Fukushima Madness: Plant Decontamination System Shuts Down Amid Failure

January 9th, 2014
Updated 01/09/2014 at 12:51 pm

As the Fukushima nightmare continues under the wing of plant operator TEPCO, the blatant incompetence of the highly deceptive corporation is once again apparent following a complete shutdown of the plant’s decontamination system. The very same system responsible for handling the mass amounts of radioactive water around Fukushima that TEPCO originally promised would be entirely decontaminated by the end of 2014.

And instead of fulfilling their promise to decontaminate the plant’s radioactive water by the end of 2014, TEPCO now insists that it needs another entire year to finish the job — and this system shutdown certainly will not help in reducing that time. According to media sources and official TEPCO statements, the failure of the Advanced Liquid Processing System (ALPS) may ‘take a long time to restart’. What’s worse, however, is that this is not the first time the system has been shutdown due to failure.

As early as last December, TEPCO also experienced a malfunction within their decontamination equipment that led to the inability to filter radionuclides like strontium and cobalt from the contaminated plant water.

But is it any surprise to know that the same plant operation company that is shuffling in homeless Japanese citizens to clean up the area is also highly incompetent when it comes to the use of safety machinery? This is even the same company that was caught using duct tape to patch up critical equipment around the plant.

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  1. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Fukushima failure: Decontamination system stops functioning January 09, 2014

  2. WeeToddEdwards says:

    This just keeps getting worse.

    • Roger says:

      And worse. Radiation is a horrible thing to unleash.
      Thats' why nuclear powers need to be responsible and have the ability to stop leaks like this. Even smaller third world countries.

  3. Tim says:

    This is sad and it's getting worse as time goes by. I'm afraid that I'm losing hope for this to end.

  4. Kevin says:

    What does the news that the government recently purchased 14M units of potassium iodide tell you? They know something that they're not sharing with the people.

  5. Even smaller third world countries.

  6. Elna says:

    I remember this tragedy, which seems to have a wide range of negative effects on the environment in the area. Indeed , there are many problems related to pollution and the contamination or elements of nature.

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