Cop Pulls Gun On Fifth Graders Building Tree Fort

Mikael Thalen
April 4th, 2014
Updated 04/04/2014 at 8:31 am

Police in Georgia forced a group of fifth graders to the ground at gunpoint this week as they attempted to build a tree fort in their own neighborhood.

According to 911 records, Henry County Police were called after a neighbor noticed the children “chopping off tree limbs,” an activity she claimed was hurting the environment and creating “tripping hazards.”

Police arrived on scene to find 11-year-old Omari Grant and his friends playing in a small patch of trees, prompting at least one officer to reportedly draw his firearm and force the boys to the ground.

“I was thinking that I don’t want to be shot today, so I just listened to what they said,” Grant said.

As the children lay face down, the officer allegedly screamed profanities as he forced them to spread their arms and legs. Grant’s mother, Janice Baptiste, detailed her son’s experience in an interview with WSB-TV.

“All he could get out at the time was, ‘Mom, he had a gun in my face, he had a gun in my face,’” Baptiste said. “So my son was of course traumatized by that.”

After the children were searched, Grant was taken back to his home by the officer, who also startled Baptiste with his unstable appearance.

“He just came with such an attitude,” Baptiste said. “His whole physical appearance was one of, ‘I’m Mr. Big and bad.’”

Grant says he is now hesitant to play outside in his own neighborhood, afraid of the very police he always looked up to.

“I learned that they’re supposed to help you, not make you feel scared to even come outside,” Grant said.

Edgar Dillard, whose wife made the 911 call, was reportedly stunned to hear of the neighbor boys’ encounter with police.

“Yeah, that’s pretty shocking to hear that a gun was pulled on a child,” Dillard said.

Baptiste has filed an excessive force complaint with the department, which has now opened an internal investigation. When questioned about the officer’s actions, Sgt. Joey Smith remained relatively tight-lipped.

“If it was justified then we’ll deal with it, if it wasn’t we’ll address it as well,” Smith said.

Despite the investigation, both officers remain on duty.

Unfortunately, police officers across the country who work to become positive role models for children, like the Texas cop who recently stopped to play catch with a young boy, are overshadowed by officers who abuse their power.

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Mikael Thalen

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  1. Todd says:

    Stories like this is becoming all to common. People need to start naming the officers names and shaming them. The officers have to understand that there are consequences to their actions, especially in the communities they are sworn to protect. I'll bet this officer will get off with no punishment at all and will feel his actions are warranted. If his actions would be known publicly the society he serves would let him know they are wrong. If the "journalists" are truly doing their jobs they would get the names of the officers and report them. It's time to start taking action stop just pissing people off from stories like this.

    • Cole Borsch says:

      Seriously. Another porkchop oinks up the neighborhood, he get's at WORST a nice vacation of suspended with pay to take his family to disneyland on taxpayer money, then no wrong doing will be found and it's up to vigilantes to take matters into their own hands.

    • sonny says:

      today on 5/19/014 we are asking all people all over the world to say a silent prayer for all victims of the most sadistic and cruel abuse by tennessee police committed on to the poor and minorities . We are asking that you take a few seconds to remember these victims of police abuse that are being beaten on a daily basic all across tennessee.thank you

  2. Roger says:

    What boys haven't built or wanted to build a tree house?
    And tripping hazards? If you have a natural stand of trees you expect tripping hazards.

    Who complained and what right did they have to expect control over the trees?

    And did the Cop actually think the force was necessary against unarmed kids?

    I think the most important question is, who is training these cops?

    • Roger's Mom says:

      If you remember correctly, Roggie, you didn't want to build a treehouse with those nice neighborhood boys. You were more interested in staying inside and playing tea party. By the way, I found your old Betsy Wetsy doll the other day. So cute!

    • RogersDad says:

      Roger, I say there son, I say boy, you never were any good at construction or erector sets. You never were very good with tools either, always hurting yourself. Remember that time you nailed your lip to the fence with m,y Bostich nail gun? And what about the time you glued yourself to the toilet seat with my glue gun? We won't even talk about the time you tried to circumcise yourself with my Skillsaw…….

