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DHS ‘Constitution Free’ Zones Inside US Ignored By Media

In what should be front page news blasted out nationwide as a breaking news alert, the DHS has openly established extensive ‘Constitution free zones’ in which your Fourth Amendment does not exist. 

It’s not ‘conspiracy’ and it’s not fraud, the DHS has literally created an imaginary ‘border’ within the United States that engulfs 100 miles from every single end of the nation. Within this fabricated ‘border’, the DHS can search your electronic belongings for no reason. We’re talking about no suspicion, no reasonable cause, nothing. No reason whatsoever is required under their own regulations. The DHS is now above the Constitution under their own rules, and even Wired magazine authors were amazed at the level of pure tyranny going on here.

This ‘border’ even includes where the US land meets oceans in addition to legitimate borders with Mexico and Canada. As a result, you have over 197 million citizens suffocated in these 100 mile ‘border zones’ that include major cities like New York City, Houston, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Checkout the graphic below for a visual representation, with the orange area representing the Constitution free zone as designated by the DHS:

An ACLU image showing 'Constitution free border zones'.

What’s even more amazing, is that this has been going on since 2008. That’s about 5 years of absolute unconstitutional abuse of power by the Department of Homeland Security that the media fails to even document. That’s 197 million citizens living without a Constitution as far as the DHS is concerned, and apparently the Department of Justice (DOJ) must be pretty content too. Amazingly, no one has challenged this besides the ACLU, which was contacted following the case of a man who was actually detained within the 100 mile ‘border’ area.

Not only was this man’s laptop searched for no reason, as is ‘allowed’ under DHS code now, but they ended up finding pictures designated to be linked up with ‘terrorist’ groups. In response, the man was thrown in a cell while DHS agents went through every piece of data on his entire laptop. The ACLU is now suing over this event, but there’s no telling how the case will go with such limited media exposure. The DHS is literally gutting the Constitution and declaring itself higher than the law of the land by doing this, and it spells out major trouble for the entire Bill of Rights at large.

DHS Dismisses Constitution, Bill of Rights

Because if the DHS can simply ‘overrule’ the Fourth Amendment for 197 million citizens, it can also ‘overrule’ the First and Second Amendments as well. What’s stopping them? It’s highly illegal under the Constitution, but it appears they truly don’t care. And to demonstrate just how little they truly care, they have even gone and ‘reviewed’ themselves for their own actions following outcry from some legal experts.

To break it down: back in 2008 there was outrage from those who actually value the Constitution and understand how the bloated DHS entity works, so the DHS promised to prove within 120 days that what they were doing was constitutional and legal. Years later, the report came out to reveal that the DHS actually reviewed itself and determined that it was acting 100% properly. It also founds that everything it was doing was ‘constitutional’ because it was not actually removing the Constitution from United States soil, only the ‘border’.

The ‘border’ that expands 100 miles and includes 197 million people.

This news should be on the front page of every single news organization in the world, but the sad reality is that it’s not. It’s up to the alternative news, the real news, to report on this. It’s up to me to make videos about this, it’s up to the alternative news to syndicate it out, and it’s up to you to share this. It’s time to reclaim our Constitution and tell the DHS we won’t live in Constitution free zones any longer.

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  1. Anthony, this should be on every news site in the world and the #1 post online. I myself will be sharing.

    • The Department of Homeland Security is not doing anything useful to protect us. Instead they turn this country into a police state. This article should be presented in every major magazine in this country.

  2. Wow, the arrogance of tyranny is at work 24/7. Thanks for this great report, Anthony.

  3. I read the report and did not find any references to a 100-mile border zone anywhere. Could someone please let me know where in the report I would find this?

  4. Time to disestablish this entity! I distrusted the establishment of the DHS and the Patriot Act when it was passed into law and am afraid for the safety of this great nation if this spawns enough discontent to start a revolution.

  5. Wired posted the report here, Peter B -

  6. international airports

    This includes international airports

  7. @Peter Bell:

    § 287 (a) (3) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, 66 Stat. 233, 8 U.S.C. § 1357(a)(3), which simply provides for warrantless searches of automobiles and other conveyances “within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States,” as authorized by regulations to be promulgated by the Attorney General. The Attorney General’s regulation, 8 CFR § 287.1, defines “reasonable distance” as “within 100 air miles from any external boundary of the United States.”

    Here is the link to that section of the Immigration and Nationality Act:

    • ALL LAWS "MUST" be in favor of freedom and the fartherest of freedom,any other law is null and void,to bad no one taught your kids that,AND THE AG,hes a bad joke on america,anything he does is ILLEGAL and that should be clear to americans,the GOVERNMENT has gone WAY BEYOND any power they had,their ALL GUILTY OF TREASON,if you pay any attention to their BOGAS LAWS,its because your a suck ass or a peterpan commie……………………

  8. Very misleading head line. this only has to do with electronic devices. Your rights are not “stripped” 100 miles from the border.

    • ever hear of the fourth amendment bro?

    • Right, they just want to dig through your most personal communications and then if they find something "questionalbe" (by their definition), they can detain you indefinately while they search your body cavities… No, they're not stripping you of your rights.

  9. Yes many of us have been fighting these checkpoints for quite a while. However understand that this predates DHS.

    There was a court-case in the 70’s I believe that established that BORDER PATROL could ‘operate’ within 100 miles of the border.

