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Gallup Poll: Virtually No One Trusts the Mainstream Media

The results are in: virtually no one trusts the scripted mainstream media. We’ve known it for years, but a new Gallup poll shows that a whopping 77% of Americans distrust mainstream media television. 

Only a bit more ‘trustworthy’ than Congress, which scored in at a record low of 90% saying they do not trust the government body, the Gallup poll details that only 23% of viewers actually trust the mainstream media television news. A reality that has been clear as day in light of blatant mainstream media blackouts on key events like the outrageous DHS ‘Fourth Amendment free‘ zones that stretch up to 100 miles out from every single border of the US, to the blackout over eyewitness reports at the Boston Marathon.

I recently spoke with the legendary Lew Rockwell on the decline of the mainstream media on his radio show, discussing how the media completely fears the power of the alternative news community:

A New Era of News Has Arrived

The mainstream media is on its last breath, and they are already scurrying to secure phony ‘alternative news’ websites in a bid to stay afloat, but the new era of news 2.0 is already here. And in this new paradigm of content consumption, reality is king. We’re talking about a model in which one person with a smart phone can generate millions of views on YouTube by filming a protest or civil rights violation. No longer are people required to tune into their nightly news programs to hear the ‘latest’ news.

Today, instant aggregation exists on platforms like Drudge Report, and exclusive news leaks are available here at Storyleak — many of which are exclusives that the mainstream media wishes they could get their hands on. One such example is the Boston Marathon bombing witness I referenced earlier, who happened to call me back over the multitudes of mainstream press agencies that had been desperately trying to get a hold of him. But what happened when I got the exclusive interview and offered them the ability to utilize the video? Well, they declined of course.

The mainstream media is afraid of the new media, they are afraid of you. If one man or woman will a smart phone can change history, that is a scary thought for the political control freaks who seek to censor you at every turn. The new era of news consumption has arrived, and it’s time to kick the mainstream media out for good.


The results of the Gallup poll.
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  1. Alternative News wins again by being real, not Rockefeller funded MSM and fake alt news

  2. Also good interview

  3. Interesting, people seem to have a good sense about the medical establishment, whether doctors/hospitals/big pharma or the HMOs. They seem to know instinctively that these are not benign entities and are probably correct not to trust them wholeheartedly.

    I am flabbergasted what the Presidency commands so much higher respect than Congress. They should both be at the bottom.

    77% WOOOHOOO!!! >_< Martial Law Martial Law Martial Law???? FEMA CAMPS. :/

  5. The title of this article has double meaning. YUHHHHH!! ;D <3
    "Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth." -Buddha
    Zen. Namaste.

  6. Because It's BRAINSTEM MUDIA!

  7. Grownup sick of kids clamoring about gay gay gay

    Could be because alternative news isn’t All Gay All The Time, like the msm. That, and a smaller menu of lies, is this American woman’s reason. I used to support gays. I finally got tired of “are we there yet?” “are we there yet?” “are we there yet?” on every media outlet 24/7.


    Nonstop coverage of people poking parts into holes because of how they poke parts into holes. After 10 years, like anything on repeat, it got boring. That’s my reason. Viva alternative news, where when the kids bring up gay, pokes, tongues, and holes, the grownups can “switch the channel” and discuss the economy, homelessness and Syria. Awesome.

    • You should try sitting in their classroom, where you or they cannot change the channel. However it's doubtful they would let you in as it's far too shocking for adults. Funnily enough there's a lot of stuff about people poking parts into holes because of how they poke parts into holes.

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  11. If one man or woman will a smart phone can change history, that is a scary thought for the political control freaks who seek to censor you at every turn. The new era of news consumption has arrived, and it’s time to kick the mainstream media out for good. Humor Website

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  13. The mainstream media is afraid of the new media, they are afraid of you. If one man or woman will a smart phone can change history, that is a scary thought for the political control freaks who seek to censor you at every turn. The new era of news consumption has arrived, and it’s time to kick the mainstream media out for good.

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  26. The standard media fears the new media, they fear you. On the off chance that one man or lady will an advanced mobile phone can change history, that is an unnerving thought for the political control monstrosities who try to blue pencil you every step of the way. The new time of news utilization has arrived, and it's an ideal opportunity to kick the standard media out for good.

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