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CNN Reporter Returning from Liberia ‘Horrified’ by Lack of Airport Ebola Screening

A CNN reporter returning from Liberia says she was “shocked” by the complete lack of screening at the Atlanta airport.

Speaking with HLN’s Robin Meade, CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen revealed the horrifying incident in detail.

“I expected that they were going to take my temperature, they were going to ask me lots of questions, but they didn’t,” Cohen said.

Troubled by the lack of questioning, Cohen revealed her role as a journalist covering the Ebola outbreak, assuming an enhanced screening would then take place.

“I said, ‘I’m a journalist, I’ve come back from Liberia, I was covering Ebola,’ and the gentleman who was helping me, the officer, he started to hand my passport back and say, ‘welcome home,'” Cohen said. “But instead he said, ‘oh wait a second, I got an email about passengers like you, hold on a second,’ and he went and conferred with someone and he didn’t know and they conferred with someone else and in the end he said, ‘you need to watch yourself for signs of Ebola,’ and I said ‘well what am I watching for?’ and he couldn’t tell me.”

Incredibly, Cohen went on to reveal that two of her co-workers received no screening at all, even after admitting they had just returned from Liberia.

“Now is if that weren’t bad enough Robin, I was traveling with two colleagues, a photojournalist and a producer, and they weren’t told anything and they also said that they were journalists who’ve been covering Ebola,” Cohen said. “So we were all kind of shocked and pretty horrified at the lack of screening in US airports…”

Despite the federal government’s claims, the incident provides yet another glaring example of the complete disregard for public safety.

Just last week, five employees with the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department were thrown into harm’s way after being ordered to enter Thomas Eric Duncan’s quarantined apartment without any protective gear.

That same day, Texas health officials, who admittedly delayed a proper Hazmat cleaning of Duncan’s apartment for several days, used an unprotected cleaning crew to pressure wash Duncan’s vomit from the sidewalk.

Meanwhile, as the scientists who discovered Ebola warn of an “apocalyptic scenario,” the federal government continues to ignore the need for stopping all incoming flights from Ebola-affected nations.

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  1. Proof That The Swine Flu Epidemic Was Man Made and Intentional

    Ebola Virus Patented by US Government in October 2009: “Invention Related to Novel Species of Human Ebola (hEbola) virus”

    • Horse pucky. Read the comments in the first linked article – Kate Purnell is right on. What is your motivation for spreading demonstrably wrong FUD?

      • Actually the reply comment blows Kate's horse pucky away.

        • Not at all. There appears to be a general misunderstanding (perhaps deliberate) about what viral vaccines are. Pointing to patents of viruses, or processes for creating viruses, as evidence that some party created a disease-causing pathogen is superficial at best.

          • Vaccines cannot be made until a virus is discovered correct? Create a virus then provide a vaccine seems like job security to me.

            Therefore Is it so kooky to think that big pharma/gov uses the Cloward and Piven strategy by creating a problem and then providing a solution…for a profit??

          • Not kooky to hypothesize. Kooky to state it as fact and cite as evidence the accepted processes for identifying and creating a vaccine.

          • Nice picture lol. I love the X Files. Interesting selection though since Mulder is vindicated time and time again on his kooky beliefs.

            Do you think bio weapons tech exists? I'm not talking about nerve gas/mustard gas, that would be bio chem weapons. But bio weapons, weaponized viruses.

          • Of course, some are pretty well documented. They don't even have to be terribly sophisticated – did you learn about smallpox blankets in grade school?

          • Nope, I learned about that much later in life. We probably discussed the Trail of Tears for one day in school, without the mention of smallpox. Education is extremely dumbed down these days. It is disgusting. A lot of things have been censored from history, like Operation Paperclip as well.

            My point is than that viruses are weaponized. We agree on that. Did our gov, or the rest of the world for that matter, really stop testing and creating bio weapons when the treaty was signed in the 70s? I HIGHLY doubt it.

          • Not even means, motive and opportunity constitute incontrovertible evidence. I'm not so naive as to believe that our government isn't involved in some nasty shit, especially given the history.

            However, the government isn't the only one with an interest in spreading disinformation. When someone writes an article entitled, "Proof That The Swine Flu Epidemic Was Man Made And Intentional" that proof should stand up to scrutiny. This doesn't.

          • To my point about motivation to spread disinformation:

          • My mistake. Trail of Tears was incorrect. But I am sure that it was used elsewhere?? Let me check.

          • "According to the US Centers for Disease Control, the new virus is a mixture of four different viruses: North American swine flu, North American avian flu, human H1N1 flu and a swine flu strain found in Asia and Europe."

            IMO the CDC has almost zero credibility. Just look how they have handled this recent outbreak as one of many examples. Plus they are a part of the government. They could be lying about the Swine explanation. Yes, the disease can be scientifically explained in support of natural evolution, which gives the perps “Plausible deniability”. I just don’t trust big pharma and gov because of the history of f ups.

          • Credibility or not, the flu virus does actively mutate. That's why vaccinations are reformulated annually.

            You are more willing than I am to spot the boogeyman. That's cool. I just want to encourage you to always be skeptical – not just when it fits your preconceptions.

          • Noted.

          • I told you the same thing and you didn't note it.

          • Maybe it was because you called me a POS or Racist or both…

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Well at least you noted that.

          • You should note that being polite and civil gets debate way further than being nasty. I admit you piss me off and sometimes I lose my cool. But at the end of the day, this is just a slap di ck forum, its the internet. It does not bother me, I could care less. I just like to debate.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You have no debate, I am content at this point with just rubbing your nose in your own BS and then laughing at you.

          • Haha that's sweet.

            You should of heard Savage and Jones just destroying your heroes Lenin and Trotsky today. It was brilliant. Equivalent to mobsters.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What makes you think I like Trotsky and Lenin?

          • Because, in your own words, "you are a SOC AL IST!!!!!"

            Trying to trap me. Get real.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            But they are communists, stupid.

            I don't care for them at all.

            You sure that was the only reason?

          • Back peddling again I see. You are one of the fakest people I have ever came across.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            When did I ever say I was a communist you dumb f u ck?

          • No no no you said that Trot and Lenin were SOCs. Like you.

            You are losing credibility…

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And I said they were communists, NOT like me.

            Now tell me again why you are accusing me of liking Trotsky, the REAL reason, you POS hack.

          • BS back peddler.

            Childs play.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Look at you doing everything to pretend there was no other reason to connect me to Trotsky. Think real hard.

            It's fun to watch you in the corner like the rat f u ck you are.

          • Silly sally.

            It is in your own words! I wish I was wise enough to save the convo. Just take my word for it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What words? You don't need to quote exactly, just the general idea of what I said.

            Go ahead you rat.

          • Still here to derail and push the posse agenda?

            You really should at least pretend to have something to bring to the debate.

          • Silly Sally.

            It was in your own words. I wish i saved the convo.

            My name is Alinsky, "I play games"

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            What words? You don't need to quote exactly, just the general idea of what I said.

            Go ahead you rat.

          • Speaking rat, at least they aren't the total cowards that cockroaches are.

      • The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a patent for, Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof (patent #8124101). It was filed in 2005 for approval. What part of this does not compute with you?

        • Lots.
          First, the "swine flu" didn't just magically appear in 2009, there have been documented outbreaks since the early 1900s.

          Second, I see no indication in your article that the strain of flu that emerged in 2009 is genetically identical to the subject of the 2005 patent (which came about as a result of genetically recreating the 1918 Spanish flu virus). The only hint of this is the author's incorrect assertion that the vaccine would have to be genetically identical to the virus to be effective.

          Those are key, but there are other gaps in the science as described by your article. With a little bit of reading, you can develop an informed opinion instead of swallowing as truth an article penned by a website that makes its living peddling the magical health benefits of copper extracts.

          • Just because it was patented in 2009 doesn't mean it was used then.

          • Shut Up, Conspiracy Theorist!!!

            Oct 7, 2014 Everything you wanted to know about shutting up a pesky conspiracy theorist in 5 minutes.

            "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." — Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild.

          • Watched this the other day. Excellent.

          • It surly is Liberty. He keeps his work real and informative with great creativity!

          • That's funny. It doesn't help your case any, but funny.

          • I think it shows the hypocrisy that exists in the political elite and for the people that follow them blindly. Case in point:

            Sheep dems listen to Hillary, "Remember the people we are fighting today, we funded 20 years ago." Correct!

            But will not listen to Rand Paul when he says we have funded ISIS and other terrorist orgs. Which is also correct. He and people like myself are labeled Conspiracy Theorist. This process swings both ways for blind Dems and Repubs.

            "Ignorance is Strength"

          • Absolutely spot on! This will enlighten you even more!

            Medical Marijuana

            In a follow-up to his CNN documentary, WEED, Dr. Sanjay Gupta spoke on Anderson Cooper 360 about the patent that the US Government holds on cannabidiol: U.S. Patent 6,630,507, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants.” This patent, commonly known as “the ’507 Patent,” defines the benefits of CBD as recognized by the US Government. KannaLife Sciences, one of our investment holdings, has been awarded an exclusive license agreement with the National Institutes of Health – Office of Technology Transfer (“NIH-OTT”) for the commercialization of this patent. From Raw Story: “The U.S. holds a patent [on marijuana] on one hand, and on the other hand, same government says it has no medical applications,” Gupta told Cooper. “Journalists are trained to hate hypocrisy. This is hypocrisy. I’ve never seen it quite like this.”

            US Government’s medical marijuana patent From On the one hand, United States federal government officials have consistently denied that marijuana has any medical benefits. On the other, the government actually holds patents for the medical use of the plant. Just check out US Patent 6630507 titled “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” which is assigned to The United States of America, as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services.


