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Hackers Target NRA Leader Ahead of Wash. State Gun Control Vote

The head of the NRA’s push against Initiative 594, Washington state’s restrictive gun control measure, says her phone and Facebook account were targeted by hackers only days before the election.

Adina Hicks, the NRA’s Field Representative for the Vote No on I-594 campaign, left a message on her new Facebook account after her prior account was rendered inoperable.


“Just so you all know, the reason you are receiving new friend requests is that my account was hacked and hijacked,” Hicks said. “I am sure by the pro-594 people that must have felt our grassroots movement had a powerful presence on FB.”

Speaking exclusively with Infowars, Hicks stated that she had received a suspicious activity notification from Facebook after her account was accessed from an unknown IP address in New Jersey. Shortly after, her account password was changed, locking her out of her account indefinitely.

Losing more than 800 Facebook friends, the attack dealt a noticeable blow to her personal momentum.

Hicks, who has never before experienced such an incident, also revealed that text messages with strange download links began appearing on her phone as well. Despite the texts appearing to come from close friends, Hicks says her friends denied ever sending them at all.

Other members of the campaign also ran into issues with Facebook, receiving strikes for alleged offenses such as copyright infringement.

Despite attempts by the unknown malicious actor, the campaign has received massive grassroots support in the face of billionaire-funded opposition.

Noted anti-Second Amendment advocates, including Bill Gates, have spent millions on the I-594 campaign, with more than $10 million coming from former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg alone.

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  1. Not much happening here anymore.
    Roger apparently broke this website.

  2. The liberal hack trolls are organized.

    They want to impose their values on the 'workers' and if silencing the NRA would keep him from speaking out and explaining his values, they would consider their crime something that the opposition deserved.

    It's amazing, they only think the protection of laws applies to them. Can you imagine if Media Matters had their computers hacked how loudly they would scream?

  3. Ballot Measure 594 won by a huge margin as far as voting goes — 60% voted to pass it. This woman's Facebook account being hacked had no impact on the results at all. With all that's transpired since Storyleak put up a new story 3 weeks ago, you'd think they'd have more to report on than one woman's FB woes over a ballot measure that was resoundingly defeated.

  4. I see the liberals are crying today. Well just an FYI nothing will change. The country is divided and that is what they all want

    • The local politics played out, as they should. The media couldn't lie enough to cover for the scandals and failures.

      And Dave Bratt, the man who took down RINO Cantor won!
      Tea isn't dead.

    • I'm what you might consider a liberal. Haven't shed a tear.

      • You are a leftist who backs marxists.

        And you probably are too busy with a fresh bale of hay to consider the implications that America rejected the communist manifesto yesterday.

      • Well that is good.

        • What's to cry about? As you said, nothing will change. Rs and Ds will assume their new roles in both houses, but the game doesn't change. With the House, this morning 435 representatives began their campaigns for re-election in 2016. One-third of the Senate have already started theirs for 2016.
          Rs will spend the next two years on wasteful "investigations" while accomplishing exactly what they've accomplished the last two years — nothing. The Republican party will continue to fracture, baggers against RINOs, there will be 50 more bills trying to defund the ACA but there aren't enough votes to get it to the President's desk. So no tears from liberals, it's business as usual in DC.

          • You do realize liberals and conservatives want the same thing right? Total control and to achieve that they need us divided

          • The chasm, the divide, is between extremists on both sides. Those of us who are actual patriots know and accept the need for compromise to accomplish all that needs to be accomplished. The world is not just black and white, it's mostly various shades of gray, a subtle blending of the two.

          • Us Patriots know this government has to go and we need to restore this Country by any means necessary. War is coming. It no longer libs vs conserve. It's us against the government

          • I don't buy into the Doomsday scenario, nor do I buy into the 'us vs the government' hype. Why? Because I refuse to contribute to the fear-mongering. Stop watching or listening to media politics for a month if you can. When that time's up, what you'll find is that the vast majority of Americans, VAST MAJORITY, just want to live their lives without even thinking about this political crap. I might feel differently if I didn't know the salaries being paid to those who try to feed us a steady diet of fear-mongering, but whether it's Rush Limbaugh or Rachel Maddow, neither would be doing what they do if they weren't being paid handsomely to do it.

            Those of you who have spent the better part of the last 5 years enmeshed in mostly conservative media have nothing to show for it but a string of comments on an Intense Debate account (not you, since you're a 'guest commenter'). You've changed no one's mind, you've alienated many, you've watched celebrity media wh*res tell you what to think — all the while having your blood pressure rise in direct proportion to your anger. I'm by no means indifferent to what's happening around me, it's just that I'm aware that the angst you feel is thrust on you by those who profit dearly from it….I choose to opt out of that angst. I'll continue to place personal relationships with loved ones and friends highest on my list of priorities — because whatever happened yesterday at the polls doesn't impact my #1 priority.

          • I agree most of us want to just live our lives. I know I do. Unfortunately when we ignore this stuff lime ndaa,FEMA camps and live our lives and allow more and more freedoms to be taken away and we continue to ignore it until its too late.

