Drug Smuggling DEA calls Marijuana Legalization ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’

January 16th, 2014
Updated 01/16/2014 at 10:20 am

The Drug Enforcement Administration’s chief of operations pleaded with lawmakers during a Senate hearing Wednesday, warning over the alleged dangers of marijuana legalization at the state level.

Image: DEA Drug Money (U.S. Open Borders)

Image: DEA Drug Money (U.S. Open Borders)

“It scares us,” James L. Capra said according to the Washington Post. “Every part of the world where this has been tried, it has failed time and time again.”

Only one day after court documents revealed the DEA to be smuggling billions in drugs with Mexico’s notorious Sinaloa cartel, backing up a 2011 report by the El Paso Times, the federal agency seemed desperate to keep its blood money flowing uninterrupted, calling the growing legalization movement “reckless and irresponsible.”

“This is a bad experiment,” Capra said. “It’s going to cost us in terms of social costs.”

While the social costs are to be debated, it seems unlikely the DEA is concerned over the social cost of incarcerating millions of Americans for purchasing drugs the agency itself helped ship into the country.

Speaking specifically on Colorado, which recently legalized recreational use of marijuana, Capra claimed the agency was dismayed at the state’s decision.

“There are more dispensaries in Denver than there are Starbucks,” Capra said. “The idea somehow people in our country have that this is somehow good for us as a nation is wrong. It’s a bad thing.”

Multiple federal agencies drunk on billions in taxpayer money are in a panic as the general public begins questioning the drug trade’s real source. Attorney General Eric Holder’s recent refusal to prosecute HSBC, a bank caught laundering billions in drug money for Mexican cartels, dealt a major blow to the federal government’s credibility regarding the drug war.

Several years prior in 2011, banking giant Wachovia received no criminal charges after they were found to have laundered 378.6 billion in drug money for the Sinaloa cartel as well.

Incredibly, as cartel money laundering banks are protected by the federal government, the DEA has threatened those same banks with legal action if they store cash for small-time legal marijuana businesses in Washington and Colorado.

Given the DEA’s access to vast data from the NSA, many now question how the agency has not been able to stop such major drug groups. As many have said for years, the DEA at the highest level is nothing more than a smuggling and protection agency for cartels that work with major banks. Unfortunately, the federal government’s relationship with dangerous cartels goes much further than simple protection.

High-ranking Sinaloa member Jesus Vicente Zambada-Niebla recently admitted that the cartel had received weapons from the United States government for years under Operation Fast and Furious. While the Obama administration claims the operation was to track guns into Mexico, Niebla revealed the weapons to be for war with rival cartels.

Even more ironic, Wednesday’s Senate hearing was focused on drug cultivation in Afghanistan, where the arrival of US troops in 2001 has lead to record level opium production.

In fact, a 2009 report by the New York Times revealed one of Afghanistan’s biggest drug kingpins, the brother of Afghanistan’s president, to be on the CIA’s payroll.

The United States involvement in Afghanistan’s drug trade became so obvious that several news groups including ABC and FOX ran reports admitting that U.S. troops were ordered to help grow opium, though attempting to paint the practice as necessary.

While there is likely countless well-meaning DEA agents across the country, the bloodshed, hypocrisy and outright treasonous activity by the agency has few taking them serious.

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  1. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Sounds to me as if he is getting upset because someone is removing his power over we the people. Here is a real world exercise in freedom!

    Here is a real life case study that actually has results for the whole world can learn from. 7/05/2011

    Ten Years After Decriminalization, Drug Abuse Down by Half in Portugal

    Video of First Legal Pot Buyer in Colorado

    FBI: 46% Of All Drug Arrests Are For Marijuana Possession

    • Mr. Liberty says:

      Adding to your point Lincoln, what are the numbers for people in prison classified as non violent drug offenders? I bet it is 60% plus.

      • Mr.Lincoln says:

        It is all about control from our want to be 'MASTERS'. This quote sums everything up nicely!

        "Absolute power corrupts absolutely" arose as part of a quotation by the expansively named and impressively hirsute John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, first Baron Acton (1834–1902). The historian and moralist, who was otherwise known simply as Lord Acton, expressed this opinion in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887: "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men."

        • Mr. Liberty says:

          That is why power needs to be minimalized and spread around (checks and balances).

          • Roger says:

            As the founding fathers intended.

          • Joe says:

            The irony is that the bill of rights was to protect rich men from powerful governments and not just kings. Yeah, there's a reason they invented a system that is resistant to mob rule as well as royalty. :P

            It's amazing though that it's as resistant as it is, this long afterwards. Most revolutionary governments die either a quick death in a couple decades (counterrevolutionaries), or slowly fade like the USSR, or totally betray their origins (France's Department of Public Safety). We actually had a government that was designed to be stable and workable, from the beginning. The dark side of course is that it was initially a privileged class that got the best use of those protections (especially voting and police protection), and it slowly spread out to first the poorer white males, then the non-white males, and finally women. Although in practice, blacks of both sexes had a hard time voting until the CRM of the 1960's. Police forces still are pretty scary to poor people of all races.

    • Jack says:

      Awe he’s gonna be laid off and have to get a real job. No more playing Miami Vice.

  2. Mr. Liberty says:

    What causes a person to be more "reckless" and "irresponsible" as the title of this article suggests? A weed user or a boozer?

    Idiot DEA.

    Marijuana will have the same history as alcohol (legal, illegal, legal) only more prolonged. That is because big pharma knows it will loose business versus weed's medicinal uses. Oxy or weed? Hmm easy choice.