          • Do they hold patents on hemp usage as well?

          • OK, I'm going to respond to your question. I don't know if wanting English as the language of everyone who lives in the US is racist, but I think it goes against the very tenets our country was founded on. First, IMO it violates the First Amendment. I think it's a rather biased desire, maybe bigoted, but those are all just words. Would it be just peachy if everyone spoke the same language? Sure, it would make things easier for you and I and those who spoke good English, but that isn't the world or even the country we live in. There are people from some parts of the US (for me that includes most of the South) where I literally have to ask repeatedly what they're saying.

            I deal with the public, I have to figure out what someone wants/needs in a healthcare setting where getting it wrong could literally cost someone their life. My dealings involve people who speak many different languages as well as several different dialects of those languages. But I also deal with people who would speak perfect English except for that stroke they had a year ago or that traumatic brain injury that causes them to slur or a speech impediment they were born with. And then there are those whose ancestors came here centuries ago, the only language ever spoken around then is 'good' English, but because of a learning disability they're almost impossible to understand.

            Do you see what I'm saying? Immigrants come to the United States to make a better life for THEM, not for you, not for me. So while I may not use the word "racist", I find it unfair for everyone to be expected to conform to what you or I or the government wants. Having laws enacted that would require everyone who immigrates to the US and becomes a citizen must learn English is no different, IMO, than requiring everyone to join a certain church — it would be a violation of their rights. Again, that's my opinion.

          • It does not go against the tenants of what our country was founded on.

            And in case you haven't noticed, the influx of latinos is done and supported by the group 'la rasa' the race. They are racist. They are for a 'reconquista' or a re-conquest of the territory Mexico lost.

            They are not here to immigrate, they are here to conquer.
            And that is not within their rights.

          • Still have nothing to add, but just too stupid to stay away?

          • Just trying to help another writer out. You're welcome.

          • alinsky, you are many things. But you are not a writer.

            Go play with your book cover boyfriend and leave the adults alone.

          • I am many things. Alinsky is not one of them. You are many things, too. A good judge of who's who is not one of them.

          • You might have been believable if you hadn't slipped and used your jamal personal on smith.

            Alinsky, you aren't nearly as bright as you pretend to be.

          • If you think I'm either Alinsky or Jamal, you're the one who's not very bright.

          • If you think you can use jamal on all your different voices and nobody will notice, you're not as bright as you pretend to be.

          • Good points.

            The main reason why I think it should be required, you mentioned. It is about communication. I think it would bring people together better if we all could communicate in a reasonable way. I am not saying we all have to have perfect English. But understanding each other could fix a lot of misconceptions, disagreements, etc. It is a sign of respect as well. If I go to a country to visit I give my best effort in speaking their home language. Of course I will not be fluent, but people do respect the effort.

            IMO you do not loose your 1st Amendment right if you can't speak English. I don't see how freedom of speech could be restricted by learning English. You can still voice your opinion in a different language.

            "Do you see what I'm saying? Immigrants come to the United States to make a better life for THEM, not for you, not for me."

            I agree. The power of the individual is what is appealing about America.

          • I agree with some of what you've said and perhaps the word "racist" is too strong, but to me it's unfair in many cases and impossible as well — logistically it will never happen, and with such a diverse population — it's just never going to happen and might as well be something to scratch off your wish list. Give up the frustration over it, it's not worth the time invested in being upset about.

            That being said, there are many who ARE racist and hate on others for that very reason, they can't speak good English. Those people aren't worth the $3.58 to pay for the fuel to run a backhoe, dig a pit and bury them in. There's a lot of valid reasons to hate on a person, their language or language barriers isn't one of them. For me, it's just not something I think matters in the bigger picture. Yes, it would make life easier for those of us who've been reared in homes where English is the only language, but that's not ever going to happen in the United States. It's one of the things that makes our country great, that we welcome those who are different than us, help them assimilate as much as they choose to, and allow them to live their lives how they want — the same things we expect for ourselves.

          • Xenophobia. You back them being xenophobic. And they are the racist one, if they are racists and don't want to learn our language or our culture then they really should think twice about coming here.

          • How would you enforce? Would you deny citizenship to someone who cannot pass a basic fluency test.

            Not saying I disagree … at all. I am opposed to proliferating laws, particularly those that are not enforced.

          • Perhaps we need the traditional methods.

            Have people learn english to show they want to be part of our culture before they arrive.

          • The first thing we should teach them is to capitalize the word "English".

          • Roger is the Devil

            Psychoanalysis shows subject suffered form narcissism,serving erotic gratification from admiration of its own physical or mental attributes. Subject feels capitalization of proper words is beneath it

          • Yes, you show all that.

            And you just have nothing to add. But you're too determined to push the failed agenda.

          • The first thing that matters is 'content'.

            I bet that really irritates the trolls in the posse. You never offer any.

          • You already knew the words to America The Beautiful, so what is wrong about putting the words in languages from around the world?

            Isn't that BETTER communication of ideas and feels so that . "understanding each other could fix a lot of misconceptions, disagreements, etc. It is a sign of respect as well."

            You are being disingenuous Mr. Liberty. I believe you are a racist and have an agenda. I don't just say that to insult you, I really believe it.

            And as racists often do, try desperately to find reasonable;, logical, specious excuses to justify, sell and camouflage those racist mentalities.

            Racist is not too strong a word to describe you.

          • What's wrong with assimilation into the culture they came to surround themselves with?

            Racist is something that you exhibit since you are always hung up on skin color.

          • "putting the words in languages from around the world"

            So are you implying that you could go sing America the Beautiful in Arabic in the middle east or Spanish in Latin America/Mexico without consequences? I am pretty sure people would find that disrespectful.

            You are not God, you are not my authority, you are not that smart. So by simply claiming a lie, in this case that I am a racist, does not make it true.

          • Mr. Liberty completely ignored my question and then asked a non sequitur, question back to me.

            And then he waddles around wondering why everyone thinks he is a racist POS f u ck.

            Answer the question you double talking jerk off.

          • You tossed out a fake assumption that didn't deserve his answer then act shocked when you got ignored about it.

            You care about skin color, that makes you a racist.

          • I did answer the question you idiot. I have said it numerous times that speaking English and trying to learn English is a sign of respect. IMO.

            "I am pretty sure people would find that disrespectful."

          • You didn't answer my question you dumb little s h it.

            I asked, "what is wrong about putting the words in languages from around the world?

            Isn't that BETTER communication of ideas and feels so that . "understanding each other could fix a lot of misconceptions, disagreements, etc. It is a sign of respect as well."

            Yes or No you double talking jerk off.

          • Hey smelly turd boy.

            If they wanted to come here, they need to come here. Not bring their old rat hole with them.

            That means 'assimilation' it's not a new concept. If they like home so much they can stay there.

            And you still need to take 'no' for an answer. So, what floor do you live on?

          • Damn you really are stupid. Keep asking the same question over and over hoping that I word it differently so that you can attack me for being "racist". You are a sad and pathetic fat boy.

            Your tactics are exactly what is wrong with the system. Too many folks like you running things. Playing your little tricks and word games, trying to set traps to attack your opponent.

            Your new nick name is Trick. Or would you prefer Breezy?

          • I asked a simple question and this is the third time you have avoided answering it because of your racist BS.

            No gotta questions, no trap, but just a simple question.

            Now answer it, you racist f u ck.

          • Oh you came back out. Did everyone leave the room and turn the light back off?

          • Get on your knees first, beg me to answer it AGAIN, and maybe I will.

          • I've been begging you to admit you are a racist POS for months.

            All you do is tap dance and pivot.

            Now go suck a long bottle of coke a cola and sing America The Beautiful in the only language you know…hate.

          • All you do is accuse and lie. Trick.

            I don't drink soda. It is bad for you.

          • You just drink kool aid.

            I just showed once more you have no substance. Your whole game is to find fancy new words and rationalization games to hid your racist, propaganda agenda.

          • Did you pull those talking points off the approved Dan Rather fax machine?

          • Easy Trick you are starting to sound like a conspircay nut…

            "racist, propaganda agenda."

          • All your comments are just a distraction strategy.

            I have already showed to to be a double talking racist. Again.

          • All your comments seem to back the southern democrat agenda over the MLK agenda.

          • Trick your entire professional career has been a distraction.
            You have never experienced the real world. Never worked a physical job or taken part in manual labor. Never built anything, or contributed to the betterment of society. All you have done is write, agitate, and promote globalism. Lame.

          • And yet here you are STILL not answering the question because you know it means you have to admit to being a racist f u ck.

          • And here you are spamming and avoiding actual issues with name calling, it's so 3rd grade.

            And you are still hung up on skin color.

            How Senator Byrd of you.

          • No, but they do hold a monopoly on 'FORCE' however!

            October 1st, 2014 Tallahassee Cop Suspended After Caught on Video Tasering 62-year-old Woman in Back

            A Tallahassee cop was caught on cell phone video tasering a 62-year-old woman in the back as she walked away from him –exactly what he had ordered her to do – causing her to fall face first onto the street as several shocked witnesses looked on.

      • smith — Remember me saying earlier I'd made one comment to him that was specific to his previous death threat in the past 23 hours? Well, it's now been 28 hours, that's the only comment I've made to or about him (not counting this one), and he's made 47 comments to or about me in that time. Pretty telling, isn't it?

        • Still the sad sack liar?
          You seem determined to pretend I made a death threat. But then you pretend about a lot of things.

