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Craft International Private Military Forces at Boston Marathon?

There has been much discussion over the two individuals fitted with earpieces and military-esque gear spotted at the Boston Marathon, but as it turns out they may likely be employees of the Blackwater-style private military/security firm Craft International. 

The two can be seen in the photo below with their hands up to their ears in what is later (second photo) confirmed to be a a wired communications device. Originally, it was thought that these men were likely some sort of military or special operations — specifically SEAL team members as indicated by an emblem on one of their black hats. After doing some digging, however, it becomes much more likely that these men are employees of Craft Internationala private military/security firm similar in nature to Blackwater (Xe).

Here is the first image of the men cropped from the larger picture of the marathon:


From this, we first see the military-style men wearing what later is revealed to be standard issue Craft International clothing.

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But next let’s examine another image that not only establishes the existence of an ear piece but also the skull logo on the one individual’s hat — which is actually the logo for Craft International, the private military firm started by famed sniper Chris Kyle. Here is the image below, which draws parallels between the SEAL aspect of the symbol (and Blackwater) but does not address Craft International:

Photo credit: /Pol/ on 4chan (

Now it’s time to narrow it down. Are these men SEALS, Blackwater, or what? Well, by visiting the Craft International About Us page, we start to get answers. Not only is the favicon (little tab icon) of the site the exact same logo (which on the hat presumably reads ‘Craft’), but in image 3 (seen below) we see Chris Kyle with the exact same standard issue Craft International uniform we see these men wearing. From the boots, pants, and even baseball cap icon, it matches up. See for yourself below:

chris kyle craft international

So are these individuals working for Craft International? It seems so, but why are private military soldiers present at the Boston Marathon? Perhaps it coincides with the perceived threat of a bombing that eyewitness Alastair Stevenson reports.

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  1. where is the photo of them with their back packs after the bombing, helping police???

  2. never stops amazing me what's happening here

  3. Why does the guy on the right look like MOHAMMED HASSAN BADA? You do know who that is right and why it's important?… Maybe it's not him. It does look like him though.

    • the article says that is the person you claim it looks like but you did not say why it is important. He was a former suspect's room-mate.

  4. Has noone thought that perhaps one of the runners was wealthy as hell, and wanted private security for himself?

    • If that was indeed the case, why are they standing side-by-side?

    • Then wouldn't the security be running alongside this wealthy runner? They can't do crap "protecting" them from the sidelines standing around, they'd have to be with them the entire race to "protect" them.

    • Like the Saudi kid who is being deported Tuesday that Nappypolitino won't talk about when questioned by a Congressman? Or is that a con/thry as well?

    • Then their job would have been to stop the bombings in the first place. Try leaving an un attended bag in an airport security would have been all over that.

  5. Of course, they need to have those oversized back packs and be dressed for the winter weather as it was around 50 degrees out. Nothing to see here folks move along. The patsies had the exact same backpacks btw

    • Ababa Dabba Ubi Babba

      It was warmer than 50 degrees. In CT is was in the high 50’s low 60’s, so Boston wasn’t more than a few degrees colder.

      • Boston was cold that morning. Easily to wear a jacket. Craft international requires u to have supplies jn ur backpack like radiation counters etc. depending on what they are doing.

        These guys are not suspects.

        • The police are looking for black backpacks, though. This makes them as suspicious as anyone else carrying black backpacks. There are few leads, we must hold on to what we've got.

    • It's their caps and general military/contractor dress that flat gives these guys away. It absolutely reeks of contractors.

  6. The fellows in the Black and Tan "uniforms" at the Boston bombings…??? "Craft International offers training to groups of law abiding civilians". :::

  7. Check this out.. .
    This is a video of one of the Craft guys with a radiation detector, walking by where the blast had just occurred.

  8. It does not have to be Craft military forces.. Anyone can buy Craft gear at

    • Mark, my words

      Yeah, cos that's what happened… half a dozen guys from Boston were having a beer one night, and one of them said "Hey guys, lets all go buy full para-military uniforms from craft international… the hats, shirts, jackets, trousers, shoes and go jump the barrier at the Boston marathon finish line and walk around with big black back-packs, ear pieces and hand-held electronic devices" and all the other guys said "That sounds like a hoot, let's do it" …Boy, those guys must have felt silly when those bombs went off.