    • Mr. Liberty says:

      Weed versus chemo? In big pharma's eyes. Chemo! Job security, fight cancer with something that will give you cancer later on. Genius.

      • fredesmite says:

        Not to kill your buzz — but there is no evidence smoking pot cures anything, including cancer. Inhaling hot,toxin gases and fumes is not healthy;

        • TheNewsMadd says:

          Of course facts would disagree with you and you can also make food out of pot so you don't have to smoke it….common sense 101: http://health.usnews.com/health-news/family-healt

          • Roger says:

            As much as I'm opposed to recreational uses of illegal drugs he really needs to do his research.

            Glaucoma. And it may not 'cure' it but if it relieves the symptoms that's about all any legal drug does, or you would only need one dosage of anything.

          • Joe says:

            Conversely, I'm wondering if vaporizers won't turn out to amazingly not have all the cancer cases connected that chew and smoke do, regardless of using a hops relative, or our favorite nightshade leaves as the source material. Who wants to bet that 99% of the toxicity is from the smoke and chemicals used to process it? I would think that an even bigger issue is that smoke contains chemicals (inorganic minerals) that can give you black lung symptoms on your x-ray photographs after decades of use.

            I remember reading about how at least some of the cancer cases were caused by people exposed to radioactive fallout from the 1960's. Seems there have been all sorts of nasty ways to get cancer from smoking. Burning starches also produces a carcinogen (but in amounts that are barely detectable unless the bread is practically inedible), BTW. I'm not sure how that's related to dried tobacco though as it has more proteins than starch.

  3. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Photos of U.S. and Afghan Troops Patrolling Poppy Fields June 29, 2012

    Even More Photos of US/NATO Troops Patrolling Opium Poppy Fields in Afghanistan September 5, 2011

  4. Tetonmoon says:

    Just disgusting. Not much I hear from this countries so called leaders is anything less than putrid.
    In Arizona we are petitioning to amend our medical law to allow all adults 18 and over to use recreationally. The state has been flipping out. Now their precious state run drug cartels ( ie the dispensaries of AZ) will not be able to rape the poor and sick. And the private prison contracts that demand 95% full beds will have to be answered too. Too bad so sad go suck it every frickin politician in this God ugly country.

  5. Afghanistan2014 says:

    James L. Capra can eat shit. He is the top POS in an organization that needs to be shelved. The war on drugs is a complete and utter failure. Admit it you hypocrites. You disgust me.

  6. Roger Wielgus says:

    Trillions have been spent for fighting drug dealers. And what is the result, Mr. Capra. Did you succeed? You failed, 100% failed,as all drug enforcement agency around the world failed.

    Drug enforcement is a total fiasco.

    So, if I was you, I would shut up and avoid the non-sense you are spreading all over the internet.

  7. Rex says:

    Anyone find it exremely suspicious and or distasteful that this story is sponsored by an ad to “andvance your career in the cia”.

  8. Mr.Lincoln says:


  9. Tee says:

    The criminally insane running the show. Here's an idea: Have this clown try every drug deemed illegal and put him under observation. While he's high on weed, ask him if he'd reconsider his stance. Watch him as he signs off on legalizing weed as he's wolfing down some chocolate chip cookies with a pen in his hand and while his signature is drying on the legalization of weed document he just signed with that permasmile on his face. Peace out.

  10. Cannabis says:

    this sums up the dea for me

    legalize cannabis everywhere. all states, all providences, all countries.

    stuff like this won't happen once fully legalized http://www.copblock.org/26275/nypd-cop-beaten-so-

    i also add big tax income for this section of the govt that approves legalization, will over throw and over power the dea. Greed at its best

    i also add the govt states that this should be a non profit type of thing. but who really here is profitting? does taxes ring a bell?

  11. george says:

    Lets make everyone a deadbeat on dope! After all who wants to work anymore? An honest politian?

    • RealityBite says:

      2014 and the reefer madness clowns are still around. Try laying off the kooky aid and try a dose of facts in your faux world. Pot doesn't demotivate… stupidity does…

  12. dea agent says:

    lol there there to "enforce" the drugs

  13. Number of American deaths per year that result directly or primarily from the following selected causes nationwide, according to World Almanacs, Life Insurance Actuarial (death) Rates, and the last 20 years of U.S. Surgeon Generals' reports.

    TOBACCO – 340,000 to 450,000

    ALCOHOL (Not including 50% of all highway deaths and 65% of all murders) – 150,000+

    ASPIRIN (Including deliberate overdose) – 180 to 1,000+

    CAFFEINE (From stress, ulcers, and triggering irregular heartbeats, etc.) – 1,000 to 10,000

    "LEGAL" DRUG OVERDOSE (Deliberate or accidental) from legal, prescribed or patent medicines and/or mixing with alcohol – e.g. Valium/alcohol – 14,000 to 27,000

    ILLICIT DRUG OVERDOSE – (Deliberate or accidental) from all illegal drugs – 3,800 to 5,200


    (Marijuana users also have the same or lower incidence of murders and highway deaths and accidents than the general non-marijuana using population as a whole. Cancer Study, UCLA; U.S. Funded ($6 million), First & Second Jamaican Studies, 1968 to 1974; Costa Rican Studies, 1980 to 1982; et al. LOWEST TOXICITY 100% of the studies done at dozens of American universities and research facilities show pot toxicity does not exist. Medical history does not record anyone dying from an overdose of marijuana (UCLA, Harvard, Temple, etc.)

