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Face of Bureaucracy: 400 Pound Union Pres Works 2 Hr Days, Makes $156k

Union president Mark Rosenthal has the ultimate dream job. After eating a massive lunch on union dime, he snoozes for his 2 hour work day and heads home to collect his $156,000 a year paycheck. This is the face of bureaucracy.

Mark Rosenthal pulls in a firm $156,000 per year for sleeping 2 hours a day, union execs report.

After reading Rosenthal’s story in the New York Post and digging through the numerous photos of him dozing off in his chair in the same position day after day, I realized that his story is more than just tabloid-esque gossip. Really, Mark Rosenthal represents the countless fat cat bureaucrats that rake in expansive wads of cash thanks to the hard work of those beneath them. And through connections and mountains of regulation, these leeches continue to fund their expensive lifestyles at the highest levels.

Whether we’re talking about union heads or government officials, we see these bureaucrats leeching resources across the board with the ideology that they are invincible to any form of repercussion.

In the case of Mark Rosenthal, who is the president of New York City’s largest blue-collar municipal-workers union, members of the executive board told the New York Post that the 400 pound union president spends around $1,500 in union cash on food per month alone — food that he would cram down before napping through his 2 hour work day and heading home to avoid rush hour traffic. Even detailing his favorite restaurants that he would visit on a routine basis using union funds, the executives say that the Mayor Bloomberg-linked Mark Rosenthal would visit local politician hangouts instead of getting work done.

His response to the leaked photos and information from executives? Rosenthal says he takes ‘power naps’ as a result of pain medication he is taking following neck pain he received after a McDonald’s chair collapsed from his excessive weight.

After the executive board found out the extent of Rosenthal’s work day (or lack of) and spending habits, they decided to enact the punishment of… revoking his union car. Yup, that’s right, they took away his union car and let him keep his job. Rosenthal continues to rake in $156,000 for sleeping for 2 hours each day at the office. A salary which the 3,000 workers — mostly Parks Department peace officers and maintenance workers, are paying $1,080 in annual union fees to fund.

Ladies and gentleman, the face of bureaucracy:

Mark Rosenthal represents many higher-ups who rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars from hard working individuals for virtually zero effort.
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  1. Grasshopper1776

    wow that's nasty.

  2. >Union president Mark Rosenthal
    >Mark Rosenthal

  3. This is why no union will EVER get a dime of MY money!

  4. And of course, you have to mention his weight.

  5. Well, life seems pretty boring for this guy. If it weren't for the money, I'm sure he would do something else… And let's be honest here, how many of you would turn down this opportunity?

  6. I'm sure this isn't his dream job, but when you're 50, overweight and with a well defined sleeping habit at work, you're not really in a job-seeking position…

  7. I know situations like this one are not uncommon, but this guy has to be lazy AND an asshole if he managed to make his coworkers mad enough to post him on the web…

  8. hard working man. I don't think we should feel sorry for him. I mean, look at him. Do you see him making an effot to improve things?

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  14. A salary which the 3,000 workers — mostly Parks Department peace officers and maintenance workers, are paying $1,080 in annual union fees to fund.

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  18. Cecile Migliore

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  19. Not everyone got their dream job in their life

  20. Boss are mostly sleeping in office in afternoon.

  21. My Dream is to become the president of google.

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