Shocker: Department of Justice Admits ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban Will Not Curb Crime

February 19th, 2013
Updated 04/08/2013 at 8:48 pm

Undermining Obama’s 2013 ‘priority‘ of extensive gun control throughout the United States following mass shooting events like Sandy Hook, the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice (NIJ) research institution has released an in-depth study on gun control and confiscation that reveals firearms classified as ‘assault weapons’ are actually not a serious danger at all.

In fact, they contribute to a very low number of homicides as has been detailed in the past quite extensively using data from the FBI and different branches within the Department of Justice itself.

department of justice gun controlThe DOJ study, which you can read online for yourself, explains how mass shootings (which are classified in the report by homicides of more than 4 individuals) only account for 35 homicides a year — an extremely small figure when compared to the FBI figure of 1,825 deaths from knives and other sharp objects alone.  The memo specifies that police officers going after mass shooters are therefore ineffectively utilizing their time, and would be much better off seeking to protect against a wider range of homicides such as the large number  committed by hands, clubs, and various other weapons.

“…a complete elimination of assault weapons would not have a large impact on gun homicides,” the report reads.

In an interesting statement, the DOJ report even states that gun buybacks do not aid in the fight against crime, as the guns being turned in actually will not statistically be used in crime. After all, why would law-abiding citizens turn in their guns if they were intending to commit a crime? This is why we have see massive increases in crime in cities where guns are banned through extreme legislation. Criminals, of course, do not care what the local law reads, whereas the average citizen will turn in their guns or whatever the law dictates. Subsequently, these citizens will be taken advantage of by the very criminals who know their targets are disarmed.

In a statement that challenges the constant call for buybacks following the mass shootings that in total only kill 35 per year on average, the DOJ memo reads:

“Gun buybacks are ineffective as generally implemented. 1. The buybacks are too small to have an impact. 2. The guns turned in are at low risk of ever being used in a crime.”

We can compare this to the statistics in cities that have enacted gun bans to see how when regular people turn in their guns, not only does it not prevent crime — it generates it. Below, we see what happened in Chicago following the notorious hand gun ban that made it nearly impossible to receive a handgun:

chicago handgun murders chart

 This same trend can be seen in cities like Washington D.C., and the opposite can be seen in states like Texas which have embraced concealed carry laws.

Beyond the conclusion that an assault weapons ban would be ineffective, that law enforcement should focus on a broader range of murders that are much more concerning, and that buybacks are virtually worthless despite being expensive and labor-intensive, the report even went on to break down some very crucial figures regarding how many criminals are acquiring their guns amid gun bans. While citizens are disarmed and forced to use things like bats as home defense weapons, statistics from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have found 47% of guns used in criminal offenses are obtained through a straw purchase, and another 26% are actually stolen property. As a result, extreme background checks also prove to be quite ineffective.

The NIJ explains how a ‘perfect’ background check system “does not address the largest sources (straw purchase and theft), which would most likely become larger if background checks at gun shows and private sellers were addressed.”

The report reminds us that once again even major branches of the United States government have exposed the real statistics behind so-called ‘enhanced’ gun control measures, from annual FBI data to this bombshell report from the DOJ that really deflates the argument that firearms need to be taken off the streets to prevent mass crime waves. Perhaps this DOJ report will be a reminder to extreme gun control supporters that such action only suppresses law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and therefore provokes criminals to take advantage of the situation.

After all, 40% of criminals report not committing crimes due to fear of firearms. For more stats, checkout the graphic I created below:


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  1. The Damned says:

    The ban's not the cause of the violent spike in the Chicago/DC crime rates. It's the introduction of crack cocaine to the cities in the late 1980's early 90's. The Chicago graph shows that there was a slight decrease in gun violence before 89 and DC's Homicide or non negligent manslaughter deaths seem to stay the same before the introduction.

  2. Karl says:

    It’s not the gun that does the crime, it’s the twisted mind of the one carring it. These aren’t even-minded like hunters, they don’t use the weapon for setting up a legitimate relationship between the hunter and his prey, like the professionals who go hunting at Guns should be allowed for professional hunters only, because they use them the right way.

  3. . Perhaps this DOJ report will be a reminder to extreme gun control supporters that such action only suppresses law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and therefore provokes criminals to take advantage of the situation.

  4. Jaceleen says:

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