        • It's no surprise. He played the same games with WTE. Looks like you're the lucky candidate now.

          • When a person has nothing else going for them, apparently bad attention is better than no attention at all. His obsession is an addiction and is now totally out of his conscious control.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Your words hurt him deep. And his hate for women came out in full bloom.

          • I'm not easily offended, otherwise I wouldn't comment on forums like this one where he lurks. But I take great offense at him always claiming it's everyone else who stalks, trolls, spams. I literally put him to the test Monday….in 32+ hours I made a grand total of 1 comment about him, he made 53+ nasty, vulgar, disgusting, misogynistic typical comments to and about me. If you'd study his reviews of other books, you'd get a clue where his hatred of women comes from, IMO. He's nothing more than a lying hypocrite that if we'd all ignore, his inbox would become flaccid and that would leave him with nothing.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            He is content with replying to everyone as we ignore him. We would all have to agree to stop using Intense Debate. And he would consider that a win.

            Just enjoy exposing him for what he is and watching him cry and sue.

          • I disagree that he's content being ignored while the world goes on leaving him out. He thrives on the back-and-forth insulting or he wouldn't have 163,000+ comments. He thrives on having a full inbox so he doesn't have to pick and dig to find just the right remark to respond to. I'm going to try my best to not respond directly to him…can't hurt and it's annoyed the hell out of him in the past.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Ok, I'm with you.

            The Roger Russell Boycott is back on!

          • Roger is the Devil

            Sounds good to me!

          • Nothing sounds good to you outside of the boots marching in a may day parade in the square.

          • Roger is the Devil

            I am willing to bet that if the subject is ignored it will continue to reply to every comment made for at least a month

          • Oh, I'm sure that's the case. It's the notion of his flaccid inbox (I just love the word 'flaccid'!) that's just too tempting to pass up.

          • Roger is the Devil

            If the subject continues to reply while being ignored that will prove it needs attention whether good or bad. It will be easy to see if it gets angry while being ignored. I love lab rats

          • Yes, you both do. The subjects show much dedication to a failed economic system and continue to push for it regardless of the expected end results.

            Failure, every time.

          • Poor old saggy. You pretend I derail and crave attention then go on for how many comments simply based on personal attacks?

            Saggy, I realize that good nails still leave your hands looking pathetic. The saggy arms shake when you move and the other body fat like jowls keep you from moving among the normal without people cringing. And that isn't even counting when you're in a closed room and the fumes build up.

            But saggy, all that projection just isn't good at much but showing what kind of personality you have, if you have any. And it's not good saggy.

            The bitterness blinds you and the hate has pushed you to the dark side.

      • Here you go pucky!

        US Army withheld promise from Germany that Ebola virus wouldn’t be weaponized October 20, 2014

        German High Government Official Seeks Washington’s Reassurance that the US did Not Weaponize the Species of Ebola that Germany Made Available to Washington, and Washington has not provided the reassurance. By providing the virus to Washington prior to effective reassurances, Germany is complicit in the breakout of a bio-warfare grade of ebola, which has now spread to the US and Europe. At this point, it is not clear that this ebola strain will be contained or whether Washington has any intention or ability to contain it. The arrogance and inhumanity of Washington is beyond comprehension.

  2. At the risk of being labeled a racist, I defy anyone to name me one worthwhile thing (with the exception of a diamond) that has ever come from the continent of Africa.

    I'll wait…………….

    • Diamonds were not even considered a valuable stone until European royalty said so. That was simple a business move, because they owned the diamond mines.

      Diamonds have a very dark and bloody history, I would not consider the stone a good thing.

    • Also, remember that Africa is a resource rich continent. Part of the reason it is so poor is because of the globalists exploiting the people there. UN has been a major disaster for the continent too. See Katanga.

    • Many great things and people have come from Africa. Here's one of my favorites.

      • An excellent novelist.

        I have read a few of his books.

        River God and Seventh Scroll were good.

        • If I recall correctly, those were both set in Egypt. I'm partial to those focused on South Africa. I especially enjoy reading his descriptions of hunting and how it changed over the centuries. He's a South African and a hunter – I trust his descriptions are pretty accurate.

    • Wow — nice to 'see' you, good to know you didn't die or move to outer Mongolia (or Arkansas or some such place)! I won't call you a racist for that comment. But I'm feeling very lazy today so I'm not willing to research what all comes out of Africa. I probably knew back in grade school, but I've been beyond that point for around 27 years (*wink*). Anyway, nice to 'see' you.

    • How about all human kind?

      • "How about all human kind?"

        I do not understand what you said.
        That is a statement, posed as a question.

        How about all human kind, what?

        • Alinsky Hero USA

          All human kind came from Africa, I think that is worthwhile.

          Do you think that is worthwhile?

          Let me know if you still don't understand my comment.

          • All humankind came from Africa?
            Well color me surprised!

            You really are an idiot, aren't you?
            A tad quicker on the uptake than Roger, but an idiot nevertheless.

            Roger believes that all humankind can trace their roots back to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (wasn't that supposedly somewhere in Iraq?) and you believe that all humankind come from the Dark Continent.

            Two "interesting" theories.
            All we need now, is Bill Nye the Science Guy to weigh in with his theory, and you all could have an Intense Duuuubate………

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Where do you think all human life came from then?

            Be very careful with your answer, we all already know you are a racist POS f u ck.

          • Are you going to pretend the storks brought the little ones?

          • Hey, knumbknutz, they finally found your boy Jamal.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I posted that story on another site yesterday. I commented on how happy the video would make racist fu cks like you.

          • Amazing all your different guest profiles all seem to say the same things as if they were from the same person.

            Could it be the one time that you told the truth was when you bragged about impersonating people?

            A little education for you I remember
            You and I (and even Rog unfortunately) can be scientifically traced back to Africa.

          • Roger even more so than the rest of us, for while you and I may have evolved from monkeys, he's still working on it.

            Keep trying, Roger! Your grand-chimps will thank you. Ohh, that's right, you haven't bred. Well, there's natural selection at work.

          • I watched a program, maybe on the Discovery Channel (?) about that, that all human life originated in Africa and slowly (it took many, many centuries) migrated. It was a very interesting program, I learned a lot from it. Nice to 'see' you, btw, don't stay away so long next time. =)

          • Yes, the posse may need him sooner rather than later.

            The saggy one, can't you handle it without calling in all the posse trolls as reinforcements?

          • Can highly recommend the following

            Some fascinating insight into how we've come to be here. Especially the rapid advancement in human evolution approximately 1m years ago.

            Good to be back thanks and I too will be actively boycotting the unevolved one!

          • Over the past 4 months I've seen tons of "monkey want a banana" comments and I mostly ignore them figuring it was an old joke from way before my time. But now having been the recipient of literally TENS OF THOUSANDS of bits o' crap from him, I realize it must be based on his constant aping of others in lieu of posting original thoughts or even original insults. I'd cut him some slack for being a mentally-challenged jerk, but he deserves no slack, no kindness, no acceptance and absolutely no respect. All he deserves is pity, scorn and an equal share of the same garbage he spews 24/7. And he deserves to be taken to task for the vile, ugly, libelous, defamatory remarks he's made about the real Joe Allen. Roger is utterly despicable.

          • Sorry who is Joe Allen?


            Some guy Roger spent the better part of a month libeling and defaming by calling him a "sexual deviant" thinking it was Alinsky. Typical litigant behavior.

          • Oh saggy, aren't you just an ill mannered piece of poo.

            Alinsky impersonated Joe Allen and I called him a sexual deviant' because he is.

            You just can't tell the truth, the ugly is deep in you.

          • I'm sorry, I left out some of the more entertaining parts of the Joe Allen folly. First, Alinsky NEVER claimed he was the famous Joe Allen, and second trustfunded contacted the real guy, sent him Roger's profile. I'm a bit of a gambler, and I'd lay odds there's litigation on the horizon, NOT the goofy "I'm suing you because I'm butthurt and got my feelers hurt" crap Roger filed. Libeling and defaming someone who's actually famous is thin ice for IdiotBoy to tread on.

          • You mean you didn't make up enough and have more to pretend?

            Saggy, you just can't make up enough to be the best troll here, why not have some comfort food and enjoy being rolled out to sea?

          • Saggy, over the past 4 months I've seen you distract, derail, lie and attack and mostly you DON'T ignore it, you instigate it. Just like the comment I'm replying too.

            Saggy, you're just smelly inside and out.

          • Because of people like you that do excatly the things you describe, I banned your IP address along with all the others that come from Taiwan, Ireland, Oregon, the Bronx and other places.
            I'm in the driver seat, little boy, I always win. Just continue trashing places on ID , what you do is criminal and does not help rebuilding this Country. Furthermore you are not a christian. People of faith do not act like you. You act like a terrorist. They run away from you. Some day you have to answer of what you seeded.
            Bye, bye……………………

          • For your comment, **STANDING OVATION**

            For banning me and at least two others from Oregon despite us defending you right and left for months….whatever, it's your website, I'm not aware any of the three of us attempted to join it, and I wish you well.

          • Saggy, standing ovation for actions that have left the site dead.

            It shows what it is you want for sites that have conservatives issues…
            It isn't 'his' site. It's Richard's I think and the last time the posse targeted the site he graciously stepped in to help clean up the 'dung I was tracking in' (that is you, the posse trolls).

            Another site dead, thanks to your disease of liberal trolling.

          • Left a site dead?
            Isn't that what you, and your saddle pal HPDuuuh did at ConsVic?


          • What's wrong, are you just another sore troll upset because the dear one is failing at everything, even with you liberal trolls here spamming conservative sites?

