Data: Americans Rejecting Mainstream Media for British Newspaper

September 10th, 2013
Updated 09/10/2013 at 11:47 am

The fastest growing “newspaper” in America is based in Manchester, England. The Internet analytics firm found that the number of visitors to the website of The Guardian grew by 1111.75% in August and an astounding 671,389.51% over the past year, signifying the desire for Americans to find real information about what’s going on.

the-guardian-growth-dataThe main word that people going to The Guardian were searching for was “Syria,” according to Compete’s blog. That would indicate Americans appreciate The Guardian’s skepticism of President Obama’s plans to attack Syria and its reputation for honest reporting. It also indicates that average Americans no longer trust their own media and are increasingly turning to a foreign news source.

In polls previously reported by Anthony Gucciardi on Storyleak, it was found that the mainstream media has virtually lost all trust from the American people.

It’s no coincidence that The Guardian has seen such explosive growth over the past year. It was Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who broke the story about the NSA documents Edward Snowden was leaking. The Guardian has been willing to print all the details of NSA surveillance and not bow to political pressure.

A Tradition of Dissent

Even though it’s new to Americans, The Guardian is hardly a new newspaper. It has been around in one form or another since 1821. The Guardian is the third most popular daily in Great Britain with a circulation of 197,000 paper copies and nine million online readers.

The interesting thing is that The Guardian is known as a fairly liberal newspaper in England, but it has a strong appeal to American conservatives and libertarians; probably because of its willingness to stand up for civil liberties and its opposition to surveillance.

Another reason for the paper’s popularity and independence is that The Guardian is owned by the Scott Trust. The Trust is a charitable foundation that allows The Guardian to operate at a loss. In other words, The Guardian is not part of the corporate media, and its purpose is to report the news not to enhance a corporate bottom line.

Oddly enough, The Guardian has also become a major thorn in the side of President Obama. It has embarrassed him tremendously by exposing his administration’s questionable activities. The paper was actually formed after authorities shut down another newspaper that supported radical reforms in 1821. The Guardian’s online success shows how pathetic the American media has become. Hopefully, Jeff Bezos will be able to transform The Washington Post into something similar (but probably not).

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  1. @exo_human says:

    As a UK citizen I am familiar with the Guardian newspaper, and I can tell you that it’s not much better than every other traditional media outlet. It is only ‘more liberal’ in a US context, because the UK is generally better educated than the US.

    My advise to you Americans would be to renounce traditional media completely and turn instead to the alternative news sites on the Internet; and be prepared for the real news to be way more scary than you think!

    • Lone Ranger says:

      So true… Still the Guardian is better than any puppet US/Canadian corporate news media. They are in league with the Rolling Stone coming out with hard core "truth" once in a while but they are just halfway there compared to the alternative news on the web. There are plenty of them and the sources are often checked and rechecked. Mainstream often does their own "Lame" version when they can't ignore the validity of their stories any longer.

    • iJ says:

      thanks exo,
      point taken–a meta-source such as is helpful, as long as they keep up the good work of surveying across the web

  2. Pritchard says:

    >> The fastest growing “newspaper” in America is based in Manchester, England.

    Erm … it hasn't been The Manchester Guardian in donkey's years.

  3. Chrysostom says:

    Writing from England I am amazed by what I read here. First, as has been pointed out – THE GUARDIAN no longer comes from Manchester but from London, as it has done for about 50 years. Secondly, it is not the third most popular paper: there are several papers more popular ; THE DAILY MAIL, THE DAILY EXPESS, THE SUN, THE DAILY MIRROR ETC. It can claim to be the third most popular of the "quality" papers after THE DAILY TELEGRAPH and THE TIMES. But THE GRAUNIAD (as it is called in England because of all its misprints) only survives because the government put lots of state advertising in that paper of the left. Typical of the left wing, it excoriated the Late Margare Thatcher but has never yet had an editor who was white, male and educated at a fee-paying schools.

    But THE GUARDIAN as a good read for Conservatives, as we English think you Americans say – "Puh-leeze".

  4. Just Want the Truth says:

    The Empire uses balkanization (divide n conquer) to breakup larger units into smaller more easily controlled ones, then compartmentalizes them for total control. Racially, sexually, religiously, economically, politically, just full spectrum dominance. Examples Soviet Union into smaller eastern block countries, Yugoslavia into 5 or 6 smaller countries, the middle east into more racially / religious sects, the feminist movement, the provocation of racial bigotry (black / white)(the recent revealings that the US justice dept / Holder funded black leaders to exacerbate racial tensions around the Trayvon case). The Empire doesnt want anyone threatening its control, so it breaks everything up into smaller units, then compartmentalizes each so it never regains any strength. They never wanted us to unite because they knew if we did, we would be UNSTOPPABLE! And take away their power.

    The Empire hates the internet cuz its bringing the slaves together. Look at independent media, its turning the Empire's State run propaganda lamestreammedia into a laughing stock. Look at how the world is rebuking the official 911 story. Look at how everyone now knows what a False Flag is. Look at how people united online to stop the war on Syria. The Empire has lost its mind control n is getting desperate.

    Its not that they're just going to the UK for news, thats just the Snowden affect, they're going anywhere but lamestreammedia, RT, PressTV, Infowars, NaturalNews, ZeroHedge, InformationClearinghouse, etc etc. And the internet brought us that. They just want the fkn truth. Is that so bad?

  5. Eddie Willers says:

    The Guardian is usually seen, in the UK, as having a distinct leftist bent and is the preferred read of the 'champagne socialist' (in the USA, a 'limousine liberal'). Its editors are usually white, upper-class, privately educated men who abhor the idea that the lumpen-proletariat would wish to improve themselves by their own efforts.

  6. Alan says:

    I agree that the G is a feminazi liberari rag of ill-repute. But yeah, still better than the American media.

    The best thing about it is Greenwald.

  7. "…but it has a strong appeal to American conservatives and libertarians; probably because of its willingness to stand up for civil liberties and its opposition to surveillance."

    Libertarians yes but conservatives give me a break. Conservatives have never been consistent on civil liberties and only care about certain ones when their brand of thugs aren't in power. Libertarians have been consistent on liberties since 9/11, sure you can point to paleocons like Pat Buchanan and Chuck Baldwin but their opposition is really only a means to an end.

  8. Justin says:

    In the states, if you want to get the news, just the news, with no slant, we have to get it from the BBC or somewhere in the UK.

  9. Bill says:

    When RT and aL Gorezerra tell us more of the truth than any domestic media outlet, it might be time to seek repeal of the “natural born citizen” requirement for the President, since it didn’t keep out the obviously non-compliant Barack Barry Soetoro Obama. That would give us a chance to have a Putin-Paul ticket…

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