  9. Now the Saudi kid that was a suspect is getting deported Tuesday of next week.

    This entire event stinks.

    No “lone wolf patriot” living in a basement snuck two bombs of the middle eastern IED verity past swat, bomb sniffing dogs, ex navy seal private security, Boston police, spotters and undercover that was all over that event on top of it.

    They either let this happen or a group inside the security force with an agenda walked in whoever set these bombs off.

    Like said, this whole thing stinks.

    No one trusts this government anymore.

    • "No 'lone wolf patriot' living in a basement snuck two bombs of the middle eastern IED verity past swat, bomb sniffing dogs, ex navy seal private security, Boston police, spotters and undercover…".

      AMEN TO THAT. You can't even get a tube of toothpaste onto an airplane nowadays, and all urban subway systems have "sniffer machines" at various places in the system.

      But we are to believe that 2 IEDs jam-packed with nitrates safely made it, in a backpack on somebody's back, through the MBTA (Boston subway) and along the marathon route to their intended depository, no problem, no questions asked, nobody saw anything until … surprise! … both IEDs detonated. And then of course there's the "deportation" of the Saudi national 3 days after the bombs explode, and Kerry's "too tired" to hold a press conference about the whys and wherefores. Nothing but lies and deliberate, purposeful omissions.

    • You say "No one trusts this government anymore." No one who has any real brains trust the government. Hate to say it and sound racist but the majority of blacks and his-panics trust the government so much they re-elected the usurper back into office. Oh…..and most of the liberal, democrat, communists, gays.

      • critical_thinker

        if you had stopped after "No one who has any real brains trust the government." you would have been golden, but sadly, the rest of your comment is awash with ignorance and intolerance. i hope you realize that your polarized viewpoint is exactly what those in power would hope for. that is, for us to be fighting each other so that we remain in conflict, distracted, and ignorant of real happenings in the world. and regardless of your ignorance to this fact, there are actually MANY blacks, hispanics, liberals, democrats, communists and gay folks (and any other silly stereotype you can slap on a person) that not only would agree with your assessment that the government is not to be trusted, but *gasp* did NOT vote for obama. STOP HELPING THEM POLARIZE SOCIETY!

        • You just hit the nail on the head. And to add to that, to say that Craft International a company that is run by a man that have everything for his country, and more would have a hand in the bombing of the Boston marathon and kill the people he fought so hard to protect is beyond ridiculous and an insult.

    • شكرا اخي فعلا موضوع جميل ويستحق المتابعة وبهذه المناسبة اريد ان اقدم لكم موقع جديد يتضمن العاب بنات فهذه الالعاب جد رائعة ومنها العاب بنات مكياج وكذلك العاب بنات جديدة و العاب طبخ و العاب بنات كبار وصغار ايضا وعدة انواع اخرى سندعم تكتشفونها انتم هيا الان انضموا الينا في افضل موقع العاب بنات في العالم العربي .

  10. U idiots. They still have their back packs after the bombings. They are hired security, this is normal for these large events. Tbey stand back so they can monitor everything.

    Go put ur tinfoil hats back on and realize these were muslims who did this.

    • Exactly! someone with reason on here! If there’s any reason to be paranoid, it’s cuz the Muslims did it. Everyone knows its always their fault!

    • No wait, since a muslim was responsible, and we ALL know Obama is a Muslim, it must be Obama’s fault! So clear!

    • why dont you go back to cnn and them other sights that pelosi and soros own and pay you to come here to spy on us??! your just another one of obummers troops tryin to steal our guns and our freedom of the speeches away! so put on your own tenfoil hats buddy! (or dont they let you muslums wear tenfoil huh buddy boy?) LOL!!! your BUSTED!

      • Your comment is an affront to basic English grammar. "Them other sights"? Think you meant "those other sites." The contraction of "you are" is "you're," not "your." I don't know where to begin about "freedom of the speeches." There is no such word as "tenfoil."

        I hope you're just a troll poking fun at people who post comments that show the education level of a kindergartener.

      • Whoah, you just set new records on how many words one individual can misspell in one incoherently fashioned sentence.

      • how about you move your anti american ass to another country since you hate this one so much

    • Muslims? That's the ultimate tinfoil comment.