          • Agreed. They want us complacent. They want us discouraged.

          • Mr. Liberty and Guess Who — Turn off talk radio and FoxNews for a month, it's them who are the "they" who want you fearful and discouraged. FEMA camps, support of Ebola quarantines and the notion Obama planned it, voter fraud, "Obama's coming for our guns" — 99% of that is crap.

          • I don't watch fox or listen to talk radio. I see the big picture and NDAA is real and scary.

          • Agreed. I have tried to get Poof to read the Gov and Military documents for herself, she does not want to. That is her choice. But she has to do research on her own, to learn about these. Don't just watch TV or listen to the radio. I never watch MSM and rarely read it.

            Same goes for me with Jones. I don't just listen to what he says and believe. I honestly try to disprove his claims, and often through research I learn that he is pretty accurate.

          • Sooo….is NDAA OK for Gitmo prisoners? If so, why have Republicans blocked every attempt to re-locate those people to jails/prisons on American soil? We've got a brand-new prison in my county that was built in 2006 that's never seen a prisoner, it's been sitting empty for about 8 years. Our area also experienced some of the highest unemployment in the state for several years during the 'recession'. Did our Congressman do a damn thing to open that jail for those uncharged prisoners, something that would have provided much-needed employment to hundreds? Oh, hell no. Rep. Greg Walden is the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee whose job it is to get Republicans elected to the House of Representatives. When your own representative to Congress cares more about grabbing moe power for their political party than he does about his constituents, I guess you can't expect more.

          • Why would we relocate them?

            Gitmo does exactly what we need done with the armed captured enemy combatants.

          • Gitmo needs shut down and those people deserve a day in court

          • Gitmo is a great place for the barbarians I don't want inside our borders.

          • Hitler use to call Jews barbarians. He locked them up and gased them

          • Yes, and we don't do that at Gitmo.

          • Not yet. As a person who loves freedoms I sag these people deserve their day in court. I imagine some are guilty and some ate not. If yheh ate not we need to let them go

          • Not ever. Not as long as we have our rule of law.

            And frankly, as enemy combatants captured on the field of battle out of uniform they have no rights under the geneva convention, they could have been shot as spies.

          • This is a good discussion. SK let's ignore the stalker

          • This is just another lame distraction from a posse troll.

            If the Teacher's Union had their FB site hacked and hijacked would you have responded this way?

          • One of my attorneys took over the SAG unit at Gitmo in January 2005 after a scandal by the previous guy in charge…at the time my attorney was a Lt. Commander in the Navy, he's now reserve. We've had some interesting conversations about the subject…one thing for sure is that these prisoners need to be brought to the US, charged with an actual crime and tried in a court of law. That can't be done until idiots like the one above who said "I don't want inside our borders" suck up their fears of the boogeyman and stop blocking them from being incarcerated on US soil.

          • I agree 100%

          • You always do, it is a risky thing to upset someone with a bitter angry disposition and with no personality.

          • And all this discusses the derailment of the thread from the hacking of the NRA staff how?

            I could make up all sorts of interesting scenarios too, but why don't you pretend you can discuss the actual topic and it's important. If this happened to you, how would you feel about it?

          • Hi Roger. You right and this did happen to me. Someone has been using my name on this forums. Don't be fooled I will always say "Hi" to you not Hey.
            Do you like reading romance novels? Me too.

          • Poor Alinsky, you must really have sexual identity issues.

          • What "Gov and Military documents" are you talking about? Have we ever been able to have a single effing conversation without being rudely and crassly interrupted with insults from he who shall remain unnamed? The answer is NO. You can provide them to me again, and I may or may not read them in their entirety, it depends on the source and what all is included…my recollection is a very old document from around Eisenhower time (or something).

          • None, you and posse trolls keep interrupting. And then you lower yourself to the standard insults.

            And why can't you google the documents instead of trying to boss everyone around and make demands?

          • FM 3-39.40

            *Note this doc predates NDAA litigation!! It was written in 2010.

            First read pgs 8 and 9 for the preface to get on outline what the document is about. The preface also describes civilians as possible military prisoners in the 2nd paragraph.

            Pg. 38 p 2.39 says this doc applies to US citizens and within US territory.

            Pg. 146 p 7-16 SS numbers and finger prints used as identification of internees

            Pg. 56 describes re-education and indoctrination, pacification of detainees.

            Pg. 238 allows for deadly force against people who attempt and escape.

            Now you can argue that this is not being implemented. But know that it has been litigated through the NDAA and it can happen.

            That is me and Guess Who concern.

          • Of course. Its easier to conquer that way

          • And that's what marxists want.

            Too bad we don't want to be conquered.

          • You do and you are part of the problem

          • Nope, wanting freedoms is not 'conquering' but 'liberating'.

