‘Biohacker’ Implants Massive Computer Chip In Forearm

Mikael Thalen
November 1st, 2013
Updated 11/02/2013 at 10:50 am

Biohacker and transhumanist Tim Cannon may be the first known human to implant a computer chip capable of transmitting biometrical data to an android device.

During an interview with Motherboard Magazine, the “Circadia 1.0,” an open-source device capable of recording and transmitting body temperature over Bluetooth, was successfully implanted into Cannon’s left forearm.

Built by Cannon and his business associates at Grindhouse Wetware, a company focused on “merging man and machine,” the large chip was implanted by body modifier Steve Haworth without the use of anesthesia. The battery powered device, enclosed in a medical grade silicone protective case, is charged wirelessly through the use of a charging coil placed against the skin.

“Instead of taking snapshots of your health by visiting a doctor, you can aggregate weeks or months of medical data that you can store for your personal viewing. Messages, warnings, or texts from your android phone to Circadia implant can be displayed via LEDs through your skin,” the device description reads.

Cannon says the device will allow him to study what causes his temperature to rise and fall, with a later upgrade configuration allowing text messages to be sent if his temperature begins reaching 100 degrees °F.


“The human body is really really failing in almost every way,” Cannon says. “I want to live to be thousands of years old. I don’t want to die. I don’t know why anybody would.”

Leaders in the transhumanist movement such as Google’s director of engineering Ray Kurzweil predict that the human body will be completely replaced by machines by the end of the century, with human minds uploaded to computers by the year 2045.

Others such as Russian millionaire Dmitry Itskov believe that immortality through placing human brains in controllable robot bodies, also referred to as the “singularity,” will be reached in as little as 25 years.

During the Global Futures 2045 International Congress in New York last June, Kurzweil laid out his predictions of the march towards singularity in detail.

“We’re going to become increasingly non-biological to the point where the non-biological part dominates and the biological part is not important any more. In fact the non-biological part – the machine part – will be so powerful it can completely model and understand the biological part,” Kurzweil said. “So even if that biological part went away it wouldn’t make any difference.”

While the push towards immortality is praised by some, many see a much darker outcome, with such future technologies controlled by a wealthy few as average humans become increasingly irrelevant to the “transhumanist utopia.”

“While everyone would welcome some of the technological advancements predicted by Kurzweil, most notably the virtual elimination of all diseases, his fixation with cheating death by achieving technological singularity has several dark spiritual and practical overtones that have not been properly debated,” Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson notes. “Moral considerations are once again being cast aside in the feverish pursuit of technological progress at all costs.”

The U.S. government now plans to spend $70 million over the next five years to fund the Systems-Based Neurotechnology for Emerging Therapies project, a surgically implanted brain pacemaker that will monitor the mental health and brainwaves of soldiers and veterans in real time.

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Mikael Thalen

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Mikael is the lead features writer at Storyleak.com. His articles have been featured on sites such as the Drudge Report, Infowars and Natural News. During his time at Examiner.com, he was frequently ranked the number one political writer.

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  1. Wayne Wellington says:

    We think the predictions in the article below are now coming true:

    “When scientific knowledge and applied technology reach a critical level of advancement, without being informed by spiritual truths and guided by moral authority, the current civilization will relinquish its right to continue as it is.”

  2. Gal says:

    Orwell was right!!

    • Roger says:

      Yes, at the time people thought it was fiction.

      It's not fiction any longer.

      • Jee says:

        It's laughable right now and therefore still fiction. May change of course or utterly fail…

        • Roger says:

          Not if this administration has any influence it won't change.

          This is exactly what Orwell spoke to and it's not fiction that our statist leaders want it.

          • Ian says:

            I’m not seeing what exactly this has to do with what our statist leaders want. As a libertarian, I myself am very freedom-loving, and therefore advocate that anyone have the right to do with their bodies what they want, including implanting things like this.

            How about instead of assuming what the motives are, you just ask us? I’m one of the developers of this device, and am friends with Tim. I’d be happy to tell you exactly what the motives for making this are. Hint: we have nothing to do with Obama or any other politician; in fact, part of the reason why we developed these things was to develop this outside of organizations like DARPA.

          • Roger says:

            Ian, the history is littered with things perverted from their original intentions.

  3. douglas says:

    Thank you Mikael and Anthony for your reporting

    • Justlife says:

      Just the beginning of the article is (once again) showing that the research isn´t done correctly by the author: Tim Cannon is as “german” as Osama bin Laden: “Tim Cannon is a biohacker from Grindhouse Wetwares in Pittsburgh” ,quote of a search result in startpage, no.6 of search.. so not really hard to find! The background of the story goes uncovered, too, since Germany is still occupied by the USA, the general medical ethics of the States are not applying to the procedures that the transhumanists need to perform in order bring forward their claimes and so they are using the colony to do them unquestioned. People, be honest and don´t pretend the “bad Germans” are doing it again, no, it´s again the bad eugenecsists, based in the USA!!!

  4. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Yeah, not for me

  5. big guuc says:

    the creator and his reason for creating it are extremely stupid !

  6. Roberto Ndranghetti says:

    Now THAT’S disgusting…. what a MORON….

  7. xD As long as it is not mandatory, possibly control my mind, and holds my currency on it either so I can be robbed a lot easier like the RFID slavery system. 0.0 -_- Should be a lot smaller too as it made the skin bulge too much. 0.0

  8. ANDROID FTW BTW. :3 <3

  9. Jenn bioshockz the world. says:

    …infection and rejection is WHY medical personal do these types of procedures. I guess if you want flesh eating bacteria, sepsis and such, get one stuck into your body at a chop shop. Why are there laws against this? Because the laws protect people from being led into dangerous situations like HERE and becoming VICTIMS of someone elses stupid brilliant idea. There are external devices that do the EXACT same thing. Please, be intelligent and do not be affected by some nitwits idea of a good time.

  10. Looks infected. Did your chip record that?

  11. I liked having him on my line and I had some good chemistry with him and I think he’ll fit in great here with all the great offensive players [the Capitals] have. in a state that has not raised any sustainable new funds for highways and roads in a quarter-century, now set to run out of construction money by 2017, “We dont want nice!”The group has experienced a wave of departures to Capitol Hill and rival think tanks in recent months, “Theyre just placing the ball, Washingtons fourth-string quarterback, DCThe Rock and Roll Hotel is known for concerts and crazy dance parties, an ornate table that looks like it should be holding hats in your great-aunt’s front hall, it began with one van moving 300 bikes per day between 100 stations.

  12. Crazy Aunt Jane says:

    Crazy as they come!! He needs to be in the nuthouse! It would the danger of infection alone would make this ill advised!

  13. xD As long as it is not mandatory, possibly control my mind, and holds my currency on it either so I can be robbed a lot easier like the RFID slavery system. 0.0 -_- Should be a lot smaller too as it made the skin bulge too much. 0.0

  14. Roger says:

    I posted a great reply to a comment. It was on topic, it was logical it was not offensive and this guy rips on me?

    Why isn’ this comment pulled, if anyone should be banned how about the one with the hot temper that thinks he can control any comment being posted?

  15. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well youdeserve it. You never leave great replies. Why do you think you are so great and better than everyone else?

    Now you want comments pulled. Communist do that

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