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DHS Official Behind Gun and Ammo Purchasing Calls for White Genocide, Race War

A DHS official whose very role at the agency is to ‘procure guns and ammunition’, of which the organization has purchased a large number of weapons and billions of rounds, has been openly calling on his black supremacist website for the ‘great race war’ and the death of white Americans.

war-on-the-horizon-dhsEven the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLW) has acknowledge DHS employee Ayo Kimathi and his website as ‘anti-white’, which sports the name ‘War is on the Horizon’ and has been taken down following press coverage. And this is the man who, on record according to the reports, as the man who works primarily on the purchase of guns and ammunition for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Ammunition and weapons that he believes will be used for the coming race war.

The story has received very little coverage considering the depth to which it displays the true state of our federal government and its employees. The initial report was obtained by Storyleak via a news tip directed towards the website.

But the best part here is that the DHS was apparently fully aware of the website, and Kimathi somehow got away with telling them that his black supremacist site called ‘War is on the Horizon’ was an ‘entertainment site that sells concert videos’. We’re talking about the agency that runs the TSA’s genital searches and censors the Constitution being entirely incapable of noticing that an openly aggressive black supremacist website that calls for the death of virtually all whites may not be a site that sells concert videos.

‘Kill A Lot of Whites’

Among calls for the race war that is ‘on the horizon’ and to begin preparations against the entire white race, Kimathi warns against an “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.” But that’s just the beginning of Kimathi’s writings on how the white race needs to be obliterated in the near future. In an article on racial cleansing, Kimathi writes:

“Warfare is eminent, and in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites.”

This article and all of the others are signed with the phrase ‘we’ll see you on the battlefield’. Kimathi is apparently an advocate of killing anyone who even mates with white people, even gays who choose to be with white men or women.

The best part? Kimathi may be able to keep his job as a purchaser of ammunition and weapons for the DHS — weapons that he believes, as I mentioned, will be used in the race war to kill white men, women, and children. According to the report from Fox:

“While many of the postings on Kimathi’s site are inflammatory, it was not immediately clear whether they cross the legal threshold into unprotected hate speech, and the posts may not violate DHS policies if he does not curate the website at work or espouse the ideologies in the office.”

The DHS has already purchased billions of rounds of ammunition, but that may just be the beginning. The associated press has revealed plans for the agency to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition spanned across the next 4 or 5 years, with 1.5 billion rounds purchased in 2012 alond with 360,000 hollow point bullets.

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  1. Sounds like the black version of Hal Turner. Who was found out to be working for the FBI as an agent provocateur.

  2. Seems the site is still up and running, albeit suffering from heavy server load and causing brown-outs at times.

  3. I second that, wow. I particularly like the part where he says, “We are mandated by our Creator to return to our proper status as rulers of this world.” And then hails the pagan deity Amen Ra. I guess King Barry is a step in the right direction, if you’re INSANE.

  4. Yay! I'm so glad the DHS is protecting me. Thanks Obushma! I'll sleep better tonight 🙂

  5. So, the Southern Poverty Law Center is reporting on it. This immediately leads me to believe that it has some propaganda value. Then I see that Fox slipped the "unprotected HATE SPEECH" terminology into its report;…and there you have at least one potential angle.

    They're really pushing this concept of "hate speech" these days, getting people used to the idea that engaging in this vague and subjective "form" of speech (which will ultimately be judged by government) should not be allowed. As far as I'm concerned, it's just another dangerous power grab. There are already laws against advocating violence…they can fire him for that. (Unless, of course, they WANT HIM doing what he's doing…as another poster wrote, because he's an "agent provocateur.")

  6. AMUN- AMerican UNderground

  7. If blacks start killing whites who will pay for their food stamps, welfare checks and unemployment insurance. not to mention all the other benefits they receive from the government paid for mostly by white tax payers.

  8. “Warfare is eminent, and in order for black people to survive the 21st century, we are going to have to kill a lot of whites.”

    You know what that means white people are going to have to do to survive…

    • You are missing the point. This guy is a plant. The government wants a war. People who buy into this are giving Obama exactly what he wants. This is EEO all races are welcome to apply. This is how they achieve extinction of vast numbers of humans.

  9. The State promotes hate.

    The elites targeted and destroyed blacks. Blacks were the test case. If you want to know what the elites have in mind for you, just look what they did to the black man in this country. White, yellow, brown… you’re next.

    They’ll destroy your family, your self-respect, your independence and your humanity. They want you dumbed-down and dependent so you can be controlled and eliminated at their whim.

    • Elites didn't destroy the black man in this country. Black man destroyed himself and they're so ignorant they're destroying civilization.

      • He is talking about the destruction of the family smarta$$. In that respect he is right. They were better off before the introduction of the "Great society schemes" that destroyed the family when the government decided to meddle in their affairs and replace the husband with the State and inject feminism. Now the rest are on the loop and you can easily see what's happening to the family in the U.S., to the WHITE family.

      • Disagree with you there, Frans. The government has created a permanent underclass with its entitlement programs, and marketed them heavily in lower-income neighborhoods, perpetuating the slavery.

    • Food for thought, Godfrey. Thank you.

  10. This guys merely a tool. The bigger picture is "divide and rule". The elites want racial tensions. It is exactly what the British did in Africa. Set tribe A against tribe B while you rob the region and its people of wealth.