          • Only believing your side is right and every other idea from another side is wrong and imposing that on everyone without a middle ground is conquering. That is what you want and that is un-America

          • It's pointless to attempt to make sense out of the ramblings of someone with a closed (and lacking?) mind, someone who considers his inability to purchase the light bulb of his dreams to be "tyranny". Ignore the hypocrite.

          • It's pointless for you to pull your head out of the feed bucket and pretend you want to actually discuss anything.

            Tyranny is what you seem to want to impose. You try to impose it hear in your fat overstretched and bloated way.

            You don't agree with me, so you pretend I don't make sense.

            But you haven't advocated for anything, so you're the one that has ill mannered ramblings saggy.

          • Oh, I'm not pretending you don't make sense — that's not only common knowledge, it's a proven FACT. BTW, I notice you kicked the real Linda to the curb…figured out she's actually female, eh? The least you could have done when she supported you is invite her to those other sites you're so popular on, showed her around, introduced her as your 'friend' to your other bobble-headed echo-chamber pals. Why, it's almost like you're not real proud that the only person who's supported you in years can barely spell her own name.

          • Saggy, I'm not pretending you just bloviated with insults, it's common knowledge.

            I noticed you still can't discuss the issue the story pointed towards.

            Trolls, being mean, ill mannered and lacking a personality only gets you so far saggy.

          • Basically people who not side with him he wants eliminated. Hitler was like that

          • Bigot: having or revealing an obstinate belief in the superiority of one's own opinions and a prejudiced intolerance of the opinions of others.

            There you have it, proof positive he's a bigot — proven by his own words: "We are right, and you are wrong."

          • Ouch, wonder what his reply to that will be. Something dumb I would imagine

          • It'll start out as an aping of my words and transition to one of his standard 4th grade insults. It's why everyone wanted a break from his boring self — because he's so boring.

          • I'll go for the premptive move, and quote Juan Garcia:


            Don't be a dumbass.

          • I think he gets excited when guys use any form of the word "ass" in commenting to him. However, I have an avatar I use elsewhere that would absolutely curdle his innards.

          • Wow, you just exhibited your inclination towards bigotry as you defined it.

            Saggy, you really make this too easy. Is it time for another stale shrimp rub?

          • We are right, and you are wrong.

            That is factual, and it is American if we both have the freedom to express our opinions.

          • Who is we? Sorry I look at both sides and form my own opinion. That is freedom. You are told what to think and only see one side. Everyone else is wrong? Your a phucking idiot. You will never conquer America

          • Who is we

            You look at both sides and think a half dose of poison will sicken us enough to take a bigger dose next time.

            No thanks.

          • No I know what compromise is and not everyone agrees. You want total control and power. You know your way or else. Well that is not freedom

          • If open borders is bad, why would we compromise over it?

          • Oh and if you want to make claims that is factual why not prove it with some links or sources

          • I have been for about 6 years.

          • All I see is you harass others that disagree with you and insult them

          • As you post hundreds of comments in a fake guest name identity saying noting but harassing and insulting. Do you think that's Ironic?

          • Fave it Bush and Obama have brought this country down

          • Liberalism have brought this country down.

            When people are no longer responsible for their actions or earnings, then society goes into decline.

          • "I have been for about 6 years. "

            I have been what for about six years?

            "I have been <blockqoute>insane for about six years?"

          • ….gay for about six years?
            ….educated for about six years?
            ….saving my urine for about six years?

          • …shaving my legs for about six years?
            …peeing sitting down for about six years?
            …memorizing stories about young men masturbating for about six years?

          • All that may apply to you Alinsky.

            Have you considered medical treatment?

          • It is disappointing but not suprising how poorly third party candidates fared, at least in my state. When does this groundswell of dissatisfaction drive votes their way?

          • No third party will ever gain the votes unless they are moderates. Fiscally conservative, socially liberal. FACT.

            In our state I witnessed the most obvious proof of that I've ever seen. An incumbent governor who won an historical 4th term last night — a governor with the most incredibly-bad past year possible. We watched as he oversaw the loss of $250 million over the ACA roll-out, an absolute technical failure ridiculed nationwide; we watched as $175 million went down the drain over a bridge design to cross the Columbia River that was ultimately abandoned; we watched as his girlfriend ("first lady") admitted to a sham marriage years ago to a foreign student just weeks before the election; we watched as the same girlfriend allegedly profited from her involvement in the energy business; the items are too numerous to mention here. And he won again handily last night, because his opponent was a tea-partying religious zealot and because the Chairman of the Oregon Republican Party is a whack-job who has asked people to submit urine samples to him for some ridiculous reason (he's also a far-right nut). In Oregon, if the Repubs had put up ANY moderate, he'd have won. Instead, we have a 4th term of John Kitzhaber set to begin in January.

          • It goes deeper than that – one side or the other will throw dollars at any movement that gains scale in an attempt to coopt. The opposing side will discredit. It's happened with Tea and with OWS.

            The back up plan, if a movement does effectively retain a centrist identity, is to liken it to euro multiparty parliamentary systems, where the need to build coalitions dulls the sharp edge of effective policy making. I would hope the public would dismiss such an argument, given how ineffective our own government has habitually been.

