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Video: Fox Host Mocked By Co-Hosts For ‘Bloody Hand’ Syria Protest


Following John Kerry’s testimony before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs Wednesday, which saw Code Pink activists holding up red-painted hands in protest to Syrian strikes, Fox News’ “The Five” host Eric Bolling was mocked by co-hosts after courageously displaying the same protest on live TV.

“I have to do this…,” said Bolling as he raised his hand to the camera. “We should be very selective on how and when we shed blood–ours or theirs. American patriots shed blood to protect our families, our country, our way of life. There’s no reason to shed blood, ours or theirs, for a civil war between two radical Muslim groups who frankly hate us. So we should be careful before we shed any more blood–ours or theirs. This is not our war. We need to stay out of the Middle East.”

Co-host Greg Gutfeld can be seen laughing at Bolling throughout the speech before interrupting to comment on how “disgusting” his ketchup covered hand looked. Others chimed in to ask if he bought the ketchup at the “Code Pink store.”

At the end of Bolling’s comment, Dana Perino attempted to claim that the US already had blood on its hands for not striking the country months ago, completely ignoring the fact that the US government has continued to support and ship in countless Al Qaeda jihadists.

“Why is it our blood? Why is it our turn? Why is it always us that has to go in and shed our blood, their blood, whose ever blood? Bolling asked, visibly frustrated.

While the group argued in support of offering up young American men and woman to the Syrian conflict, Bolling attempted to bring up the unconstitutionality of the proposed military strikes.

“It’s against our Constitution too. Congress has to declare war. President Obama saying we’re going to go in with 200 Tomahawk missiles is a joke, that’s war,” Bolling added.

Not only has Russia continually threatened the US with nuclear war over a Syria strike, which may be behind why the the US chose to transfer nuclear warheads to the east coast, but the Fox hosts are seemingly clueless to the comments made by General Wesley Clark in 2007. Comments which prove the Syrian overthrow to be over a decade in the making.

Despite Bolling’s co-host’s claims of wanting military intervention due to the chemical attacks, which the rebels admitted to carrying out, the group fails to point out the countless and continued atrocities carried out by the Al Qaeda-run rebels, much like the rest of the mainstream media.

While the Fox hosts were busy debating, the US backed Al Qaeda rebels were busy ransacking an ancient Christian mountain village in western Syria. The rebels have continually destroyed countless churches and mosques throughout the conflict and were also rumored to of destroyed a 2,000-year-old Damascus synagogue.

Just last May, a Syrian rebel leader was filmed cutting the heart and organs out of a Syrian soldiers chest before eating them. The tax-payer funded rebels have also been filmed burning the US flag, praising Bin Laden and the 9/11 attacks and forcing a young child to behead a Syrian soldier.

Bolling’s co-host’s willingness to offer up young American lives in order to tip the scales for Al Qaeda is only leading to a further backlash against the mainstream media. While Assad has a long and corrupt history, assuring an Al Qaeda victory will not only produce the ruin now seen in Libya, but will likely lead to a nuclear world war.

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  1. This is an excellent view into what MSM "news" has become. Mocking, ridicule, pointing & laughing, when someone points out a fact.

    Facts DO NOT belong on the "news". Facts are to be kept with the June 1968 Playboy…. under the mattress.

  2. typical mainstream media

  3. When Bolling raise “bloody” hand one bitch says “is this ketchup?”. Who is she?


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