Investigation Reveals Death of Chris Lane Result of Gangster Culture, Gang Related

August 20th, 2013
Updated 08/20/2013 at 8:45 pm

Three teenagers have been charged in the coldblooded murder of Australian student Chris Lane after they reportedly shot the successful student in the back of the head because they were ‘bored’. After investigating, it appears that the much more likely answer stems from gangster culture and gang-related initiation.

chris-lane-gang-deathIn what amounts to a much more direct and nefarious bloodlust than anything seen over the Trayvon Martin case, where there was actually evidence of self-defense and a real struggle, the young teens have murdered a complete stranger. But why? Why would three teenagers, ranging from 15 to 17 years of age, go out and murder someone for no good reason? The mainstream media is detailing the statements made by one of the teens who apparently listed boredom as their motivation, but the fact is that the motivation likely goes much deeper.

I have launched an investigation of social media pages and alternative reports, such as the social media page of James Edwards — the 15-year-old teen who was involved in killing Chris Lane. After some research, as some organizations like PJ Media are now finding as well, I was able to dig beyond the mainstream media rhetoric and get a much better idea of what’s going on. And the answer may cause quite a problem for figureheads who only attach themselves to injustices that support their tired mantras, like Obama, Oprah, and Sharpton. Mantras that real rappers like Lupe Fiasco have called out on record.

Update: The Herald Sun is now confirming this investigation’s analysis, reporting on the words of Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford that the teens were out to ‘make a name for themselves”.

‘Boredom’ Cover for Deep Gang Initiation, Gangster Death Culture

To be perfectly clear, they will have a lot of trouble highlighting this case, because it has nothing to do with gun culture and everything to do with gangster culture and potential racial motivations against a random white kid. And when we look at who James Edwards looked up to, it becomes much clearer. One such individual goes by ‘Chief Keef’, also known as ‘Lil Durk’, who is a gang-related rapper who recently went to jail on gun charges in what he called a ‘publicity’ move.

Edwards looked up to Chief Keef, who glamorizes crime and prison life. Below you can see a homage to the rapper:


In another image we see a larger homage to Chief Keef, which comes before James and his friends actually went out and shot Chris Lane.


The homage above is from the lyrics of Chief Keef’s ‘I Don’t Like’, which talks about going out and killing people:

“I’m killing these niggas shit that they don’t like
Broski got the 30, he ain’t tryina fight
Got your bitch, I was in it all night
Fredo in the cut, that’s a scary sight
You not with the six you can die tonight
I only want the top, I ain’t tryna pipe
Them younguns with the shits they be toting pipe
Floating off at flat, I might take flight
3hunna bitch we hot, we done took flight
Taking shit down, we ain’t like the price
Thirsty ass bitches shit that we don’t like
OTFGBE yo bitch like”

Initiation Into The Crips?

James Edwards was not only heavily into gangster rap, posting up lyrics from his favorite idols about killing random people, but he also (likely from getting so far into the gangster culture) appears to have been attempting to join The Crips. As in the notorious gang that requires you to kill random people (the more innocent the better) in order to ‘get in’. Below you can see an image of James Edwards wearing the blue bandana associated with The Crips:


Were James and his friends trying to get accepted into The Crips by killing Chris Lane via a shot to the back of the head? I certainly believe it’s more likely than the notion that they were just ‘bored’.

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  1. Correcto says:

    Anthony you are correct please follow up soon

  2. anonymous says:

    i knew something was up

  3. Kyle Sainz says:

    what sources do you have that crips require that?

  4. howard feinski says:

    Well, folks, it's time to make gangs illegal and anything attached to the culture. I mean, really illegal. Not just playing around.

  5. Mick McDuff says:

    The media will try to present the killing as an isolated incident. Blacks are killing, raping, beating, robbing whites all over the country from Philly to Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago along with a hundred other small, large cities. Already, the press is presenting the killers as kids, boys. How about animal psycho gang killers. Why not investigate and bring in the gang members these criminals had contact with. Perhaps, a case can be built against the whole gang for conspiracy to commit murder. Read the cribs/bloods the RICO act.

  6. Shelly Spivey says:

    I read several news articles about this, and only yours and the ones you linked even mentioned race. Gee I wonder why. Everything I read had to do with three kids from a “bad home” who had a “tragic life” just being bored and “wanting to see someone die”… Gang violence is not going to get better folks. Its only going to get worse.

  7. Peeved says:

    Well you can thank Obama and the MSM for fomenting bad race relations in the US.
    Check out his form concerning the Trayvon case.

    He will go down in history as one of the WORST presidents the US has EVER seen. Makes Bush look like a naughty school boy.

  8. Carson says:

    Aren't gangs already "illegal"?

  9. Oh come on – why do you guys have to throw chief keef in this? You are just reaching. He has nothing to do with what people do. This kid obviously had a few screws loose.

  10. Hadrian says:

    The mainstream media is detailing the statements made by one of the teens who apparently listed boredom as their motivation, but the fact is that the motivation likely goes much deeper.

  11. Walker says:

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  12. Yes totally Agreed on powers those little sharing buttons and offers analytics on how readers and fans are interacting

  13. Why are these groups ..? Let's better to take something useful.

  14. Callan says:

    Simply lack the ideas to each other

  15. online jobs says:

    Unbelievable how people can be wild … twenty-first century instead of pushing us toward full humanity leads us to complete degeneration.

  16. Why do men want to belong to this gang ..? It is incomprehensible to me. Kill another human being to please the members of the organization – it's just sick. The authorities should take effective action against this to the practice. It would be good also to create a place to help those who will be from the ranks of the Crips, and young people to show that life according to ethical standards is much more interesting.

  17. Our world is going nowhere.

  18. katalog says:

    Where does this pathology among young people … Drawing patterns should be another dimension.

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  20. Were James and his friends trying to get accepted into The Crips by killing Chris Lane via a shot to the back of the head? I certainly believe it’s more likely than the notion that they were just ‘bored’.

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