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Gun Control Logic: To Protect from North Korean Nukes, US Only Needs to Declare Itself ‘Nuke Free Zone’

Following the logic of gun control advocates who believe in the unquestionable safety of ‘gun free zones’ within the United States, by using the same reasoning we should therefore declare the United States and its territories to be ‘nuke free zones’ to stop the crazed Kim Jung-un from nuking the nation. 

It may sound like a parody, and to some extent it is, but it’s actually using the very same reasoning behind gun free zones that have led to dramatic increases in crime across the board. This is, of course, because law-abiding citizens are no longer allowed access to legal firearms that can be used in self-defense against criminals while those who are intending to commit a crime will illegally secure a gun and use it inside the ‘gun free zone’.

nuke free zoneWe’ve seen it time and time again in cities like Chicago, where not only did crime increase by 40% conservatively based on Chicago police statistics, but an absolutely astounding 96% of firearm murders in Chicago were committed with handgunsthe same type of weapon banned in this ‘gun free’ city for decades. A shocking reality when you consider that these type of bans are continually being called for by politicians and police heads even today despite the information.

Gun Free Zones, Nuke Free Zones

For a better understanding of exactly how this works, checkout the graph below which details the crime spike following the Chicago handgun ban, where 96% of the firearm murders were found to be from banned handguns (because criminals don’t follow laws):

chicago-handgun-murders -graph

The graph makes it extremely clear how it only takes a very short period of time for criminals to learn how to get around the system, as the Chicago government disallows those with clean records and in some cases even high risk jobs from carrying a handgun. We see this time and time again with other major cities, such as Washington D.C., where the murder rate escalated by 73% following the initiation of extreme gun control regulation. What’s interesting about D.C., however, is that we can even see the murder rate sharply decline following the 2008 ruling that the gun ban was not within the Constitution.

Checkout the chart below:


This same trend is seen time and time again, and even seen on the opposite spectrum with Texas’ lenient open carry regulations, which led to a 30% decrease in crime within the state. With the surplus of guns in the hands of legal citizens, criminals had to find new, disarmed, targets.

Don’t Protect The Country, Declare It A Nuke Free Zone!

But it’s continually argued by political officials seeking extreme gun bans, and even more recently by Snoop Lion in his song ‘No Guns Allowed‘, that gun free zones really work. They will even tell you that the bad guys will feel ‘bad’ when they see that their targets aren’t carrying guns. They also fail to mention how both Newtown and the Aurora theater were both ‘gun free’ zones, with the Aurora theater being the only one of seven movie theaters in the area that did not allow concealed carry by legal citizens. It was also much smaller than other targets, but the lack of concealed carry permit holders made it susceptible to James Holmes.

So why don’t we test the logic? We should, instead of defending with troops and anti-missile battery systems, simply declare the United States a ‘Nuke Free Zone’ and North Korea will be forced to stop all hostile activity! After all, it worked so well for Chicago and Washington D.C. for decades.

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  1. Nice point lol!

  2. Mr. Gucciardi, you should know that the "logic" of gun control has proven effective in many European and other countries which do not have your criminal rate nor your mass murderers simply because they do not allow anybody to get hold of a gun.
    As many of your fellow citizens, you do not seem to understand that petty thieves won't carry a gun if they do not fear having to face one when breaking into a house, and that illegal weapons will be accessible only to organized crime, which has no interest in mass murder or in stealing your car or your stereo, and which will leave you in peace if you don't involve yourself in their business.
    Now, saying "don't protect the country, declare it a nuke free zone" is just completely stupid. Controling guns has nothing to do with preventing a country from having a military force to defend itself.
    And if you thought twice before writing such nonsense, you would also realize that this comparison is very ill chosen, for a country which has been the only one so far in history to nuke another one.

    • You can steal arguments from Piers Morgan all you want but the fact is that the violent crime rate goes up drastically, and we do see that when we see mass gun control.


      Why do you want to disarm the people?