      • Are we still allowed to move?
        Maybe so, but it's only after the Feds and their brownshirts first steal us blind.
        The US of Everything Is Illegal (or pending).
        BTW, I'll bet your eyes are brown.

  11. Good job stealing edited photos from 4chan.

  12. Stinks badly. All reference to "Craft International" has been removed from the Drudge Report (as far as I can tell) as of Thur. 4/18/2013, when just last night (Wed. 4/17/2013), Savage Nation specifically mentioned the Drudge Report and the photos it had of possible "Navy SEALS" (which are now being reported as Craft Int'l employees). No follow-up story (anywhere) saying why the Craft Int'l paramilitary types were there, or on whose behalf, or on whose authority (you honestly think 2 or 3 "ordinary" average citizens wandering around (in a sealed and monitored area…the marathon route), wearing cammies, and coordinated as a group, would simply be left alone by local police? Without being stopped and questioned, not even once? But we are to believe that the Craft Int'l guys – – visibly and obviously paramilitary types – – walked around freely in and out of the marathon route, and not one question was asked of them. Assuming they had nothing to do with the bombing, then, where is the follow-up story about their clearance to move around in and out of the marathon route freely, why they were there, for whom…? Nope, by tomorrow, you'll be hard pressed to find any reference to "Craft Int'l" in relation to the Boston Marathon, anywhere.

    As for the by-now "deported" Saudi (= urgently flown out of the U.S. on the Saudi equivalent of Air Force One), by tomorrow, you probably won't be able to find any reference to him anywhere, either. All sanitized, nice and clean.

    • They deported him while they are having talks about giving illegal aliens amnesty?

    • Glenn Beck said he is going to blow the cover…give some truth concerning the saudi kid ..on monday…..he will probably be tried to be killed this weekend.God watche over him..

  13. Stinks badly. All reference to "Craft International" has been removed from the Drudge Report (as far as I can tell) as of Thur. 4/18/2013, when just last night (Wed. 4/17/2013), Savage Nation specifically mentioned the Drudge Report and the photos it had of possible "Navy SEALS" (which are now being reported as Craft Int'l employees). No follow-up story (anywhere) saying why the Craft Int'l paramilitary types were there, or on whose behalf, or on whose authority (you honestly think 2 or 3 "ordinary" average citizens wandering around (in a sealed and monitored area…the marathon route), wearing cammies, and coordinated as a group, would simply be left alone by local police? Without being stopped and questioned, not even once? But we are to believe that the Craft Int'l guys – – visibly and obviously paramilitary types – – walked around freely in and out of the marathon route, and not one question was asked of them. Assuming they had nothing to do with the bombing, then, where is the follow-up story about their clearance to move around in and out of the marathon route freely, why they were there, for whom…? Nope, by tomorrow, you'll be hard pressed to find any reference to "Craft Int'l" in relation to the Boston Marathon, anywhere.

  14. Uhm no you got it wrong.

    This information was first broken at the collapse report CORRECTLY

    • The reference you posted simply says, at the end, that the guys wearing the Craft Int'l insignia/get-up were "likely" DHS or local Boston police:

      "Sorry Mr. Gucciardi, you got it wrong. Having a Sniper Craft hat most likely places these guys as DHS or Police."

      My point about the follow-up, that no one in authority (i.e., the BPD or DHS), has confirmed this, stands. You would think an authority would make a quick comment to the effect of:

      "And as for stories and photos circulating regarding Craft International, they were simply BPD members performing marathon duties".

    • "first broken"????, your (collapse report) post is from today (18th)…the hat was ID'ed by numerous internet postings on the 17th

  15. hello, they are still carrying backpack after the bombing and if they were doing something nefarious, don't you think they would wear something else rather than the Craft "uniform" complete with logo on the hat? These guys were either boston PD or private security.. Not very good I guess but not suspicious.

