          • Your lack of manners and femininity oozes from your every pore, as big as they probably are that isn't much of a stretch.

            Sad really.
            Of course, IMO.

          • Well, it's common knowledge on forums that your opinion matters to no one but you. Pehhh….you're still good for a laugh now and then (that would be at you, not with you).

          • I can check again, but I think if I did I'd have more followers than you.

            Are you like a photo of a celebrity before the makeup? Is that why you're so bitter at life?

          • Oh, no!! You have more followers than me? Well THAT certainly matters in the bigger picture of life, doesn't it?

          • Not really, but it does prove your point wrong.

            That happens to you a lot doesn't it?

          • Just admit you're wrong about the shooter's father.

          • Just admit you're a harpie shrew that insists that people bow even if you don't have a clue what you're talking about and you're just not smart enough to admit it.

            The foundry gave a link and you weren't in the car.

          • I'll reply to you elsewhere…thread's too skinny.

          • You never provide proof so why would anyone take you seriously? That's right, nobody does. Carry on.

          • She had proof given to her on another site.

            You're just a troll, but don't feel as if you need to carry on.

          • No, you are lying….again. There was no proof and you are the only one that needs to provide the proof. It's just that you can't. To this day, the shooters father has not talked directly with media. A simple Google search demonstrates that.

          • Roger, you no write-a so good twoday.

            We knew that.

          • Poof, I don't see any links to your books, is it that you can't rise to the level of the people you attack?

            When you write something better then come back and start whining again.

          • Wow.

            Don't you think it might be time for a career change?

            Your proclivity for Anal Gazing is working apparently as well as your "Authoring".

            I could write "Eat at Joe's" on matchbooks, and sell more books than you have.

            Not counting friends and family and the dozen autographed copies that you sent to HPDuuuh, how many copies did you sell?


          • Still trolling? Still hiding behind that guest profile?

            Do you realize even a guest profile comment creates a 'permalink' and can be tracked down?

            For example the permalink for you comment is:

          • Roger,
            Are you tracking me?
            Are you tracking me down?
            Are you stalking me?
            Are you threatening me?

            Let me make myself clear.
            Don't even think of doing that.

          • What's wrong, are you thinking that a guest profile makes you above any consequences for the comments you may or may not make?

            If you think you can tell me what my legal remedies I'm allowed to pursue, don't even think of doing that.

          • Poor Rog CANNOT admit defeat because he's a ( . )( . )

          • You were provided a link on the heritage site.
            You can't admit defeat because you're just a angry hormonally driven ball (plus size perhaps) of anger and bitterness.

            And what's wrong? You can't post on the foundry any more? You don't care about the damage you do, it's all about you as you trash around like a wounded whale.

          • The link you posted was to an interview of the father of one of the actual victims, not the shooter's father. This has been explained to you ad nauseum and you STILL won't admit how wrong you were. No wonder there was no further brain damage when those gigantic hail balls hit your head — your cranium is about 4mm thick. Dense much?

          • Oh look, you're still whining about things.

            I didn't link to anything, your broom must be rotting out under you, is that making you cranky? I refused to use a link because I didn't want post menopausal people to use that radio program I was listening to to show what area I was listening in.

            How much brain damage do you Have? Do you need to have estrogen levels checked again? At your age they can still do that.

          • Is that the best you've got, Rog? Making tired, lame comments about women? I'll give you credit for not dragging out the "you live in your mom's basement, you drink KoolAid, get a job, how's your tinfoil hat" crap, but that's it. Either come to the table with your 'A' game or take a hike — you bore us all.

          • is that the best you have? To act like like you do?

            It's all you deserve. CAn't you go back to POP and pretend sanity in a more safe environment?

          • I've probably posted 2 comments ever on POP and that was for a very specific reason when someone from there got banned elsewhere. Got anything else? Nope.

          • I dont need anything else.

            Those two comments may have pretended the sanity you don't bother with here.

            I realize you seem to have ill feelings towards men that would reject you (based on looks, temperament, or just instincts of self preservation) doesn't mean you deserve to be treated as anything better than the way I respond to you.

