Feud Between USA And India Goes Prime Time

Michael Thomas
December 18th, 2013
Updated 12/19/2013 at 8:45 am

US admits diplomat Devyani Khobragade strip-searched as India launches reprisals over arrest


Indian diplomat arrested in NYC

The unprecedented diplomatic row between India and the USA is unique for its immediate and sharp responses from India. Rarely has such a “take no prisoners approach” been demonstrated by both sides, especially India … and witnessed by the entire world in broad daylight.


No, this unparalleled diplomatic disaster goes way beyond the humiliating and improper arrest of a high ranking Indian diplomat in NYC. India’s true purpose behind their reactions, though not articulated by its press corp, is best understood by their exceedingly swift, decisive and radical answers.  It also reflects that the ongoing and hidden “war” is now breaking out into the open. What war?

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USA vs India: Clash of Cultures and Customs

A clash of cultures, of civilizations, of customs, has been brewing for decades. Where the USA represents the height of materialistic success, India reflects a focus on spirituality.  Where the US has evolved into a socially liberal and permissive nation, India treasures it’s ancient traditions and very conservative values.  As a result, Indian sensibilities often ignore the popular trends of the West.  No where on the planet are religion and spirituality so interwoven into the fabric of society as on the Indian subcontinent.

Unlike the material success of the US, India is known to fall short of meeting the material needs and wishes of her people.  That’s not to say that India has not made great strides toward steadily uplifting her billion plus residents. They are a very resourceful, enterprising and determined people who are also very proud of their traditions and protective of their customs. Herein lies the real rub.

Indian Supreme Court Reinstates Ban on Homosexual Acts for Going ‘Against the Order of Nature’

When the Indian Supreme Court made this decision, it knew that it was going directly against the grain of USA liberalism and societal permissiveness. It also knew that all hell would break loose, because of the number of Americans both living and traveling to India, who could now be arrested for what has now been declared illegal homosexual conduct.

In light of President Barack Obama’s overt attempts to liberalize the entire world in this particular regard, and even further impose similar gay marriage and abortion laws on other nations, India’s judicial gesture was perceived as a direct affront to his Adminisration’s dubious agenda. The Supreme Court decision was also taken as a direct assault on the numerous US advocacy groups, which have been aggressively advocating a new worldwide gay marriage standard.

Simply pit, Obama’s extremely zealous homosexual legions were not happy, as the unprecedented skirmishes now indicate. The vitriolic reactions are not only unrivaled in US-INDIA relations; they are practically unheard of anywhere, anytime in modern diplomatic history. Such is the seriousness of this cultural conflict. And it’s not going to get better, as long as the USA continues to try to foist its values on the rest of the world.

Currency Wars and Trading Partners

India has already been the victim of extremely harsh treatment by the Anglo-American financial establishment. Because of its intention to continue trading with Iran, India has bumped up directly against the many current economic sanctions. India has been especially unhappy with US attempts to prevent them from purchasing oil from Iran.  So, their response is to pay for all oil purchases in gold, instead of the US dollar.

India and Iran are traditional trading partners which the US et al. have been trying to break apart for decades.  Setting an example for the rest of the world that it, too, can do business without having to use the US dollar as a reserve currency is one of the latest salvos that India has shot across the American bow.  It has been met with various forms of highly destructive financial terrorism and economic sabotage being routinely perpetrated by the West.

India has had enough. However, the USA refuses to relent in their outright meddling. The US-UK tag team has gone so far as to crash the Indian rupee, as well as discourage the sale of gold to India’s citizens. So much has gone on under the radar where it concerns this ever-intensifying economic war, that is was only a matter of time before it “made the front page of the internet”.

Can you imagine that the USA & company would go so far as to foist gold purchase encumbrances on a nation that treasures gold as a store of wealth? Here again is where the clash of customs has really angered the people on the street. Indians are well known to be very bright and astute business people.  They have always understood, better than any other country, the extraordinary value of gold.  Therefore, they will not be dictated to by anyone, especially in matters concerning their financial independence, having experienced British colonial imperialism in their not-too-distant past.

The deliberate US attempts to crash the Indian rupee, because of their perfectly normal trading relationship with Iran, are seen as provocative acts of currency war.  The many naked short sales executed to bring down the rupee, as well as other forms of trading sabotage and currency manipulation, have now become so transparent that India has been forced to respond in kind.  The world may now witness an India it has never seen before; and one that the West will deeply regret provoking.

“US meddling will no longer be tolerated” is their message of the year.

National sovereignty is a very sensitive and charged issue throughout all of India.  Having been squeezed by both superpowers during the Cold War, during a particularly formative stage of their nation’s re-organization, they do not take kindly to outside intrusions.  Their internal politics are so complicated and unmanageable that obvious foreign interference has become intolerable.  The apple cart can be knocked over too easily because of all the political forces and corporate interests looking to carve up the pie of Indian mass markets.

And so it will be for the foreseeable future, especially in light of the way that Great Britain ruled and exploited the Indian subcontinent. America is now viewed by many as just another British proxy willing to do the dirty work of their previous overlords. The Brits gave up their occupation of India under great pressure and quite begrudgingly. Their pervasive influence in the partitioning of India is also deeply etched in the national psyche. India will never allow such invasions of their national sovereignty again.

Hopefully, the USA will quickly grasp these realities. Particularly in light of the BRICS nations many initiatives to unshackle their economies from the US petrodollar. As a worldwide reserve currency, the U$ dollar is soon to become toast. However, the way it goes down can be very harsh and dramatic, or it can be a slow and steady unwinding with less severe impacts on the US, UK and European economies.