  16. Anthony,
    See if you can find out who contracted them? Follow the money. One way around Posse Cometatus (sp) is to use "non-military" assests (read: mercinaries) to do the enforcing.
    thanks for your diligence

  17. HEY my brothurs!! – thanks for tellin us the truth. Behind this falseflags attacks. (by our very own govermint with that commie muslim in the white house its worst than the U.N. wipe out Waco just so they could make D.H.s.). pelosi and harry reed gonna take our guns away with hollywoods help! but you guys and alecs jones is the only ones tellin truths while lamestreem media steels your real storys (cause geo. soros pays 'em to!)!!!. dont reckon u can post my full letter as n.w.o. may take down your site and put u in gitmo – but if u can slip this by them then post this: i used to work for a black-bag ultra-top-secret special part of the shadow govt-millitary many years ago (i was in code name: DARK CIRCLE but has new name now – just googil DARK CIRCLE//moloch/MKultra. and i should sues tom clancy for writin about us!!LOL), and i did serve in many secret wars i can't name but i did gets my purpul harts AND two Platnum Medels (they only give to spys and elite spec ops) and

  18. and i know for a fact that texas explosion was a falseflag job – and IMAGIEN THIS: WHAT IF (wink, wink) therell be a blackbags so-called accident coming this summer in july? Just like recent? WHAT IF they make it be like fireworks on the 4th but it wont be. it'll be exploshuns all night long by the muslims and there pals the koreans – and itll be a cover for the E.M.P.drone attacks? Thank i'm kiddin? well buddy boys – george lucas predicted it in ATTACK OF THE DRONES..just watch it again. its all an excuse to take our guns and suspend the Constituton to make obummer appoint soros as REAL presedint. ill try to sneak secret infos to you guys when its safe. thanks for the truthes, yous only ones i trust! i bye my prepper supplys from your and alecs jones and rush and infoswars.GUCCARDI is the MAN!! 10-4 over and out sarge! police up ur xtra ammo – dont leave nuthin for the deenks!!"
    my mottoes:"donts TREAD on ME!!" = Geroge Washingtun
    "thems that trades in there freeness for security dont deserve none of it" = Ronuld Ragan
    "THE 2ND AMENDMINT of the Declaratins of Independince" = by Tomas Jeffurson

  19. an accomplished writer would mention 4chan. you human centipede.

  20. Craft International is deleting posts on their Facebook page asking for clairification on their role.

  21. Any organization that uses a skull for a logo is telling us something. Sick.
    Do they admire the Hitler's SS?
    I'd have someone digging into their global contacts and affiliations ASAP.

    • If you would read the book american sniper you would know the meaning behind the skull logo. Every piece of the logo down to the motto honors someone in his seal unit some of which are deceased.

  22. Interesting, more people dress the same, even a skull cap:

  23. I´ve found two pictures of the SUV that was nearby the guys with "The Craft" hat. One of them has a clear plate number. Maybe someone can check it.

    Plate number:

    Check on the left, there is a guy with the same pants and boots getting down the SUV:

    My guess is that this guys are not mercs, they are part of the Boston'n SWAT team. See this picture:

  24. have either of you two idiots ever been to the Boston Marathon? The route is 26 f'n miles long and yes you CAN just walk anywhere you want without being checked by security. Have you ever been to a St Patricks Day parade in any major city? Same thing. Fact of the matter is there are very few (IF ANY) bomb sniffing dogs at these events. How do I know? Because I have been to these f'n events. Millions of people walking around (many with backpacks), with little to no security. Do you really think someone who is going to blow people up is really going to just hop on the Subway on their way to wherever they are going? Do you think maybe, just maybe people are actually capable of carrying out a horrible event? Instead you would rather jerk each other off all day about government conspiracies and would rather make up some elaborate fairy tail rather than accept the simple truth that bad shit just sometimes happens.

  25. A new cell phone photo by David Green shows a number three on the second suspect’s baseball cap.
    Case Closed!

  26. Crime
    New Hi-Res Photo Appears to Show Boston Marathon Bombing Suspect Fleeing the Scene, check out this news story on THE BLAZE. Seems that white hat, got back on the "bombers" head, after it was reported to have been placed on the Back-pack-bomb! HUMMMMM?

  27. A bit of silver lining when Kyle was shot down, executed like the mongrel he was.
    Should be a national holiday.

    • Why, because someone who fought for your freedom and lost more than you can possibly imagine died? You think he was a mongrel for what reason exactly? Because he had a different opinion than you, or something along those lines, right? So everyone who thinks that abortion is wrong is a mongrel to me and should die because I support it, every anti-gun lobbyist should be killed because I enjoy having the peace of mind knowing that my family is safe at night and everyone for Obamacare is a monster because I think it's stupid. Huh, kind of a f***ed up viewpoint you've got there, don't you think? Funny how things look in perspective, isn't it?

