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Dash Cam Footage Shows Nevada Deputy Extorting $50,000 from Innocent Motorist

Newly released dash cam footage shows the tactics used by one Nevada sheriff’s deputy to extort large amounts of cash from innocent motorists.

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In video obtained by KLAS-TV this week, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputy Lee Dove, who just pulled over a driver for going 3 miles over the speed limit, can be seen searching a vehicle without probable cause.

“Well, I’m gonna search that vehicle first, ok?” Dove says to the driver, Tan Nguyen.

As Dove opens the vehicle’s doors and hatchback, Nguyen, who has not given the deputy permission, demands to know why his vehicle is being searched. Without a legitimate explination, Dove refuses to answer.

“Because I’m talking to you… well, no, I don’t have to explain that to you,” Dove says as he discovers $50,000 in cash and $10,000 in cashiers checks. “I’m not going to explain that to you, but I am gonna put my drug dog on that. If my dog alerts, I’m seizing the money. You can try to get it back but you’re not.”

Despite Nguyen explaining how he won the cash in Las Vegas, Dove continues the confiscation with no proof that the money was obtained illegally.

“Good luck proving it. Good luck proving it. You’ll burn it up in attorney fees before we give it back to you,” Dove says.

Although police departments are allowed in some states to seize and spend cash linked to criminal activity under heavily abused forfeiture laws, Dove instead decides to outright extort Nguyen, telling him that his vehicle will be towed if he does not give up the $50,000.

“It’s your call. If you want to walk away, you can take the cashiers checks, the car and everything and you can bolt and you’re on your way,” Dove says. “But you’re gonna be walking away from this money and abandoning it.”

Unsurprisingly, according to local blogger Dee Holzel, the sheriff’s department and District Attorney have claimed that no illegal activity has ever taken place in regards to officers seizing cash.

“What they said initially was, ‘well, these are civil forfeiture programs. These kinds of things happen everywhere. There’s nothing unusual about Humboldt County.’ But that turned out to not be true,” Holzel explained. “When you have people by the side of the road and you’re having them abandon their money so they’ll be allowed to get in their car and drive away, they don’t do that everywhere.”

Nguyen’s lawyer, John Ohlson, also blasted the actions of the officer, calling the scenario a blatant highway robbery.

“An armed person stops a traveler and demands the traveler’s money and tells the traveler that unless he gets in his car and moves on down the road and forgets all about it, he’s going to take his car too,” Ohlson said. “I would say that’s pretty close to what you’re describing as highway robbery.”

Luckily, Nguyen was not only given his cash back, but granted an extra $10,000 for attorney fees from the department as well. Other victims such as Matt Lee, who had $2,400 taken by Dove, was forced to sign a confidentiality agreement with Humboldt County in order to get his.

“They’re buying their silence with their own money,” said Ohlson, who also represented Lee.

Following a massive uproar from local residents, Humboldt County Sheriff Ed Kilgore now claims his officers will no longer ask for people’s money during traffic stops unless a crime is suspected, even though Dove has seized cash before by claiming to smell non-existent marijuana.

“We want to do the right thing. I am a strong proponent of fighting the war on drugs, and I want to make sure everything we do here is on the up-and-up,” Kilgore said.

Unfortunately, Nevada is only one of many states experiencing similar corruption. Earlier this year, a Tennessee cop struggled to answer questions from a local news group after seizing $22,000 from an innocent driver. Despite telling the officer he was using the cash to buy a new car, the officer was found to have left the driver’s explanation out of the police report.

In 2012, a Wisconsin family attempting to bail their son out of jail had $7,500 seized after police claimed a drug dog alerted to narcotics on the cash. It was soon learned that the officers had forced the family to bring cash instead of a check, likely knowing that 90 percent of cash is tainted with cocaine residue.

Ironically, while corrupt law enforcement officers use the war on drugs to shake down innocent Americans, large banks such as HSBC continue to launder billions for DEA-backed Mexican drug cartels.

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  1. Abuse like this is common in other countries.
    The rule of law always set us apart. We as voters made the law and our representatives fixed problems with it, so we respected the law. It represented who we were as a society and we wanted to follow it.