          • Very Christian of you. *wink*

          • Very 'troll' of you *wink*

          • Still waiting for you to admit how wrong you were regarding the shooter's father. Tap, tap, tap…..

          • Still waiting for you to admit you don't know what I was listening to on my radio and that you had a link provided on the heritage site.

            Tap, tap, tap…. of course you won't. You aren't capable of actual thought or reason. The age combined with your personality would possibly preclude both.

          • I know what you WEREN'T listening to on your radio.

          • I know I was. So, unless you can prove I wasn't you're just trolling, big shock that.

          • You made the statement it was the shooter's father. Prove it or STFU.

          • I did, and there was a link provided to you on the foundry site.

            Go take some more estrogen.

          • I'm with him ↑↑ on this one. You think you heard something and when it's been pointed out repeatedly that you made a mistake (oh, the horror), you lack the integrity to admit it. You're not just a prolific troll, you're also a dishonest one.

          • I'm not so worried about who you're with. He can get medication and therapy to recover from the exposure, that's on him.

            You lack the brains to admit you don't know what I was tuned to and the link the foundry provided you.

            You just aren't capable.

          • I know what you weren't listening to. You may have just been listening to the voices in your head.

          • You have the bragging rights on that one. How many do you have?

          • How many heads do I have? Are you hitting on me?

          • How many voices do you have in the combined heads, that's the more important question.

          • Stop hitting on me. I'm not interested.

          • You were tuned to a station airing the victim's father, you idjit. Hey — we all make mistakes in life, but adults admit the mistake and move on. Why are you unwilling to admit you made a mistake? No one here cares about you, isn't like anyone will think less of you — NOT POSSIBLE.

          • Nope, I know what I was listening to and in spite of your nagging and haranguing you can't change that.

            And the foundry site gave you a link.

            You're ugly in more ways that one, don't take it out on me.

          • I don't recall the Foundry site providing that link, I thought it was another commenter who later retracted it. C'mon, big guy — provide the link or you're flat-out lying.

          • Of course not, but they did and you responded to the comment that did.

            So, come on big old thing, can't you try remembering harder?

          • You like it harder don't you?

          • ForwardObserver Man!

            Ah yes.
            The true Roger.


            HPDuuuh would be so proud of you. That is the same game you played with OneCornPone years ago.

          • Calling out a cranky and bitter crone doesn't mean I have anything against the fairer sex.

            I just don't think she's a very typical spokesperson.

          • But then again, your knowledge of women has been called into question a number of times.

          • Yes, by people that seem fixated on things that have no business asking.

          • "….things that have no business asking." Things can't ask questions, sheesh.

          • Trust, cut him some slack. He has had a busy morning of Anal Gazing.

          • You are the backside of a particular animal, but I'm not here gazing, in spite of your apparent fantasies.

          • I'll tell you what confuses me about Roger. Why doesn't he start his own blog and stop clogging up everyone elses? He could still moderate but not have to moderate using the report button. He could advertise it on Craigslist as "Serious man seeking serious men to exchange and consider new ideas with."

          • SeenItAllBefore

            Because he knows that nobody would come visit him, or talk to him.

            It would be all Roger, all the time, all alone in his big echo chamber.

          • There is that site already, they growl under their bridge when the failing site will work well enough to allow it.

          • Figures you would know a "man seeking men" site.

          • You know you want to insult and disparage. If you would just get some of the manners most ladies have you might be more careful about putting people down that don't necessarily deserve it.

          • Why am I not surprised you are confused by gender yet again? Does that happen often to you?

          • Because in my experience trolls use profiles back and forth.

            Does that happen to you often?

          • No, rarely do I have men hit on me. Just you.

          • And he needs to realize this isn't the forum for it

          • You are more a thing than a person and you are here posting and saying things.

          • Oh, that's why you used broken English. Good point. *points to Roger's dunce cap*

          • Broken Engleesh?

            That'd be Rogers Manuel Manual….

          • Just don't offer him any "antidotal" evidence or he'll have the courts "squash" it.

          • Absolutely!

