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Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown?

Following the revelation that The Department of Health and Human Services has ordered 14 million doses of potassium iodide to be available by no later then the first of February, it is easy to see that the same federal government responsible for silently raising the allowable limits of radiation in the food supply and turning off key radiation counters positioned in the west coast may now silently be preparing for a future Fukushima meltdown.

The same type of Fukushima plant meltdown that has been predicted by leading scientists, such as those who spoke out against Fukushima’s dangers while attending the scientific symposium at the University of Alberta just a few months ago. Scientists like David Suzuki went on record in stating that Fukushima is just an earthquake away from devastating Japan and swallowing other nations with its radioactive fallout.

During the conference, Suzuki said:

“I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it’s bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate.”

And Suzuki is not the only one with major concerns. In fact, Suzuki is perhaps one of the very few who actually received media attention due to his celebrity status as a recipient of 16 significant academic awards and host of the popular CBC Television program entitled ‘The Nature of Things’. Yale University professor Charles Perrow has voiced similar concerns in a telling piece entitled ‘Fukushima Forever’, which highlights the very serious threat of nuclear meltdown as a result of human error when it comes to removing the plant’s spent fuel rods.

A danger that the United States government certainly recognizes as legitimate based on the analysis of top experts, and undoubtedly is silently preparing for behind the scenes.

Perrow writes:

“Much more serious is the danger that the spent fuel rod pool at the top of the nuclear plant number four will collapse in a storm or an earthquake, or in a failed attempt to carefully remove each of the 1,535 rods and safely transport them to the common storage pool 50 meters away. Conditions in the unit 4 pool, 100 feet from the ground, are perilous, and if any two of the rods touch it could cause a nuclear reaction that would be uncontrollable. The radiation emitted from all these rods, if they are not continually cool and kept separate, would require the evacuation of surrounding areas including Tokyo. Because of the radiation at the site the 6,375 rods in the common storage pool could not be continuously cooled; they would fission and all of humanity will be threatened, for thousands of years.”

And silently stockpiling iodine is certainly the way that The Department of Health and Human Services would prepare for such an event. As of this morning, a government source has told me that this purchase is indeed bizarre given the quantity and delivery time frame (requiring a whopping 14 million doses by February 1st), and it goes alongside preparations we have seen in the past where the official response will likely play off the mega purchase as a ‘routine bulk acquisition with no real urgency or threat’.

The reality is that even getting a hold of low quality potassium iodide, which I would not ever personally take over a higher quality form of pure iodine, is becoming difficult as the population becomes aware of Fukushima’s expansive dangers. Many manufacturers are now stockpiling raw iodine and holding on to the element as a form of investment with the knowledge that Fukushima may very well meltdown in the coming months. For this reason, we have had a very hard time securing our nascent iodine formula that many in the field of preparedness have been stockpiling for quite some time.

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  1. This news is alarming. 317 million humans in the USA. 14 million doses does not even cover the coast of California in terms of first response doses (responders & victims) in a greater fukashima disaster. Looking at estimated numbers of police officers in the us, federal and local combined seem to be around 2 million. Ad in fire/medic teams, dhs, tsa and the national guard as well as any nato responders and 14 million doses starts to make sense.

    • The government is setting aside enough for the elite, and not even attempting to protect the masses.

      • 1.6B rounds of hollow point may be sufficient for the masses.

        • The elite may think so. And that explains why they stockpile so much ammo.

        • Well, i guess if you believe that garbage about DHS having 1.6 Billion rounds on hand you ARE a nitwit. Apparently you aren;t hard to convince. Spend any time at Infowars?

          People like you remind me of the Trayvon supporters who believed Al Sharpton instead of the evidence presented at trial. You sound like the BHO supporters who believed his promises about O-care.

          You are simply following a different charlatan, Alex Jones (whether you realize it or not)

      • Blatant shrill nonsense.

        Maybe you should leave the house sometime and quit puffing your chest with fear-mongering and lies.

        • Pray tell, if you had only 14 million doses and knew it took a dozen or so to be effective per person, what million would you save on the west coast?

          The single mom on food stamps or the police officer escorting the mayor of LA?

  2. If Executive Orders are un-Constitutional why shouldn’t the states nullify & expel NSA facilities from their sovereign lands?