    But now? We are trapped by laws drafted by people that ignore us elected in stolen elections (Senator Franken) and can't get justice from justices appointed as political hacks.

    This disrespect for the people is bound to bleed over into other areas, this kind of corruption is going to be common place unless we turn this country around.

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            You sound like a low information voter, only you can't use big words nearly as well.

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          • There's these things called IP addresses and browser signatures… But yes, limiting the number of comments per unregistered user is certainly not a bad idea. Just hate those sites that use Disqus, or even worse, the Adobe Flash plugin. Even that's not as annoying as Huffington Post's new "we need your SS and DL #" policy. Must have gotten the idea while visiting mainland China. 😉

    • Distrust within the judicial system, and rampant corruption that is blatantly being displayed without a care from the public is a sure way to know that this government as we know it is on the verge of collapse. Today's culture especially among the youths will produce degenerates, as we stray away from and stigmatize our core values such as Christianity; these people will in 20-30years be in places of influential position from cops to senators. The Government already thinks we're a morally vitiated generation, just look at the Obamacare advertisements targeted specially at young adults.

    • Roger, you are being harrassed by cointelpro shills.
      You know that, right?

      Thank you for your intelligent contribution.

  2. This is BS. More worthless pigs trying to rob and extrort this people of this country. These abuses have to stop.

    • Yes, and firing the sheriff and replacing the training program in the department is where it needs to happen.

      • Can you show in the training program where it says cops are allowed to steal money?

        I bet it does not. It's not the training program

        • Yes, it does. If they can use the excuse of drug residue then they can pretend it was proceeds from drug sales.

          Why are you here targeting this story? Why do you have to bring your hate and vitriol here and try to destroy another story discussion?

          Had you read the story you would have seen where the Sheriff and DA said this was legal, it wasn't the officer on the street that thought this up. You could at least pretend to read the story.

          • can show in the training program where it says cops can steal money?

            I am not targeting this story you trolled my comment with a dumb reply as usual in an attemot to ruin the thread. I did not reply to your uneducated and ill informed comment you made for a reason. Because I don't want to talk to you. You are the one targeting me. Then you cry about threads being wrecked

          • I realize the facts don't matter to you.
            I realize that you just ignored my showing that the deputy had the Sheriff and DA defending what he did. Not because the officer just made up the policy and acted on his own, but because they were aware and defended what he did.

            He was trained to do so. Deal with it. Just because you think you can decide what facts are good enough to use doesn't mean you can make your opinions anything more than just opinions.

            WTE, I was here before you at this story. You don't get to make up your own facts on that either.

          • So can you show in the training program where it says cops are allowed to steal money?

            You know what don't bother I am done replying to you on this story

          • I have. I have also shown I was here first and you're just spamming the site ignoring facts in the story. I hope you're done commenting not just on this story, but also at this site.

            And why don't you take all your friends and characters with you as you leave.

          • GFY, you don't own this site and I commented on the story and you trolled my comment. Just because you post first does not mean no one else is allowed to make comments. Quit pretending you get to decide who makes comments on here

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            You don't own this web site. You don't make much sense. You don't even come alone since you know you will probably lose any discussion you get tangled up with.

            Quit pretending you get to decide if I make comments here.

          • Make all the comments you want. I posted a well thoughout great excellent comment and you trolled it and started a fight as usual.

            Now back to the topic. Can you show in police training that stealing people's money is an SOP?

            You claim the training is what is causing this so prove it

          • There you go again. Can you show that the boss didn't train his employees?

            Why do you insist on ignoring the facts laid out in the story so that you can be the one to cause problems, blame everyone else then have your posse show up and spam the site?

          • Hey, this is how debate works. You made a claim and I am asking you to prove it. If you don't like debate maybe you should go somewhere else

          • That's not how you debate. You make a statement (your opinion) and then harass anyone smart enough to disagree with it.

            Then you get mad and have your posse of guest trolls come in and spam the place for a while then you come back and make demands hoping the place has been softened up for you.

            Not so much WTE. Read the story, then discuss it. That's how debate on this site has always worked before the posse targeted it.

          • I did read the story and watched the video. Then you claim they are taught to steal in tranining. Well they are not.

            But at least you exposed yourself when you said this
            "That's not how you debate. You make a statement (your opinion) and then harass anyone smart enough to disagree with it"

            That is what trolls do.