          • Great points.

            I have long contemplated the idea of multiple parties in the US.

            On one hand I think it could lower corruption, i.e. more checks and balances between politicians.

            On the other hand, it could create even more stagnation in DC and that is simply unacceptable. There is already too much stagnation.

          • There is currently so much stagnation that a multiparty system may actually move things forward more effectively. More honest competition = greater need to prove one's worthiness.

          • Reallty? Liberals cause stagflation, it happens in every country where those policies are imposed.

          • No functioning relationship can survive long-term without compromise, and that includes our government. To the majority of Americans, extremism on both sides has become nothing more than white noise in the background — annoying as hell, but fairly ineffective in bringing about change. The far left will never accomplish banning firearm ownership by actual law-abiding gun owners — the far left will never accomplish overturning Roe v Wade. Somewhere in the middle lies a relatively-level playing field where we can all co-exist without losing sight of the true meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

          • I agree. So lets starting working on things that we would all agree needs to be addressed one way or another. i.e. ending wars, budgeting correctly, auditing the FED.

          • Freedom, they don't agree with us on it.

            They want slaves, and I refuse to moderate on my opposition.

          • …campaign finance/lobby reforms. Reductions in defense spending.

          • You don't get to tell people how much they can speak up during a campaign, the supreme court has said so.

          • Well said. As American citizens we can do that. The government will not allow it though

          • Like what? Comprehensive immigration legislation that provides amnesty? No thanks.

            I'd rather have gridlock than allow this fascist regime more power.

          • Reason #5,727,928 why you're not in charge of anything.

          • The electorate fired democrats that were just going along with things.

            That's reason #5,727,929 why your party isn't in charge any more.

          • I was very disappointed as well. Tisha Casida is probably the best candidate I have even seen from my state and she barely cracked 3% in her district.

            I think that since the media is controlled by the two major parties and they control almost all of the funding it is nearly impossible for a 3rd party to win.

            Our best bet on getting these people elected is spreading the word. It takes a lot of work to even get a small portion of the vote but with persistence it can be done. See Perot, Nader, and Paul (even though he ran as a repub, might as well be 3rd party).

          • Looking across the country, the race that disappoints me most is Orman's defeat in Kansas.

          • If I lived in Kansas I would have strongly considered him. Seems legit. I agree with him on most things.

            But from the outside looking in he did get a lot of attention from MSM which makes me somewhat skeptical. There are a lot of plants out there by the establishment used to derail dissent. I would have had to examine him more closely.

          • I wonder if one reason he got so much attention is because Kansas is so obviously broken.

          • Is it? Why do you pretend that?

            Orman was a democrat that went outside the primary process and almost won in spite of everything, but don't pretend he didn't have the backing of every marxist hack in the country.

            Kansas showed that the system isn't broken, everyone had their say and the better idiot won.

    • Well said!

      I am very nervous the neocons gained power. War is on the horizon.

  5. Murray Rothbard – The Government Is Not Us

    Professor Rothard examines the irrational implications of the premise "we are the government."

    • If we live with the expectations that the government needs to act like it is us, then no wonder we reject the government so soundly when it acts opposed to us.

      • This helps view things appropriately!

        Police Have No Duty to Protect You

        Nov 3, 2014 Sharing is Caring! Please Like, Subscribe, and Share with those in your sphere, so that good ideas can, one mind at a time, supplant those bad.

        • I watched and considered.

          If law enforcement is local, they don't have to protect us, and we have the right to fire them.

          Local control to keep the right people on the job is vital. And of course marxists shift all that to centralized control leaving citizens at their mercy.

          No thanks, and from the election results other people aren't so crazy about that either.

          • Shut up if you want to be popular.

          • Why don't you go find the type of site that advocates for your lack of content in commentary.

          • Here is allot more in print from a law enforcement site!

            Chief's Counsel No Duty to Protect: Two Exceptions By L. Cary Unkelbach, Assistant County Attorney Representing the Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office, Centennial, Colorado Law enforcement generally does not have a federal constitutional duty to protect one private person from another. For example, if a drunk driver injures a pedestrian or a drug dealer beats up an informant, agencies and their officers usually would not be liable for those injuries because there was no duty to protect.

            Nonetheless, agencies need to be aware of two exceptions, referred to as the special-relationship and the state-created danger theories, which, if pled and proven, may establish a constitutional duty to protect by police. While plaintiffs who are harmed by third parties often raise both theories when they sue police, the state-created danger exception appears to be litigated more frequently than the special relationship exception, which often is more easily analyzed and defined. Since its 1989 holding that a duty to protect generally does not exist, the U.S. Supreme Court has not directly spoken on the two exception theories that have since evolved.1 Instead, many federal courts have analyzed, defined and applied these exceptions to a variety of fact patterns. Not all of these lower court decisions are consistent with one another. Agencies, in reviewing their policies, should be aware of the approaches taken by the federal courts in their circuit. This article gives a brief overview of the different judicial approaches to a federal due process claim but does not address whether a failure to protect action could be brought under state law

  6. ROGER is in full swing this morning. He is happy about the new shape of Government. He is thrilled with the RINOS. He is thankful to TEA.