          • Iremember, you liberal troll!
            *shakes fist while LMAO*

          • Saggy, why so cranky old thing, do the flies buzzing around your head bother you? Did a whiff of fresh air wake you up? Did a bunion trip you and make you roll around on the floor while you struggled to get up again?

            Shaking that fist, was it rattling 50 pound of fat in the upper arm? Saggy, you might be better off attacking Scalia on huff post so that adults can talk here. I mean adults that aren't senile or approaching it, so that leaves you and zebrano out.

          • He really is the Internets Biggest Loser.

          • That would be any liberal.
            The campaign season is gearing up and Obama is being pushed to the sidelines.

            Liberalism never works, too bad you're so lame and so invested in the failing agenda.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject is displaying various signs of anger after Zeb kicked his ass. Hope subject has no sharp instruments it can use to hurt itself

          • Subject is nucking futs. 'Nuf said.

          • Saggy, why not be accurate and say 'subjects'? there are a lot of you in the posse.

          • Roger is the Devil

            I agree

          • Still have nothing to add?

          • I'm glad I'm not a member of your groupings

          • Zeb uses his own profile, and alinsky I still noticed saggy posted more 'I want cameras everywhere' kind of statist thinking.

          • Thank goodness I can count on you to lead by example?

            Even then I'll defend my values and positions.
            So, you just wander off and take your own advice.

          • Thanks goodness I'm not part of your groupings

          • Ainsky, my group don't go for 'crazy' in a bad way.

            Zeb uses his own profile.

          • Still have nothing to say but are too stupid to do not bother?

          • Roger, the Groupings leader.

          • Seb uses his own profile.

            You're the posse second string. What's wrong alinsky did you get stuck pulling the late shift?

          • Still nothing to add?

          • Still have nothing to say and too stupid not to bother saying it?

          • Still too stupid to have anything you'd be able to add that might actually 'add' to the debate?

          • Still the nothing with nothing to add?

          • That would be great advice, if you could take it.

          • Still nothing worth adding but way too stupid to care if you add to it anyhow?

          • You dumbf uck what she said is the opposite of statism. Ayn Rand: Under statism, the government is not a policeman, but a legalized criminal that holds the power to use physical force in any manner and for any purpose it pleases against legally disarmed, defenseless victims.
            Poof said the total opposite to protect the people from the cops. You don't even know the talking points dumbf uck.

          • Still the troll that pretends if you just blather enough you won't get called on it?

            What she says covers for the failed policies of a marxist president with muslim loyalties that wants us reduced from a super power status.

            But only with his fist on the helm, that is not the opposite of statism.

            You really need to have been talking points.

          • "You really need to have been talking points."

            So you encourage people to use talking points. Good to know.

          • He has a list of buzz words he uses to try to sound like he knows something. 'Obot', 'marxist', 'regime', 'tyranny' 'islamic', 'statist'….now if he could just learn the meanings, he might not sound like the ignorant fool we all laugh at know him to be.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject also appears to show signs of ASD. Common signs include delayed speech and language skills and echolalia

          • That explains why he's never had an original thought of his own and explains the constant aping he does. Good to know — I just thought he had Tourette's in his typing fingers. Now if someone would just give him a dictionary and Thesaurus, maybe he'd realize those rot-gut wine high colonics aren't working in his effort to get his head out of his a**.

          • Roger is the Devil

            My first thought was tourettes however closer examination shows signs of ASD.

          • One of the classic symptoms of Cat Eye Syndrome is ASD. If his eyes were fully dilated in photos, that might be a….wait a minute — I always figured he was a meth head based on the eyes, which would also explain the tweaker-esque commenting patterns. Keep studying the little rodent, your work isn't done yet.

          • Saggy, you just have nothing to discuss. Given about 5 minutes to yourself what do you discuss? Was it the lack of ebola screening? Was it any single issue that we face?

            As a mental health expert I am sure you realize that when nobody is looking people show their true character. So, how do you exhibit your true character?

            By showing how much you hate, how bitter, how twisted you are. And how little you care about the issues the site is here for.

            Saggy, you are just an ill mannered shrew.

          • I'm glad I'm not part of your groupings

          • Zeb uses his own profile Alinsky, you need to go spend more time with your book cover.

          • Zeb uses his own profile, you know everyone that knows you is probably glad you aren't part of their groupings.

          • Zeb uses his own profile, Alinsky you just aren't focusing well lately.

          • Can't even cut and paste right?

            <can you?

            Hahahahahaha….. oh, you really make this way to easy!

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject appears to be having a meltdown after being put in his place

          • it seems that alinsky is using his multiple guest profiles names to spam again today.

            The posse is still at it, never actually adding to any discussion, that seems more than their limited skill set allows.

          • Zebrano, you shriveled up old frog. You still can't learn from your past failures, and did another one at the growl.

            The sites you banned? You're a liar. Saggy here is from Oregon or so she says. So, you just went on a banning spree and killed the site. You were so lame that you advertised it on craigslist and then sat back to wait for someone that would agree with you and serf? Lame, even for a frog.

            Zebrano, you think you won, but if that's winning the growl was foolish to put responsibility in your hands, and the results are what they are.
            Still an old feeble hack? What you do is so stupid it's not criminal, it's more like psychiatric in nature. You have done nothing to rebuild the country, and I have, that's why you hate me so much, I'm effective. You?


            Some day, that's not true, already you have faced the consequences of your failure and that's why you are here, posting on a site that is working.

          • You are one sick motherf ucker. You will rot in hell.

          • What's wrong, can't stand the truth?
            Sounds like you're a troll, how did I guess?

          • You wouldn't know the truth if it Rick Santorumed in your mouth.

          • Why? You think I'm like you liberal hack trolls?

            Speaking of oral sex, are you just mad you're not filling in for Reggie in the oval office?

          • You are one sick motherf ucker. You will rot in hell with Santorum all over your face.

          • That sounds like you alinsky, why not post under your regular profile with the book cover boyfriend?

            Unlike liberals, I have standards and so does Santorum.

            Why don't you hitch a ride home with Ted Kennedy if you love liberalism so much?

          • Not Alinsky. The hate for you is universal you suck motherf ucker. Wipe the Santorum off your face.
            Santorum-The sometimes frothy, usually slimy, amalgam of lubricant, stray fecal matter, and ejaculate that leaks out of the receiving partner's anus after a session of anal intercourse

          • Why not be honest? You have so much invested in liberalism to see it falter, the dear one fail, to see that once more it didn't work is just unhinging you.

          • Roger honey, you aren't "bery bright" are you now, hon-bun?

          • Still can't remember much can you?

            I'm bright enough to understand that liberalism never works.

            Sucks to be in the posse, doesn't it?

          • Although you are the worlds authority on all things suckling, no, it does not suck to be in the posse. I really can't answer that though, as I am not in it. I am not affialiated with anyone other than myself. I simply detest you, and everything you stand for.

          • Still have nothing to offer Alinsky?

            Still too stupid just to realize it's time to sit down and let adults have the forum back?

          • I am not Alinskey. To be honest, I despise him almost as much as I despise you.

            Almost, but not quite.

            You notice I said "not quite" as opposed to "not quiet"? A mistake you have often made.

          • Sure, you just have his thinking, his habits and his approach…

            You notice I don't much care who you pretend to be?

          • How can you say that? Roger's effluent in all forms of English, starting with spelling.

          • What's wrong saggy, did you catch a glimpse of your veins in a mirror and realize how repulsive you are?

          • It has nothing to do with the growl, that is Richards problem. I banned you from my 2 sites that are growing fast. You can't stalk me anymore and that is victory. Membership only, many sites are going that route because of trolls and stalkers like you. Keep on doing what you are doing, I'm getting big laughs about it and so are my friends.
            You just can't take loosing. Mad like hell again? It shows.
            You are banned Mr. stalker, you can't bother me anymore, that is victory, you lost the battle and the war.
            I had 3 ways to ban you, user name, IP address and email. Yes administrators and owners get all that information in visitors reports.
            I have the last laugh ! I also added to your 4 blacklistings for spamming.
            Keep moaning and groaning, I'm enjoying it,
            And thanks for coming by on freeforums, just could not do otherwise, that shows me your frustrations.

          • Zebrano, you don't control your own bowels, a common issue with people your age. You ruined one site and hide at another, but here you are? What happened, did your world shrink and collapse on you until you have to come infect this site too?

          • Zebrano can't control his bowels?

            You can't control your mouth, moron.

            Zebrano just bitch-slapped you into submission, again. Better curl up in that fetal position ans suck your…….thumb.

          • He's a pile of poo.

            He does nothing, talks a lot, and then walks away from his messes. It's so 'gallic' in style.

            And for bitch slapping, he's a failure, those four reports for spamming that he mentions, I got those fixed, he has no control and no sites that stand up under his guidance.

            So, he's the bitch if you want to go there.

          • WOW, you spend 26 minutes and 3 seconds on freeforums? You want to come by for some more reading? I'm waiting. You even might learn something.
            You fixed the spamming reports? Why are you lying so much? You cannot fix anything.
            No it's not the gallic in me, this Alsatian is whipping your stalker behind. How does it feel? Poor Roger does not have a way out, just moaning and groaning, probably can't sleep tonight.

          • Wow, you spend all this time and you're still a worn out frenchman that can't learn from mistakes Zeb?

            I learned something, I learned that you're just as bitter as saggy. Just as single minded as saggy. Only she doesn't brag about wells breaking down and the struggle to walk very far.