            Here is how debate really works. If you make a claim and are challenged you need to back your claim up.

          • WTE, why do you keep pretending you can make up things I allegedly say?

            I claim that they need their training department, and Sheriff fired since this comes from the top. That this officer was trained to do this kind of abuse and that his boss and the DA backing him support that. Many states have laws that drug proceeds can be confiscated, that's what officers are taught, that's what this officer followed in a corrupt way.

            So, they are trained that way.

            WTE, I realize that your agenda drives you. That you want to be slightly less than reasonable on every single story on this site, and that your friends will show up as guest trolls to drive off any comprehensible discussion.

            And your comment proves my point, you don't debate you drop insults and throw mud like most angry children do. (IMO)
            Here is how debate really works. Read the story and explain your take on it, expect others to disagree or see it slightly different then instead of attacking and insulting explain why your version is more realistic.

            And no, you don't seem to even know what debate is let alone how to engage in it.

          • I did not make insulting comments. You claim they are trainied to do this and I want you to show they train to steal people's money

          • Sure you did. Why deny it?
            All you do is go on the attack and even pretend that you can set the standard for debate, even when you don't follow those standards yourself.

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            One comment ago it was"

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            WTE, this site isn't here so you can argue like a spoiled child. It's about the abuses and a place to discuss and figure out how to work against them.

            And you and your posse of supporters seems to be threatened by that. Why?

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            I have been polite, reasoned and as far as possible on topic.

            You haven't been, IMO. Pretty simple.
            And if you want to think you can impose that suggestion on me, use it yourself.

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          • Let's see here… shall we?

            My first reply was this.

            "Yes, and firing the sheriff and replacing the training program in the department is where it needs to happen."

            It's not an insult, and stays focused on the story.

            And did you offer any evidence to show I was wrong? Nope you jumped in with verbal attacks and offered nothing to back it up.

            "Can you show in the training program where it says cops are allowed to steal money?

            I bet it does not. It's not the training program"

            You offer no proof, nothing but insults and then blame me for it?

            You really do hate this site, don't you?

          • And I asked you to prove the training. Then you went into troll mode

          • My proof was state laws, and the Sheriff and DA support.

            Then you went into troll mode.

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            And he just admitted to harassing people. Screen shot of that

          • I admitted that you don't follow your own standards.

            Take a screen shot of this too, why don't you?

          • I just might. I have to show you harass every comment I make, even after I have asked you stop numerous times. But by all means continue to harrass me

          • You have the most curious ways of using words, ways that they don't actually fit.

            This is an open forum with debate as the intended result.
            If you don't want your flawed positions challenged, the participation here is voluntary.

            But you just keep making things up and harassing me with them.

            No, on second thought don't. Read the story, debate and discuss the story as the regular definitions apply. Learn and grow and show concern, that's why the rest of the people you and your posse used to do before they got tired of the spam and left.

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          • You sure do have a lot of pretended details, almost as if that's what you fantasize about it.

            I don't discuss personal information with deviants. That is what you sound like, IMO.

          • I didn;t follow you to the story. I clicked on the story before I even knew you posted here. My life don't revolve around you like yours does mine

          • And I was still here first and you still are just thrashing around looking for any excuse to ignore the facts in the story and cause a derailed thread.

          • I was on this site first stalker boy

          • Are you saying I wasn't the first comment on this story?
            You know that's not factual.

            Are you pretending you have a proprietary claim to this site?
            That's not how this forum works.

            Are you adding to the discussion on this story?
            We know you don't care about the story or the debate.

            Can't you just wander off to some atheist site and make up things there and leave this site alone?

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            And all the foul language disguised as initials don't change that you're the one with the guest troll supporters spamming and trolling and you're the one lowering debate with insults.

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            You really might want to consider examining your perceptions.

            And you might want to suggest the same to the rest of your posse. Unless you think you're doing great because the regular people don't post here any more.

            I've said from the beginning that you and your cast of characters was targeting this site to drive everyone away. And your comments spamming the site with childish rants is just another example of that.

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    • Roger you are a troll, a stalker.
      Wee posted first 2 hours ago, look at the page instead of depending on email notifications.
      You are the liar here, you stalked WEE, got it little boy?