  7. So the point of this story is that a woman had her Facebook account hacked? The account had 800+ "friends", it's no surprise it was hacked. People who allow complete strangers access to a Facebook account are idiots.

  8. FOX NEWS is already cowering at the Obama's words.

    In response to President Obama’s complaint that FOX News doesn't show enough Blacks on their network,
    FOX has announced that they will now air "America's Most Wanted” TWICE a week.

    • Still a liberal hack pretending to be conservative?

      Still trying to put conservatives in the worst possible light?

      I would love to see an open and free debate between Obama and the NRA lady who had her account hacked.

      • I would love to see an open and free debate between Roger, and anyone.

        We could close the forum, and sell tickets as a Pay-Per-View event.

        Of course, then that would not be considered an "Open and Free" duuuhbate.

        • And the posse would show up and stop the discussion, decide that they can impose their views on the facts and who won, then destroy the place as they left.

          Like the posse of trolls does here on ID!

    • Guess you'd better camouflage the meth lab, then.

  9. ROGER is alive and well, still hacking, spamming and stalking.

  10. And the Irony Award of the Year Goes to the person who said this:

    "And you really might want to try actually discussing things instead of just dropping 4th grade playground insults."

    The same person who's said the following:

    "..Did the apparent fag hag put you up to that?
    ..You're no stranger to making up lies so you and saggy can yap back and forth as you spam a targeted conservative site you want to overwhelm.
    ..Still the closet case? You really need to take 'no' for an answer.
    ..Still at the funded work terminal struggling to make that quota for today?
    ..Still have nothing to add? Still too stupid not to add it anyhow? And the quota drives you…… badly.
    ..Why, I bet you posse closet cases have that handled. I'm not interested.
    ..It may explain why you want to think they do. You really need to find someone that won't keep slapping you down and telling you to buzz off.
    ..Yes, and you still come sniffing around hoping. You liberal men, you're more feminine than the liberal women who want you spineless.
    ..Somebody sounds like they are almost to the end of the day at the funded work terminal and not near to reaching their quota of spam.
    ..And you've both been banned more than once, and are currently banned. Is that the only hope you have of making your quota today at the funded work terminal?
    ..It was a story about accepting responsibility for one's actions. Of course as a desperate closet case you missed that part. Can't the apparent fag hag help you in dealing with all the self hate?
    ..I'm sure that not the reason you hope I signed up for it. You closet cases really are seemingly unbalanced.
    ..Says the troll at his funded work terminal that is tossed out over there. What's wrong, do you miss spamming that site?

    • Hey poof. So what, it's still a award and that's more than you have. Just because he reads romance novels and likes stories about 14 year old shirless boys doesn't mean he is gay.

      • Jonesing for a light bulb does, though.

        • Saggy, you smelly old stretched out old thing.

          You still can't help yourself, you just have to prove time after time that you aren't here to actually discuss anything.

          Once you climb off the broom and everyone avoids you as you amble into the office, you just get right down to work of doing and saying nothing in a long drawn out way.

          This woman was victimized and the law enforcement system is doing nothing, doesn't the rule of law mean anything to you?

    • He is a hypocrite

      • One of the reasons raising teenagers can be so difficult is that the frontal lobe of the human brain isn't fully developed and functioning until the late teens, early twenties. Teenagers literally lack the ability to perform the executive functions such as planning, abstract reasoning, impulse control, sustained attention and insight. It's impossible to deal with them logically, because their ability to think logically hasn't developed — they're not fully cooked yet — and talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. Sound like anyone around here? Seriously…maybe he had some kind of injury or maybe it's some systemic thing, but he exhibits clear signs of frontal lobe damage.

  11. Just so it does not get lost in the threads. This is my response to Poof of military docs…

    FM 3-39.40

    *Note this doc predates NDAA litigation!! It was written in 2010.

    First read pgs 8 and 9 for the preface to get on outline what the document is about. The preface also describes civilians as possible military prisoners in the 2nd paragraph.

    Pg. 38 p 2.39 says this doc applies to US citizens and within US territory.

    Pg. 146 p 7-16 SS numbers and finger prints used as identification of internees

    Pg. 56 describes re-education and indoctrination, pacification of detainees.

    Pg. 238 allows for deadly force against people who attempt and escape.

    Now you can argue that this is not being implemented. But know that it has been litigated through the NDAA and it can happen.

    That is me and Guess Who concern.

    • Thanks for sharing

    • I dug through as much as that as I could…but be forewarned, I see it from clear eyes, not those clouded by conspiracy theories. Our government would be remiss if there weren't plans in place for what to do after some kind of major, national 'event'. That could be anything from a meteor hitting in the Atlantic causing an immediate 10' rise in ocean levels and obliterating the Eastern Seaboard, to a coordinated terrorist nuclear attack wiping out our power grid, to an insurrection/coup of our government led by a bunch of crazy Bundy-esque militia members.