What’s it gonna be, Uncle Sam! Are you going to play good uncle or bad uncle? The longer it takes the US to sort out its many conflicting governmental objectives, corporate interests, political agendas, and social engineering initiatives, the more painful it will be for every American.

If we were Indian citizens, we would want nothing less than what they are now demanding:
is all they are requesting.
Wouldn’t we as Americans shudder at the same kind of political, economic and social interference that the USA runs in numerous nations around the world?!

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation
December 18, 2013

Author’s Note:
Where the responsible US authorities really screwed up here is in their underestimation of the Indian reaction to the indignities that a professional female diplomat was ignominiously subjected to. This single act of humiliation not only embarrassed a high-ranking Indian woman diplomat, it served to mortify an entire nation.
How utterly ignorant and stunningly arrogant can this US Administration be? They really feel they can run their tyranny on the rest of the world as easily as they do at home.
It’s always the “far reaches of the kingdom” that prove to be the most challenging to centralized power and dictatorial governments.  Certainly they know that, but the preservation of the once Almighty Dollar is driving them to make exceedingly reckless and foolhardy international moves on today’s ever-so-complex geopolitical chessboard.

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  1. Bob N. says:

    Sounds like the US is getting desperate as the $ loses its revered reserve currency status.

    Then the aging behemoth starts to thrash around looking for weaker nations to prey upon.

    The USA has lost all moral ascendancy. Obama's presidency has guaranteed a moral bankruptcy
    of extraordinary depth and breadth.

  2. vishalvkale says:

    Interesting… I wont comment, being an Indian.

    But let me confirm the "war" bit – over the past 4-5 years, the USA has been steadily losing ground across the board in Indian Public minds. None of what you state has been missed my Indians. Every Anti-Indian gaffe by the USA is headline news; it goes on for days n weeks. Any good move either doesnt make it to the Media, or is very low-key. Indians are slowly but surely turning anti-USA.

    Most thrillers by Indian authors firmly place a US agency – or USA itself – as a rogue nation.

    I talked to many people today over this – and I could not find a single person who was angry with the Government in the way they responded. Even those who thought the Diplomat wrong. (which she wasnt; India has clearly called it a US conspiracy)

    Bottom Line: If the Government goes soft on this, it will be on the mat – literally. I even suspect it will fall, so high are tensions here.

    Wish someone in US high command had the vision you do…

  3. Richard S. says:

    India is also furious about the illegal NSA spying.

    NSA SPYING Triggers Greatest International Crisis Of New Millennium


  4. Freespirit says:

    I can only imagine the American Zionists plotting on who ,how many and when to kill the Indian "Upstart" who dares stand up to them.

    I only hope the Indians have the courage and persistence to go all the way.

  5. Obama's presidency has guaranteed a moral bankruptcy
    of extraordinary depth and breadth.

  6. Roger says:

    Diplomatic immunity doesn’t mean much to this administration.
    He may be acting dictator here, but he hasn’t taken over ruling the entire world just yet, and I would imagine this is going to cause more push back than fear around the world as he pushes his weight around.

  7. David Silva says:

    If there is any doubt the U.S. Federal Government has gone completely insane, let this article serve as the straw that broke the camels back. i hope the pervert with a badge that stripped searched an innocent Indian diplomat got his jollies, because a billion people is serious payback. Notice that within a week, India’s partner in the new power alignment, BRICS, (Brazil Russia, China, & South Africa) Brazil purchased $4.5 billion dollars worth of Jets from not from Boeing, but from Swedish owned Saab company. Is this the beginning of an international divestment like the one that killed South Africa’s Apartheid?

  8. If the Government goes soft on this, it will be on the mat – literally. I even suspect it will fall, so high are tensions here

  9. Ronald Brehton says:

    We in the US can no longer hide behind the nation we once were. While ignorant, politically correct people worry about trying to change other peoples´ beliefs, the US is about to undergo collapse economically, if not worse. We deserve what is coming to us for our ignorance and compulsiveness, and lack of learning beyond the official two party platform that masquerades as the political system in our country. Corruption runs so deep due to our ignorance.

  10. Jason burke says:

    What goes around, comes around. I guess US diplomats will now start being more careful, when they walk around in public in other countries, expecting similar treatment as was meted out to this female diplomat. Regardless of crime committed, if committed, one does not pull shit like this with the representative of a major country. Especially, one that has a billion plus people and the second largest army in the world. At least, anyone with common sense will not.

  11. I think this is a misunderstanding case of Devyani, well she is in India, and working in Delhi department, but this case is worst and could deeply effected India and USA relationship.

  12. pappu says:

    There are three crucial questions:
    (1) Does the United States believe either that all diplomats must be subject to the legal jurisdiction of host states — many people around the world would applaud — or that the sanctity of U.S. diplomats (and soldiers) abroad is inviolate but foreign diplomats in the U.S. cannot have full immunity?
    (2) Why should the U.S. legal process override a case already before India’s courts, involving a contract signed there between two Indians, with India’s government as an interested party?
    (3) Do the facts really point to human trafficking?"———–these are really crucial questions.
    At this point both India and US need each other. It is better to swallow your pride and move on. This was not a serious issue at all. It was blown out of proportion by the media. There was no slavery as some liberal propaganda artists would like you to believe. It was a wage dispute. Anyway I am glad they have moved on. Long live India US friendship.

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