Fox News Panel Laughs At The Idea That Government Should Fear The People

July 9th, 2013
Updated 07/09/2013 at 4:13 am

After labeling NSA leaker Edward Snowden a traitor and a terrorist, the Fox News Watch panel exploded with laughter at the very notion that the government should fear the people.

Right after one panelist devilishly referenced the concept that the government should fear the people as a joke, even referencing the concept as tracing back to Thomas Jefferson, the crew couldn’t stop from laughing at the very idea that the people are meant to keep the government in check. And of course it is an idea that is fundamental to not only upholding the Constitution itself (the fabric of our nation), but to keep the continuous threat of absolute corruption and tyranny in check.

Should Government Have Absolute Power?

But apparently Fox News thinks the government should be able to reign throughout the People’s Republic of America without any form of checks and balances, all while arresting all whistleblowers like Edward Snowden in the process. An amazing declaration for a news channel that at least pretends it is on the side of the conservative America population that actually considers the Constitution to be highly important.

But once again, it is revealed that all mainstream media networks are in fact running off of scripted theater — at least when it comes to the big issues.

In fact, notice how the female panelist begins to laugh when he even mentions Thomas Jefferson and the First Amendment. The Constitution and our fundamental rights truly are a joke today to the media, especially given the fact that they virtually do not exist when it comes to legislation. And amazingly, that is how the debate over our rapidly diminishing rights is circumvented and diminished further into Big Brother corruption.

One such example is the ultimate acceptance of the Patriot Act. Instead of discussing ways to fight it and how we can reclaim our liberties, the mainstream media accepts the Patriot Act/FISA as an absolute that should never be debated. Instead, they ‘debate’ something stupid like whether or not we need to do something even more extreme like hire the TSA for all sporting events to ‘fight terrorists’ and ‘keep us safe’.

Meanwhile, we have the DHS Constitution-free zone ‘border’ that engulfs 100 miles of the US along every single border (including oceans). And in this ‘border’, your belongings can be searched at any time without a warrant — because hey, it’s within the outlandish 100 mile ‘border’. Instead of actually discussing this and trying to do something about it, it’s ignored for more worthless news.

You even see this repeated with the recent NSA leak that reveals the agency tracks everything you do, and how the information was covered by the mainstream media as an absolute — something that we must live with for our safety. ¬†And more importantly, the debate is now whether or not Snowden is a ‘hero or traitor’, a completely moronic distraction that has somehow become the question of the year repeated by every radio and television host on the face of the Earth. This is now the debate, not ‘why is the NSA spying on us’ or let alone ‘should they’ be in the first place.

The answer, of course, is absolutely not. At least not in any nation that is not submerged into the deepest depths of corrupt takeover.

There’s a reason that 71% of Americans say that the Founding Fathers of this nation would be ashamed of our country today, and the mainstream media script readers are very much to thank for this fact.

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  1. uyr99 says:

    Fox just pretends to side with conservatives, they laugh at the Constitution.

  2. Bruce says:

    Unhand the Obamastuhbatuh and his media circle-jerks!

  3. Bleep says:

    i subscribed to your YouTube and looking forward to more.

  4. Ter ber says:

    29% did not know who our Founding fathers were.

    • craig says:

      It is a sad Truth pointing to our poor education system. Our kids are not taught the basic foundations of our freedom and our rights in our society, HillsDale College (‎) has a lot of good courses on Constitutional ism and American Culture.
      In fact, many come away from education years illiterate.

  5. James says:

    I recently heard your interview on Red Ice which led me here. I appreciate your efforts. I have a question for you. Beyond becoming more "enlightened", and preparing ourselves for a possible "disaster", what are we, the people to do? I really feel like our (meaning those of us who see through the government/military/corporate/media contrived reality) movement has no "legs". If one studies successful activist movements in recent history, there seemed to be a more proactive and coordinated effort to effect change. Besides the Kokesh call to march, armed to DC on July 4th and a couple Tea Party rallies, there doesn't seem to be any true leadership in our "movement".
    As a matter of fact, calling it a "movement" is like calling a trip to the bathroom a marathon. If there was ever a time to exploit the growing unrest and demand that something changes, it would seem like now is the time. The damn Wall Street Protesters were better organized than "us". I see little to no calls for action, for a mass demonstration, for civil disobedience, nothing. What if 10 million people refused to file a tax return next year? What if 1 million DID march on DC (unarmed) and refused to leave? Something more than posting comments on websites and videotaping police excesses must be done.
    I don't pretend to have the answers. Maybe I'm the only one that feels like this, but I suspect I'm not. Everyone from the ACLU to the Heritage Foundation is pissed off right now. As someone who lost a business partially to government over reach, I'm tired of "waiting". I've voted. I've campaigned. I've written blogs and long political soliloquies on FB. Not working.
    Curious as to your take. Feel free to email me.

    • Cherie says:

      Yes, James. Please, someone, come up with something. I wish I could but I do not fit into the Tea Party, too religious – not a Wall Street protester, more of a Libertarian looking for a place to make a difference. I am ready, willing, and able to do something, but I am not a leader or clever. Of course, I am a thinker and cannot follow 100% either, so it is frustrating. I just don't seem to fit anywhere. Most protesters on the internet are looking for "contributions" but accomplish nothing that I can see.

      • James says:

        I understand. I will say that I know some "Tea Partiers" and they are not all evangelical, but regardless, they are not getting out the right message if they make someone like you, someone who obviously cares, uncomfortable. I've found some of the writings of Libertarian Anarchists like Larken Rose to be encouraging, but there is no real "leader" of the "movement". Hell, there's no real "movement"! Take this website; Antonio puts out useful stories and information not found in the mainstream, but there is no "call to action", no plan, no charisma, no LEADERSHIP. The people that feel like you and I are 10s of millions, if not more. They come from both liberal and conservative camps. They could be an extremely potent force, but for the deliberate acrimony that is encouraged by the Democrats, Republicans, and the media, both the Fox News type channels and MSNBC.
        We need a "Martin Luther King", a "Ghandi" or a JFK. It is going to take extreme courage. There may be jail time. Violence. At the very least, whoever steps up will be destroyed by both parties for calling to an end of the system. I don't agree with everything he says, but Ron Paul is closer to the mark than any I've seen. But he's PART OF THE SYSTEM. I think it has to be an outsider. As long as people have their TV, smartphone, Xanax or Prozac, I think we're screwed.

  6. JennieWalsh says:

    Fox News, a dangerous wolf in sheep's clothing.

  7. JennieWalsh says:

    Thanks for exposing the farce of Fox News.

  8. Melissa says:

    The Constitution and our fundamental rights truly are a joke today to the media, especially given the fact that they virtually do not exist when it comes to legislation. And amazingly, that is how the debate over our rapidly diminishing rights is circumvented and diminished further into Big Brother corruption. Humor Website

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