  14. Jake Vigilante says:

    riotfl,….anyone invite a 'dark;' sider to post..you know,a D.E.A. proponent?…whahaha,riiight,huh?…I D.A.R.E.them…

  15. This post is so important. Thank you so much for giving authoritative permission to take a break!

  16. fredesmite says:

    The headline is wrong. The DEA doesn't smuggle drugs. There may have been a operator in the DEA doing such an activity and they simply makes HIM a dope dealer.

  17. Candy Yams says:

    “It scares us,” James L. Capra said..

    Of course it does.

    You can see your job literally going up in smoke if it's legalized, right Jimmy? :-)

  18. RealityBites says:

    Capra is both a traitor and a psychopath, since only traitors wage war on fellow citizens and only a psychopath could destroy someones family over a plant.

  19. thanks for sharing this amazing post it is so fantastic

  20. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Thanks' WTE, your addition is a good one patriot!

  21. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Thank you!. The kids who got killed really pisses me off

  22. Roger says:

    Drug violence is an old issue. Things that alter our mental status often lead to impaired judgement.

  23. Mr. Liberty says:

    Drugs are not good Roger. None of us are advocating drug use. It is a personal choice however to use or to not use. In college I was a part of an organization called SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy)

    We advocated among other things: the end of the useless War on Drugs, as well as education about the dangers of drug addiction. Drug addicts have already destroyed their lives as well as their families. Instead of simply telling people that drugs are bad, or drugs are illegal, we need to be educating people on the effects of drug abuse. Watch a season of the tv show Intervention. That will do more for say a High school students perception of drugs rather than having some BS DARE cop tell them how bad it is.

    And no Marijuana is not in the same boat as any "hard" drug as far as health risks and addiction.

  24. Mr. Liberty says:

    Plus think of how much money would be saved if we ended the War on Drugs? Stopped imprisoning non violent drug offenders?

  25. Mr. Liberty says:

    American Drug War 2. Excellent documentary that supports your link Wee. Kevin Booth (director) is a very good man.

  26. Mr. Liberty says:

    I see that you are starting to realize that this is all a show. Rigged game. These people are in bed with eachother.

  27. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Thnaks for sharing. I wil lhave to watch that one later. I do appreciate it though

  28. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Wee, And as more states make weed legal, the Mexican drug cartel gets weaker.

  29. Mr. Liberty says:

    You are right drug violence is an old issue. Who is most to blame for drug violence? The US government.

  30. Roger says:

    I blame the violence on the people committing the violence.

    Just like in rapes and drunk driving.

    That said, government has a responsibility to provide an environment where people can thrive safely. There are all sorts of different views on how to do that, and the definitions of safety.

    Corruption leads to bad things, and until we get the corrupt out of office more violence will happen with a lot of excuses.

  31. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Of course it's the government. When you treat addiction as a crime instead of a health issue that is what happens.

  32. Mr. Liberty says:

    Simple econ, that is a economic point you and I both agree on Alinsky.

    Of course the cartels will find other ways to make money, kidnapping and ransom etc. I vote that we bring all our troops home from across the globe and eliminate the cartels within a week and start to clean up the mess we bestowed upon Mexico.

  33. Mr. Liberty says:

    I have talked to a few friends in the Marines. Both have said that they knew other units that have protected the poppy fields. There is a very serious issue of drug addiction growning in our troops ranks as well. The link is from 2010, I bet thenumbers are much higher now.

  34. Mr.Lincoln says:

    The Joint Chiefs and other Generals need the extra income. This is what they did in Vietnam if you look at history!

  35. Roger says:

    Wee, that's like blaming gun violence on the gun designers.

    The people pulling the trigger are responsible.

  36. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yep. But I won't feed the troll.

  37. Mr. Liberty says:

    Deliberately drawing a weapon and aiming a gun at someone is a lot different that having the mental and physical need to inject a needle in your arm.

    Violent drug offenders should be locked up. Chronic DUI drivers should be locked up. Or a meth head running over a little girl in the street should be locked up. Why? Because their actions are endangering others.

    Look I am not blaming anyone else but the addict for their addiction. It is their fault. But throwing them in prison and ruining their life is not fair. Oh and not to mention that their chances of going back to prison skyrocket, because it is in fact crime school.

  38. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sounds good to me!.

    Wanna go to CO?

  39. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I have family in Utah, and I plan to taking a side trip to CO the next time I visit.

  40. Mr. Liberty says:

    Stop on by, I will show you guys the ropes.

    Alinsky, you will have to be polite to Mrs. Liberty though ok?

  41. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Cool, I have family all over CO.

    Where at in Utah? I travel there often. I would rather not say what town (I think you know why) but it's by Logan or an hour South of Salt Lake

  42. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    They are in Salt Lake City. They love it.

    I don't think I would visit in the winter though.,

  43. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I would of course respect Mrs. Liberty. I have a feeling I will be very relaxed in CO.

  44. Mr. Liberty says:

    That you will sir.

  45. Roger says:

    And with a bag of munchies you can even enjoy yourself more.

  46. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I would love to go to the Sundance Film Festival in Park City. My family tells me the restaurants in that area are great.

  47. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sounds like a good time. I love a good retsturant. Went through the KFC drive thru yesterday and had a chicken bowl. Pretty good. I have not eaten there in years

  48. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I had a bowl, no chicken.

    Cool, I heard KFC has the best drive through.

  49. nebraskanitwit says:

    I gather that you're traveling in the UK?

  50. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Why am I not suprised.

    Really good drive thru.

    I found this intresting: http://www.drugpolicy.org/drug-war-statistics

  51. Mr. Liberty says:

    It starts at home. No doubt. Most drug addicts have had a rough home life. That is where we need to focus on education though. Teach any youth troubled or not that drugs are not the answer, instead we glorify drug use on TV, movies, and music.