      • How is that water system and well going?
        And you just stalked me according to your own definition.

        When you live in glass houses, it doesn't pay to throw stones.

        • My water is fine. I fixed the well in short order.

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            Do you really think anyone that reads your spam here cares who you are as long as you crawl back into your hole?

          • Do you really think that I slipped and admitted my identity? You really are the Biggest Looser…………

          • I think you are so cranky and so slow on the draw you don't care if you have reduced the growl to 4 people yesterday.

            I think your ego is so important to you that you think it's all about you.

            And frankly, that kind of person is so despicable and so self consumed I just laugh at you.

          • I don't know about you Mr. Roger. There seem to be wells popping up where ever you go.

          • And I kind of know about you. There seems to be insults popping up where ever you go.

  3. Seems like the US government is in the same extortion business! Our "regulation" taxes produced the 10th BIGGEST economy in the world! Awesome!

    • This is the kind of thing you would expect in Mexico.

      And the state control of industry? I'd expect that in a communist regime based on the communist manifesto.

      We need to get our country back.

      • Bingo, stalker

        • Oh, you stalked me here and commented only because I posted that comment?

          According to WTE you could have charges pressed against you, but who listens to his opinions when the reality is different.

          You're just another common guest troll. So, who cares?

  4. Well. You derailed another one.

  5. Thugs.
    Thugs with badges and "company" cars.

    Everyone who knows anything about law enforcement, and the fraudulent practices surrounding bad cops know, that any K-9 Officer can "guide" his dog into "alerting" a false positive.

    To say that the Deputy was wrong, is merely scratching a festering wound. A fish rots from the head down. It is the Sheriff who is at fault. The Sheriff sets the tone, and sets the policy for his Officers. Everyone also knows that as well.

    The "Thin Blue Line" is fraying at the hemline.

    Don't even get me started on the rest of the police, who are nothing more than professional JBT's. Dressing in their little ninja pajamas, with their little ninja hoods. George Washington had a particular name for hooded road agents.

  6. without the TEA party

  7. This is unbelievable.
    As of this post, there are eighty-eight posts on this thread.

    Roger made forty-one of them, and hasn't said one f*cking thing worth reading. It was nothing but he said, she said, who posted first, who stalked who.

    The Administrator really needs to banish this clown. Nobody posts here anymore because of Rogers antics………..

    • And the trolls I was dealing with, how many posts did they make actually about the story?

      That's the unbelievable part of this.
      And here you are pointing out the obvious while ignoring the obvious.

    • I'm not sure if there's a history here, but it looks like Roger is the only one posting coherent comments. It looks to me like there is one or possibly two people with several bogus accounts stalking Roger because they disagree with his comments. I also disagree with Roger's comments, but at least he's participating.

  8. That sounds like a prime opportunity to run over a cop! Americas largest street gang in action. The only good cop is a dead one. Hope he gets shot at his next traffic stop.

  9. Thanks for another disheartening but enlightening story on "law enforcement" Grinding my teeth right now at the thought of this happening to me…lawyer is going on speed dial.

  10. May 2, 2014 Raising Up Compliant Children in the American Police State

  11. So when a cop DOG gets killed the cops call it killing of a police officer, and it's SAD real SAD, because I love the police, and the dogs, they're there to protect us right? at least that's what they SWORE to do. How ever when a COP kills a family DOG it's like killing of a family MEMBER or a human being, and then they can laugh, and JOKE about it. So, the LAW isn't for everyone it's a DOUBLE STANDARD, is that right MR. police officers….

  12. If you are sick of the highway robbery, please help us get rid of the Sheriff who allows and encourages Dove in his highway holdups. Your small donations to the campaign of an HONEST candidate can make a big difference.

    Vote against the highway robbery by donating to Mike Allen for Sheriff!

  13. Cops are all pigs!!!! That's a lot donuts they can buy! I guess they will give any idiot a job in law enforcement.

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  17. WTE defined your activity as stalking.
    You can insult me however you want, but facts are facts.-

  18. Cut and paste stalking, according to WTE and his definitions.

  19. More cut and paste stalking, according to WTE.

    How is that well coming along?