  3. Doesn't Iodine have to build up in your body before it can protect you from the fall out?

    • Doesn't Iodine have to build up in your body before it can protect you from the fall out?

      Iodide (iodine with an extra electron) floods through your body within minutes of you taking it. The point of consuming it is that, if you're also exposed to radioactive iodine, the benign isotope will tend to crowd out the bad isotope(s) for uptake by your thyroid. It's not necessary to start taking iodine way in advance of exposure to the bad stuff.

  4. Frauke uit Nederland

    Snel bestellen bij voordat je te laat bent . Bescherm je voor de BIGG FALL OUT !!

  5. This is a farce! How many people will be exposed of Fukushima goes off? The Govt. doesn't seem to be doing anything to remedy the situation, and then they come up with this bandaid solution! HA.HA!

  6. I'm sure the prez and his beautiful family will be the first to get this if something went down . We would all suffer , yes only the elite or people that think they are elite would get a dose . Our government loves us so much , that's why our food is full of GMOs and chem trails in the air , it's all for our good , yea right !

  7. You can bet its not for the people. The elite are already set. It's the first responders who will need this so they can control the people trying to escape. It will be martial law- stay in your designated areas- memories of Boston anyone? See there is nothing to fear.
    As far as what a human life is worth- it is currently $0.08.7 as was recently testified before Congress. Human life is calculated on economic benefit to the State. IDs of rape victims and others were recently sold for $0.08.7. Not worth the cost of an iodine pill. Get used to it.

  8. Is The Government Stockpiling Iodine In Preparation for Fukushima Meltdown? By Anthony Gucciardi Global Research, January 03, 2014

  9. If I was to look at any government agency it would most defiantly be this Fascist arm!

    FBI's 30 Year Mafia Crime Spree Interview with Peter Lance Jul 4, 2013

  10. Radioactive iodid has a half life of approx. 7-8 days. The threat would have to be here in the USA, Further, the doses are the small ones for children size; adults are supposed to take double.

    Think about this a bit a more.

    • Well if you do a little, and I mean just a little, research you will find that the jet stream moves across the Pacific in 72 – 84 hours. That's well within the half life as mentioned….. Hope you don't live on the Pacific coast. But if you do just stick your head back in the sand and you'll be just fine…..

    • The Fukushima threat is in the United States is a threat. Millions of Americans eat the fish that come out of the pacific Ocean think about that for just a moment,three years has gone by watch the hospitals over the next twelve months and you'll understand I have already heard from first responders on navy vessels reporting serious illnesses this is just the beginning of whats happening….The main guy in charge of tepco is already dead from cancer….How many more need to die before you folks get the big picture? And you watch how many american sailors will drop over the next year

  11. Having potassium iodide on hand is sensible for anyone. But the author's hysterical reaction to the Fukushima incident is not. The ocean will dilute any danger well before it reaches the United States.

    • I agree. Radioactive elements came from nature, were concentrated by man, and in this case is being widely dispersed back into nature. Except for the nearby residents of Fukushima, the big emergency is to avoid Pacific seafood for the next few years.

  12. I doubt its true, esp. considering the whole bullet buy up debacle. They could be manipulating the economy or whats much more likely, somebody just made a deal to get the companies some extra cash.
    Anarcho Capitalism

  13. Perhaps the same government that bought 2 billion bullets to dry up the civilian ammunition is making sure there's no supply of KI (potassium iodide) for us. Only Ob*ma's friends in the govt get them.

  14. Looks like its time for all of us to start some serious treatment therapies.

    Cesium and strontium were the dangerous isotopes released in quantity by Fukushima. Pectin-based radiation therapy was researched and developed by EU to treat Chernobyl victims. is the product the EU developed, based on pectin. They have a patent pending process to bind to and remove heavy metals and isotopes and replenish minerals and vitamins. The result: 63% of cesium removed according to independent studies in the Swiss Medical Journal.

    Sodium alginate looks good for removing Strontium.

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  16. I'm wondering how this will affect the state of indiana

  17. By February 1? Why then? Fukushima issue has been for a while. What other event is coming up in the area? Think about it. Just a thought, anything is possible.

  18. if the situation was as dire as what most would think then what's one single dose going to do? hell what's twenty doses going to do? keep you alive an extra few months so you can watch everyone else decay a horrible cancerous death?

  19. I suggest people get some wheatgrass powder in just in case.

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