  52. Roger says:

    I agree with you, that's why the 'get cheap drugs on the street legally' debate is a red herring in my opinion.

    The real problems aren't solved. The issues are glossed over and the people with the least self control and the least respect for laws are given another tool to help them alter their thinking even more.

    Wee, if you or your posse pull this again I'm going to start pushing to have you banned here along with your troll friends that are frightened of this site carrying actual deep thinking debate.

  53. Roger says:

    Is it? What studies have been done on this particular derivative in Marijuana?

  54. Roger says:

    The war on drugs was never fought to be won.
    And they still refuse to secure the border, the first step in solving a lot of issues.

  55. Mr. Liberty says:

    I beg to differ Roger. Even if hard drugs are legalized, it is not like millions of people are going to randomly start using and society will collapse. Just because weed has been legalized in my home state doesn’t mean I am smoking it anymore or any less. I did not start randomly going to work after smoking just because it is legal etc.

    I’m sure we would see a sharp increase in drug use for a short period of time after it is legalized because of the curiosity factor. Which is happening with weed in CO. But after a few months to a year the levels will go down, down, down, lower than before crime will drop too. See the documented case of Portugal that Wee has provided.

  56. patriothere says:

    Like you having no respect for the cops in Egypt ?

  57. patriothere says:

    And the free market leads to corruption and collusion.

  58. Mr. Liberty says:

    That is true if we forget ethics… Free market = individual greed with ethics. Once ethics goes bye bye than corruption and collusion rear their ugly heads.

    Free markets can work if people were to return to the value of a handshake and not want to rule the world and amass vast sums of wealth. We would all be lifted up economically if we wanted to just to provide for their family and live comfortably, no need the 100 million dollar homes etc.

  59. Mr. Liberty says:

    and what I mean by indivdual greed, the desire to make ones self better indepently from someone else or the state.

  60. Mr. Liberty says:

    Good points. You are right there can never be a 100% free market. What I meant by free market is free competition. Big corp is in bed with big gov, so when we call for government intervention (because of big corps misdeeds) they roll out new regulations that are designed to restore the publics trust in the economy. Unfortunately big corp benefits from government regulation.

    Sarbanes Oxley Act is a good example. Small businesses are negatively impacted by government intervention. The big corps can afford to pay the accounting expenses that SOX imposes on all businesses. Small business cannot afford the regulation, therefore competition is eliminated and the big corp wins the market share. See my link.

  61. Roger says:

    Classic libertarianism. Self responsibility.

  62. Mr. Liberty says:

    Exactly. How can the gov know what is best for me and my family? They cannot even balance a check book…

  63. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Here is related story of sorts.

    The CIA Drug ConnectionIs as Old as the Agency By Larry Collins December 3, 1993

  64. Mr.Lincoln says:

    I am for freedom to reck yourself and life within the limits of the law. This quote sums up my view,"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual." Thomas Jefferson

  65. eeW says:

    You're not.
    Your only here for the attention.

  66. Roger says:

    The problem started long before the needle slips into the arm.
    It starts when the person treats the law with contempt.

  67. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I am not going to respond to you anymore. You're a stalker and your handlers design your questions to stop discussion.

    You worked pretty hard to get all my comments pulled over the weekend. Thats fine I will repost them. I saved them all because I knew you pull a immature act like that

  68. whoknowsU says:

    Wee, I had him on the run yesterday morning. He kept deleting comments over and over again. He finally quit posting.
    We need to quit answering his trash.
    He is an internet addict. He lives on stalking his opponents. He has no life besides his addiction. He needs to go into rehab.
    Go on my page to see some of it.

  69. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Yeah that is what he does, starts reporting comments like a POS coward. I agree he just needs ignored. If we all ignore him and let civil discussion move forward he will go away and look for attention elsewhere.

    I am sure these comments will be pulled

  70. whoknowsU says:

    He tries to get attention over on RF and the Navy sites. He is pretty much ignored on the growl.
    What he did yesterday is he kept removing his own comments then posting them again and again. What an idiot.

  71. WeeToddEdwards says:

    and our stance on drugs is the root cause of that

  72. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well maybe we should ask them?

  73. Roger says:

    Wee, don't you worry, I've brought it up with them a few times and asked why they allow you two to be here when it's obvious you aren't here to debate or discuss the topics provided, and why some people think they should be allowed to 'moderate by report button'.

  74. Roger says:

    Why did you keep pulling them over and over?
    Are you afraid some actual debate and discussion might survive here?

  75. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well let's ask them. I have their email.

  76. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Nope, our illegal stance on drugs is the root cause of that.

  77. Roger says:

    You pretend that bad people won't find a way to do bad things.
    If the cartels didn't murder out of greed and power then they'd find another excuse.

    Can you defend illegal drugs? Then start with meth. Defend it.

  78. WeeToddEdwards says:

    What about all the pot grown on the west coast and all the meth made in USA?

    How will securing the borders stop that?

    I have a friend in Oregon with three farms who grows legally and brings in 30K a month after taxes. How wil securing the border effect him in any way?

  79. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The only way to win it is to kill everyone who uses drugs and eliminate demand

  80. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can you show how securing the border will have any effect on the meth and pot grown and made in the States?

  81. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Why would my friends have my comments pulled retard?

