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Government, Media Cover Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US

fukushima-radiation-usRadiation hot spots are popping up around the United States in the thousands of percentages higher than ‘background radiation’, mutated wildlife is being found dead on the same West Coast beaches where increased radiation levels have been documented by independent researchers, and the Fukushima TEPCO plant workers have been caught using duct tape to fix their nuclear equipment. But according to both the Japanese and United States governments, these events mean absolutely nothing.

In fact, you must be a conspiracy theorist if you fail to believe the official story that it was likely red-painted utensils that led to a spike in documented radiation levels along the California coast (yes, the government actually offered this up an official answer). And you must absolutely be a conspiracy theorist if you have the gull to actually look back to late 2011, when researchers presented their findings regarding the impending wave of Fukushima radiation that was already being recorded within the country.

Information going back to 2011 shows that scientists were already concerned about an increase in radiation levels and the overall fallout from the delapidated Fukushima plant. We can even go back to the declaration by scientist Marco Kaltofen of the Worcester Polytechnic Institute that radioactive ‘hot particles’ had been found at 2 out of the 3 radiation monitoring stations in Boston. As you are likely aware, hot particles are microscopic pieces of radioactive material that can absolutely wreak havoc on your body via the deliverance of concentrated radiation.

And these particles, according to Kaltofen, were already being found in Boston as far back as 2011.

Now enter a new flurry of stories that have seemingly been popping up one after another as radiation levels are continually being monitored around the nation — namely the West Coast, where the bulk of Fukushima-linked scenarios have been documented. In what sounds like an apocalyptic plot for the latest thriller film, we have mutated whales now washing up dead on the West Coast in the first ever documented case of conjoined gray whale caves. We even have elevated radiation readings as far away as St. Louis, Missouri.

Coincidentily, of course, this is happening at the same time that radiation hot spots exceeding a 1,400% increase over ‘normal’ levels are being reported by researchers. It’s even happening at the same time that similar 500% increases have been disregarded by government officials who admit they have no idea what’s going on but fervently deny any connection to Fukushima in any capacity whatsoever. In fact, that has always been the mantra of these government health officials: We have no idea what’s really going on, but it’s definitely not Fukushima!

Because just as the Japanese government has assured its citizens that Fukushima is perfectly safe and poses no real threat to your health while secretly reviewing the studies that revealed the plant released massively more radiation than admitted and led to 78% of the radioactive waste being dumped into the Pacific Ocean, the United States government would much rather silently purchase 14 million doses of potassium iodide than tell you that there may be some cause for concern.

The very core of the Fukushima disaster timeline that has been regurgitated by the mainstream media and government agencies alike was almost exclusively based on information provided by plant operator TEPCO — a company that is now on record as having lied to the population of the world in a major way. And there were no signs they would ever tell the truth unless forced to. It wasn’t until an independent investigation revealed the actual levels of radiation released from the plant (around 2 1/2 times more than TEPCO would even admit) that TEPCO was forced to go on record and state that the radiation levels they released were indeed much lower than reality.

However, the independent investigation into Fukushima radiation levels not only exposed the lies by TEPCO regarding the radiation explosion at the plant. It also found that around 78% of the caesium-137 released by the plant was funneling into the Pacific Ocean. The plant now states that the three reactor meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant released about 900,000 terabecquerels of radioactive substances. About 20% fell on Japanese land, 2% somewhere on land outside the country, and a whopping 78% remainder is believed to have entered the Pacific Ocean.

At the very least, the Japanese and United States governments should be preparing citizens for what scientists have said could last ‘thousands of years’ — the Fukushima nightmare. And that begins with admitting that the threat is real. Because unless we really prepare ourselves and work together as a planet to truly fix the Fukushima plant and ensure that the 1,4000+ rods do not cause yet another massive meltdown (as experts say they likely will during transfer), we really will be facing a radioactive nightmare of epic proportions.

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  1. Time will tell about the impact of Fukushima radiation.

    • Great link. Thanks for sharing

      • Isn't it nice when someone comes here for serious discussion and debate?
        Especially on a topic this important.

        • It sure is and he didn't try to derail it by bringing up Iran's nuclear program

          • But the danger of nuclear issues is the topic.

            Wee, you just can't help yourself, can you.

            The agenda drives you.

          • This is the topic:
            "Government, Media Cover Up Fukushima Radiation Wave Hitting US"

          • Wow a story on the damage to other nations sharing the same body of water from a nation that had a nuclear disaster.

            Thanks for reinforcing my point wee.

          • You want to discuss Iran. That has no place in this discussion. Why are you afraid to discuss what is happening right now?

            Something you are not telling us? Japenese spy maybe?

          • Because you want to ignore them, protect them from any mention and then control the debate in an artificial way? It is relevant due to the things I've laid out.

            Wee, you small little thing you, you are allowed to disagree, you aren't allowed to tell me what I can discuss.

