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Graphic: How Just 6 Corps Own 90% of The Media

We have known for quite some time now that the flow of information is tightly controlled within the mainstream media system, but one graphic really highlights just how tightly controlled the information we are delivered truly is — and how a total of only 6 corporations run the show.

From Time Warner (CNN, HBO, TIME) to GE (NBC, Comcast), a whopping 6 corporations control 90% of the mainstream media within the United States. And what’s more, the amount of revenues from the tightly controlled mainstream media machine are enough to beat out Finland’s entire GDP, buy every NFL team 12 times, and fund the government bailout of General Motors 5 times. Checkout the powerful graphic below and share it with others to inform them as to how controlled the media really is:

An infographic on corporations that own mainstream media.

I was excited to see such a nicely designed image created, which actually comes from a college tuition cost website called Frugal Dad, as oftentimes people do not have the time to sit down and read 500 words on a particularly subject — let alone actually absorb the information and get it out. With videos, we can get more direct with media, but sometimes pictures (or infographics, as informational graphics like this one are now known) are much more effective when it comes to spreading the word.

Time and time again the mainstream media, owned by these 6 mega corporations and fronted by 232 media executives, continues to ignore the real issues in place of lesser stories. In addition, they also continue to fuel the erratic flames of the politically correct agenda into every news piece imaginable. From turning the Trayvon Martin case into a racial war of sorts, which even prominent black rappers spoke out about, to ignoring serious international ‘combat readiness’ war drills that the alternative news forced the mainstream media corporations to cover weeks later.

But despite the fact that the mainstream media still has the billions to fund its operations and beam the nightly news out into the living rooms of US citizens and others around the world, we see independent reporters and websites like myself reaching millions per month with virtually zero budget and absolutely no corporate backers. We’ve already seen MSNBC slump into poor ratings, and even Gallup polls have highlighted the completely obliterated trust of the general public in the mainstream media.

Even with enough greenbacks to purchase every NFL team in existence 12 times, the mainstream media still can’t compete with real news.

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About Anthony Gucciardi

Google Plus Profile Anthony Gucciardi is a self-development and natural health speaker, author, and activists whose whose writings and quotes have appeared in #1 selling books and top 100 websites. In 2010, Anthony worked to create, now one of the leading natural health websites in the world. Anthony's work has appeared on sites and programs like Drudge Report, RT, Thom Hartmann, Michael Savage, Simple Reminders, Mercola, InfoWars, and many others.

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  1. shared on facebook

    • same 🙂 I posted it with this link as well

      18 news anchors saying the EXACT same line, WORD for WORD :/

      • I first caught that blatantly after the first Presidential debate in 1992 with Ross Perot in it. All the television "news" had the SAME analysis that Bush Sr. lost, Clinton edged him out, and Perot spoke in "homilies" and therefore was not relevant. ALL of them using the same "buzzward" you never here used and describing the outcome of what we had all seen the same way. Then the CNN analyst cut away to their focus group and the first person they talked to said they didn't know what the analyst was talking about but Perot made the most sense! Priceless moment.

        I watch the "news" as we used to study the USSR with their "Kremlinology", trying to figure out the subtext for the propaganda and pick up early on the latest propaganda memes the corrupt Establishment is pushing. Very entertaining, especially as the mainstream "news" continues its death spiral and the propaganda becomes all the more blatant.

  2. And who owns those six companies I wonder.

  3. Math is wrong in the info graphic. Should be 1 media exec to 1.2 mil subscribers

  4. Once again I thank you Mr. Gucciardi for these illuminating references to the 6 corporations.
    One of the many thoughts I have re: these 6 is that they appear to think they can fool all of the people all of the time. That we the people are preprogrammed to trust blindly anything and everything they force feed on the American people through their networks of so called reliable reporting.

    You should come to the City of Manchester, NH and see for yourself how perverted the Constitution has become in this community. There appears to be no end to the extent some within the governing of this held hostage community will go to keep the rule of law as constitutionally written. As for Comcast. Boo on them.

  5. Correction: There appears to be no end to the unconstitutional extent some within the governing of this held hostage community will go to keep the rule of law as unenforced as possible.

  6. FYI GE owns a minority stake in NBC- Universal. Comcast has controlling interest and Ge owns 0% of Comcast. Disney has not owned Miramax since 2010. Also being owned buly CBS is far out. I have no idea where you got that. is owned by the Nfl.

    • Ok,so if I buy something and put it in my mother's name it still doesn't mean she controls it. It doesn't matter what the names are on the title anymore we have figured it out.the point is that the same person or people own everything

  7. I can see how these corporate sway public opinion to support un necessary wars like Irag wars. Then we have financial catastrophe that is paid by the tax payer while the major corborate ( media, industry, banks) get more rich.

  8. Now you must look into the CEO's of all those companies and their family ties to the highest positions in the Federal Government, you will be appalled!!

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  12. I will have you know that I own all of these companies and am the richest man alive. These statistics are offensive, as I am not controlling anyone.

    • Is that really you Mr Gates? Perhaps control is a little to strong… how about influencing the masses in ways scientifically designed to manipulate people without them understanding they are being manipulated?

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  14. all you have to do is turn off your TV …it's simple

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  16. May I suggest a copy of the DVD,

    State of Mind…. The Phycology of Control. Amazon has it.

    If you watch it you will be amazed and disgusted at the same time. You will also understand how deep the control goes… when that happens you will know why somebody coined the phrase decades ago… stop the world, I want to get off.

  17. Why is it when everyone starts making sense and conversing in an intellectual way there's always that one guy that tries to be aggressive about there difference in opinion. Always wants to throw religion in it or tries to fact check everything off Wikipedia. Funny cuz in a way they own both religion and Wikipedia. So who does that person really work for,I doubt it's for the 99% we have to be able to spot these infiltrators or they will try to turn us against each other. Like any of the dozens of communistic governments they have overthrown

  18. Even with enough greenbacks to purchase every NFL team in existence 12 times, the mainstream media still can’t compete with real news

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  26. Ignorance can be more dangerous than any gun. It's a weapon of misinformation. Why else do you think the main media outlets carry the same story, over and over? "Saying makes it so." Repeat anything enough times it becomes "truth." Most American news sources are controlled by just SIX mega-corporations. They even buy, when able, most-viewed/read internet blogs. Just follow the trail of 'crumbs' and see for yourself who the owner is. Freedom of the press becomes an endangered species when that happens. And why now more than ever non-mainstream media blogs, sites are needed that root out these corporate sites, why *sourced,* nonpartisan, reality-based alternate news sources are needed are needed.

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