    But last time I checked the word ‘operate’ didn’t mean you could set up suspicion-less checkpoints. But they go forth under a different assumption.

    When DHS comes into play it gets worse, because they have no regard for the 100 mile border perimeter and have been known to set up checkpoints wherever they please.

  10. Oh, and don't forget, all International Airports are considered Internation Boarders, therefore, I also live in the Constitution Free zone because I live 90 miles from Salt Lake international Airport

  11. Un-Constitutional laws are not laws at all, and are not to be obeyed, civil disobedience is the only last resort Americans have, and it IS legal. I am a MAN, not a possesion of any other man!

  12. Dead Man Walking

    F#@KING Amazing!!
    However I'm sure most of us are not surprised
    I would liken this to the canary dropping in the coal mine as in regards to NDAA

    How much smoke to you need to see before you realize Amerika is engulfed in flames

    This 100 mile border will increase in size, like the frog in the water analogy

    Total control through incremental warfare [Death By A 1000 Cuts]

  13. Comparison to Nazi pre-war SS and East German Stasi is just too hard to avoid…

  14. The border works both ways, albeit the newer sophisticated techniques of an electronic border. The east German border was tangible, and like all things humanly perceivable, if you can't see it or believe it doesn't effect you, then why worry about it. Apart from that the government is a benign institution that has our best interests at heart. If you are thinking of exiting without paying your taxes or fees be aware that there are ways to track your exit plan, apart from that where are you going to go that doesn't acknowledge you are the property of the US government as is your productivity or interest bearing value. You can buy yourself out, if you have the money or are willing to negotiate your patriation to another master..

    • This is a very strange law that they choose to adopt. There are some human rights that aren't taken in consideration with this constitution free zone. We are not in a time of war and there aren't so many bad things happening in this world. As a citizen you should stay informed and you can check in order to stay connected to the latest information regarding national security.

  15. Get a copy of the book “When A Nation Forgets God” by Dr. Erwin Lutzer, pastor of the Moody Church in Chicago. Subtitle: 7 Lessons We Must Learn From Nazi Germany. The parallels are astonishing. If you have not yet given your heart to Jesus Christ, you need to before it’s too late. Then share the Gospel with as many as possible!God has blessed America…can Amerika
    bless God?

  16. The jurisdiction of the federal government is Washington D.C. Ten miles square as per the Constitution. So any federal law, statute, code, regulation, department or agency is out of it's jurisdiction when operating out side of those boundaries.

  17. aWrinkledThought

    I'd like to shed some light on this. Its been going on long before 2008! I've lived where its been going on since the late 1970;s. Go check out this bit of information, its where this DHS stuff was developed:

  18. INA Act 287
    (3) within a reasonable distance from any external boundary of the United States, to board and search for aliens any vessel within the territorial waters of the United States and any railway car, aircraft, conveyance, or vehicle, and within a distance of twenty-five miles from any such external boundary to have access to private lands, but not dwellings for the purpose of patrolling the border to prevent the illegal entry of aliens into the United States;

    Sec. 287.1 Definitions. The term "reasonable distance," as used in section 287(a) (3) of the Act, means within 100 air miles from any external boundary of the United States……..

  19. What of international airports? Draw 100 mile radius circles around all of these on your map, too.

  20. I think they want to track each and everything, that is not in the access. That is not good.

  21. The constitution free zone looks like it is not right and I live within these zones. I think I will relocate very soon in the near future.

  22. All Federal power is derived from the US Constitution. A so-called 'Constitution-free Zone' mandating 'no Constitutional rights' would automatically also mean 'no Constitutional DHS powers'. No 'rights' = no 'powers'; but it's all a 'fiction' in the first place, as there is no such thing as a 'Constitution-free Zone'.

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  25. This is what I just realized. US Constitution gives US government powers so if they made these constitution free zones Federal laws and courts have no authority, Can’t impose any taxes, and no federal law officer has any right to detain you if you live within any of this zones your not even a citizen of the US. They don’t even have the power to reverse the decision either.

  26. IF this is correct, then Americans have a constitution – YES – if those are constitution free zones, it means the rest is NOT! Something to feel better about at least.

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  28. Wired posted the report here, click here to see more:

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  32. It’s up to me to make videos about this, it’s up to the alternative news to syndicate it out, and it’s up to you to share this. It’s time to reclaim our Constitution and tell the DHS we won’t live in Constitution free zones any longer.

  33. Not only was this man’s laptop searched for no reason, as is ‘allowed’ under DHS code now, but they ended up finding pictures designated to be linked up with ‘terrorist’ groups. In response, the man was thrown in a cell while DHS agents went through every piece of data on his entire laptop.

  34. bueno vaya control del sitio en si esto lo podemos hacer antes o temprano es lo mismo

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  37. All Government energy is produced from the US Structure. A so-called 'Constitution-free Zone' mandating 'no Constitutional rights' would instantly also mean 'no Constitutional DHS powers'. No 'rights' = no 'powers'; but it's all a 'fiction' in the first position, as there is no such factor as a 'Constitution-free Zone'.
    official statement

  38. Thank you for writing this. It’s motivating.

  39. Very amazing updates.
    thank you for sharing.

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