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Does The Fourth Amendment Still Exist?

Does the Fourth Amendment still protect US citizens from unlawful searches and seizures? When considering the recent Boston lockdown and the House-approved CISPA bill, the answer may surprise you. 

One of the largest threats to liberty within the United States and elsewhere can be found in injustices that are actually supported by the people themselves. You see, when a media campaign is behind an event like the Boston manhunt, it becomes more of a patriotic event than anything else. The Boston bombing suspects represent terrorism and anti-American ideology, and the Boston police force are the heroes who hunted them down amid the lockdown.

Media narratives like these, which can be found behind many such events, can actually lead the population to cheer on the erosion of their own rights. In fact, my previous article detailing the extent to which police and military would enter private homes at gunpoint led to aggressive hate mail. Some readers called me anti-American, and others called me obscenities for daring to post the video of cops entering the private home at gunpoint. Now to be clear, I understand how brave many police officers are in tracking down dangerous suspects and risking their lives — that is very courageous.

What is unacceptable, however, is for officers to go against the Constitution they swore to uphold. For that, we need to start speaking up.

Boston Lockdown Sets the Precedent to Ignore Your Rights

fourth amendment bostonThe reality is that during the Boston lockdown, which was really martial law to the fullest extent, sets a powerful precedent for what can go on during a police investigation. Remember, that’s actually what it was. Dzhokar Tsarnaev was a suspect in the Boston bombings case. And during this investigation/manhunt, police deployed a full arsenal of equipment to track down the 19-year-old. From mine-resistant vehicles used in Afghanistan, to military on the streets, a sizable army soon occupied the streets of the city and nearby suburbs.

One Politico article articulates the precedent of this scenario well, the title of which asks the question as to whether or not city-wide lockdowns are now the ‘new norm’.  And the answer to the question is likely ‘yes’. The difference is that next time the police may not have the backing of the people in their endeavor  — but does it matter? Now that Boston police have succeeded without a hitch in shutting down an entire city to pursue a single suspect through warrantless home searches, what’s to stop other major cities from engaging in the same practices?

What’s to stop other police agencies from entering homes at gun points to check for dangerous suspects? The Politico article asks the question as well, writing:

“And one of the most unsettling questions is whether the violence-related lockdown of a major U.S. city — an extraordinary moment in American history — sets a life-altering precedent.”

Quite frankly, nothing is stopping them — expect the Fourth Amendment. A powerful set of rules that are above any legislation placed into law by politicians, or excuses made by police. The problem is it’s up to the population if they will choose to hold up the Fourth Amendment, or simply allow for it to trampled underfoot by those who wish to pretend it does not exist. Remember what Benjamin Franklin said, in a chilling statement that seems to foreshadow the current state of our nation (and the world):

“He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security.” – Benjamin Franklin

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  1. it does but no one seems to care. good piece

  2. "understand how brave many police officers are in tracking down dangerous suspects and risking their lives — that is very courageous."

    This is cowardly. They knew they were never in any real danger.
    1) The "suspects" were planted agents. The FBI and police knew exactly where they were and what they would do.

    2) With all the guns the cops had, they were never afraid. They are chicken sh*ts.

    3) This was a clear violation of the 4th amendment, and the government didn't care. They created fear in the public so that they would ignore this violation.

    This was a test to see how the public would react to martial law, and the people got on their knees and opened wide.

    • Yes, it was a test and we failed, or passed, depending on who one is talking to. Add Boston home invasions to the home invasions and gun confiscations in New Orleans and you get the death of the 4th Amendment and a complete Police State. That is where we are. JWC

  3. Total insanity!

  4. We have a US military that doesn't know or care about our Constitutional rights. They enlist criminals and allow them to violate human rights daily. These are they guys protecting us?

  5. Bush did more then that ,he suspended the legal system after Sept 11,the question is if the constitution and the legal system did work since the creation of the USA why now it is under attack .

  6. All the U.S. police state needs is 'probable cause', which they can always find, or make up.

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  8. All the ten amendments should still exist, not necessarily under the old approach, but within the civilization core and the generic code of conduct for humankind. People ask for professional advice from representatives these days, because they are skeptical about their peer still holding on to the ten amendments. So it is their fair right to stay safe and protect themselves and their families.

  9. Come to think of it, the amendments have represented the very bases of the human legal background and frame. Because, as much as any other law today that would invoke, the amendments involved the strict need for compliance, which is what the legislative system is also doing today.

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