  28. i just think all of it is a work in progress. cant be speculating too much. think of all the possibilities. But i honestly think some got wind of it and were trying to prevent it.


    How come you and no one else is looking into this man in the lower left side of the first picture with the yellow and blue items under his left arm and looking at a cell phone with no strap on his shoulder. Then in the second picture which is in time taken before the first picture he is standing in the crowd with his eyes closed and a bag strap over his right arm. From using the flags as a guide point the bomb went off in between where he had the strap on his shoulder and where he had no strap on his shoulder. To me this is more of something like evidence than what I saw about the two brothers

    • You're right.. No shoulder strap to be seen in the first pic and it's obviously there in the first.
      Good observation.. Wonder if this guy's been looked into by the local LE.

      Of course, merely mentioning it could land you in the "looney bin", as well as getting you discredited and labeled as a whacko..

  30. Well no wonder these guys got away with setting them off and eluded everyone for day. The guys that impress us in movies are not these guys.
    Look at who they try to enlist.

  31. Serbia and Russia have committed the terrorist act at Boston marathon

    • I would not be surprised with Chechen ties. They took out American Airlines server grounding airplanes before the 4/15/2013 Boston marathon bombing.

  32. Sometimes it’s better to ask so many questions and keep your mouth shut. Sometimes people do things to protect this country that are necessary. You ain’t always have to know everything….would you really want too? Ask yourself that.

  33. Actually, there's an event that coincides with the Boston Marathon called the Tough Ruck. This year was Tough Ruck 2013. Military and former military take part in this event in memory of fallen comrades-in-arms and to bring attention to those who served and, as a result, suffer from PTSD. Some of those that march solicit sponsors in order to raise money for various organizations that support veterans. RE: The Punisher baseball cap-It's impossible to determine whether it's a Craft logo. It's a very common symbol within certain military communities. I have a Punisher skull as the centerpiece of one of my tattoos. I got the tattoo when I returned from a deployment in 2007, before Craft was even founded. As far as calling Chris Kyle a mongrel, as inappropriate as that is out of consideration for his wife and children, you have the freedom to say that. You have freedom because of those that have taken an oath to defend the Constitution, then have followed through on that promise. Yes, some now work as private military contractors. However, the oath, once taken, lives on with no expiration date. Enjoy your freedom and your rights. They've been bought and paid for by those whom you scorn, those that you believe would violate their solemn oath and harm those that we protect. Reflect on what sacrifice you yourself have made for our Country.

    • The freedoms and rights you think you are protecting are an illusion. There is no freedom. No choice. You're a pawn, at best. Face the reality of your situation: nothing you have done really matters. It never has, and it never will. I'm sure that it allows you to sleep better at night to believe that, though. Otherwise, tonight might end with an empty bottle of cheap whisky in your hand and your brains on the wall. I suppose that's as good a reason as any to delude yourself.

    • I am not saying anything about your service. There are certain officers that should be charged with conduct unbecoming an officer & my experience with KBR Blackwater includes them with that category; my grandfather was a WWII Navy torpedo bomber pilot who served our country well; my cousin on the other hand was with 82nd Airborne KBR Blackwater Panama & just managed to skip out for Christmas vacation barely managing to get out of the Panama invasion & was involved with a 1992 KBR attack on me that included mercenaries that should not have been in the country associated with the Las Cruces, New Mexico mosque Anwar Al Awlaki 9/11/2001 involvement. My experience with KBR Blackwater puts me with experience of them being associated with military gang rapes & sexual harrassment & providing documents for foreign mercenaries including JNA White Eagles with history of war crimes in the Bosnian war to be in the U.S. associated with JNA Arkan's Tigers with photos of an Iranian jet with Iranian guard military officers posed with a cardboard cutout of Ayatollah Khomeini saluting next to a red carpet from the jet & a dog being dissected; given they implant them with explosives. Do you really want mercenaries like that given access to the U.S. & sold defense intelligence. In my book; that counts as treason & they are the same people that gave Edward Snowden access to the NSA defense intelligence that he sold to China & Russia.