    Somoene is reporting both our comments as fast as we post them. I am guessing they are tired of seeing us go back and forth in endless arguments, I am tired of it to. Maybe you shoudl just leave me alone

  82. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Our illegal stance on drugs is the root cause of that

  83. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It is linked to higher risk of stroke in young adults I have never meet anyone who had a stroke from pot. Have you?

  84. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Freedom? Go to this link and read the whole story as well as enter all links for addition information to see most have been played!

    2013: HOW ALTERNATIVE MEDIA INFLUENCED THE YEAR OF AWAKENING by Mikael Thalen December 31st, 2013

  85. whoknowsU says:

    Really? Did you talk to them in your dreams?

  86. whoknowsU says:

    What do you know about cancer treatments?

  87. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Chemo is pure posion. So yes marijuana is better for you since marijuana does not target and kill every cell it comes across.

  88. Monoxide says:

    Hey I just noticed the two states that legalized MJ are in the SuperBowl. Ha ha!! How 'bout them apples??

  89. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Chemo kills all cells and is much more harmful than pot and you can't show otherwise

  90. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I have posted this link several times: http://abcnews.go.com/Health/Healthday/story?id=7

    Pot kills cancer cells

  91. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I already mentioned the violence in Mexico so how did I ignore it? Our drug policies are the root cause of the drug cartels violence

  92. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can you show how sealing the border will stop drug manufacturing in the USA?

  93. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Can yo show that?

  94. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The drug war will never be won and sealing the border will not stop drug manufacturing in the USA

  95. Roger says:

    Why do you want meth legalized?

  96. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Thank you, for once you did research and proved a point.


  97. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Wellit will never go away and we have people who have dangerous labs in their backyards. You have to remember when our government made it, it did not have all those nasty chemicals. I would much rather have the government making it in controled labs then my neighbor. Our drugs need changed.

  98. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You obviuolsy ignoired the link. The violence down there was not as bad until drugs became involved

  99. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I never said I did

  100. WeeToddEdwards says:

    rog, the only person getting jerked around is you. When you are not here conversation id great.

  101. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sorry, since you have no crediablity you will have to understand why I don't believe you

  102. whoknowsU says:

    Oh look, Roger pulled dozens of comments again.
    Oh look, Roger is scrambling again for de-baiting.
    Oh look, Roger is stalking again.
    Oh look, Roger is looking for the global warming ship.
    Roger, what is your iQ?

  103. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I was here before you. You stalked me here

  104. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I want drug laws reformed like in Portugal

  105. whoknowsU says:

    Oh look, Roger has a question: "I wonder if that ship full of global warming activists was ever freed from all that summer ice?"

  106. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well your way is not working. I never said it was but don't pretend you came here for dicussion is funny when you stalked me here to make sure civil conversation never happens

  107. whoknowsU says:

    I'm not Wee, I'm not Alinsky or anybody else, get that thru your head. You are a stalker, you are stalking all those that disagree with you. What kind of a Christian are you?

  108. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Portugals ecomony has nothing to with their drug laws and you can't show it does. Apples to Oranges

  109. WeeToddEdwards says:

    The drug violence in Mexico is caused by our drug polcies.

  110. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Since the opium wars many countries have legalized drug use with great success.

    The ecomony of Portugal has nothing to do with drug laws. That is like saying our ecomony is bad because we legalized gay marriage in certain states

  111. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Of course it will help seal out the violence but will do nothing to stop drugs. It wil increase drug profits in this country though.

    My unbiased link explained it well

  112. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Links or sources that compare the opium wars to Portugals ecomony and drug law?

  113. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Of course it matters. If we changed our drug laws more lives would be saved though.

    Can you show how sealing the border will stop manufacturing drugs in the USA?

  114. whoknowsU says:

    What are you waiting for to pull all the comments?

  115. WeeToddEdwards says:

    So you have nothing to back upi your claim?

    Answering a question with a question is called trolling

  116. WeeToddEdwards says:

    We do need to take steps in legalization. Treating drugs use like a crime IS NOT WORKING.

    It needs treated as a health issue. More people have died from drug violence then from drugs

  117. WeeToddEdwards says:

    We already have it in society. Millions of Americans use drugs everyday and live normal productive lives

  118. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Here you go everyone. I just proved roger is a troll sent here to wreck this site Everyone should just ignore him from here on out

  119. Rogre says:

    That's an interesting question. I originally started spectating on the Wee/Roger pissing match because I'm no fan of how many atheists conduct themselves on the Web and saw Roger standing up to it. It didn't take long to see that, while I disagree with Wee on a lot of stuff, Roger is really the poison pill.

  120. Roger says:

    Alinsky, how many faces do you actually wear?

  121. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You can never have too much ammo. With nut job like you running free us Patriots need to be able to defend ourselves.

    This will be last comment to you today. Have fun stalking me and begging for attention

  122. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I only do that too you becasue you stalk me

  123. Rogre says:

    Nah, he doesn't "sick" anyone on you. You're just that much fun to toy with.

  124. Rogre says:

    Wrong, as usual. There really are a bunch of unrelated people who think you are a tool. Surely you can conceive of that.

  125. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He has called himslef a hero in the past. He ignores the fact that no one likes him.

  126. Rogre says:

    Is there a mirror near your computer?Perhaps that explains how you come up with these descriptions.

  127. Roger says:

    Alinsky, is it hard trying to bring this site down? Usually the moderators give up by now.

  128. Rogre says:

    That just gets funnier every time you say it!

    Go ahead, tell us again how anybody who favors decriminalizing pot automatically wants meth to be legal 'cause, you know, one can only have extreme beliefs.