      • I Wanna Be Kid Again Like You says:

        Ahhhh..what fun! You brought me right back to the good ol’ times of long ago when I was an adolescent and such fun making of the intelligent boys in class elicited laughs and snickers…Sometimes I wish I had never grown up. Now you help me realize I never really had to. Tell me about yourself, how DID you remain an adolescent little shit. Perhaps you’re still kid for real…but I doubt it. I think you’re old enough to be an adult, yet acting childish in a public forum doesn’t affect you. Hey! Is that the secret?? It’s when you don’t have to share your thoughts responsibly and maturely in the public arena. It’s safe being anonymous…then it’s time to play :-) You like feeling safe don’t you. You’re safe baby, you’re just safe as any “law enforcement officer” holding kids at gun point could ever feel. Good for you sweetheart! Hey, reply to this and let’s all see some more of your make-believe. A life you wish had? Does that often occupy your thoughts? Be a kid again for us.

      • Rogers uncle says:

        Remember roger our little secret.

    • Alinsky Hero USA says:

      Roger had some of his fondest memories playing Truth or Dare in his tree house with the younger boys of his neighborhood.

  3. TheNewsMadd says:

    So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

    Worthless PIGS.

    Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs

    • Roger says:

      These cops need to be disciplined, their chief fired and the training officers replaced.

      If that doesn't happen then there needs to be recalls to remove the elected officials that won't clean house.

      • Roger's Mom says:

        Okay Mr. Grumpy. I can tell it's nap time for you. A glass of warm milk then it's off to bed!

      • TheNewsMadd says:

        They need fired.

        Recalls won't do a thing until we overhaul the government

        • Roger says:

          Recalls are the tool to overhaul the government.
          You don't recall the cop, you recall the commissioners that protect them.

          But you need a new commissioner that will do his job, instead of just carrying on as it is. Do you want to run for office? The only way to stop this is for is the people to step up and quit just complaining.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            We need new politicians first. Get rid of dem and reps

          • Roger says:

            Do we? You don't wait and only tackle one problem at a time.
            Liberals don't work that way, they work on all things all the time and let the weakest fall first.

            We need to attack back on multiple fronts and that doesn't mean artificially limiting how we respond to abuses.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Start from the top and work your way down. This is where the marching orders come from

          • Roger says:

            Why not start at both ends, have the cops suspended file a complaing with a grand jury and stand out in front of a local store to get petitions signed for a recall?

            False artificial limits on action don't serve justice in this case.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            They need fired. They had NO REASON to pull a gun on a kids making a tree house

          • Roger says:

            And more needs to be done than that.
            Why stop there? Recalls, new training officers and new department head of this police dept.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            I never said stop there.

          • Roger says:

            Then why argue the point when I made it for 5 comments?

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            I'm not. Not sure why you keep replying.

            Oh yeah…..I forgot you always have to have the last word. You said that was the "sharia friendly" way to do things

            Well go ahead and reply. It fuels your ego

          • Roger says:

            I reply because I feel that your position is wrong and I explain why.

            Well, go ahead and pretend you have the only opinion that matters, it fuels your ego.

          • Roger's Mom says:

            I am so sorry about that. He behaves the same way at home. The school psychologist says it's because of his "inferiority complex", but I can't believe it. Russells are never inferior.

          • Roger says:

            I am so sorry that these useless trolls are here to spam the site and derail any meaningful discussion.

            They certainly aren't anyone related to me.

    • Madame X says:

      America is at a very low place right now .People are people whatever the color we are all Gods children.Bet if those kids were none black would that have happened.At the end of the day they will answer to a Jesus.No matter how you sugar coat these incidents that is dead wrong.

    • Scott Hanson says:

      For every cop that acts like the one in the story, there are hundreds if not thousands of cops doing their job right.
      Unfortunately that 1 cop in hundreds is the one always blasted across the News nationwide so that retarded idiots like you can over generalize all cops as bad.