            He probably plants quash in his summer garden.

          • Still all insults all the time.

            Still a sad one pony show.

          • Do not send me a youtube video of a pony show you sicko!!!

          • Do not pretend that you care about anything other than stopping discussion.


          • I've seen your links to bestiality videos. I'm not interested you sicko.

          • ForwardObserver

            He's a what?

            He'p me out here.
            What is that?


            I knew he was Anal-Banal Compulsive, and prone to Anal Gazing, but your graphic is a new one to me.

          • I shouldda just posted one — he's a boob.

          • And you are a bottle of vinegar and water possibly.

            You're entitled to your own opinion, and so am I.

          • ForwardObserver Man!

            Heza boob?

            You are far too kind.

            Let me be blunt.
            Heza asshole.

            The biggest one I've ever run across on the Internet.

          • And you seem to fear I might be competition for your claim to that sort of thing.

          • I'd say most prolific troll I've ever seen.

          • i'd say the most hormonally unbalanced person here, but then why make it all about you?

            There was a story for adults to discuss, that was beyond your skills of course.

          • I'm sorry to read of your hormonal imbalance. Testosterone might help, but I've heard it makes your balls shrink. You still have balls, right? Oh….icky poo….don't answer, I really don't want to know. Now scoot on over to one of those bible thumper/flag waving sites where someone gives a crap what you think.

          • The only balls he ever had are around Alinsky's neck.

            Alinsky apparently neutered him.

          • This is exactly why I treat you as the angry old Helen Thomas kind of crone.

            You want to go with insults, let's go for it. Put your teeth in, put the blanket over that mean old mirror and focus.

            Your looks have no place in this debate. You're angry because I do more than you can, if you could compete with me you wouldn't have switched profiles you would have just duked it out. And your flabby upper arms have nothing to do with it.

          • Very, very weak. Try again.

          • Very very weak. You seem to have so much more time now that the lame daytime soaps are cancelled.

          • Helen Thomas, eh?

            You stole that one from your BFF, the old Dooshe.

            Come on Rogere' where is your originality?

          • He has neither originality nor integrity. And I see his pal has made his way to one of our 'local' forums….woo hoo?

          • Here is a blast from the past.
            It is spot on.

            61 weeks ago @ Do You Believe That? – About · 330 replies · +4 points
            You are a hero all right.
            A hero in your own mind.

            You drove them nuts at Breitbart.
            You have detracted from the value of every forum you have ever participated on.

            Although minute, you are the secondary reason I left Navy's site and no longer participate.

            You are an internet gadfly.

            A Cyber-syphilis.

          • The final sentence nails it! And I don't like skinny threads, so I'm outta here for now.

          • Good, it would take a brave and strong door to survive hitting your backside as you leave.

          • Which pal?


          • And you have neither manners or cognitive thought apparently.

            I see your pals here are trying so hard to keep me busy so TNM can post without my noticing.

          • What's TNM?

          • This is "TNM"

            He used to go by the name of WeeToddEdwards, and changed his profile trying to get away from Roger.

            Roger has stalked him from site to site to site for years with a cyber-woody.

          • The 'Wee' part sounds vaguely familiar from old reading I did on some pirates site. I think that's where I first ran across TheRog and his prattle.

          • Still not busy in that classic auto repair shop this afternoon?

            Here I thought you said you were out of here…..

          • That is still up to discussion.

          • The phrase is "up FOR discussion". Sheesh.

          • That is me. I have been trying to get away from the stalker for 4 years. I see you have schooled him well. Anyways I normally don't reply or discuss him on this site because I like this site and don't want him wrecking it. Oh and he is suing me because he harassed me

          • How does one sue an anonymous commener? And on what grounds? Sounds like crazy talk to me.

          • He is trying to get my IP address I had to file a motion to quash it. HE has several people listed in his suit. He is suing for emotional damages and long term emotional damages in the sum of $20,000. 00. What I can't get over is the fact that he stalks and harasses people then sues them when he them pi$$es them off and they tell him off.
            HE also claims that we all work together in a coordinated effort to damage his reputation which is laughable at best. He is not that important. He also claims I drove a dark colored sedan by his house and he had to call the cops and has video of it. Sorry I like my e my money and would not waste my money for gas or put the time and effort to go drive hundreds of miles to his house. The guys is completely nuts IMO

          • That's an expensive tissue he is looking for. Why doesn't he just grow a set?