  129. <?> says:

    Perhaps it the Lord that help them get to the Superbowl, showing us legalization's the way He wants us to go. After all, Satan doesn't have the power to create plants does he? I guess that means someone else created it. Is it up to you Roger to challenge the Lords creations as worthy creations or will you let man's law dictate that?

  130. Roger says:

    Why don't you pretend that you have something to say, then post a comment.

  131. Rogre says:

    Pretending to have something to say is kinda your "thing". I think I'll let you maintain exclusivity on that particular skill. Keep on amusing the world with your nonsense.

  132. Rogre says:

    It's a shame that your teachers weren't as patient with you.

  133. <?> says:

    ➀ The Lord created weed.
    ➁ Man wrote laws against it.

    Which one do you agree with? 1 or 2?
    Don't ask a question, just pick one. The time to choose is here.

  134. rogre says:

    Great point! Not everything The Lord created is useful. He created you, for example.

  135. <?> says:

    In other words Roger picked #2, 'man's fear of the Lords creation' Marijuana.
    Perhaps man should arrest God for the cultivation of Marijuana. Is that something you support? Obviously the Lord created it for man to put to use, just like many other plants. Why would you battle that? It seems your support the Lord is limited on this issue.

  136. Roger says:

    In other words you gave me two choices and thought you could trap me into agreeing with a flawed answer due to a lack of choice.

    I didn't agree with either. Didn't you admit to only being able to count to two since you gave me that many choices? I thought that's what you admitted to.

    See, that doesn't work so well. Don't put words in my mouth. Trolls like you aren't smart enough to pull it off.

  137. Rogre says:

    Well, I don't use illegal drugs (in my state, that includes pot) but I do consume beer and wine. I don't want that to be illegal so yes, I suppose I do defend alcohol as a legal drug. Do you?

  138. <?> says:

    Was the Lord wrong for creating it?

  139. <?> says:

    Anyways, I'm not an atheist and I do believe in God. And I believe he intended for man to have Mj with good intentions. That's where I'm at with that area of discussion. I enjoyed this chat, good day.

  140. whoknowsU says:

    Accusing others to be trolls again?
    How is your ship doing?
    Debating does not mean insulting, accusing, ridiculing,bashing the character of others, get that lither man Roger?
    Read Genesis and see what God has to say about plants.

  141. Freddie says:

    I stand corrected and humbled. All this time, I thought you were a useless waste of an imbecile. You always vaguely reminded me of someone. Finally, I figured it out. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SXjKv0VOjhA

    I just never knew you were an international star.

    We'll start calling you Freddie………

  142. Rogre says:

    I don't understand what you mean. Societal guidelines as defined b y what?

  143. whoknowsU says:

    You mean suicidal guidelines?

  144. whoknowsU says:

    How is your ship doing? Still stuck?

  145. Roger says:

    Why do you ask?

    Was the Lord wrong for creating killer whales?
    Everything has a place, but recreational use that increases stroke risks doesn't seem prudent to me.

  146. whoknowsU says:

    Did you talk to them to find out?

  147. whoknowsU says:

    Stuck in the mud?

  148. whoknowsU says:

    Derailing a comment again?

  149. whoknowsU says:

    You are bringing nothing important to this site.
    Drink some of your Nebraska TEA and get well.

  150. whoknowsU says:

    Are you losing control of this site?

  151. whoknowsU says:

    Do you believe everything you read?
    Well I had a good time here while having a good cup of coffee. It's back to work laying a laminate floor.
    See you later trolling grasshopper!

  152. Rogre says:

    Societal guidelines as defined by what? Or whom?

    I doesn't much matter – I think you probably know that you're avoiding a direct answer to the question whether you believe alcohol should be legal. Instead of answering, you'd rather revert to insults.

    At least I'm up front about it. I insult you upfront because you consistently demonstrate that you're not worthy of much else.

  153. Freddie says:

    His ship?

    Ship of Fools.

    Roger is the Skipper………..

  154. whoknowsU says:

    Are you building it?

  155. whoknowsU says:

    He is a fool alright.

  156. whoknowsU says:

    How are your spirits doing?
    Are they on that ship?

  157. whoknowsU says:

    You blabber anything just to have the last word.
    You said in the past that you are here to win. I got news for you, you are a loser.
    136,000 blurbs pretty soon. You should be proud.

  158. whoknowsU says:

    Yes, I have opinions. One of them is that you are a stalker and a troll..

  159. Jefferson says:

    Secure our border? Are you clueless. Secure our corrupt government first and forget the border, immigration is not destroying our country you idiot, america was founded on immigration! Our corrupt government is the problem, the private prisons are the problem. These businessmen/politicians at the highest level are the problem, our federal reserve is the problem. Roger probably still thinks we are on the gold standard and that the federal reserve is owned by the fed… News flash, if it was owned by the feds the reserve buildings wouldnt say private property, even the FED website says they dont own it. Stupid uninformed people like you are what needs to go first!

  160. Roger says:

    Securing the border would be a way of stopping the bleeding, the wound of corrupt government needs dealing with yes, but stopping the invasion of people who don't respect our rule of laws has to be done.

  161. WeeToddEdwards says:

    He is cluless and has come here to wreck the site. Just ignore his trolling

  162. Roger says:

    The side effects are secondary, the ability to predictably kill cancer is what matters.

  163. Roger says:

    All because it was a political exercise and not about winning.

  164. Roger says:

    And you seem to ignore all the cartel murders.

  165. WeeToddEdwards says:

    That is what weed can do without the side effects. Chemo kills people weed does not: http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/chemo-kills.html

  166. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Our war on drugs is the root cause of that

  167. Roger says:

    Those compounds are not in dependable amounts, double blind studies need to be done and then it needs to be refined so that it can be given in predictable amounts without the toxins and risks of marijuana.