      The bottom line for me is fairly simple: I'm not going to waste my time living out what remains of my life in fear. I'm not going to waste my time pouring over information provided by those with a fear-mongering agenda in order to line their pockets. I think I recall you saying you're a young man with a young family (I'm iffy on the family part, can't recall). Your time would be much better served enjoying the time you waste on this crap — enjoying it with friends and loved ones, enjoying the outdoors of Colorado, enjoying helping others if that's something you do. Wasting your life worrying about 2,967 random things that will never happen is exactly what I've said, a total waste. You don't know what tomorrow holds, but I can flat-out guarantee you that when you reach my age, it's the times you invested in enjoyment that you'll recall fondly, not the hours you spent researching bogus crap. Be prepared for an emergency, make plans with family where you'll meet up if something dreadful ever happens. But you could fall off a ladder tomorrow, sustain a traumatic brain injury and if you're able to recall anything at all, you'll be glad to have the good memories instead of those planted in your brain by InfoWars.

      • I appreciate your concern 🙂

        No family of my own yet, can't wait though!

        "enjoying it with friends and loved ones, enjoying the outdoors of Colorado, enjoying helping others if that's something you do."

        I do all those things on a regular basis, and I am very happy. I love the Liberty that I enjoy in America and I do not want to loose it. I have studied history and I greatly respect the sacrifices people have made to make America great. I do not want to let my ancestors down.

        That being said, I have always been and always will be a critical thinker, really into analysis, maybe that is why I enjoy Accounting and Business so much. When I critically look at the world around me I see the things I hold dear i.e. Freedom, Liberty, humanity, etc threatened. I must not take the approach of "hey that is just the way it is, there is nothing I can do about it, I could die tomorrow". For if I take that approach I feel like a quitter, a coward, and that I have let down all the great Americans before me.

        • I will always fight for Liberty. I have served time in jail and let me tell you, personally, one of the worst feelings in the world is the loss of liberty. It feels as bad as loosing a loved one to a tragic death.

          I will never judge anyone on the way they want to live their life. After all it is YOUR life. But I will not change my approach to my life just because someone disapproves.

          • One more thing, sorry it is so long!

            I am not scared of death either, I am a Christian, I believe that death is a form of liberation in its own rite. Heaven is the absolute definition of Liberty and Freedom in my opinion. A form of Liberty that the USA could not even imagine.

          • You need to be locked back up.

          • Why?

            You leftists seem to claim 'conspiracy theory' when someone realizes what you're up to.

          • Why is that?

          • Is it because I am a political opponent? A Christian? A hunter?

            Why should I be locked back up?

          • You refuse to march in the square for the dear one.

          • Are you calling alinsky "the dear one"? This isn't a site for that.

          • Yes, and you all should migrate there and leave the decent people here alone.

          • Yes, you are referring to Alinsky as the dear one? I thought you said you weren't interested. Guess you are.

          • Is that the best you can do? Really?

          • Because we shouldn't have to wait until you shoot up a movie theater with your Alex Jones belt buckle on, when it's already clear to everyone you are certifiable.

          • What is clear is that the posse trolls hide like cockroaches since you are about the same thing as cockroaches.

          • You are just sick, F U.

          • You advocate locking people up for thinking a certain way, no crime committed. You are not a true American. You need to go back and read Orwell’s 1984 and learn what “Thought Crime” is. Wow you are literally insane.

          • You're damn right I advocate locking up nut cases.

            Orwell was a S o c i a l i s t that warned about propaganda whores like you are Alex Jones.

          • That has nothing to do with 1984 now does it? Straw man. 1984 attacks tyranny, not capitalism, nor does it support social ism.

          • And he still seems to overlook that in a moral society he would be the nut case.

          • He probably has never read the book. If he did, he would love the society Orwell describes.

          • Have you read "Steven:Dallas Billionaires," Mr. Liberty?

          • You haven't, you never made it past the cover…

          • Nope. Have you ever read 1984?

          • Roger loved it.

            It had a book cover of a shirtless man on the beach posing his big muscles.

          • Instead of relying on what your marxist buddies have told you, you should read it for yourself.

          • So your capitalist beliefs made you gay? What romance novels was Adam Smith jerking off too?

          • Did some of your marxist beliefs make you a deviant sexual stalker that won't take 'no' for an answer?

          • He would. But he thinks he would be rewarded for imposing it, not be a danger to the elite and eliminated as a useful fool who's time has come and gone.

          • Capitalism IS tyranny.

            Read up on Orwell you idiot, then come back when you are more prepared to debate with me.

          • Marxism is tyranny, you as a worker would have no say in anything, your work is unrewarded and there is no escape.

          • Obviously you have not read the book. Who does The Party blame for the woes of Oceania during their take over? The Capitalists. You are stupid.

          • You you are saying Orwell is not a S o c i alist.

