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Detroit Police Assault Reporter for Questioning City Council Member

A reporter was assaulted by Detroit police officers at a community meeting Tuesday night after daring to question a city council member.

Fox 2 News Headlines

Attemping to confront city councilman George Cushingberry Jr. regarding a recent scandal, Fox 2’s Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter M.L. Elrick was shoved and manhandled by two Detriot police officers assigned to council security.

Despite peacefully talking to several council members as they arrived, Elrick was pushed out of the way only for the arrival of Cushingberry, leading Elrick to believe the assault was preplanned.

“What are you doing!? What are you doing!?” Elrick asked the officers.

An officer identified as Sgt. Robert Mitchell can be seen smiling following the assault, appearing to hold in laughter as Cushingberry briskly walks past the altercation.

Unsurprisingly, Mitchell justifies his unprovoked assault to Elrick by claiming he is “just doing his job,” although unable to cite the authority to do so.

“My job is to not let you get in my way,” Mitchell says.

Incredibly, Mitchell even goes on to push his forearm into Elrick while claiming he himself is being touched instead, a tactic often used by corrupt officers.

Claiming to enter a “secure area,” Mitchell eventually leaves the building, unwilling to answer Elrick’s questions.

Only three years prior, investigative journalist Steve Neavling, who recently exposed Detroit officers humiliating a mentally ill man on camera, was sent to the emergency room after being assaulted by council security as well.

Cushingberry has seemingly attempted to avoid media since last week when he was pulled over with an empty alcohol container, marijuana, a cup full of alcohol, no license and an expired registration. Unsurprisingly again, Cushingberry was let off with only a ticket despite initially attempting to flee the scene.

“Certainly, when you look at the totality, when you look at the public safety issues, when you look at the violations, it tends to suggest that the councilman was given preferential treatment,” Detroit Police Chief James Craig said.

It was also announced Monday that Cushingberry’s law license would be revoked for 45 days beginning Feb. 18 due to a conflict with a former client. According to reports, Cushingberry agreed to give legal council to a man several years ago, but instead took a $500 payment without providing any service, costing the man tens of thousands of dollars.

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  1. "A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference." Thomas Jefferson

  2. Good ole Detriot. When are people going to learn, especially African Americans, that the big government is not your friend. It is designed to keep you down. Detriot has been practicing big government for a long time and look where it has led them, bankruptcy and a police state.

    Maybe it is time you all start voting with some Common Sense.

    • Meet Allan Hill, the man who lives In Detroit's abandoned Packard Auto Plant

    • Big government is what that city needed, but didn't get. Instead the government let the corporations rule and destroy it.

      But I don't blame fiscal conservatives lying and trying to blame government like they always do.

      • What is the difference between big labor and big government Alinsky?

        Detriot's labor unions destroyed the city. We all know how nice and honest those people are. Labor unions are very similar to super PACs, and you have already admitted that super PACs are bad.

        • Support:

          I don't care about the Republicans but I do want to illustrate that unions are PACs.

        • Nope. The labor unions kept people from being slaves. So the corporations took the jobs to Mexico and China to use those people as slaves.

          Nothing better for America than a labor union.

          • Alinsky, you cannot tell me that big labor, big government, and big business are any different from one another. In fact they are one in the same.

            So how can you support big labor and big government when you hate big business?

          • I can and I did tell you that big labor and big government are different than big business.

            Stop trying to make like they are the same. You did the same false statement when you siad Democrats and Republicans are the same.

          • So big business enslaves and big labor liberates? Why do I have to pay fees to join a union then? Why does my union encourage me to vote a certain way?

            As far as D's and R's being the same, I think you misunderstood me. I am referring to people in government, especially in positions of high power. The Pelosi, McCain, King, Reid types. Let me be clear, I DO NOT think all R's and D's think and vote the same.

          • The Detroit News' Henry Payne writes President Obama bailed out the auto industry, but he's giving Detroit the "cold shoulder." The reason? Detroit votes Democrat no matter what and the United Auto Workers union is a major player on the national level.