    That's how you know what weed can do.

  168. Roger says:

    the open border is something we can fix, if they were serious about keeping out the violent cartels.

  169. WeeToddEdwards says:

    What risks of weed?
    The only toxins is when you smoke it, news flash ace, you don't have to smoke it and that will eliminate the toxins

  170. Roger says:

    And how does that add to the debate exactly?

    The founding fathers did want limited power with checks and balances, even if that comment is pulled over and over.

  171. Roger says:

    Stroke risks are elevated for one.

    smoking weed exposes you to more toxins than tobacco and unlike alcohol it's not water soluble but fat soluble so it hangs around in the system.

  172. WeeToddEdwards says:

    That is why I said you don't have to smoke it.

    Stroke risks are elevated for some (teenagers), but hey what do you have to lose when you are dying from cancer? You can have the chemo kill you or maybe have an elevated risk of stroke.

    I wouldf prefer and non harmful natural treatment like pot, then pure posion

  173. Roger says:

    And that's why I said you don't know the strength of the compounds that might or might not kill cancer. You have too many variables to provide predictable results.

    That's the problem with your claims.

  174. Roger says:

    And what dosage is dependable in any given pot plant?

    You can't address the issues I brought up, just throwing links up doesn't do it wee.

  175. Roger says:

    What is argued is that an altered mental outlook does cause problems and even if you just added up the effects of the binge eating after use might cause medical problems long term would counter those claims.

  176. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well you don't know anything about growing pot. It is a science and not easlity done. So I can't address the issued you brought up since you uniformed on the subject and you would not understand

  177. WeeToddEdwards says:

    What kind of problems? Who is arguing that? Just you?

  178. Roger says:

    Wee, in the past you have put yourself forward as a sort of expert on drugs.

    I realize you have a lot of biased propaganda pushing drugs (The British probably did the same leading up to the Opium wars) but let this open a new horizon for you.

  179. Roger says:

    And you haven't shown that the compound is found in a uniform amount or that the part of the plant with the compound is used in uniform amounts.

    What is predictable is that you will advocate for any recreational drugs, then ignore the bad that comes along with them.

    Have you figured out how to defend Meth yet?

  180. WeeToddEdwards says:

    That was all adressed in the links you had pulled a couple weeks ago

  181. Roger says:

    And your pretense of addressing it was dealt with in my comments your posse pulled.

  182. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Well I would rather have decreased motivation than cancer.

    Duh, that's all you got, decreased motivation for some long time users?

  183. WeeToddEdwards says:

    No, you just went ahead and had them pulled because they showed you were wrong.


  184. Roger says:

    Wee, you and your posse knows I don't pull my own comments. You know that. And if you want to lie about it then go for it. But it still isn't true.

    And there you go again, making insults over content.

    That's what trolls do.

    The opium wars should show you what a society struggling to survive does in the face of recreational drugs.

  185. Roger says:

    No, you want to have lowered motivation and you haven't shown that it would decrease cancer in any dependable way.

    You have shown that there is a compound in some unknown amount in marijuana that may or may not off set the higher risks of stroke and other issues. That isn't dependable in dosage in any given part of the plant.

    You have shown you want to push marijuana under any excuse.

  186. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You have one example but fail to look at the hundreds of countries were deciminlization has worked.

    Check Mate

    You are the kind of person who would pull your own comments and then cry that someone esle is doing it.

  187. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Marijuana for the most part is risk free. Decreaed motivation happens as you get older too. I have shown pot can kill cancer and the dosage really don't matter since you wil never OD or get sick from pot unlike chemo which kills as many people as cancer.

    Check Mate

  188. Roger says:

    Wee, what examples? Portugal? They are a great example of lowered motivation. Their economy is in shambles, at least 'lethargic' and they had to have an economic bail out. When you pull the motivation from any society that happens.

  189. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Maybe a non biased link would work, not an agency that profits from drug treatment. Of course they are biased

  190. WeeToddEdwards says:

    You can't show Portugals ecomony has anything to do with drugs. Amsterdam is a good example

  191. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Portugal is lazy because of the powerful christian movement there.

    Weed is illegal.

  192. WeeToddEdwards says:

    That's like saying the US economic bailout was caused by christians.

  193. Roger says:

    Wee, I showed it effects motivation and then that the country you use as an example has a lack of motivation in their economy.


    Can you show otherwise?

  194. Roger says:

    Can't you stay out of the way, wee is finally pretending to have an ongoing debate on an actual issue.

  195. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It is way to easy to destroy him in debate

  196. Roger says:

    You call any expert that has credibility as being biased. Knowing their issue does make them biased, in a credible way.

  197. Roger says:

    Nope, because Christians aren't prone to sitting around with a bag of munchies instead of being motivated.

    You may not like the connection between economic stagnation and drug using countries, but it is there.

  198. WeeToddEdwards says:

    From your link:
    While research suggests that cannabis use can induce an acute psychotic state, there is controversy about whether it may precipitate psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia" – See more at: http://www.psychiatrictimes.com/schizophrenia/can

    'Suggests" so it's not proven

  199. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Sorry. You should have put a Do Not Disturb sign up.

  200. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I posted a link that shows the cause of their ecomonic problems. The FACTS destroy your OPINION

  201. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I know many chriistians who smoke pot.

    I posted a link showing you are wrong

  202. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Most christians are big fat lazy losers that spend all day on the internet or watching Duck Dynasty.