      • When there is no gun anymore in any house, deranged people like Lanza, Adams or many others won't be able to get hold of one.
        When people stop thinking that pulling a gun out and fire it at the slightest noise they hear at night because they'll know that the chances for the one who broke into their house has a gun too are close to zero, a simple burglary won't turn into a massacre.
        When people have an extreme fit of anger, for any (good or not) reason, if they don't have a gun at hand, the argument won't turn into a murder. And perhaps you will learn, opposite to what your movies show, that violence is not the answer when two persons disagree.

        That's how it is in my country (France) , and I am glad it's a much safer place this way

        • By defending your so called "right" to have a gun to defend yourself, you are defending your opponent the same right to have a gun to attack you. And more, you are incitating him to use his gun, because he will assume you may have one too.
          And life is not a movie, you are not Rambo, it's not because you are right that you'll win the fight.
          So choose what you prefer: Watch some bastard steal your car and report him to the cops, or put your life at stake in a OK Corral fight with him ?

          • and yet gun crime in your European countries like Britain with a complete ban on guns (to the point where it is illegal to have them at all as a private citizen) continues to rise

            and personally i prefer to pull out my gun and shoot him in the head thanks than see him disappear while i wait for the cops to show up 15 min later or worse have him notice me and decide my sister or daughter would make a nice sex pet for him while I have nothing to fight back with

            and even assuming your right about them not acquiring guns( and study's show that they always do) how about knife crime or even just killing a person with your hands it is really easy to end a life and you can't confiscate everything however by trying you allow criminals who already don't care about the law to break more laws and gain a significant advantage over those who they would make their victims

            and really france is so safe
            though compared to other European countries with similar laws i guess you guys kinda are are least according to this guy
            "Statistically, France is lucky," says Aaron Karp, professor of political science at Virginia's Old Dominion University and a senior consultant with the Small Arms Survey in Switzerland. "As for why Germany and Finland have suffered more mass gun violence, I don't think anyone knows."
            I can use a gun for defense and just the fact that we have one in the house has stopped 2 robberies and one person trying to break in for unknown reasons i never needed to load the thing but having it has potentially saved my life 3 times already in my 19 years of life

            if i lived in France who knows whether i would be lucky enough to be alive today depending on the mercy of someone who cares not for the law rather than my own ability to defend myself

            on your anger point i could kill a person 10 ways with a pencil if i am angry enough to want you dead the lack of a gun is not something that can stop me besides for anger i would prefer a knife anyway last time i checked they are in every kitchen silent and don't run out of ammo and as long as my hypothetical victim does not have a gun they are slightly more deadly and far less likely to leave a non fatal wound

            would love to continue but i need to go to a movie with my family now see you later

  3. "The graph makes it extremely clear how it only takes a very short period of time for criminals to learn how to get around the system" : if those graphs are true (and I have no reason to say they are not), they simply show that your so called "gun control" was not effective in the way that guns weren't properly controlled. Real "gun control" actually means "no gun", no "gun shops", "gun fairs", etc.
    Gun control doesn't just mean passing a law saying "you are not allowed to carry a gun" while leaving gun access as easy as it was before.

  4. Great article.

  5. The 10 year gaps between handgun bans and murder rates increasing makes me think there isn't really a relation between the two factors. Especially in DC where crime was going down significantly before the handgun ban was struck down by the court. This makes me think a third variable probably came into play in these circumstances.

    • Actually what looks really interesting is that both cities have a sharp increase in gun deaths (presumably most DC murders had guns involved) starting in about 86/87. If I had to guess what factor was most responsible, then I would posit crack-cocaine as that was about the time the crack epidemic really started taking its toll on inner cities. Maybe that's the third variable responsible for what's happening in the charts.

  6. We need to stop the killing in Oklahoma. We need to ban all tornadoes and declare Oklahoma a Tornado Free Zone!

  7. yeah sure…that will work. why not declare it a foreigner free zone as well and fix the immigration problem?

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  9. Nice post and thanks for sharing

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