          • No, I want to discuss Japan and radiation. That is it. If you want to discuss other nations and their nuclear plants then do it. I want to stay on topic. Maybe you can find someone else on here that wants to discuss off topic issues with you and you can leave me alone???

          • And you are free to do so.
            And since I see even deeper into the issue I can discuss the larger issue as well. My comment didn't stop you from debate, you just aren't here for real debate.

          • Well then go discuss it. I don't care to discuss Irans nuclear program. Go find someone who does

          • Wee, you're off to derailing everything already. You just can't stand a conservative quality site having great discussion can you?

            So, what is your quota of comments today from that work terminal?

          • Do you have a mirror?
            It is time for rehab.

          • Do you have more than one profile? It's time for you to list them all so we can see what your real comment stream is.

          • Talking about Irans nuclear program is derailing the subject.

            We are suppose to be discussing Japn and the threat we face. For some reason you are trying to avoid that

          • Radiation has not respect for national borders. Your comment on radiation reaching Canada is an admission of that. So, any careless country needs and deserves to be part of the debate.

          • We are under threat from Japand radiation leaking. Why do you want to aviod that topic at all costs?

            You can quit pretending you control the debate. If you want to discuss other nations that is fine. Go discuss it with someone who is intrested. Iam not intrested in that and certainly not intrested in discussing anything with you anymore. I am worried about Japan and that is what I want to discuss.

          • We are under threat from any country that doesn't understand or doesn't have the resources to control the fallout from disaster. Before Fukashima we thought Japan was a safe source of nuclear energy.

            If we fail to learn from history we are doomed to repeat it, even if it's one of your friends, a sharia friendly Iran.

  2. In 2011 this could have been stopped. In 2012 this could have been stopped. Even in 2013 this could have been stopped, but since the EQ a few months ago, reactor 4 cannot be stopped. Not mention what happened (meltdown) of reactors 1, 2 and 3. This was planned, as was Chernobyl. Otherwise, it would have been stopped.

    I pray with all my heart that the earth-directed x-flare that just shot off the sun does not EQ Japan:

    • What? How was it planned?
      The catastrophe in Chernobil was supposed to be worst, yet Japanese proved that their Fukushima is the worst ever disaster on the planet. It could have been stopped if the Japanese changed their mentality! My kids wouldn't live in a normal world. And The US instead of messing up with all the countries, could influence on their precious friends and prevent contaminating the WHOLE ecosystem!

  3. Very Hysterical…now what?

  4. I think Story Leak is doing a great job in keeping up to date on this. Too bad the MSN ignores this.

  5. They are even finding high levels of radiation in the rain in Canada:

  6. Mushrooms, as well as hemp and sunflower fields. Certain types of mushrooms eat oil, others actually feed on radiation! Hemp, sunflowers and some other plants are able to process radiation out of the environment. These things need to be used.

    • Yes sadly I ate some huge boletes just after fukashima happened…and I wondered why it was soooooo unusually large but being such a prized mushroom, I ate it… I bet I got a dose of fukashima in that mushroom

  7. I own two geiger counters, and live 1 mile from the coast in Central California in Santa Barbara County.
    The geiger counters have gone off 50 to 75% of the days since March of 20111 when Fukushima happened .
    It was going off today, 1/11/14.

  8. Why is there no mention of why TEPCO lied to everyone? Didn’t the stuxnet virus taking over the nuclear plant have a lot to do with their false data??

  9. If you look at infrared and water vapor loops such as this one of many. You will find HARRP is creating downburst winds on deep low pressure systems creating un-natural clockwise rotation that immediately kills them.

    Nobody knows why our weather is being manipulated but in this case I have a theory that cold storms that deliver snow to the West Coast is being blocked to protect us from radioactive rainfall.

    This user who has the videos knows what he is talking about and doesn't scream and rant unlike disinformation agents. He has studied courses and points out that the transmitters do not work as well at night.

    Any rainfall we have been allowed have mostly been coming from the SW where the radiation effects are down to a minimum.

    The last two years snowfall has been very pathetic. This year it's only 20 percent of normal at best and that little bit is about to vanish with the warm heavy rains coming this weekend here in the PNW.

    Since HARRP is likely doing this they will have to hold off cold weather storms for the next 500,000 years before the radiation goes away as that's how long it will take.

  10. Also the other reason why this is being covered up is that there is no *republicans* or *Conservatives* to attack for it. If this incident happened in George Bush's watch you can bet you're ass that the media would be hyping this to the extreme trying to freak people out and start a civil war.

  11. Use the Seychelle water pitcher with zeolite filtration for your drinking water. Zeolite takes out the radiation as well as heavy metals. Liquid potassium iodide drops added to your diet to protect the thyroid gland. The Governments FERN program is not doing enough to inspect radioactive fish coming from the Pacific, especially Japanese waters. Our levels are twelve times less stringent than the Japanese.

  12. It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people for this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


    my blog – raw food lifestyle (Connor)

  13. excellent article is good and nice…

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