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    Is there anything else I can point out for you? Or at your level of senility I better be nice so you don't blow a blood vessel.

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    Did the obamacare not refill your prescription that helps with the OCD?

  30. Oh look, you found all my comments and pounced on them.

    That makes you the one WTE defines as a stalker.
    But who listens to him?

    I think you're just a very 'special' kind of person. Is your helmet on tight?

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    Just cut and paste, not matter what kind of thing?

  34. More cut and paste, you really are wearing your fingers to the bone. They must really be rewarding you for each and every time you finally get it right.

  35. OCD, it's a cruel thing, just look at you. Why not take your meds?

  36. Did they teach you what that word meant, or were they too busy keeping you from eating your crayons?

  37. Wow another cut and paste. Did they color code the buttons so you could take potty breaks and still remember how?

  38. The posse sure did find a gem when they found you and taught you to cut and paste.

    It's like Alinsky but none of the effort that he puts out.

  39. Can't you ask them for better names when you fill in the guest comment window?

    Or do they think you won't remember beyond today how to do the cut and paste?

  40. Poor Zebrano. He really has so much French arrogance he has to lash out, and now that he has to pretend sanity as moderator he's coming here to release the bile.

    And then there is you, cutting and pasting your heart out. I wonder what reward they give you for it, shiny gold stars?

  41. Why is it that I don't think you expect to be taken seriously?

  42. Yes you might think you are. But there is more to stalking than just being special and knowing how to push the bottoms for cut and paste.

    You just go tell them you did another and ask for a double gold star.

  43. So many names, so many guest comments, and none of them deserve space here.

    They really need to ban guest comments.

  44. Did you manage to get that cut and paste button to work again?

    What a shame, there are so many crayons in the world to eat and here you are spamming a site like this instead.

    Don't you have any fun at all?

  45. Childish, but in a slow sort of way.

    I hope they have you propped up in a comfortable chair, not too close to the monitor, and don't lick it. It won't taste like school bus windows.

  46. So much for you actually posting something you understand.

    Such a big word, they must be so proud of you.

  47. See, a short attention span. Just 3 minutes is all you could focus.

    And that's probably pretty good for someone with your challenges.

  48. Once more you prove my point for me.

    So little to work with, if you really try and do well, you might even be a journalist some day, if you have a good head of hair. They don't need to think any more than you do if you get a job at MSNBC.

  49. stalker, I'm like you I repeat the same shit over and over again.
    Got that little boy?

  50. Your replies are thought of

  51. What an idiot this Roger is.

  52. Yes, I noticed. That doesn't make it any more true and it says more about you than anything else.

    But that's probably the best you can do. And you had to cut and paste that, since it's a fairly long word. Did you have help that first time to make sure it was spelled right?

  53. this guy is a nerd

  54. Your replies are not thought.

  55. He's something all right.

  56. What a troll you are. Guest trolls seem so brave.

    I hope they ban guest comments soon.

  57. I'm shocked that you actually replies.

  58. stalker King

  59. I'm shocked you can read the big words.

  60. stalker, still stalking, the forever stalker, the wothrless stalker

  61. do you really believe he cares to come here to read your crap?
    You must live in lala land.

  62. No, you're not.
    You just don't know what stalking is. Wee tossed out his definition but there is more to it than that.

  63. Yes you are. Did they teach you a song to sing while you did the cut and paste?

    You're still just an immature posse member being used to diminish the site since they can't stand the great stories or serious debate.

    You know, that's a lot of big words. Just tell them you forgot and need help with the next cut and paste again.

  64. Ah, got you pissed off stalker

  65. I really believe that as a guest troll you don't want to take that chance so you spam the place.

  66. Good night stalker, got to catch a plane in the morning.

  67. Did you just tinkle down your leg or something?

    Did the diapers just not hold it all?

    After they clean you up and put you back in your special chair try to remember all the stuff they taught you. No eating crayons, just cut and past that pretty word!

    It's almost like you can almost think. But not quite.

  68. Great, let's hope someone smarter than you is flying it.

  69. I knew you would talk about dung, got you stalker.
    Sorry, I got to catch a plane in the morning plus I don't want to wallow in dung.

  70. Too late, you may pass a mirror.

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