            And Zeb, you aren't whipping anyone but yourself. The stats on your one site are posted and it's easy to see you and one other person are alone there. How doest hat feel? I can see serf went elsewhere since it was so boring, how does that feel? And I have, again and again because they haven't learned what a loser you are yet But I sent them some of your quotes so they'll see your ego is bigger than your web site.

            All this moaning and groaning zen, it's like you had a gun in your hands when the Nazi's showed up.

          • Boy, Zeb is going to ban you from all his sites too!

          • What floor do you live on Larry Lobster?

          • One little mistake at a time…. so what floor do you live on you cowardly cockroach?

          • How come Larry Lobster never answered me? What floor do you live on Larry Lobster?

          • How come you never answered me cowardly cockroach? If you're so sure of yourself, why not?

            What floor?

          • Larry Lobster are you the same person as Tired of Fools? Roger sure does use a lot of guest names.

            Anyway Larry Lobster, I have spent thousands trying to find you, so I am going to have to insist that you call my lawyer and tell him exactly where you live, starting with what floor.

            Thanks for your help.

          • Nope, I wasn't Larry Lobster.

            And what floor do you live on?

          • Larry Lobster what floor does your girlfriend live on?

          • "All this moaning and groaning zen…….."

            Has ZEB converted and become a Buddhist, or with all of that moaning and groaning Roger, are you trying to do Yoga?

          • And you noticed I reposted it correctly?

            Is that more than you can remember? Evidently.

          • Zebrano, you are proof that there is no fool like an old fool. (saggy helps with that too)

            Guess what one of those blacklist places said when I sent them your quotes, Go ahead, guess!

            "It's unfortunately that the person has an incorrect understanding of what the PBL and DUL blacklists are all about (the results of those two roll up to the ZEN and standard SORBS lists). Both the PBL and DUL listings are perfectly normal, and in fact common, for many dynamically assigned residential ISP IP addresses. This is basically the ISP saying, "This is a dynamic residential internet connect and should not be used for anyone running a mail server." There is no indication from those two listings that the IP address has been used for any malicious activities."

            Zebrano, you don't control squat.

          • Still trying the back-channel route, trying to ingratiate yourself with all the System-Admins, eh? Just wait until they get the normal and customary "Roger-is-whining-again" emails from you every day, and figure out that you are psychotic.

            Put down the caulking gun Roger. It is time to spit or swaller…….

          • Still pretending you can keep up?

            Little yap dogs are so easily amused, and here you are.

          • Roger is the Devil

            He claims he fixed things? Wow

          • You claim to post comments that say anything? Wow!

          • Kudos to you Zebrano!
            Keep up the good work.

          • Good work the growl is dead.

            You guys won…. or did you?
            Conservatives that got run off are still around and just not having to deal with losers like Zebrano and Serf who was also about and looking for another site.

            Failure, you know all about it don't you?

          • Roger is the Devil

            Well he has officially went off the deep end. Getting his ass kicked by Zeb and getting ignored has done it. Maybe it will hurt itself

          • If there is an backside that was kicked it wasn't mine.

            And he slunk off to go post at the dead growl again. Of course it took him hours and hours to finally sneak another comment in.

            But his 'rescue' site sure isn't the kind of rescue many people see to want, it's like they had enough of him at the growl.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Thanks for that information. It sheds light o my test subject

          • Thank your posse trolls, they realize you are the test subject. At least one of them. Can the subjects damage the forum or not? A question like that really doesn't deserve an answer but here you all are trying your best.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject appears to have a deep seated hatred for you

          • The subject appears to have a deep seated hatred, based on his guest profile name.

          • Ouch.
            Zebran just spanked your heiney Roger.
            Now you have a real case of the sore-ass.

          • His ass is permanently blistered from getting bitch-slapped 24/7.

          • Saggy, is that like the bra strap marks on your shoulders?

            Dug, permanent and something you try to ignore?

          • I heard that you made him your bitch last week. I am sure he enjoys it.

            I also see that Alinsky punked you with the Joe Allen deal.

            You are an idiot. The entire internet laughs at you.

          • Poor saggy, the little yap dog. She doesn't say much but just keeps on barking. So, who's the bitch?

          • Oh yeah, he's my bitch. woo hoo? He's my stalker, that's for damn sure — I've taken Wee's place. I just checked, in the past week I've posted about 200+ comments. There are 4 he hasn't hit. If my math serves me correctly, that's 99.8%. He's not right.

          • He has surprised my.
            Going back three weeks this coming Friday, I made a comment to him when he ma160,000th post. Week to week, that Friday to the next, he made a tad over two hundred posts per day, doing fourteen hundred for that week. The following week (which would be two weeks ago, I was only here once or twice) and he was on task, still averaging almost two hundred posts per day. This week, he has tapered way off. Judging by the original math, he should have hit 164, 500 by noon tomorrow. Right now, he is at 163,238. He needs some Geritol to give him a pick-me-up. Perhaps he has a tired liver. Maybe Carters-Farter-Starters will help him………..

          • Still can't remember much?

            So, how many profiles do you post under to hide all the spam you throw out?

          • Nobody responds directly to him much at all. First of all he's a loser and it's a waste of time, second he LIVES for notification emails — I dare say he gets off on them. Well, he's not getting very many, and he can only go around spamming for so long…it's cut into his commenting and RogieNoHappy. In your absence he's had "visitors" to his profile over and over from Intense Debate (I'll take full credit for that), he's had his profile sent to the real Joe Allen (full credit to trustfunded) and….we'll just say a few other things he's yet to be surprised about.

            But can you believe he's stalking me to the tune of 99.8%? "Nothing wrong with that — that's 'normal' *wink, wink*" Anyway, his chickens are coming home to roost — they've cleared Winnemucca and are nearing Fernley, won't be long until his precious 163,242 comments and 175points go down the shltter and he'll have such a tight grip on them he'll get flushed with 'em.

          • Poor saggy. Still a loser in the shape of a bad Helen Thomas? Still have nothing to advocate for that actually works?

            Still here spamming on a site still to the tune of dozens of comments daily even after you admit you don't much care for the articles and don't agree with the authors?

            That's a sick twisted mind, and I didn't even give you credit for having one.

          • Saggy, you can't even manage to discuss things.

            You are the yapping dog. Your last comment proves you have nothing outside of personal insults.

            I hate to call you a dog most aren't ugly and mean spirited.

          • I see he blamed me and a few others for whatever transpired at the Growl, "(that is you, the posse trolls)". Correct me if I'm wrong, but I was specifically invited to the Growl by sbj1964 and I managed to get "in" 2 times. I'll take responsibility for something that IS my fault, but I'll take no responsiblity for what happened there. I visited twice, made two comments about the Affordable Care Act and was never able to get back on. More Roger lies.

          • The poor old stretched out and sagging yap dog pretends what?

            Zeb claimed he had to soap it due to the 'dung' I tracked in, that was the posse, even if it was before you began using the 'poof' profiles.

            Why not brag about the effect the posse has, if you are so sold on it that you keep the agenda going?

            So, why did you get stuck working the night shift this time? Was it easier than facing anyone in the real world? I imagine the looks of digest bother you.

          • Poof, I remember.
            I posted the chronological history here once a while back. In case you missed it, here is a brief overview:

            When a bunch of those clowns got fed up with the nonsense at Breitbart, after Breitbart died and the new crowd changed over to Disqus (because they were tired of Roger manipulating Intense Duuuuubate), a well intentioned tech guy named John started a site called "Conservative Victory". Being a new site, they needed someone to draw eyeballs. He Invited CowboiLogic to participate. He knew that would draw people.

            A year or so went by, and the new site peaked (as most sites eventually do after the new wears off). The new site was turning into a clique. There was a faction, with Dcase, and HPDuuh and Roger and several others who had a huge problem with a woman who posted under the name of OneCornPone (she was a corn farmer or something like that). They tried to destroy her. They went "back-channel" with their private emails, doing everything in their power to discredit her with their misogynistic shenanigans.

            CowboiLogic would not side with them. He stood up with her. That made him their next target. Roger always wanted to win a popularity contest, and HPDuuh always wanted to be something, anything other than the town drunk, so what better way to add a notch in their belt, than to take down one of the most popular commenter's on Intense Duuhbate?

            CowboiLogic pissed them all off, basically calling them all a bunch of gutless *unts. One of them had stumbled across the Growl, and they all left ConsVic. They set up shop at the Growl and camped out on a thread. There were probably well over a thousand comments on it. There was Roger, Dcase, Pertoglyph, Leauxandrya, Deucshebag, HPDuuuh, and a bunch of other hangers-on from the Good Ole Boys Club. It was simply pathetic. Never was there such a bunch of tired, gutless old men congregated in one spot, bitching and moaning about "what might have been".

            About that time, CowboiLogic simply left, and one by one, they all came back to ConsVic, but it was never the same. They destroyed it.

            I went back through his archives, and in one of his last posts, CowboiLogic called Roger a Yenta. That sums it up succinctly. I heard six months or so ago, that he died. They said a horse fell on him and killed him.

            In any event, that is the history. That is how Roger came to ruin the Growl, as well as Breitbart, and ConcVic. He is the scourge of the Internet.

          • Wow — I don't even know how to respond, there's a lot there to take in. I'll save your comment because usually as time passes things come up where the info you provided will give some insight into the who, what, why questions that don't make sense. What's always been confusing to me is that these are all fellow conservatives — it'd make more sense if this pettiness were based on differences of opinion. I still don't know how Wee falls into all this. Alinksy I can figure out, because of his political beliefs. But I've read Wee's old stuff and he sounds like a conservative….though after what happened to him he might have ditched that 'side'. I don't even have to ask what was done to the female in all of that, 'OneCornPone', do I?

