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Credit Card Company Cuts Ties With Country’s Largest Gun Shop Over ‘Gun Sales’

The country’s largest gun store will lose its credit card processor this week, for allegedly violating a section of their service agreement that barred them from selling firearms.

Logo3After four years in business with the Visa owned, Larry Hyatt, owner of Hyatt Gun Shop, received an email indicating that the company would no longer provide its services due to “the sale of firearms or any similar product.”

The email reads:

Dear Hyatt Gun Shop Inc,

Authorize.Net LLC (“Authorize.Net”) has determined that the nature of your business constitutes a violation of Section 2.xiv of the Authorize.Net Acceptable Use Guidelines and Sections 3.3 and 11.3 of the Authorize.Net Service Agreement (the “Agreement”). These sections include, but are not limited to, the sale of firearms or any similar product. Accordingly, pursuant to Section 4 of the Acceptable Use Guidelines, your ability to access and use the Authorize.Net Services will be terminated on September 30, 2013.

Hyatt’s massive online store will also lose its ability to process credit card transactions, giving the store only a few days to find a new processing company before terminates their business relationship.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” Hyatt Marketing Director Justin Anderson told the Washington Examiner.

Many believe the move is related to President Obama’s recent gun control push following the Navy Yard tragedy, as well as the fact that several top executives at Visa donated to Obama’s re-election efforts. Grass Roots North Carolina, know as the state’s only ‘no-compromise’ gun rights organization, called for an immediate boycott of and began an email and phone campaign to “respectfully tell them that treating honest, law-abiding businessmen and women as though they are doing something immoral or illegal is not acceptable.”

Hyatt released a similar statement on their website asking customers to support them by boycotting for their transparent discrimination.

“Credit card gateway has indeed refused to continuing doing business with us simply because we sell guns. We urge all of you who shop online to boycott any web site displaying the or Cybersource logo. We have since switched to a gun-friendly provider that offers all of the same security features you’d expect.”

After learning of’s actions, Phil Bentz, owner of Stone Castle Photography in Washington state, told Storyleak that he plans to switch credit card companies as soon as possible.

“As a business that uses to process all of our credit card transactions, we just wanted to let our customers know that we don’t believe in this type of business tactic against law abiding citizens and businesses. We are cutting all ties with” has refused to comment on the situation.


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    • A new kind of fascism has taken over America: the merger of corporations and government whereby corporate power dominates. With the emergence of ever-larger multinational corporations — due to consolidation facilitated by the Federal Reserve’s endless FIAT money — the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress.

      CORPORATE FASCISM: The Destruction of America’s Middle Class

      • ” the corporatocracy has been in a position to literally purchase the U.S. Congress.”

        U.S. Congress has been bought for like.. forever.
        And always remember who helped the most to create this whole situation: Right wing republicans with their “job creators” agenda.

        Corporations are people, money equals free speech, complete lack of regulation in most major markets, you wanted those things now deal with the consequences!

  1. Go ahead credit card, ban them I'll then buy a gun with silver, gold or even federal notes. You will not stop me from buying a weapon, rather you like it or not!

  2. Just remember when the SHTF and you are on "The Road" and you run into one of these little commies, make sure you have a few spare rounds. lol

  3. tons of credit card providers out there i have other credit cards than visa thats like saying there the only automobile provider haha what a joke in this age the consumer makes the rules not the credit card company

  4. haha in other countries cops do well without a gun even (britain) and u behave like lacking a gun is top terror

    • The British are arming their Police now, idiot.
      And Australia always has.
      You don't know half of what you think you do, Einstein

      • Only 5% of British police is armed.
        The gun fatality rate in UK is 40 times lower than in the US. One reason for this is the low availability of guns.

        • Unfortunately, there are so many guns in circulation in the US already that even if all gun sales were immediately prohibited, there’d be more than enough to perpetuate the current rate of gun deaths; while if there are strict controls in one state and lax controls in a neighbouring state, there’s apparently nothing to stop people from the ‘strict’ state driving over to the ‘lax’ state and stocking up on weapons / ammunition.

          Don’t forget that to many in the US, any attempt to limit who can buy guns, or limit the types of guns that can be bought, is a violation of their right to be armed. Never mind the rifles of the 1700s were vastly inferior to even the most basic gun sold nowadays, and the right was put in the context of a well-regulated militia (the country at the time having no standing army). Switzerland also had a similar arrangement, but their well-regulated militia still exists, training is mandatory, and their gun crime rate is virtually non-existent. Of course, a lot of that is due to their culture (after all, their country is famously neutral in international conflicts).

          However, while shocking, mass killings are relatively rare – but the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody seems to mention in gun control debates is that nearly half of all gun deaths in the US are suicides. If the NRA’s utopia of everyone having a loaded and armed weapon within arm’s reach 24/7 was ever implemented, that statistic wouldn’t change. It probably wouldn’t make much difference to the murder rate in big cities, given much of that is likely to be inter-gang rivalries; while it could potentially increase the number of accidental deaths, as with an increased number of people owning guns, there are also likely to be increased numbers of idiots owning guns who leave them lying around fully loaded and armed within the reach of young children.

          • "Unfortunately, there are so many guns in circulation in the US already that even if all gun sales were immediately prohibited, there'd be more than enough to perpetuate the current rate of gun deaths."

            So the obvious conclusion to the "too many guns" problem is, to do nothing?
            You gotta start at some point or the problem is only gonna get even worse and thus the solution will be even more difficult down the line.

  5. Its funny how in the US people still base their arguments on "hey, it's legal, so what" and "I'm a law-abiding citizen so I can do what I want" when we all know (at least since Snowden) that the US will just change and bend laws at will to appease their corporate overlords. Just because something is legal doesn't make it right.

  6. Well I guess I have no use for Visa
    I have never owned a credit card. I still use cash.

  7. Never thought I'd look favorably at a credit card company.

  8. Valuable information about credit card issue! I think credit card company has done right things with gun shop because they have logical issue and they have right to do that. So I don't know they will come back or not in near future as well. Thanks

  9. Superb to know your information about the gun store will lose its credit card processor. Credit cards is very vital one way in this present world for developing our business. Never ever intellect the particular weapons from the 1700s ended up greatly far inferior to help even the standard marker offered presently, along with the appropriate seemed to be put in place the particular context of a well-regulated militia (the land at the time acquiring not any positioned army). Switzerland also got a similar arrangement, nevertheless the well-regulated militia even now is available, instruction is actually obligatory, and the marker crime rate is actually nearly non-existent.

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