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Democratic Candidate Tweets Vile Benghazi Masturbation Joke

A Democratic congressional candidate insulted countless Americans this week after tweeting an offensive joke regarding the 2012 Benghazi attack.

Trish Causey, candidate for Mississippi’s 4th district, tied “National Masturbation Month” into the Republican party’s concern over information surrounding the deaths of four Americans in Libya.

The tweet went relatively unnoticed before other users began voicing their disgust, commenting specifically on Causey’s vile and divisive nature.

Incredibly, when asked if she found the deaths in Benghazi funny, Causey responded by asking if people were as concerned about women’s alleged inability to get abortions.

According to Causey, Republicans’ main concern over Benghazi is rooted in the fear that Hillary Clinton may become president in 2016.

Despite continued attempts by Democrats to paint the Benghazi attack as a partisan issue, historic liberal figures such as Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh have reported on the Obama administration’s obvious cover-up. As more information continues to leak, those at the center of the investigation are beginning to receive threats, showing just how desperate some are to keep the facts secret.

Shortly after being chosen to lead a special committee to investigate the White House’s response to the attack, South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy began receiving death threats demanding he stop his investigation. Famed CIA whistleblower William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, who began directing questions toward the Senate regarding Benghazi, mentioned receiving threats as well.

Despite the corporate media’s attempt to bury the facts, countless whistleblowers and government insiders have exposed the fact that the CIA was shipping military arms from Benghazi to their al-Qaeda mercenaries in Syria when Ambassador Stevens was killed.

In November 2012, Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer commented on information he received from military sources that labeled Obama as one of the people watching the attack in real-time from the White House. This backs up claims by Missouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R), a former ambassador, who directly blamed Obama for ordering the stand down in Benghazi.

Others such as investigative journalist and NSA whistleblower Wayne Madsen and former State Department insider Steve Pieczenik noted that the attack was known and allowed by the White House and Pentagon from the very beginning.

(H/T: Twitchy)

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  1. Sorry Ms. Bimbo I am a little more concerned that the weapons we were dealing will be used against the US military or citizens someday. Heck it has already happened before…we gave OBL weapons when he was fighting the Russians is one example…

  2. "@Roundup987 Are you this enraged when women die because they don’t have access to healthcare or prochoice options? #DoubtIt #p2 #UniteBlue"

    I am enraged that the US has aborted 52 million babies. PS before Obamacare was even enacted women who had a life threatening condition from a baby could get an abortion. Sad when politicians fall for their own propaganda.

  3. Obviously, Trish4Congress is a real heartless c*nt.

    Democrat to the core.

  4. This c*unt Trish Causey prides herself on being a Progressive Liberal woman.

    Everything you wanted to know about the skeeza.

  5. Trish the Witch wants to wish everyone a Happy Beltraine.

  6. Don't derail another one boys…………..

  7. Either someone values life of they don't.

    This administration clearly doesn't. From the VA scandal, the fast and furious scandal, the Benghazi cover up, one thing is constant. People died. And this white house didn't care.

  8. Amazing how many women completely block out the history of Hillary's complete disregard and total demonization of women in the past…..specifically when she lambasted every single woman who came forward to dismantle Bill's presidency, and label him a $lut! As a woman, I am embarrassed to know that women of this country will vote for her simply because she's a woman….nothing else. She can count on the young woman's vote (18-25) simply because they weren't old enough (or around) for the Lewinski years, and you know our history teachers are not teaching those little tidbits. They will ignore her vile behavior over the years, her lies, and her willingness to bury the truth when it will expose her for what she is. Women with integrity and simply put….half a brain know better. But when you have the MSMedia rallying behind her (come 2016), the uninformed voter will vote with their brain tied behind their backs.

    • It is very sad, but I am afraid you are right. Hillary has a very strong chance of getting elected. The globalists have already chosen her. She will have unlimited campaign funds.

  9. Wow, nothing like bashing fallen Americans. What a POS

  10. Roger, have they found your ship yet that was stuck in the ice?

    For the eight hundred and ninety-ninth time………….

  11. I am enraged that the US has aborted 52 million babies. PS before Obamacare was even enacted women who had a life threatening condition from a baby could get an abortion. Sad when politicians fall for their own propaganda.

  12. This does not sound right, I am sure Brian
    will agree.

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