            I know this is your perspective of what transpired and it's your business how you know all this, but who's going to dispute it? The Yenta is a proven liar, nothing he'd say in rebuttal would be believed by anyone, and his former pals avoid him like ebola the plague. Thanks for sharing, it clears up some things I've wondered about. I'm not sorry I missed that high school-esque drama, the one Humper tries so desperately to keep going.

          • He still can't remember. It was the posse in it's early days that drove Andrew nuts. And Alinsky bragged about it.

            5 minutes ago @ – growl · 0 replies · +1 points
            You know better than anyone that I am a legend.

            You would still be on Breitbart today if I had not taken them down. And you know the vile hate Navy has for me after ruining his website.

          • You forgot me. That is some history revisionism.

            Here is the real story.

            I went to Briedibart and upset Coyboy, Pertoglyph, Leauxandrya, and countless others (Roger of course) for a year.

            They cried and howled to the administrators everyday, but simply could not do a thing to rid me from shoving their noses in their own conservative BS lies everyday.

            The site eventually decided to change to Disqus, and Brietbart dropped dead. I won.

            It was devastating to them all, and soon a dumb f u ck named John Brady (Navy Gentleman) decided to get in his yellow submarine and create a new website for all the rejected losers form Brietbart's site.

            The group was devastated to learn that John could not get rid me from that as well.

            This led to anger and infighting between their own little POS group, because John took away the thumbs down button, for which they all lived for while pretending Obama was going to lose re-election.

            Then they got upset that the site was running slow because John Brady spent months rewriting all the scripts to the website in an attempt to finally block me.

            Then Obama won a second election and they all could not face the scorn of me shoving their faces in it.

            Cowboy quit, and the rest faded away.

            I took a bow.

            The Growl was rarely used, and I was content to leave it alone as long as Roger was not allowed to post there, which he wasn't after some time.

            I don't believe Cowboy died. I believe he just uses guest names and watches, still humiliated that I beat him.

            Roger turned out to really be gay and a virgin the whole time, and eventually went full retard and sued Wee and me.

            irememebr is a racist like Cowboy, and was probably one of Cowboy's groupies if not Cowboy himself.

          • Dude you are like an internet super hero!!!

            Pat yourself 3x on the back!!

          • I deserve an award from Obama himself, and I'm not kidding.

            You and Iremember recently bought into Rogers fantasies about me being Joe Allen from Chicago and had an organism that I was finally outed and gone from ID.

            What a couple dumb a s s bitches.

          • You just don't get it.

            Even the trolls that are good enough that get close enough like Larry Sinclair get tossed aside. Your dear one is rather fickle. Useful idiots get used like paper plates, you are yesterdays news and you were of limited use to the dear one then.

          • Get real. Barry Marshal Davis is too busy fundraising and droning people to waste time with a “tool/cog in the machine” like you. If you are lucky you will get a Xerox letter and signature from "him".

            Did you see what Gwyneth said about him?!?! Lol what a IDIOT.

          • Marshal Davis was your daddy.

          • And you seem to hope you are be 'demon spawn'.

          • Who is Marshal Davis?

          • Your daddy.

          • So why not tell me what floor you live on?

          • Idk I think Barry looks more like him…

          • You noticed that too huh?

            Seems Obama's mom may have gotten around a lot.

          • You also believe in chem trails that are government plans to make you even more stupid.

          • You also believe that your globalist agenda will win, PROVING that you are STUPID.

          • Pacifier time for Mr. Liberty.

          • No I do not want your gay sexual innuendos. Sicko. Stop with the gay rape references.

          • What do you think of iremember?

          • I think his anger consumes him, which in turn drives him to make racist comments. I have tried to discuss the anger before, to no avail.

            I think you are a very angry person too, which in turn drives you towards confusion, hate, and homosexuality.

          • I think you are projecting your own mentality onto us, like a f u cking IMAX movie.

          • You asked him, he gave you a great answer. If anyone is projecting, it's you. You always look for the worst then try to put an even more awful spin on it.

          • A communist from Hawaii. His grandfather pushed the young pot head Barry to spend time with him to make sure was totally indoctrinated.

            He was quite active in Chicago, a city Barry would later move to.

          • Roger thinks I am in a hotel room and keeps asking me for the floor.

            Gay gay gay.

          • Still hiding behind that romance novel cover?
            Still the deviant sexual stalker that won't take no for an answer?

          • As I said to Iremember, we all have our own perspectives and I'll save yours, too. I still don't get the hows/whys of how Wee became such a target for the real 'troll posse'. The one thing that's certain is that Humper is going to show up and give his version….I already know not to believe a single word he says, so I won't bother saving his.

            The utter hypocrisy of Humper referring to others as a 'troll posse' isn't lost on anyone, that's for sure. I'm so glad trustfunded posted this as a reminder:

          • Iremember has a very selective memory when it comes to me.

            Wee became a target because he would make their Christian bible thumping look foolish and brought Roger's hard on along.

          • I'm guilty of that too in my own life, I can't fault others for believing/remembering things based on how it may have impacted them.

            I only ended up 'here' initially by accident, looking at comments on another site that has since pretty-much died. I stuck my nose in to say something about Humper's constant repeating stuff from the past. I came back because I was told CitizenSane kept re-posting my snark to Humper — I'll admit I was somewhat flattered and thought it was funny. But I came back and got caught up in this mess when trustfunded told me about the HUGE lie Humper was telling. The rest is history.

            What I've never understood is Humper's need, his obsession, his addiction, to keeping it all going. People do things for a payoff of some kind. What's his payoff? Attention, albeit 99.9% negative? That's all I can figure.

          • Poor saggy, trying to make your quota with the posse so you can get a free toaster or something?

          • One thing that can never be denied is who the REAL troll posse consisted of, and Humper was right there in the thick of it. Hypocrite.

          • Saggy, you sure are busy today. Is today the last day you can work to reach this weeks quota?

          • Oh fun! After I saw that you hit my profile, I read a bunch of your old comments. I cherry-picked this out of one of them — 7 weeks and nothing has changed. Actually, from what I hear it's more like 6 years and nothing has changed:

            "He doesn't understand the purpose of debate is to put one's case forward but also learn from others. He's a desperately lonely individual who's only interaction with others is through antagonizing posts, mainly on subjects where his ignorance is clear to see."

            Nailed it!

          • And saggy, you forgot to notice that you are owned, you don't debate.

            You stalk, you troll, you lurk, but when do you put anything out there?
            The few times you do show you a a sponge that doesn't pay utilities, you post from an office with climate control and of course you make up clumsy lies.

            21 hours ago @ Impeach Obama Campaign – Watch: Marine Calls Fo… · 1 reply · +4 points
            "Where did I say I had "years of service"? I didn't. I said I worked for the Department of the Army years ago in special courts martial…."

          • I saw that you hit my profile. Nice to 'see' you around….

          • I saw that you have been busy spamming away with out offering any actual content.

            What a total waste of Thanksgiving.

    • Roger is the Devil

      Slave labor

      That was a joke

    • The human race. And creepy slithery things like you.

  3. WARNING: Lunar eclipse tonight, full moon tomorrow — this *might* have an impact on some commenters.

  4. Poof seems to be right, you really do stalk her constantly. That cuts into any credibility you have in commenting.

    • I was addressing that to Roger.

    • Did you suddenly give up on promoting doubt and propaganda?

      You finally woke up. Nice job Mr. Liberty.

      • Although I may agree with the original comment. I did not post it.

        • Alinsky Hero USA

          "Although you may"??

          Do you or don't you?

          Then I will know if you are the real Mr. Liberty.

          • Lol in my humble opinion you all stalk each other. Poof and Roger, you and Roger, Iremember and Roger etc etc. You all are obsessed with each other, I have commented on that numerous times, and every time you all say, let's boycott Roger!! Then nothing happens lol.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are still being unclear.

            Do you agree with the first comment?

          • I agree with the stalking part, but I don't understand how that can be tied to credibility. That is damaged in other ways. ie Lies, poor comments, etc.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Ok, thanks. But you took too long and I got bored waiting for your answer.

          • So, you must have impersonated him too. You used to brag about doing that.

          • I think it definitely ties into his credibility or the lack thereof. I posted one comment regarding him over a 32-hour period, he posted 53+ rude, vile, vulgar comments about me over the same time period. I can go to totally innocuous sites and post a comment like "Good job!" and he's there within minutes. There probably aren't 5 comments I've made to others in the past 2 months that he hasn't responded to — I'm talking about regular, on-topic comments — and it's always an insult of some kind. He has no credibility because he constantly accuses others of being a member of some imaginary troll posse, when it's been shown and proven that the only troll posse that ever existed included him, HPD and his numerous sock puppets and a few others. Their claim to fame? Getting rid of every female commenter by stalking constantly.

            I thought those WERE your comments above, sorry to learn they weren't. Oh, and he lies constantly, then lies about the lies to cover his lies.

          • "He has no credibility because he constantly accuses others of being a member of some imaginary troll posse, when it's been shown and proven that the only troll posse that ever existed included him, HPD and his numerous sock puppets and a few others."


            IMO as long as he is not invading your personal life than his stalking is harmless. I suggest to just ignore. If he gets into personal stuff. Contact the police. You only feed the stalking by responding, there are plenty of people you can debate here without receiving the insults.

          • There are others whose personal life he has stalked and it hasn't been harmless to them….I believe I'd be next if there were some way for him to ascertain who I am, he's read every single comment of every single ID account of mine he's ever known of trying to glean things off old comments. He's done the exact same thing to another female who commented to him here a week or so ago. And yes, there are plenty of people here I attempt to discuss/debate with — if you don't see him stick his nose into every single effort in that direction, then I strongly urge you to get new reading glasses.