            As in the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies, Detroit public employee pensions are a concern. But they are local political players, say experts, and not enough of a concern to warrant intervention from a Democratic president. The UAW was a different matter in the auto bailouts because automakers are major employers of a special interest crucial to national Democratic Party fundraising and grassroots support. In 2012, for example, the UAW gave $12 million to Democratic super PACs.

            ***Quote from: http://www.mlive.com/news/detroit/index.ssf/2013/

          • Henry Payne is lying. and should stick to his bad cartoons…

          • Quote from your link Alinsky:

            “Obama has been barnstorming the country this week, talking about his economic plans he unveiled in the State of the Union Address, including calling on Congress to hike the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, extend emergency unemployment benefits, ******approve fast-track authority for trade deals and boost infrastructure spending.***** He visited a Maryland Costco, a U.S. Steel plant near Pittsburgh and a GE Gas Engines facility in Wisconsin, among other stops.”

            Trans Pacific Partnership ring any bells Alinsky? Does that support big business? What about big labor?

            Seems like O is playing both sides!

    • You're implying an informed voting constituency. Not gonna happen. Also, Detroit is what a Banana Republic looks like. Governor installs a Mgr and removes locally elected reps. Jesus, we are so hosed.

  3. New world order is in control.

  4. Firing the scumbags involved is the first step. Then sue their asses off. Effen troglodytes. Get off my planet morons!

  5. Detroit the well- fare City Affirmative Action finest… ,,,,

  6. A plan from the Illinois Department of Public Health was unveiled yesterday proposing how medical marijuana can be grown, sold, and purchased. (Posted Janaury 23, 2014) By Robert McCoppin, Tribune reporter

    Patients who want to qualify for medical marijuana in Illinois would have to be fingerprinted for a background check and pay $150 a year — and give up their right to own a gun, state officials proposed Tuesday.

  7. Good ole Detriot. When are people going to learn, especially African Americans, that the big government is not your friend. It is designed to keep you down. Detriot has been practicing big government for a long time and look where it has led them, bankruptcy and a police state.

  8. that the big government is not your friend.

  9. Our founding fathers were treated like this, we know how that ended.

  10. Funny where you decided to start that video. If you were standing in the way of a protection detail and blocking the entrance you deserved to be moved and probably KNEW you would be. Scummy way to create a story man.

  11. "A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference." Thomas Jefferson

  12. We need the justice system to dispense justice, and local people to recall any corrupt DA's or city councils.

  13. They have and are drunk on power! This is what happens when as Ben Franklin was quoted as saying, 'They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

    He had it right!

  14. Here is my source for quotes. I run across some with no copyrighted sites saying the quotes fake from non copyrighted sites that they use. Go figure!

    Happy hunting and reading, you can learn allot about someone from their quotes alone.

    Copyright © 2001 – 2014 BrainyQuote®

  15. What if it is self defense?

  16. Those laws do not apply to an out of control police officer. If a cop is wrongfully attacking me I cannot defend myself, instead I am expected to lay there like a dog and let them do what they want. If I defend myself I get a felony.

    I agree with you, I am just saying that there is a double standard, which makes me say that America is rapidly becoming a police state.

  17. I would have punched that dbag right in the nose. Then I would have had an "accident".

  18. Right? If you or I would have made a threat like that we would be in jail

  19. No doubt. Double standard is very evident.

  20. It's bull s hit.

    Excuse my language

  21. I feel your anger. We got to contain it though. They want us to act out violently so they can false flag the liberty movement.

  22. I know. It's hard though

  23. Good way to vent and cool off it working out. That has helped me a lot when this kind of stuff gets to me. Whether it be lifting weights, running, playing rec sports, or boxing, physical activity works wonders for anger, so does weed lol.

  24. Yeah, I go to the gym 3-4 times a week

  25. Who said anything about surrender?

    Troll much?

  26. The chicago machine has run it for a long, long time.

  27. Yes they did.

  28. I support So ciali sm, Marx was a hero though.

  29. What would you know about being a "decent citizen"? You are a parasite.

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