  11. It’s never clear, when it comes to people of color, if it’s a “hate crime” or “hate speech.” And the “mind” behind all of this wants not only the destruction of certain groups of people, but ALL of humanity. That is the real enemy.

  12. What a sickening and overtly ignorant website, made me puke!

  13. Amnswer me just one question: why is not DHS employee Ayo Kimathi fired immediately?! Surely he will be shortly.

  14. Can’t we just get this whole race war on? The explanation by this government for this racists behavior tells me that they are going to support this racist wanna-be killing machine. This government will arrest citizens for “espousing their ideologies outside of work” unless of course you are willing to kill whites for them. then you are welcomed into the club. Let’s give him his wish. Bring it on! ” Extremists” like me have been preparing a very long time. Reject tyranny and this racist government led by this racist President and his wife.

  15. This is really funny stuff for several reasons!

    1) To begin, with many 'blacks' are too busy denigrating and murdering each other
    to have time to entertain such thinking. (50% of victims of homicide are young
    black males in the United States! (Guess whose doing them down?)

    2) The rest are too busy wallowing in self-hate and trying desperately to be ' white'
    so that they can "make it', to be other than horrified by the very idea.

    3) Thirteen percent of a population have never dominated the majority with the
    exception of the Rothshild Jews in Europe and the Afrikaners in South Africa!

    That this guy fashions himself a modern day Denmark Vessey, Nat Turner, or Gabriel Prosser is cruelly humorous, food stamps, welfare, and other crippling handouts not withstanding. Only in America!


    • What they want is to be rich, so they don't end up having to work for a living. I know this because i live amongs them. They don't want to end up like middle american work slaves.

  16. createdinhisimage

    extremist that have no regard for life whether black, white or yellow should be put on notice and treated as an enemy to the human race..

  17. This stuff is funny and will no doubt be
    going on for ever or at least not until
    certain people change their thinking in this ‘modern democracy’.

    There are several reasons that underlay
    the comedy in this plan:

    1) Blacks themselves, especially the young males, though only 13% of the population comprise fifty percent of victims of violent crime here. They
    just don’t have time to do anything
    about whites, they’re too busy offing
    each other!

    2) Any of a number of others are also
    busy, trying desperately to be ‘white’
    so that they can ‘make it’ and would
    be horrified by such thinking.

    3) Minorities don’t dominate! Exception, the Rothschild Jews in Europe and the Afrikaners in South Africa.

    What is so cruelly humorous is that this
    guy apparently fashions himself as a
    modern day Nat Turner, Gabriel Prosser,
    or Denmark Vessey food stamps, welfare,
    and other crippling handouts not with-
    standing. Only in America!


  18. superflywhitebread

    Huh, so I'm mixed race, I wonder if I should just sit on the fence and see who wins this? Complete nonsense and makes a play at our most base emotions and bias. People are incredible, and mostly stupid, lying in ignorance and want, both of which feed off of and propagate each other. Hatred is the only thing that devours its own container. Pax aut bellum, MOLON LABE!

    • and who was stupid and not self sufficient ? who had to steal someone else's religion and use it for global crimes against all humanity? who had to steal looting colored peoples resources and raw materials? who rewrites history with lies! who colonized 90% of the globe and are illegal occupants? who invented racism,fascism,colonialism,imperialism,sexism,classism, jim crows law???? gee I wonder……….

  19. See you on the battlefield apes

  20. This whole race war is soooo stupid. The truth is that in order for their NWO to happen, there needs to be major civil unrest. I would also like to point out that I am black and was born in some Cleveland project.

    Growing was fun and tough. But a lot of stuff is blamed on white people for no reason.

    What ” they” are trying to do is start a race war. Honestly not to disrespect to the true.Aryan race, but this whole thing is based on civil unrest so we would soon be begging for ultra strict rules and then to martial law, when we have no rights. For this to be done, something major needs to happen, and since white people are proven to be more of a threat to this crap, their intentions is to off you guys.

    What.they are doing to make this happen as we already heard of the Trayvon Martin case, is what they do across seas. Join to different races together either by force or manipulation, and rise tention so they can be the “helping hand”. If you guys know what happen in Africa with there bloody war, there trying the best to implement it here.

  21. It is NOT about black vs. white. It is the Will vs. the Will Not. Those who WILL work for a living, parent their own children, do their civic duty, be a good neighbor, follow the Constitution, respect others Vs. those who WILL NOT. That there is a disproportionate number of black WILL NOTs is due to fatherless homes. It's not about being black. There are plenty of black WILLs and plenty of white WILL NOTs.

  22. I remember a guy who tried to start a race war years ago. He called it Helter Skelter. Anyone remember Charlie Manson?

  23. this is great news! it's about time whites get what they deserve. why did they come to America ILLEGALLY! whites have been illegal since 1492 its time to wipe these pests out for good. whites are a nuissance and a thief to all humans on the planet who have color. its time whites get killed.

  24. I wish all the ignorant race bating extremists just STFU,your actual numbers on both amount to nothing NO race war period.

  25. We’re talking about the agency that runs the TSA’s genital searches and censors the Constitution being entirely incapable of noticing that an openly aggressive black supremacist website that calls for the death of virtually all whites may not be a site that sells concert videos.

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