            No wonder you are so happy, ignorance is bliss.

          • You really ought to read it for yourself.

          • i never said that you idiot, straw man.

            We were talking about the book. The themes of the book. Not Orwell the person.

            He claims he was a soc, so therefore I guess he is one. But the book is clearly in favor of Liberty. You loose. read the book before you try and debate. You probably did a quick wiki search of Orwell and learned he was a soc didn't you?

          • You inserted 1984 to distract from the fact you are a criminal.

            S o ci a l i s m IS Liberty.

            I have known about Orwell, Huxley , Sinclair, H. G. Wells and other S o c al ist Heroes since I was a kid.

            You are a nut case conservative trying to re-brand your crazy racist BS under the guise of Alex Jones propaganda.

            And I have known the ways you f u ck s try to misrepresent the great literary works of those S o c i al is ts.

          • Hahaha straw man. You think I should be thrown into jail for thinking the way I do. You are the one distracting from your sick mindset, you unAmerican, unLiberty POS.

            So you obviously support the societies that Huxley and Orwell paint as tyrannies, YOU ARE SICK.

          • You will be allowed to paint and do some light gardening while you get better.

            And you will have plenty of time to read the works of S o ccilist heroes like Orwell and Huxley until the violent Alex Jones brainwashing is all gone.

          • I have read both books you fool. You have not read either.

            "You will be allowed to paint and do some light gardening while you get better."

            You support re-education camps too? Sounds pretty facist. Nazi boy.

          • I support putting you in a comfortable environment where you can't throw your feces at people, and try to eat it.

          • Against my will? Even if I do not commit a crime?

            You are a psycho dictator authoritarian not an American.

            You support death panels too I bet.

            I think you will like North Korea better than the US.

          • It's for your own safety, and the safety of those around you.

          • Understanding how to identify those who want to steal our freedoms is a safe thing. Living under the yoke and at the mercy of tyrants isn't.

          • I am sure that is how Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin and Trot (Red Terror!!) justified their actions too. For everyon'e safety. Sick POS.

          • You better relax or we will have to put you back in the ice bath.

          • Why, because he's right and you have to distract from that?

            Can you answer his question honestly? I don't think so, it goes against the reality that you back a failed ideology.

          • He already admitted to being an ex-con, and it's clear he is still a danger to society.

          • Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Lenin and trosky, they were criminals, murderers and a danger.

          • Then they should move over for Mr. Liberty…ex-con.

          • You OBVIOUSLY have not read 1984 or Brave New World. You are so pathetic.

          • You must be really smart to have read 1984. How did you do it? That stuff is rare and very hard to read.

          • Wtf are you trying to get at? Trick.

          • It's just that I never met anybody that read 1984 before. You are amazing.

          • You travel in limiting circles.

          • Here you go Roger, some sweet male attention.

          • From you, the deviant sexual stalker?

            No thanks. From another male? No thanks.

          • liar.

          • Still a deviant sexual stalker?

            You just can't take no for an answer.

            Tick Tock….Tick tock.

          • Another S oc iclist American writer endorses Orwell.

          • I know King is a dem, where if ever has he said he is Soc?

            Also, you really need to read 1984 you dumb POS. It really is prophetic. A lot of the things described in the book is happening today, because of the globalists.

          • Yeah, I read it in high school, along with another book by another great Soc. American writer named Dalton Trumbo, "Johnny Got His Gun."

            I'm glad you are reading now instead of just getting your brained warped by Alex Jones.

            Too bad you don't understand what you read, you might learn what "means of production" means.

          • Liar.

            You must of a bad memory if you did, because you obviously can't remember the plot.

            I have always been reading. I have read your articles too, very poor and intellectually challenged to say the least. You spend too much time reviewing movies.

          • Why do you sound like a little boy all excited that you finally read 1984, and are now saddened to learn it was written by a S o ci a li st.?

            Educating you seems to make you sad.

          • I have always know he claimed to be soc. I said that above, the book if you can possibly RECALL does not support Soc.

            I am sorry, I must have hit a sore spot. But your writing is really really poor.

            This will make you even more pissed:

          • You just learned it from me.

            His book DOES support Soc. He hated Communism and Capitalism.

            F u ck, you are like debating a little kid.

            If you know what I have written, then be more specific. What did I write?

          • He only learned about you, not from you.

            You haven't read a very enlightening book, is it because you're afraid of it?

          • Prove it. Prove that 1984 supports Soc. Use examples from the book please.

            Prove that it does not promote individualism, humanity, and Liberty.

          • What did I write, you phony POS?

          • C'mon man all I have to do is wiki your name.

          • Wiki it then, and tell me, you fake.

          • Boring.

            You lost this debate, like you lose them all, but keep reading.

          • 🙂

            So you support Hitler's policies (re-education, concentration camps), and you are a homosexual. I am just listing your finest literary works.

            Maybe I can read that Dallas book you wrote and learn more about you and Roger's sexual relations. Gross, never mind. I pass. I will just enjoy my weekend, being an American. Not a Nazi sympathizer like you. And to think I almost thought you were a soc… take it easy J.A. Go write about UPS some more…trick.