            BTW, when I mention to someone on a completely new/different site something cute one of my grandsons said to me and Roger jumps on it like a moth to a light and insults the parenting skills my grandson is being raised by, I consider that personal. He seems to like you, you can have him.

          • To be honest when I see his comments and who ever he is talking with get past three responses I stop reading. It is the most useless stream of banter I have ever seen. It isn't even funny anymore.

            If you haven't noticed, he has tried to get me to ally with him for over a year, which I find funny because we disagree on a lot of things. I am immune to the BS. He lost all credibility to me when he referred to people as SWINE and attempted to use biblical verses to support it.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You were on the exact same page with him on some accusations. And you are desperate to distance yourself away from him now.

          • I still think you are Joe Allen douche.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            There you go. It really is like pulling teeth with you isn't it?

          • Lol yeah I am just a nut though remember????

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I should have said, it's really like cracking a nut.

          • Or busting a nut…

            Because you get off on ID.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            And in your ratty face every time.

          • hahaha so you like nutting on dude's faces? That explains the avatar picture…

          • Think real hard…you are Towlie. He likes it too 😉

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That was back when you were pretending to be my friend.

            Then you showed your true colors.

          • Well when you treat people like trash, they will return the favor.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            Be honest, don't support racist ideas, and stop spreading propaganda, and I will be very nice to you.

          • That makes sense, you are a two face. Only be nice to people who you agree with.


          • Alinsky Hero USA

            That;s right. I am not nice to racists and those who want to exploit labor.

            Keep that note shoved up your a ss .

          • I am neither of those things two face.

          • How does that make me racist again? I want English spoken. How does that make me racist?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            When you figure that out, you won't be racist anymore.

          • You're the one hung up on skin color.

          • Liberty, you're not a racist. I was gone and didn't keep them busy so they went on to the next person they wanted eliminated from the scene.

            This whole thing had nothing to do with any actual discussion, like an angry 2nd grader they simply wanted to pick on you until you went away.

          • Sorry to interrupt, but thanks for posting that ad — it's really a great one, made me get a bit teary 'cuz I'm a big softie.

          • Please weigh in if you want 🙂

            Does it make me racist to say that I want the primary language in America to be English?

            I am ok with people speaking other languages at home or with each other. But I think everyone should be able to speak English in America.

          • I'll answer you on one of your comments elsewhere — this thread is too skinny for my taste.

          • Yes, the saggy ones don't like to think of skinny.

            It just isn't easy for you to deal with the reminders of how far you have fallen (sagged)

          • You always interrupt, it's what you do. Why are you apologizing now?

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            You are like my prison bitch.

          • Hahaha so now you are into gay rape?

            What is wrong with you??

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I agree. Next time don't bring up busting nuts.

          • Hahaha well we are talking about you and your love for men, gay rape, and nutting on faces. I am sorry I got you aroused. That was not my intention. You are a creep.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I mentioned pulling out your teeth, because you use double talk and wishy washy rat tactics to avoid answering directly.

            I pointed that out about you the first time I read your comments.

            You wanted to talk about ejaculation.

          • Yes because it is true. ID makes you do that. It is your life. You spend hours concocting stories and traps. You like calling people names and talking sh it behind a keyboard, because you know that there is nothing they can do in retaliation. I am curious if you behave this way in person? Doubtful. You wouldn’t survive out in the real world.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            We all don't have to be racist and believe in chem trails to survive in the real world.

            I have never met one of you 9.11 nut case, Alex Jones belt buckle wearing looney tunes in the real world.

            I have met some racists, and I call them POS f u ks all the time in the real world.

          • "We all don't have to be racist and believe in chem trails to survive in the real world. "

            Of course. But if you talk to people the way you do on here, you won't make it.

            Never met one?

            That's suprising, there are a lot of us 🙂

          • Never met a looney toon**

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm off for today

            looney tune

          • Ok cool have a good one. One final thought. Notice the age of the majority of people at the Paul rallies. We are young and energetic, we are going to dismantle everything that you have worked to create globalist. Your ideas along with the Repubs and Dems are washed up. Everything you have worked for will be reversed back to liberty and justice for all.

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I'm back already you young energetic racist.

          • And you're still off, not just for today but because the agenda demands it.

          • Roger is the Devil

            So the subject thrives on wrecking peoples lives and claims to be a Christian

          • I guess it's all about perspective and how we each individually see things. I don't know Wee, but I thought what was done to him was one of the ugliest things I've ever witnessed on a forum. This man has young children, and to sue him for $20,000 because his feelings are hurt over ONE comment, albeit distasteful? Roger has said FAR worse things to me alone, but somehow that's different? The whole christian hypocrisy he exhibits is a joke and he knows it, he's been outed over it at least 500 times. Pehhh….he's taken up more of my thoughts this morning than he's worth.

          • Roger is the Devil

            So the subject sued and got $20,000? That shows the subject will do anything to wreck a life for a paycheck. Looking over the subjects comments it makes some very nasty comments.

          • This is the internet, so who knows what he got 'for reals'. From what I read, your dollar amount is pretty accurate as long as you take off all the zeroes. I really don't know, but hopefully it wasn't much more than that.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Morally I would never sue anyone over words.

          • I'd like to say I feel the same way, but if I were the real Joe Allen, I'd sure at least think about getting a 'cease and desist' order against him. That guy's name has been dragged through the mud for over a month, he's been called every name there is, mostly "sexual deviant". The real Joe Allen actually does have a reputation to uphold.

          • Roger is the Devil

            That would be karma biting him in the ass

          • That would be the posse hoping to bite me.

            And no thanks, I'm not interested.

          • Against Alinsky for impersonating him?

            That's the crime. And actually he would need to find and serve him. Don't expect me to help him on it.

          • Morally, you pretend the one defaming as a moral high ground.

          • Roger is the Devil

            I see the subject has returned and offered nothing but insults. Interesting. For it wanting discussion on the topic it sure seems to avoid it. I will take note of that

          • The subject has returned and offered nothing.


            The posse trolls are predictable.

          • But you are, and I'm correct.

            And you were only sorry he was here to clarify that they weren't his.

            Saggy, you're the liar and I've owned you on three so far. Go adjust yourself, the support garments can only do so much.

  5. Why wasn't she worried about not being checked before she got on the plane so she wouldn't have infected everyone on the plane, and carried it over here in the first place?

    There are a lot people that complain about the airport screening they do now, imagine how much her and everyone else would scream if they quarantined them until they had done a blood test on all of them.

    • I hadn't thought about that, why she wasn't worried before her return trip. But your comment made me think of something else….she'd been sent to Liberia to cover the ebola story, she's there for "x" days, goes all through their airport screening to return, gets back to the States, goes through Customs and at THAT point she's asking what the symptoms of ebola are? That doesn't pass the smell test.

      • Exactly, I watched that interview the other morning and if I remember right someone said after it that there really is no test that could have been done, short of a blood test anyway.
        I said if I remember right because sometimes I don't, and I couldn't find it again.

        Edit: Good morning.

        • Good morning right back. It sounds to me like if you're not exhibiting symptoms, a blood test is about the only way to know you had it. I doubt she expected a blood test on every passenger on every plane coming into the US. Who knows, maybe someday it'll come down to that, but that seems pretty extreme. We'll see (contracting ebola isn't something I'm going to lay awake nights losing sleep over).

          • If thinking medical epidemiologists were dealing with this, all passengers returning would be quarantined for 21 days, or until a blood test was completed.

            It seems the PTB want us exposed. The big question isn't is it true, but what do they have to gain by it.

          • If that's the big question then why not use a question mark?

          • He can't spell or compose sentences, why do you think he'd bother with proper punctuation? He told me the other day he didn't like to waste his time spelling correctly.<—His self-publisher, Xlibris Corporation, doesn't seem to care so why should he?

          • Poor saggy, it seems you can't make a point or hold a position without three insults at either end to pretend it's a complete sentence.

            You don't like to waste your time thinking when you can be throwing mud like a bitter old person that knows senility would be a gift from the life long memories of rejection (well deserved) and bad choices.

          • Well hello there shlt-for-brains.
            I haven't been around albeit infrequently of late.

            Miss me much?
            I am sure you are missing your daily STFU!

          • Why hello there, still have nothing to add and just too stupid to not add it anyhow?

          • Oh FFS — paranoid much? Don't bother responding, I'll ignore your "marxist Muslim in the White House" crap. For chrissakes, you birther/baggers sure have nothing better to do that dream up how the big bag gubment is after you, do you? Of course in your case they [probably] are, but they won't be quarantining you at some international airport….they'll find sufficient grounds to investigate you just based on your 163,080 comments. Whoa, dude — wouldn't it be scary if the NSA or some other group of Feds was watching you right now? I guess one never knows, but as much of a scaredy-cat as you are, it would serve you right.

          • Obama is a marxist with muslim loyalties. It's crap that harpy shrews don't see it.

            Why do you think he's not pushing to destroy isis like he did Qadaffi in Libya?

          • And you are a tea-partying far-rightwing extremist who considers Eric Rudolph a victim, along with embracing your phony christian loyalties. So what's your point? I know you've studied at the Karl Rove Institute For Political Ridiculousness — probably aced every course — but repeating a shltload of lies over and over doesn't make them true, nor does it make anyone believe you.

            As for your question, why do you think that's the case? It's not, but please share your insight (or as your pal HighPhumesDripper would say, "incite"), assuming one of your unpatriotic extremist websites has told you what you think, k?