      • WTE says:

        And it is idiots like you who defend this police state we have become. You must be one of these worthless pids or are releated to one. You do realize your kind will be the first to go when the Patriots take our country back

        • Roger says:

          He didn't defend a police state. Wte, he admitted there are bad apples. But he didn't toss them all under the bus like you did at the top of the thread.

      • TheNewsMadd says:

        Can you show where I said all cops were worthelss pigs?

        You can't so you just generalized it yourself moron.

        You must be a worthless cop or releated to one

        • Roger says:

          He didn't seem to make that claim.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Maybe you should read his comment because he SURE did

            "Unfortunately that 1 cop in hundreds is the one always blasted across the News nationwide so that retarded idiots like you can over generalize all cops as bad"

            Idiot, back to ignoring your dumb a$$

          • Roger says:

            wee, go back up the thread. He was responding to your comment.

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

            He said not all cops are pigs, you were the one that generalized.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Where did I say all cops are bad?

            Quote me

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Where did I say in that quote that "all cops are bad"?

            That's what happens when you have someone misquoting you.

            I see it is ok for you to do it but no one else.

            Proved my point that you are a hypocrite.

          • Roger says:

            You said what you said.

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            So where did I say ALL cops are bad?

            I called these cops worthless pigs and cops thugs but I don't recall saying they were all "bad"

            Please quote me

          • Roger says:

            What are the last four words of your quote again?

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            "Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

            I don't see the word "bad" in that quote.

            Still misquoting me?
            I'm not surprised.

            Its' all you have

          • Roger says:

            Thugs are not good.
            Saying they are not role models isn't a good thing.

            So, in effect you called all cops bad.
            Dont' blame me.

            Why don't you just renounce the comment and explain what you really did mean?

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            So you misquoted me

          • Roger says:

            Nope, you said they were thugs, thugs are bad.

            You said what you said.

          • guest says:

            still stalking each other odd couple?

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Where did I say "all cops are bad"?

          • Roger says:

            Why are you just repeating the same question after I've answered it?

          • guest says:

            You guys are the laughing stock of the internet
            You both are addicted to each other

          • Roger says:

            Like you are addicted to spamming the sites the posse targets?

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Because you have failed to pint out where I used the word "bad" and have tried to dance around the question. You misquoted me and lied

          • Roger says:

            Sure I have, over and over.

            Just because you didn't want people to catch what you said doesn't mean anything but you don't seem willing to defend the words you use when you get all worked up.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Not worked up all. You misquoted me and lied. Everyone on here will see that. You have been exposed again.

            Check Mate

          • Roger says:

            I didn't misquote you.

            Why don't you show the words I used, and point out where they are different than the comment you posted.

            I quoted you exactly.

            So, I'm not the one lying.

            Check mate.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            No where did I say "all cops are bad" you claim I did. Well where is it???

            No where

            Chekck Mate

          • Roger says:

            You called them thugs and equated that with worthless pigs.

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

            check mate

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Still misquoting me?
            I'm not surprised.

            Its' all you have.

          • Roger says:

            Quoting you exactly for what you said is what I have.

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Ok, so where in that quote did I say all cops are "bad"?

            Still misquoting me?
            I'm not surprised.

            Its' all you have.

          • Roger says:

            Try reading the last four words in your quote.

            And if taking your exact words are wrong, where in the comment does is say anything else contradicting the last four words?

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            You made a claim that I said all cops are "bad"

            I did not say that and you misquoted me.

            This conversation is over. Feel free to reply it's the sharia friendly thing to do.

            Check Mate

          • Roger says:

            You said they were thugs.

            Thugs are bad.

            Check mate.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Where did I say "all cops are bad"?

            Please show where I used the word "bad" or admit you misquoted me.

            Pretty sure the band "Bone Thugs in Harmony" are not bad people

          • Roger says:

            I have shown over and over what you said.

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs"

            The last four words are very clear. You called them thugs. You didn't say some, or just the bad ones, but called them 'thugs'.

            Thugs are bad, so yo in effect you called all cops bad.

            Don't blame me for your bias.

            Check mate.

          • TheNewsMadd says:

            Not all thugs are bad. You lied about what I said. Now I know why you thinks thugs are bad:

            Cause you can't get a woman

          • Roger says:

            Let's look at the comment again shall we?

