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Video: Female Veteran Violently Arrested By Feds At Syria Protest

Female veteran arrested in Philadelphia at Syrian war protests.

A military veteran was arrested by Federal Parks Police in Philadelphia Friday for allegedly playing a banjo in the wrong place during a “No War With Syria Rally.”

While performing to fellow protesters under a tree at Independence Mall, Emily Yates, an Iraq combat veteran and organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War, was approached by several parks police officers and told to leave the area immediately. Yates, confused by the request, repeatedly attempted to engage the officers as to why she was being asked to leave. The officers felt that Yates wasn’t entitled to a response and answered her with a violent arrest instead.

See the video below:

(Warning: Graphic Language)

“They’re manhandling me and I haven’t done anything wrong! All I wanted to do was know why I was being asked to leave!” Yates shouted as police forced her arms behind her back. “We live in a police state! We live in a f*cking police state! They’re damaging my body and my personal property! I went to war for this country!”

A defense fund set up by friends of Yates confirmed that she was taken to a Federal Detention Center on unknown charges. A friend and bystander who witnessed the incident unfold from across the street, who had also recently been arrested alongside Adam Kokesh by parks police for protesting, called it “the latest in a series of aggressive and unnecessary arrests by Federal Park Rangers in Philadelphia.”

“The Panic Hour is using all available resources to lend assistance and call attention to this blatant disregard for civil liberties at, of all places, the birthplace of liberty,” said N.A. Poe.

In light of continued scandals and the unfolding situation in Syria, which is now opposed by more than 91 percent of the public, people across the country have taken to the streets in protest of President Obama’s disregard for constitutional law. Just last month, two “Impeach Obama” protestors were tackled and arrested for refusing to leave an overpass in Missouri. Officers claimed their first amendment was infringing on the safety of the public.

Unfortunately for the president, a backlash from the military has begun to grow. Viral pictures of military soldiers holding up signs reading “I will not fight for Al Qaeda in Syria” have been shared tens of thousands of times on Facebook and Twitter. Even with a growing number of military and Congress members coming out against a strike, the State Department has reportedly told Fox News that Obama will act regardless.

Friends and family of Yates have been unable to make contact but expect her to see a judge sometime this week.

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  1. How dare she protest

  2. Solidarity from Canada. Our entire continent (and all G20 countries) is owned by multinational corporations now. Democracy is dead in Canada and the U.S. Our elected officials have been bought and paid for by corruption! This IS the return of FASCISM except this time… on North American soil! Imagine… our tax dollars at work against democracy, against the people! The whole world knows that Syria has been setup by the West and Israel!!

    Emily Yates! The WORLD IS WATCHING! Thank you for your peaceful demonstration. Thank you for risking yourself (again) for the people! YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Have courage. YOU ARE A HERO!

  3. Unintelligible at beginning. Spectators/observers need to begin taking name tags and addresses at these events for follow-up when/if required.

  4. I guess the Feds need to keep us safe from banjos!

  5. Yeah, she sure was "violently" arrested by those cops that didn't even use a baton or pepper spray or hit her…. How dare the cops arrest her for breaking the law. How dare they search her incident to lawful arrest too… Why would the public want cops to arrest somebody for breaking the law? This is just more evidence that the public is a bunch of ninnies that do not understand a darn thing about law enforcement except what they see on fake cop shows like CSI or Law and Order. The system is built to protect the criminals today, meanwhile cops get a bad rap because the public views them as criminal when there is much more corruption rampant through the public than in most police departments.

    • troll

    • How exactly wash she breaking the law prestodo? She was playing a banjo in a public place and was asked to leave the area. She was arrested for asking why she had to leave. How is that breaking the law? It seems you have missed the point of this story!

    • The cops abused her and are criminals themselves. If you really think criminals should be punished then those cops need to be arrested!

  6. Pestado is a fascist

  7. u are a twat. coz of people like u this world will come to it´s end

  8. Well, to begin with, she was in the park @ 5:15 pm, and the park closed @ 5 pm… They didn't tell you this nor was she told that, and if she had been given a specific reason by the "police" she may have been more receptive to their request.

  9. yeah…. That was pretty messed up. Nothing compared to the Wallstreet Protest bullshit though. BUT, Just to argue the other side… She was asked to leave and didn't. The officers were simply trying to do their job, which seemed to be, removing her from the park…for some reason… Maybe the mall security was called on her for being a disturbance or loitering. Anyways, they are not required to tell her what laws she was breaking (even if she wasn't breaking any). So she escalates the situation by challenging their authority and belittling them by saying, "Want to see what you are paying for", "I fought for your freedom" etc. Which only further pisses them off. Honestly I'm surprised they didn't taze or mace the lady. Then, the worse part, she attempts to resist arrest, which is probably the stupidest part of the whole thing. Yeah, she probably wasn't breaking any laws, and yes, the officers were being dicks. But resisting arrest is really never a good idea. Especially when the people with power trips have guns. She should have just complied and moved somewhere else. Now she is going to have to go to court and pay legal fees, etc. She might could win in court and have the charges dropped perhaps. Although I'm not sure since she tried to resist arrest.

  10. FYI It is not Al-Qaida. It is banks and their owners that they want you to fight for. And, anyway. Al-Qaida have been funded and the arms and chemicals funded. Banks fund everything in this world!

    “In … August 2013 … Greg Palast posted evidence of a secret late-1990s plan devised by Wall Street and U.S. Treasury officials to open banking to the lucrative derivatives business. To pull this off required the relaxation of banking regulations not just in the US but globally. The vehicle to be used was the Financial Services Agreement of the World Trade Organization.

    … Some key countries remained holdouts from the WTO, including Iraq, Libya, Iran and Syria. In these Islamic countries, banks are largely state-owned; and “usury” – charging rent for the “use” of money – is viewed as a sin, if not a crime. That puts them at odds with the Western model”

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