          • That isn't a resounding denial about the polices you support or don't support Alinsky.

      • "to a coordinated terrorist nuclear attack wiping out our power grid, to an insurrection/coup of our government led by a bunch of crazy Bundy-esque militia members."

        You know my position on the Bundy standoff. If a coup attempt were to happen, would you be ok with the gov rounding people up who were sympathetic to that cause and putting them in camps like the ones mentioned in the doc? Even if the supporters had not committed a crime?

        • It's about loyalties, particularly with statists.

          They can't run an economy successfully, and need people like us that work and actually produce things. But loyalties are so important they would rather live in a collapsing failed society than allow it.

          Zimbabwe is a perfect example.

          • Good point, a successful economy needs people employed. Here's your sign.

          • After he said "I can read a P&L", Roger is NOT going to be my go-to guy on the economy or even 2nd grade math. He can probably read some of what's written on a cereal box, too, but that doesn't mean he can interpret the data on the side under "Nutritional Facts". I'm pretty sure he hasn't moved beyond the basic "Dick and Jane" readers….although he probably LOVES the "Dick" part.

          • I can read and compile one. And you listen to communists and support leftist thinking when you're stupid enough to admit it.

          • Not with your math skills you can't.

          • Did the funded work terminal handlers approve that one?

          • I don't need any sign, particularly from someone such as yourself sitting at a funded work terminal as a 'rented mouth' of sorts.

  12. Polls released ahead of the election showing the NRA ballot measure is going to fail miserably. Paid NRA staffer claims her Facebook account was hacked, alluding to liberal operatives as the culprits. Paid NRA staffer offers no proof of such a dastardly deed, but the gullible eat it up like marijuana-laced GummyBears. Just another day in far right-wing America.

    • And if the campaign as honest and above board then their ideas might be understood better.

      Paid liberal hackers had proof that they were victims, why doesn't that offend you? Don't you want open and fair debate on issues so that voters can make informed choices?

      Or are you just another left wing marxist operative?

      • "And if the campaign as honest and above board then their ideas might be understood better."

        Sorry, Rogie — I'm not going to waste my time trying to interpret your hodge-podge of gobbledygook today. Write in understandable English or spend your time emailing back and forth "off forum" with Linda.

        • Sorry saggy, you can't actually discuss anything.

          So, you just admit to the 'stupid'.

          If you had a campaign going and illegally were kneecapped like the NRA people were, you would be screaming to high heaven. This isn about double standards, about how the opposition deserves nothing while you cheat and support anything it takes to win and punish the other side.

          You are showing marxist tendencies in the way you advocate for one sided law enforcement.

          • And yet you responded to my original comment in this thread which was just about as on-topic as possible. The NRA's bill didn't have a chance from the get-go, they lost, now YOU are trying to blame the loss on some paid operative's Facebook account being hacked. If that were true (which we all know Storyleak doesn't post stuff that's fact-based), the margin of the NRA's loss would be around 800 votes….the number of "friends" the NRA had on their facade of a Facebook account. As it was, their ballot measure lost 59.22% vs 40.78%. You know the theme to "Survivor", right? "Outwit, Outplay, Outlast" — they got voted off the island.

          • I actually responded to a comment and have tried to remind you of the topic, you haven't responded to the issues I have been bringing up.

            Would you want to be treated the way the NRA staff were?

            You aren't outwitted, you never even came with a wit.

          • Why should I or anyone else respond to issues YOU bring up? We all know that as soon as we do, you start in with your "funded work terminal", "saggy fat folds", "not smart enough" bullshit deflecting. No one bothers with you anymore, you're a washed-up, never has-been, stalking troll — you're the epitome of "rogerrusselled", that's why the term is zooming all over the conservative websites. You've finally made the big time, Rogie — the fool of all fools, the one with a derogatory term of YOUR name. My God you're dumb.

          • What "NRA people" are you referring to? You mean this one woman or are you still seeing double?

          • Just so you know, it's only NRA sock puppet Facebook accounts that are ever hacked. **wink** I never went to the FB site, but I doubt the woman identified herself as a paid NRA Field Representative.

          • Just so you know, you're the sock puppet for this marxist regime.
            If you were hacked and treated like this person was, you'd be very angry and I'd be supporting law enforcement investigating.

            Obviously I'm for the rule of law and you're just a statist hack.

          • Try reading the story before you comment on the story.

  13. Motormouth ROGER is up and running. Clear the way

  14. Our Founding Fathers Weren't Stupid

    'On the Second Amendment'

  15. I see the troll roger is not really making an impact here anymore. Looks like the patriots are ignoring this scumbag

  16. Has the resident Nazi been here to rogerrussell this site yet today?

  17. Is this the story about the Marine?

  18. A true worldly hero!

    Thanks Guccifer!

  19. Nov 12, 2014 Police: Would-Be Masters Who Masquerade as Servant

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