Defense Lawyer: If Zimmerman Were Black, He Wouldn’t Have Been Charged

Anthony Gucciardi
July 13th, 2013
Updated 07/13/2013 at 11:46 pm

George Zimmerman’s defense lawyer Mark O’Mara wasn’t timid with the mainstream media during the live Q&A on Miami’s WSVN 7 News, calling out the media on injecting racial tensions into the case. In the Q&A, O’Mara told a reporter that Zimmerman would never have been charged if he were black.

george-zimmerman-mark-omaraThe answer came during live Q&A session with George Zimmerman’s defense attorneys Don West and MarkĀ O’Mara, who were surprisingly blunt with the media questioning. O’Mara even went on to call out the mainstream media for twisting the case and turning into a racial bout that may actually spawn riots and flash mobs that could result in the death of innocents — a nonsensically violent response to protest the verdict of the Trayvon case.

Media Making Trial A Racial Issue

The fact of the matter is that the media has turned this case into a racial conflict of white verses black that isn’t even applicable. First of all, George Zimmerman is of clear Hispanic descent, yet somehow the media is spinning it as if he is a ‘rich, white male’. This is, of course, is a tactic performed by the mainstream media to make the case an issue of race and subsequently generate mass frenzy over this perceived racial divide.

Specifically the racial divide between black and white, even though Zimmerman is Hispanic.

The truth is that Hispanics have struggled with civil liberty issues for decades, similar to the black community — and both have historically struggled against corruption. So what is going on here? Zimmerman is actually a minority whose ethnicity has been targeted for decades and at the receiving end of racist acts — so why is the media pretending that this is some type of white hate trial? And let it be known that I am the first to fight against this form of corruption and expose bought and paid for politicians who abuse the justice system, detailing such scenarios in my previous work.

The fact of the matter is that the media, an arm of the corporate monopoly that controls the bought and paid for politicians within our nation, continues to fuel racial divide like never before. Just as always, the anchors continue to read their scripted news reports (for a real great example of this see how anchors actually read joke names from the teleprompter that were reported to be from the Asiana plane crash like ‘Ho Lee Fuk’ and ‘Wi Tu Lo’) and twist the story as they please.

In the case of Trayvon Martin verses George Zimmerman, the media tried desperately to turn the case into a fissure between humanity. Ultimately, I believe they have failed, but we shall soon see how the world reacts to this self-defense case turned ‘racial hot button mega piece’ in the coming days.


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  1. FRANK says:

    SPOT ON analysis my good ser

  2. Doug Diggler says:

    Oh really the media is making this a race issue and not that fact that ZImmerman was able to murder a black minor and get off scot-free?

    • Read a Book says:

      Yes and it wasn't murder, it was self defense.

      • esb4love says:

        If you initiate a fight, it is not self defense. Self defense is when you are responding to an altercation.

        • Peter Lapp says:

          Who struck who first? Who was on bottom of altercation? Self defense!!!

          • RuthieTruthie says:

            Zimmerman said he took 25-30 blows to the head and 25-30 times his head was pounded on concrete. From all that, he only had two cuts on the back of his head, one 1/4" and the 3/4", a nick on the "not broken" nose? ~~~ Zimmerman is a big fat liar! ~~~ How can any person with a working brain believe anything this liar has said?

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  4. RuthieTruthie says:

    And if Zimmerman would have been "black" AND Martin had been "white"? Murder One would have been the charge and the conviction.

  5. Jake Harris says:

    Thank you for this. I was researching about the Zimmerman when I came across this post. It's really wrong for the media to make this a racial issue.

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