  203. WeeToddEdwards says:

    So why not so the connection with a source?

  204. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Sorry, they profit from people who have issues.

    Did you even read the link you posted?
    "Some previous research has suggested that using cannabis might trigger psychosis in some people, especially those who may be vulnerable because of a family history of related mental illnesses or specific gene mutations.

    But the evidence has been unclear. For example, one recent study from the Netherlands found it's equally possible that people prone to psychosis may be more likely to smoke pot, possibly as a way of "self-medicating" (see Reuters Health article of December 25, 2012, here: reut.rs/1d7aIvU")

  205. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Does he watch Duck Dynasty?

  206. Roger says:

    Not at all.

    Wee, a lack of motivation leads to the things your story mentions.

    The facts are that a lack of motivation leads to all sorts of dependency and liberal approaches to the state dealing with problems you're too stoned to face.

  207. Roger says:

    You should put up a 'stop and think' sign.

  208. Roger says:

    It's easy to point out why your claims to do so are empty and just as small as you are.

  209. Roger says:

    Then they aren't following the teachings of Christ about rendering to caesar the things that are ceasar's. Unless it's legal where they smoke it, they are in error.

  210. Roger says:

    Does he lie about that as much as you both lie about all things Christian?

    You muslim friendly trolls just couldn't stick to the topic.

  211. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    He likes "Arrow "a lot for some reason.

  212. Roger says:

    More proven then your claims it stops cancer.

  213. Roger says:

    Wee, whether they profit or not isn't an issue.

    That's like Saying GM can't make comments on cars since they profit from it.

    Wee, you just can't admit that there are risks and side effects. Why you are so invested in recreational drugs makes me curious.

  214. Roger says:

    So, why not admit when people aren't motivated they depend on the state to fix things, a solution that never works.

  215. whoknowsU says:

    As long as you guys keep replying to Roger, he will stay around forever.
    Apparently this is what you guys want. I'm out.

  216. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You took my joke and made it unfunny.

    Try doing your own work instead of stealing and asking for handouts like the churches do.

  217. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Except it always works.

  218. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Links or sources?

  219. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Where is your evidence to show Portugals problems are from decrimilization?

  220. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I used links and sources to back up my claims

  221. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Didn't your false messiah give all the seeds bearing plants and herbs to use?

    You are not following the teachings either

  222. WeeToddEdwards says:


  223. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Good point

  224. Roger says:

    And if they don't then I can think about quality comments.

    The dreck they insist on discussing lowers the bar a lot.

  225. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I want Roger to infest as many conservative web sites he can.

    Hilary 2016.

  226. Roger says:

    Were is your evidence that a lack of motivation isn't contributing towards their economic issues?

  227. WeeToddEdwards says:

    I posted links to facts where it shows it kills cancer cells

  228. Roger says:

    I just pointed out the obvious. And no, I don't think you're funny.

  229. Roger says:

    And I did as well.

    You have your agenda, and you push it regardless.

  230. Roger says:

    And for diseases with wasting and glaucoma many states have ways of doing that legally.

  231. Roger says:

    Wee, you two just can't quite debate the issue at hand, why are you both here?

    Oh, we all know that. The posse is determined to toy with this site and diminish it.

  232. WeeToddEdwards says:

    It is an issue. GM slams other car companies to make their product look better. Drug Abuse centers have to show their products work no matter what. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/23/health/23reha.h

  233. Roger says:

    Tell that to the farmers under Lenin, or the peasants under Mao.

  234. WeeToddEdwards says:

    We need to ignore him. He is wrecking the site. I am going to.

  235. WeeToddEdwards says:

    And I showed in the links you posted where it supported my side

  236. Roger says:

    But it didn't discuss the issues I just brought up.

    You do that a lot.

  237. Roger says:

    Of course not. Profits are a sign of success. It's just you troll tactics to discredit anyone you disagree with.

  238. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Then why did you steal my joke again?

  239. Roger says:

    Why did you respond again when you had nothing to add?

  240. Roger says:

    You claimed it. And I explained why you were wrong.

    Wee, you small little man. You never seem to rise to the level of proof that you demand from everyone else.

  241. Roger says:

    Wee, you just need to make sense. But I doubt that will happen as you sit at your work terminal pushing towards you daily quota of comments.

  242. Roger says:

    Wee, you've tried ignoring the obvious, and how that plays out.

  243. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I did add something. I pointed out you stole my joke a again.

  244. WeeToddEdwards says:

    What issues? You don't know anything about growing pot. So you would not understand or you would not have made the unifomred comment

  245. WeeToddEdwards says:

    Of course you ignored the link

  246. whoknowsU says:

    The problem is you are helping him. Ignore that troll.
    That is where he gets his daily fix. He is an addict.

  247. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I'll tell it too the sweat shops and sex slave victims in all the counties that adopt Capitalism.

  248. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    Yes, I like to help him destroy conservative sites.

  249. Roger says:

    Your joke was only funny to the posse and even then I would imagine it's more funny with a bag of munchies and a lot of pot induced giggles going on.

  250. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    You stole it. You stole it because you are not funny on your own.

  251. Roger says:

    Wee, it's not unknown that when you don't have scientific research it's an unknown. You have shown a promising but incomplete study on a compound that didn't have information on where in the plant the compound is concentrated, if any exist. Or how strong it is in the natural state or how to refine it or what strengths are most therapeutic.

    Deal with it.

    Your agenda doesn't trump facts.

  252. Roger says:

    Wee, profits aren't an issue on expertise.

    Profits are a sign of success.

    Your agenda doesn't trump facts.

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