    • Freedom? You should put down the koolaid and research what your birth certificate represents before your alligator mouth outruns your hummingbird brain. You serve those that murder justified by lies. You pay for it and implement it. derp

      PFFFT! Jim Jones would be foaming at the mouth to have subjects such as you.

      "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those that falsely believe they are free" von Goethe

  34. One more thing…those on one far side of the aisle imply that, because we serve the People of the United States and commit violence to do so, believe that we are baby killers, murderers, and mentally unstable. We are stigmatized out of their fear of us. Those on the far side of the other aisle imply that, because we serve the People of the United States and commit violence to do so, believe that we are brain-washed robots and would follow unlawful orders that would rob citizens of the very rights we've sworn to protect, and even to kill those that we've sworn to protect. We are stigmatized out of their fear of us. That's okay, we're the sheepdogs and we'll protect the flock, the entire flock, with our very lives in need be. It's an eternal honor to do so.

    • Get over yourself. No one is afraid of you. They just don't like you. And you aren't a sheepdog. If anything, you are a sheep. There is no honor in what you do. It's just a job that you chose because it inflates your sense of self-worth. Don't kid yourself into thinking that you have a shred of altruism. No one does. You aren't special. None of you are.

    • You are naive to believe most government hired guns will NOT "follow orders" or bloody well know, much less care, about your Constitutional Rights.

    • Mr. McCoy,

      Thank you for your service.

      Thank you for the times you were required to lock your emotions down in a box. Sent to perform the impossible, not knowing whether you would see the next day.

      I'm a veteran, served on ships during the first Gulf war. I met
      a task of seals and marine expeditionary forces that were in
      waiting to be moved to clear a path to the operating area.

      It was a privilege and an honor to serve with those people.
      Today many are mentally and physically disabled. many are
      homeless like myself.

      This is where our country is headed and why it will suffer
      GREATLY, because they and our government have forgotten
      us. Even Conspiring to frame us and divide our nation.

      Only those who have served and still honor the LORD in their
      hearts like our forefathers will be greatful.

      Thank you and God keep you safe for the time soon to come.


  35. Allfor Englandf. Sir Henry Morgan, Blackbeard the pirate with his flagship 'Queen Anne's Revenge' , Bush41, John Karry, Bush43, and Blackwater and these guys. All fly 'The Jolly Roger' for England.

  36. ViolenceSolvesProblems

    High Rez pic above Shows both men still with their backpacks, also those hats are available to the public both on the Craft Store or the 5.11 Tactical websites so you can’t say they are “employees” simply for wearing a hat, that’s like saying anyone in a Red Sox hat plays for the team.

    Lots of people bought those hats when they were supporting Chris’ memorial fund.

  37. because the first thing a covert operative about to kill or maim dozens would do is walk around with their emblem on their hats for everyone to see. LOL. perhaps the end game of this conspiracy is so Obama can start enforcing background checks on pressure cookers.

  38. Wow, the paranoia runs deep here….I guess I'm a member of an elite black op brigade of warriors operating in the shadows of our society….

    because I own a Craft International Hat and 5.11 pants…

  39. one can buy navy seal patches ON EBAY!

    pleas get a life

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    efforts and I will be waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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  42. Interesting write up I guess, I wouldn’t expect you to know what the punisher symbol means, or that blackwater is no longer operating as blackwater, and that two conspicuous military dressed men must mean something other than extra eyes in the are to pull security…you wouldn’t know that. What you do know of how to point out the obvious and get people who can’t make up their own minds to start thinking that contractors and those like them must be bad people. Maybe the SEALS, Blackwater and Craft and part of the immunatti lol. Seriously though how half baked do you have to be to write this let alone believe it?? I for one have to say thank you to the people who work as military contractors, without them our comfy lives at home wouldn’t be as comfy, and thank you Chris Kyle for your life of honor, courage and commitment to a grateful nation. Hooyah Cheif Kyle RIP

    • That's ridiculous. We're supposed to be thanking mercenaries for our comfy life now? BS.

      • Who do you think protects every major CEO and executive in charge of the companies that provide you a comfy life, the police? Military? CIA, FBI, ICE, CBP, any other gov't organization? No, contractors. Not only that but they're a huge asset overseas. So before you start calling bull, do us all a favor and think a bit. One day one of those contractors might save the sorry excuse for a waist of oxygen that you call yourself.

