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How We Are Forcing Corrupt Mega Corps Like Monsanto Out of Business

In just the past few weeks and months, we have generated powerful traction in the fight against corrupt mega corporations like Monsanto and others — and it all comes down to consumers refusing to purchase additive-loaded food products, deposit cash with banks that are spying on them, or tune into the latest propaganda news hour on MSNBC.

Ultimately, we are all no longer ‘consumers’ but ‘activists’ in the sense that we can no longer sit by and watch as our food supply and freedoms are tarnished at the same time by a merger of corporate and government corruption. A merger that is historically fatal to the heartbeat of any nation that allows itself to be swallowed by the bloodthirsty psychopaths who currently hold many high level positions in both of these sectors.

And our activism is paying off.

On the food freedom front, we have already seen major corporations like Kraft and Subway make a 180 degree shift towards removing toxic substances from their food following major outcry from activist consumers. In fact, Kraft’s act to remove artificial preservatives from their highly popular ‘cheese singles’ signifies the reality that these corporations know that they are quickly going to lose their entire customer base if they do not start removing the synthetic garbage from their food.

Even larger in scope, it was Subway that announced it would be removing a rubber chemical from its bread just 24 hours after the issue was brought up on The Alex Jones Show with a food activist. And that is just on the food front.

We have been contacted by legislators who have revealed that thanks to exclusive information leaked via Storyleak, such as the reality that Bank of America is actually spying on ‘anti-government’ protesters for the feds, legislation has been launched to protect our privacy in an entirely new way on statewide levels — and it’s expected to pass. We have seen the same sentiments in exclusive interviews regarding anti-drone spying legislation, which is yet another reminder of how simple it can be to spring real action from truth.

This is how real change is made, and this is how reality is broadcast around the world through the domination of media headlines.  Altogether, 2014 is shaping up to be a true year of reality, and in just a few short months we have already been highly successful in enhancing the message of reality through resisting corporations like Monsanto and Bank of America. As long as we continue the proverbial charge, nothing can stop a calvary rush of truth.

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  1. Don't forget this news that came out yesterday! We are certainly making gains on this front and it is very encouraging!

  2. I'd like to think that citizen outcry could work. I just don't think so. If large companies are changing anything at all, it's only to make money. Or marketing ie Cherrios…..sure, it can now say that it is GMO free. It ALWAYS was. Jello came out with new packaging claiming "FAT FREE". It too ALWAYS WAS. What we need is a better educated consumer.

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  5. Monsanto has a history, they sold bad seed and in India farmers killed themselves over it.….

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  11. Yes, i guess we all have to be activists now.

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  14. Usually these poor people are the people who are mostly the burden on the economy. As they are not playing their role in the economy which is desired and expected from them as a responsible citizen of the country.

  15. With the help of education we have to represent all those problems which being a nation we have to face. Education teaches us that we should respect the others regardless of color, cast, nation, country and language.

  16. At the end they say by cursing the beautiful blessing of education that then what is the use of this education which teaches us the illegal activities. They say that education teaches us to robbed, kidnapped innocent people.

  17. That's right, i think so with you

  18. Usually these poor people are the people who are mostly the burden on the economy .

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