            "So these 11 year olds were such a threat they needed to be held at gun point?

            Worthless PIGS.

            Cops use to be role models now they are just thugs

            'worthless pigs' in the same comment shows what you meant by thugs and it was 'worthless pigs' or something close to it.

            That's a bad thing.

            Check mate.

          • guest says:

            still stalking each other, odd couple?

          • Roger says:

            Still clogging up the thread with cut and paste spam?

          • guest says:

            still spewing garbage?

          • Roger says:

            Still spewing spam?

            As a troll you can and do say anything to disrupt things.

            But, if I'm spewing garbage then go ahead and explain why I'm wrong.

          • guest says:

            did you find alinsky yet?

          • Roger says:

            Did you get new cut and paste garbage to spam the place with?

  4. Mr.Lincoln says:

    Here is another example of abuse. Can you say, 'Police State' with no limits?

    Cop Walks In To Home And Forcibly Arrests Man With No Explanation

    Apr 3, 2014 Scary times we are living in. This video was just sent in with no info, If someone knows where this takes place please message me so I can find out more.

    • TheNewsMadd says:

      Makes me sick

    • Roger says:

      There are constitutional protections.
      Where are the courts? The right of habius corpus is the right to be brought before a judge to have the courts rule on the propriety of the enforcement action.

      When did we lose that?

      • Mr.Lincoln says:

        I am glad you asked. Here is the when and how!

        Yes, America is Still in an Official State of Emergency Global Research, February 11, 2010

        A reader asked whether the U.S. is still in an official state of emergency, and if so, what that means.

        The answer is yes, we are still in a state of emergency.

        Specifically: On September 11, 2001, the government declared a state of emergency. That declared state of emergency was formally put in writing on 9/14/2001:

        “A national emergency exists by reason of the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Center, New York, New York, and the Pentagon, and the continuing and immediate threat of further attacks on the United States.

        NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, I hereby declare that the national emergency has existed since September 11, 2001 . . . .”

        That declared state of emergency has continued in full force and effect from 9/11 [throughout the Bush administration] to the present.

        On September 10 2009, President Obama continued the state of emergency:

        The terrorist threat that led to the declaration on September 14, 2001, of a national emergency continues. For this reason, I have determined that it is necessary to continue in effect after September 14, 2009, the national emergency with respect to the terrorist threat.

    • Alinsky Hero USA says:

      Great link Lincoln. I wish to know the follow up to that myself.

  5. Alinsky Hero USA says:

    I just got to say. The new South Park video game is well worth the money. I am having the best time. So f-ing funny.

    • Roger's Mom says:

      Aminsky, I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't use that language around my little boy. He's very impressionable, and repeats everything you say.

      • Alinsky Hero USA says:

        Sorry Mrs. Nwosu.

        • Guest says:

          Thank you, Aminsky. I appreciate your help – you know it takes a village to raise our young people especially if they're as headstrong as my littlle Roggie.

          Would you mind keeping an eye out for him this weekend? My husband Babatunde is taking me for a romantic getaway to the goat country and I do worry, even though he's 51.

  6. Larry says:

    Boy acting like… boys, the horror! The woman who called 911 is an uptight busybody who should be ashamed and the cop is a bully with a uniform. He should be fired, quite frankly.

  7. Stick Man says:

    They are "overshadowed" because there are very few of them and of those most would stand aside and do nothing while idiots like this flex their invisible muscle. America's law enforcement needs serious reform! I hope these folks filed suit against this officer and the department.

  8. purepatriot says:

    Edgar Dillard, whose wife made the 911 call, was reportedly stunned to hear of the neighbor boys’ encounter with police.

    “Yeah, that’s pretty shocking to hear that a gun was pulled on a child,” Dillard said.

    Maybe next time try NOT calling freaking 911 on KIDS PLAYING you dumb police state-loving bitch

  9. Fuck off says:

    They are being investigated and "if" something was wrong it will be dealth with????? "IF"? Since when do you draw guns on unarmed children not doing anything illegal.