  43. Chris Kyle, founder of Craft, Intl attended Tarleton St University in Texas. He was killed only a couple of miles away from TSU, but reported to be outside Glen Rose, Tx, instead, despite Glen Rose being twice the distance from Stephenville, home of Tarleton. Stephenville is also the county seat with a population around 10,000 compared to less than 800 for Glen Rose. So why was Glen Rose identified as his location?

    Tarleton is home to the oldest "Big Data Analysis" center in the US. Big Data is huge these days in the intelligence fields. Only a couple of months before the Boston Bombing, Obama announced his "Big Data Initiative" as imperative in the "fight on terror".

    Meanwhile, Sandy Hook Promise founder, Thomas Bittman, is a VP at Gatner, Inc. Gatner, Inc is the major company that provides Big Data Analysis for the CIA. Nearly all the VPs of Gatner have ties to military intelligence. In fact, if you review the mission statement of Sandy Hook Promise, you will find an endorsement of Big Data Research under their mission statement.

    I haven't been able to tie it all together, but I am sure there is a connection…

  44. Oh god, I better stop wearing my BDUs and boots or at least stop blousing them. Everyone's gonna think I'm a secret double black-ops terrorist splinter cell illuminati agent! They might suspect me of bombing Boston or shooting up a movie theatre or bringing down the Twin Towers or perhaps bombing the Cole or Pearl Harbor back in '41 all because I wear a baseball cap that happens to bear an insanely popular logo! Oh jesus better hide my Airsoft plate carrier and guns or else some extremely stupid members of society will think I'm a mass murderer regardless of my proud service to the country they call home!

    • Sorry. but you're a twat. The place was crawling with fully uniformed Craft employees. They were there, probably unwittingly, to run a terrorist scenario that was portrayed as real-world. Running military training scenarios is what they do. You don't have to be a conspiracy theorist to grasp this, you just need a couple more IQ points than a bag of peanuts and to overcome your irrational denial and misplaced loyalty. I have been encouraged to hear that many in the military are waking up… clearly that doesn't include you yet. Don't forget… foreign and domestic.

  45. To all the military bone-heads posting here, saying how you gotta go out and hurt people to 'protect us'. Yeah, thanks, but no thanks. i don't actually want you animals running around killing innocent people on my behalf, muslim or otherwise. The fact that they arm you genocidal ingrates to the teeth, and send you all over the world to wreak havoc, frankly makes me sick to the stomach. Meanwhile, the country, with all its freedom and liberty you seem to be deluding yourselves into thinking you are protecting, is going to hell. You are not helping.

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  47. Early on, we were shown the shredded black backpack with its little white rectangular pattern on top, which exactly matched the one being worn by these Craft goons.
    Now those pics and the questions of who those men were have been flushed down the memory hole of all TV news.
    Absolutely no reporter will bring them up again.
    Trust nothing from your TV, it's only designed to manage your perceptions.

  48. Look at the facts..Robert Kennedy Jr. on Jan 12th 2013 stated that his father didn't believe in the Warren Commission report and he also stated that he believed that their was a second gunman involved in his fathers assassination in 1968
    A short while later on April 15th 2013 the Boston marathon bombings took place. Craft International who was involved in the bombings is a CIA company. The Kennedy family was from "Boston" in my opinion this was a CIA operation: a diversionary tactic from what RFK Jr. had said a few months earlier. The CIA assassinated both of the Kennedy brothers because they were enemies of the CIA. JFK planned to get rid of the CIA as an organization in 1961 after the Bay of Pigs invasion.
    Chris Kyle the founder of Craft International died of a strange death at a gun range after he got into a confrontation with Jesse Ventura at a bar in so Calif. Jesse Ventura has several connections to the CIA. Many people claim that the fight was a staged event. Jesse Ventura and his buddie Alex Jones are CIA coverup artists. Alex Jones seemed to have known that the Bombings at the Boston Marathon were a inside job before everybody else in the country. He was the first person to claim that there was Govt. involvement which he talked about on his show Infowars.

  49. I noticed that Eastwood used the Craft skull symbol all over the movie set of American Sniper, most folks probably saw it there for the first time, though I first remember seeing it in the photos the day after the Boston Bombing.

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