          • I am mainstream, most of the country consider themselves conservative.

            You still are a sad sack of lying dog poo. Why don't 'you quote what my comment actually said? Did it have too many big words and make your upper arm flab get sore from flopping around?

            Saggy, really there is nothing that is wrong with you that can't be fixed with a new body and brain implant.

        • So have you caught much news today? I saw on some crazy site or comment that there are those who've decided Obama wants ebola to spread in the US, blah, blah. Gotta hand it to whoever gets those whack-a-do theories started — I'd bet my bottom dollar it's some jokester trying to see how many coo-coo heads will take up that banner.

          • Hahaha, yeah they'll blame just about anything on Obama, my son say's "that damn Obama" every time the gas prices go up. He's being sarcastic. (I think)
            I tell him it's that "damn Obamacare and the death panels". I am being sarcastic.

          • Oh yes, the dreaded death palins panels. When were those going to be taken over by the gubmint and not be the sole joy of the insurance industry? You'd think they wouldn't mind at least sharing since they've had that role for decades. Stingy, aren't they?

          • Yes, of course since you're an expert on the mental health unit you certainly seem to have 'delusion' down pat.

            You would think that rationed care makes sense when the private market is always more flexible in meeting needs and anticipating them.

          • He won't stop air flights, even knowing you can be exposed and seem healthy for almost three weeks.

            Got to hand it to you old saggy thing you sure are so predictable at pretending the leftist failed policies might almost make sense.

  6. I have a solution.
    It is more of a suggestion.

    It won't cure the Ebola epidemic, but could certainly decimate ISIS in Syria.
    I see in the latest news, that the Ebola patient Thomas Duncan has just died in Dallas, and they are wondering what to do with his "remains" as they are still highly infectious.

    Why not load him on a plane, and drop him like a bomb in Syria?

    That'd scatter those heathen dirt-worshippers……….

  7. Nice to see that the Roger Russell Boycott is staying in effect for the most part. Good job everyone. He is already showing signs of desperation. He is going from the denial stage to the anger stage very quickly.

    Speak Out and Navy's site will have to endure more of his comments, but they too will not reply to him.

    His lawyer will be getting three time more email from him, but Roger will gladly pay just to have SOME male attention.

    Be prepared for the use of the word "still" "saggy" etc.. all his go to phrases, to be multiplied with vile contempt.

    And look out for more book reviews of romance novels.

    • Alinksy, it's nice to see you waited and slept in this morning.

      Too bad you woke up. The rest of the posse has been up and spamming for a while now. So, what floor do you live on?

    • Roger is the Devil

      We are conducting an medical classification on the subject.

      • It may have to be a new classification.

      • Better add "paranoia" to the mix. On a Colorado site he's stalked me to, he's relatively unknown and has already been told he's paranoid. Apparently "conniesz" from Boulder/Longmont is the newest member of the "troll posse"? Haha! It's really adorable how he's so feeble-minded he doesn't recognize his own deficits, isn't it?

        • Saggy, you aren't paranoid. You are ignorant and short sited, but not paranoid.

          And yet you come and ignore the flies to spam the site.
          Even though you understand the marxist agenda in keeping with the communist manifesto, has never ever worked.

          • "Short sited"…..more destruction of the English language.

          • "He meant to say that".<—Actually that may very-well be true. He's quite accustomed to going to the 'short sites' where all the short-bus idiots tolerate him. BirtherBimbos, ConservativeVictims, SpunkOutAmerica. I was quite impressed with this: "…marxist agenda in keeping with the communist manifesto…" — did he leave anything out? Oh yeah, he left out "statist".

          • He's not "bery bright".

          • If he'd only spelled "bery" correctly ("berry"), we'd know he snagged that from watching "Strawberry Shortcake" cartoons all day as he flitters from site to site stalking all who loathe him. And I'll answer your question before you can even ask it — yes, he truly is that mindless.

          • I assumed "bery bright" was a term he picked up from his fellow bronies.

          • I had a gulp of latte in my mouth when I read that…..damn you, I'm trying to keep my laptop screen clean and you made me spray.<—-You know I'm just saying that to see what lame comments he'll come at me with, right? I'm counting on a "hook, line and sinker" moment.

          • All this spam, the no class posse of trolls can't help themselves.

            I've had people ask me what would happen if I just didn't challenge the lumps in the liberal cesspool. This little thread is what would happen.

            You are as bad as the fascist dictator you advocate for. You are empty, have nothing to offer but are just too stupid and self centered to let the decent people go about their lives.

            So, you attack and target the sites that they have to get around people just like you in the regular media.

          • Something tells me Roger's blowing smoke again. Like there's any human life form that would discuss squat with him IRL? "I've had people ask me…". Those are the 8 people who live inside his cranium — plenty of room for them all, that's for sure.

          • Saggy, I don't go to planned parenthood for a social event.

            I don't have people avoid me in the halls, and when you whisper bad things about me I know it's not deserved. It's just the agenda you are pushing.

            When you have people whisper about you, it's because you are a miserable person.

            See the subtle difference? All morning you avoided any discussion of the story.
            Why? You aren't up to it, you're not smart enough and it's easier to push an agenda all laid out for you, even if you know it's doomed to failure.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject is knowing telling lies to appear it has friends

        • Roger is the Devil

          This will be noted in my report

          • It's going to be a very think file.

          • Well said.
            Either you are a poor speller, or a poor typist. Perhaps both.

            I always thought you were some fat obese slob, with fat fingers, hitting the wrong keys…….

          • Alinsky Hero USA

            I look very similar to my avatar, but don't tell Roger, you racist POS.

          • I look very similar to one of my avatars too, just not the one I use here. As a matter of fact it's actually me in the pic — well, a part of me.

          • i can imagine which one, but let's hope it wasn't with you wallowing in mud.

          • Roger is the Devil

            Subject is a goldmine for mental health research

          • Yes, similar to how the USSR used mental health issues to punish those smarter and more productive than the party was comfortable with.

            The subjects once again demonstrated a vacuity in their lack of reasoning abilities.

  8. Roger JANUARY 9, 2013 AT 6:33 AM

    "Breathe, I command it! Hahahaha….
    Wee, you just aren't bery bright."

    • Oh, man, I LOVE that link!! That's the one where the REAL troll posse showed up to try to cyber-rape Wee. All his former pals are there with Roger — there's HighPhumesDripper + sock puppets, Lusting4Sanity + sock puppets, et al. The only difference between then and now is that I've replaced Wee as Roger's favorite person to stalk, and his buddies kicked him to the curb and left him in the dust after they realized how beyondbatshitcrazy he truly is.

      • Now, now, they aren't posse trolls, merely "A sense of 'community' among like minded patriots".

        • You can sugar-coat it any way you like, but no matter how hard you polish a turd, it's still a turd. As for any of them being patriots, that's just total bullshlt. That a**wipe tried to have people believe that immigrants who don't speak English are xenophobes. He who can't write in English. What a phony….he even fails at deflection.

          • Does that mean you're giving up on the sugar coating and polish?

            And wanting immigrants that are willing to assimilate merely means we want immigrants willing to invest in our shared future.

            It's not hard, well…. not for the people willing to think.

            That pretty much leaves you over to the side with your sugar coating and polish chipping off.

      • Roger is the Devil

        Subject appears to think it has a higher power than others. Narcissistic behavior noted.

        • So what's the medical term for "hypocrite", and make sure that's part of your study, k? I don't know how one can think they'll be credible in calling everyone else a member of a 'troll posse' when he's the only one where evidence clearly proves he's actually been a member of a 'troll posse'. Does hypocrisy stand on its' own as a symptom of being mentally ill, or is it more directly tied to compulsive/pathological lying?

          • Roger is the Devil

            I will include that. I would suggest it is more of a compulsive/pathological lying thing

          • Perhaps for you.

            But then posse trolls are simplistic creatures.

            Some actually understand that the issues you all advocate for end in collapse and might actually decide that the capitalist system works well enough for them.

            That's why Obama has to work so hard, and hire so many useful idiots to push against it.

          • There's no nice way to phrase this, you've got to wonder just how serious his mental illness is that on a thread with a link as proof of him actually being a part of "posse trolls", the link trustfunded posted and I'll re-post, that he's so phucking stupid he brings it up. For crissakes, it's what started this very thread!!

          • There is not nice way to phrase this.

            You're a worn out old saggy thing that is a failed example of liberal thinking.

    • Rumor on the street is that Roger's effluent in BroniSpeak.

  9. Ebola maxist manifesto troll posse statist obot.

    There, I was as on-topic as the ResidentTroll ever is, so I can post this link without hesitation. I'm sure this article includes those who might feign an illness to collect Social Security Disability, right? Wouldn't it be a crying shame if someone got caught doing that? It would just be more proof of an out-of-control gubment snooping into the private lives of our most patriotic citizens. *cough, cough, choke, choke*

  10. If Storyleak cared one whit about its credibility, this forum would receive a good soaping.

  11. ROGER got his contractor licence to day from zeb.
    He is building a new America using spam and stalking blocks while talking breaks to drink some TEA.

  12. Why would a cranky old thing that doesn't like the site, agree with the authors come and spam a site to the point she has to delete her old profile and start over at one point?

  13. Congrats to this young lady! She is only 17 and MUCH more deserving of the Peace Prize than Barry.

  14. October 21, 2014 Fearing a Future Emergency, Governors Declare a State of Emergency

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  15. Looking on the honor system can never work, people want to travel and will lie to get on the plane. The only way to keep a plague out of America, is to not allow people from the sickened countries into the US.

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