  10. DCc says:

    I like how it didnt say whos yard the tree was in…… how come no one every asks for both sides to a story they just jump all over cops.

    • Kizichka says:

      Would it matter. If it was in somebodies yard is it "Felony Tree Fort"?

    • SickNTired says:

      The trees were in the easement behind the house and the neighbor calling was from the subdivision behind his. This is stated in the news story. So we do actually have that information.

    • Judith_Priest says:

      Learn to read, you Fox-addled Fascist copsucking a-hole.

  11. Common Sense. says:

    I guarantee the cops will be found of "no wrong doing." There is no accountability for the police in the United States.

  12. Heinrich Muller says:

    Now, do you see why its time to vote in, by writing them in if the controlled voting apparatus refuses to put them on the ballot, people that are neither demoncraps or republican'ts. I guess its time for the Christian Patriot party. At least they could agree to hire only people that have a doctorate degree in criminal law and a masters degree in constitutional law before they could be a cop. And if they can't find people with those qualifications, then, I guess there will just be a lot fewer of these dickhead cops.

  13. waltyio says:

    Kids are just trying to build a home to live in after the obamy regime destroys this country and everyone loses their homes.
    Smart kids!

    • Judith_Priest says:

      Pull your head out of Fox News' tushie and look around.

      Obama (note spelling) isn't destroying this country.
      Your Precious GOP is destroying it.

  14. ruki says:

    Don’t you realize, those kids could have been terrorists-in-training, learning how to hide guns or bombs in trees. The cop could have gotten all upset when he saw they weren’t midgets. Who knows?

  15. ac says:

    this kind of police abuse is increasing, and almost always sanctioned. we’re being trained to be subservient in a police state, alex jones is right.

  16. jtremain says:

    wow – the neighborhood parents and kids should find out where the cop lives and pay him at a visit at his home and take a firm approach.

    It has gotten to the point you have to protect yourself from the police and government in general.

    They no longer work for the people they work against the people. Welcome to the start of the next revolution.

  17. Common Sense says:

    The dumb b*tch should be given a citation for wasting taxpayers money. What ever happened to just walking over to your neighbors, knock on the door, and TALK to the parent if there is a concern? Fckng coward!

    Secondly, are cops getting more and more dumb? We need folks with advance degrees doing this type of work. Logical thinkers, not dopes with NO common sense. I’m tired of police forces hiring any goof off the street, fresh out of the academy.

  18. Charles Drew says:

    Whoo, I wish. I wouldn't stop at no report. They'll hear from me on an HOURLY basis if some stupid cop pulled a gun on my kid out playing in the trees. Effin busybody calling the police for that BS. I'd have a long talk full of cuss words with her azz too. Folks, WE pay these fools salaries whether you believe it or not.
    His mom needs to sue that cop personally. If his superior won't approve the suit. Sue him too.

  19. Jimtk says:

    Woe unto the cops if ever they are in need of Assistance around me.

    • Scott Hanson says:

      And you are a sick bastard. 99.99% of cops are NOT like the cop in the story and you would allow a good man or woman to die because of your ignorance and bullsh!t.

      • SUA says:

        As in any profession, there are good actors and bad actors in policing. I've lived in many environments – from densely urban (the "ghetto") to rural. In my experience, cops are usually good people, good neighbors and the kind of folks I enjoy having as friends. The more decent people we have on the police force, and the stronger the relationships they have with the people who live in the communities they serve, the harder it is for those who would do wrong.

  20. Corrupt says:

    Of course it was a Sargent… Of course the higher promoted, more privlidge police officer would abuse his power. Feel bad for the kid. I would be traumatized. Sad. I hope something is done Abt this. Not necessarily bc of the ONE officer but because of the abuse of officers all around this country.

  21. Tony says:

    No building permits, no development application, no tree lopping license, no safety equipment…
    3 to 5 in Juvi…

  22. Lovefreedom says:

    Isn't it the publics right to know the officers names that were involved in this? We are the only ones that can change this behavior. Make cops think twice before messing up so badly. Once their names go viral, start letting them know how terrible they are, And let their families know.