          • Right?

          • I'm not sure about the 'nuts' part, but he's got some serious ick factor working.

          • This whole situation is just crazy IMO. 4 years and he has followed me from site to site and comments on every comment I make. Who does that? I mean I have argued with people before on here but after a while you move on. Don't get me wrong I reply back to him and I shouldn't. But every comments he makes directed at someone he makes them out to be this horrible "muslium friendly" "troll" person while he sit backs and claims to be this great christian person who loves and and is never wrong, and knows what's best for everyone and if you disagree with you become a target. I just don't it. It's an internet forum thousands of people on ID and he can't talk to others and leave the people who don't want his attention alone? I would never say a word or reply to him again if he did the same. Even on the same forums.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            A woman commenting on Roger's balls strikes deep.

            Hits at the very core of his mental problems.

            Look how he lashes out at a woman.

            You never see any other man on here talking to a woman like that. With vile hate and deep personal anger.

          • Almost like he doesn't like women. I wonder why not. I love women.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And he wrote his book from a woman POV.

            It's almost like he is jealous and angry at women because he wants to be one.

          • You read the book? LOLOL! I can barely get through one of his comments without dry heaving.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Don't read on a full stomach,,,

          • I didn't realize until I went to your link that he was published by one of those fly-by-night outfits that an 'author' pay to have their stuffandjunk put into print. Kinda makes me feel bad for him since he'll never come close to breaking even.

          • Alinsky, I think he is a true misogynist.

            He hates women. Look at the evil, vile things he wrote today to Poof. He did the same thing last week at LRC. He is a chip right off of the HPDuuuh block. He learned at the knee of the Master.

          • I was actually trying to ignore the obvious, but I've run into a few commenters elsewhere who only go after women with the insults and Rog kinda fits the mold. Speaks volumes about their manhood, IMO. And to find that he claims to be a Christian — validates what I said about hypocrisy elsewhere.

          • I took screen shots of all his horrible comments he made to you

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What's my peralink you fu cking virgin?

            Put it up your lawyer's ass.

          • You sure do sound like that guest troll comment might effect you.
            I can't imagine why…..

          • Roger, let me be frank.
            You and Alinsky are two testicles rolling around in the same withered sack.

          • Let me be frank..

            Oh, your'e a coward guest troll, I won't bother.

          • Hi Frank.

          • Frank 'N Beans? I've heard that term referring to sexual organs, so I know that isn't what you meant when you're talkin' 'bout TheRog.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Affect, not effect. Mr. Book Writer

            Your permalinks makes you a big man, that can bully all over ID, and not the sad little man that stalks men online, and dreams of sucking his young handsome lawyer's c o c k. .


            Can't wait to get the call from your failed lawyer.

          • What's wrong? Did you think that if you posted as a coward guest troll you were a keyboard commando that couldn't be found out?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I didn't write the guest comment. You must be having a permalink malfunction.

            My phone isn't ringing. Is your lawyer having lunch?

          • Saul Good Man!

            Better call Saul!

          • So, how many guest troll profiles do you post under?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He\s on Fargo now. Good show.

        • In response to your comment in a skinny little thread down below regarding your unwillingness to admit you were wrong, I'll say this much: If I had to be stuck in a car with you, whether the radio was on or not, I'd sooner stick a rusted fork in my neck (thank you, meso) and die a slow, agonizing death from tetanus complications than spend one millisecond cruising downtown Kearney while you trolled for….women?

    • Roger, let me give you some advice…Stop bantering with everyone that tries to rile you up. They are just trying to get a reaction from you…who cares about ones reputation on the internet anyways?? Debate them sure, but don't get into the troll, lawyer, sex, et all bickering. It makes you look like the kid bullies pick on over and over again because they know they can get a reaction out of you.

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