  23. david e says:

    Law enforcement is being trained in accordance with NWO protocols… don't be amazed when these brainwashed and empty-headed cops do what their handlers are training them to do. And the reality is, they are using restraint as of now. Once they are given the green light to put the new protocols into use we will all be subject to this brutality regardless of our age, race or gender.

  24. Obama says:

    If this is the whole story this is wrong. But what really did happen? A lot of parents don't teach their children accountability and respect for authority. I saw this when I was growing up and I see the way adults act now. I want to know if the kids listened right away or they started talking back and tried to be tough and talk back like they thought they were rude adults. Is it justified then? I guess we will never know.

    • Marlena says:

      So pulling guns on a kid who backtalks is justified? Maybe if you follow that bible passage about if a child curses their parent, the child is to be dragged to the edge of town and stoned to death. But, in modern civilization, we understand that words don't kill people. Officers threatening kids with deadly weapons, even if they smarted off some, is clear misuse of power. As I said, unless you really believe that these children deserve to die for smarting off.

  25. abinico says:

    This article really does a great job of dancing around the most pertinent fact – was the tree on private or public property. I suspect it was public property, in which case these punks got a lesson in civics – do not damage public property – you do not own it!

    • VoiceOfReason says:

      So the officer pulling a gun on the kids was justified? Even if it was private property, a simple lesson about why they shouldn't be doing what they did would've sufficed. Children don't know all the laws and need guidance, they don't need a weapon drawn on them to teach them a lesson. I hope you're just a troll looking for attention, otherwise you need to relax with your police state of mind.

  26. Wiccan Druid says:

    Officers needing training??? Whatever happened to common sense, stupid people.

  27. Judith_Priest says:

    I used to be the kind of Nice White Lady who kept an eye on things and called the cops if somebody seemed to be in trouble.

    Until the Sunday morning when I saw a young Latino man, coming home after a night of drinking, holding a guitar, and very unsteady on his pins, collapse in the middle of a busy street.

    My friend and I tried to rouse him to move him out of danger, but he was drunk enough to misinterpret our conversation, so we decided to call the police to help us move this young man out of danger.

    The police showed up, we pointed them to the young man, sure that they would help him. Nope. They smashed his guitar into kindling, right in front of him, and then began beating him. He couldn't even stand up! Here, I'd thought they'd have a talk with him, maybe put him in a drunk tank.

    I was afraid they were going to KILL him.

    I am never calling them again.

    This was in a middling-nice neighborhood of Los Angeles, mixed race, mixed income, where people get along pretty well.

    I thought the cops were there to help. :-(

  28. Guest says:

    Got to train them young boys and prepare them for what they're going to face in the near future. They're the future of the law enforcement's job security.

  29. dan says:

    this cop needs to be castrated so that he can not breed children….he is a child abuser plain and simple…..still on patrol………sounds like Ga. follows the Catholic church as in keeping their child abusing priest employed

  30. Mike says:

    My nephew told me a few years ago, ” Uncle Mike, they would arrest us for doing the things you did when you were a kid”.

  31. Bama73 says:

    Sue the police force and the two cops especially. They are rogue cops who don't know how to deal with kids or anyone else. And this woman who called 911 – she is a liberal who should mind her own business. It's none of her business what the boys were doing on their own property.

    • Guest Host says:

      A LIBERAL, as in one who values LIBERTY?
      I thInk NOT.
      Sounds like a person who valued ORDER over LIBERTY you CONSERVATIVE dick.

  32. East coaster says:

    The American people need to wake up and start reversing the tactics that are being used on us. We also need to start calling out these idiots and maybe a few lawsuits should be filed. Ballot box isn't working too well either, how about massive recalls? Kids need to be kids. I fear our country has been taken over by not one bullet being fired…yet.

  33. We're all screwed! says:

    Remember folks, cops are TRAINED for everything. They must make split-second decisions that could mean life or death…depending on who's facing life or death that is. Therefore, everything a cop does is completely legal and justified according to THEIR laws and regulations that only they know about. So if a cop wants to kill you, it's all part of a choice drilled in by training. What does this all mean? God help us all

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